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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2020 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin summer's here and in turkey the beaches are ready where are the holiday makers oh my goodness there are many of the finest politically does a risk area but open the borders to countries that have worse coronavirus situation to start up again so i ask the german government got something against turkey spirits are low us tourists stay away from the turquoise coast. a closer look at the german meat processing plant with an explosion of corona virus could be air conditioning system be to blame for the plants 1500 confirmed cases.
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and india's capital launched a mass and corona campaign with a number of infections spiking daily plans to record the health of the details of nearly 13000000 residents and tests every one showing symptoms. as welcome to the program we begin in turkey a country that has opened its borders and insists it has coronavirus under control boss european governments continue to warn against travel that as the do d. w. correspondent julia harm reports the tourism industry in the popular all the result of on tallia is already feeling the heat. preparing breakfast for his. guests under normal circumstances must have
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a good one wouldn't have time for this when it's high season in antalya the hotel owner is usually run off his feet but not this year right now only one of his rooms is occupied a family from germany is here despite the travel warning. they love it as a result i can only tell you come here everyone it's wonderful in antalya here the only problem is because of the coronavirus crisis hardly anyone is coming. out of my last year i had an occupancy rate of 100 percent consistently from april to october and this year there are only 3 people july is coming soon we only have a few months left of the season right now it's really difficult. that. most if i has done everything he can to make his hotel safe the turkish government
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has issued strict teigen rules that's why good now disinfect dru's and pool chairs several times a day although nobody is using them. to let him use that we have masks for i guess you can disinfect your hands everywhere and temperature checks are scheduled every day the requirements are very strict and we adhere to them it will be let out what good is that if no one comes to. untag as beaches are among the most popular holiday destinations in the mediterranean region about 15000000 tourists from abroad came here last year but this summer most of the sun loungers are empty because of the coronavirus crisis governments in europe including germany are warning their citizens against travel to taki many of those here who depend on tourism think that's unsafe. almost 2500000 people live.
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indian tell your region but so far only a few 100 coronavirus infections have been officially registered here. mostafa good then thinks turkey is coming through the crisis relatively well he believes decision makers in europe are deliberately warning against trips to turkey in order to give their own tourist destinations an advantage. all my ideas that germany exit very biased they declared us a risk area but open borders to countries that are in a much worse situation because they know italy for example they have more coronavirus cases than turkey and a higher coronavirus death toll a lot of chilled me to say secure. many share food and frustration and tell us historic old town is normally filled with tourist bartering facilities but now the sellers fight for them restaurant owners and taxi drivers are wondering how long they can keep going. with the attributes we only have
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a go out of our taxis on the street it was like you know hotel gas you know taxi rides sure it doesn't work without forwarding tourists turkish holiday makers aren't enough of these years ago that's all our preparations for this summer with a nothing 2020 is a last year. the last year maybe last season he made good money with his hotel mostafa good and says and he's still hopeful but he also knows if the tourists from europe don't come back soon the holiday paradise often tahlia faces a devastating some. of that report from you leon who's now standing by for us in istanbul many people are currently wondering whether it's actually safe to travel to turkey right now what's your impression. well the turkish government is definitely trying very hard to convince foreign travelers and
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decision makers in europe that turkey is a safe destination this summer they are actively lobbying many countries right now to open their borders to lift travel warnings ankara has launched a so-called healthy tourism program which sets criteria for health and hygiene in airports and airplanes as well as in hotels restaurants cafes or at the beach and hotel know most of the told me that the authorities are quite strict when it comes to making sure these rules are being followed and don't tell us afterward for example we saw thermal cameras checking passengers temperatures there also working on setting up a coronavirus test center there so many things are being done but then it's also important to keep an eye on how the outbreak develops and i mentioned that the coastal tourism hops in turkey have seen relatively low numbers off coronavirus cases but overall in the country we're seeing
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a search in the number of cases again they have in fact doubled since the beginning of june when turkey lifted most of its coronavirus restrictions we're now at nearly 1500 new cases a day and that's probably something european decision makers will take into consideration when deciding about you know lifting travel warnings or changing travel advice to 3rd countries like turkey where this travel warning from the german government for example is that straining relations between the 2 countries the tourism industry very being very important for the turkish economy. well germany's travel warning that is not just a travel warning for turkey but for most countries outside the e.u. so-called so countries but because turkey is such an important destination for holiday makers in germany and germany also has
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a lot of population with takis origin this has turned into a political issue it certainly has the potential to turn into a conflict maybe old though turkish officials are trying to you know be very soft in how they express their reactions we know that the turkish government is very unhappy about that german travel warning but let's listen to what turkey's foreign minister said recently. how he reacted we are disappointed that some countries extended their travel advisories for turkey or publish lists classified as a risky destination there is no objective and scientific reason in these steps turkey has proven itself in its fight against 19. so they are disappointed germany on the other hand says they need to monitor how
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the outbreak here in turkey it develops they also said they don't want to have to fly german citizens who are stuck somewhere abroad be it in tokyo elsewhere they don't want to have to fly them out once or if the situation worsens but many also say this might not just be about the pandemic but also about politics because german targets relations are quite strained there is a number of contentious issue issues the libya crisis syria the refugee crisis all the human rights situation here in turkey so some say this travel warning might also be a means for germany to seek some political concessions. d.w. correspondent in istanbul for us thank you. for authorities in one of 2 german districts on the renewed pandemic lockdown say the opening 5 new centers for people to get free coronavirus tests the aim is to carry
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out $10000.00 tests per day in the town of little off people being told to expect long queues the neighboring districts have become hotspots after an outbreak at a local meat processing plant that infected about $1500.00 people. in the meat cutting section the 10 yes it's the center of the outbreak 2 thirds of the workers here have tested positive but why did the virus spread like wildfire here scientists suspect it could be related to the air cooling and circulation system in the plant but it's here. what we didn't know before is that under these circumstances the research elation of air can keep aero souls moving that is a risk factor we weren't aware off this long it was enough to stiffen works as an air conditioning technician in the city of deuce book according to german law all workplaces need to be supplied with fresh air the tiniest meat processing plant is no exception to my on the brink of this there are cooling
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systems based on research elation they lower the room temperature to between 6 and 10 degree celsius but the machines used for that only move the existing air around they don't add any fresh air. experts now speculate that the research relations system may have spread the virus throughout the plant because the air is not purified doesn't consider these appliances aren't built to carry filters if one is installed the machine won't be as effective as before it's like buying a sports car and adding a heavy trailer it just won't go as fast or. the air circulation is to blame he says lingering arrows souls couldn't withstand the movement and yet slaughterhouses are increasingly becoming carona hotspots. and lower saxony 45 infected workers from a turkey slaughterhouse are currently quarantined in these army barracks and the
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north rhine-westphalia 79 employees of a donor combat factory tested positive even though the conditions here are much better than a tenuous and still the meat processing environment was fertile ground for the virus. in other coronavirus news around the world right now officials in the english beach town of bournemouth have to clear the major incident after massive crowds flock there and hot weather authorities said ignoring public health guidance on the coronavirus was responsible the declaration allows them to initiate an emergency response including the deployment of additional police patrols. u.s. health officials say as many as 20000000 people may have already been infected with covert 19 almost 10 times more than the number of confirmed cases this is the state of this as the state of texas pauses plans to reopen its economy i mean
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a surge in covert 900 cases. in india it's been almost 3 weeks since authorities began lifting coronavirus restrictions and cases during the capital delhi has become the worst affected city with health facilities buckling under the strain of rising infections officials are rushing to extend testing to millions of residents . the sharp rise in cases in delhi has seen it crowned the coronavirus capital of india the government is being heavily criticised troops pull contact tracing on to lack of medical facilities. we're coronavirus in itself is a huge problem but we should think of implementing policies and facilities that aim to reduce people suffering we shouldn't implement policies that hamper the system and create chaos. in the state of delhi alone infections are expected to surge in the coming weeks government estimates show
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there could be around 550000 cases by the end of july in response the delhi authours has announced house to house corona virus screening in the city itself. going door to door will help the government to detect patients and it will help to curb the spread of coronavirus. part of here is people who have a high temperature as if they have corona virus all tested at least they will have the satisfaction of knowing whether they are positive or not if they are positive they will know if they are negative they won't be anxious about it dell is authorities and not only faced with the unprecedented challenge of stopping the spread of the corona virus the shooting of beds is also a major ongoing issue the indian capital's luxury hotels and stadiums could be turned into field hospitals even spiritual centers in delhi are designated for
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conversion to covert 19 cafes sillett is. joined by. what's behind the sudden explosion of corona virus cases in delhi. well the sudden spike has been observed says does the city of delhi started coming out of its log downstage for the past 3 weeks a lot of economic activities have been allowed to do many people outside of going back to work 2 if you go out on the street you see people have more or less resume their due to do not this is one reason why the transmission rate has increased and we must remember that delhi is a very highly populated city that actually one of the most populated cities not only in the country but in the world so a city with a population like this it's very easy for a mass transit transmission to happen where the government has launched a massive survey in which it plans to record the health details of all of delhi's
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nearly 30000000 residents the companies. that is quite a big challenge but for the past couple of weeks that we have been seeing that there's a sudden surge which many reports and experts are saying that this surge is happening because delhi had started testing very aggressively over the past one week they have been many days that we have seen that will treat how the new cases are being detected on a podium basis in the city so to control of situations like this they do need a strategy like my so will and so they are in 20 more product line health workers to go door to door and conduct these screenings basically and finding out people have symptoms the idea is to conduct the serbian every single house along the city to the 1st week of july and difficultly create a list of people who can fall into a high risk category and apart from that there are plans of conducting an antibody test as well just that's whether anybody has had a part exposure with the white house. what other measures is the government taking
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at the moment to fight this pandemic. well at the moment not only don't we but the national government itself is scrambling to implement out in steps so that you know the spread of the white house can become the latest one being that they really have canceled all the trains that had started playing between different states for another few weeks 20 some special trains will be allowed to move the international flights from in suspended more and more halls and stadiums are being taken in and can work it into covert care facilities the national government on its part is maintaining a regular coordination with all the other states and we must know that there are states also in the country which are taking calls of their own that are states which are also taking their own poll of how much of how many restrictions to implement and how much activity they can allow people to resume. correspondence from thank you. well india's confronting the growing across is as parts of the
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country are still struggling to recover from cycling and farm tore through south asia months ago community communities on the bay of bengal bore the brunt of the mess of storm much of india's sunderbans delta was left on the water many people there now fear the disaster could impact their livelihoods models for months but for years to come the mission edges while reports. a few hours from the bustling city of call gotta. the landscape becomes transformed. into the sunderbans. to a diverse ecology and 4000000 people. people who rely on fishing and farming to survive. but in me a massive storm vite doubt both options. these are the freshwater born snoop and i wonder used to fish and the violence of cycle on. all embankments
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killing the freshwater fish and sweeping out the prawns that could have survived the lion water to see thank you what can we do we are dependent on relief now once a lockdown is lifted reveal have to leave this in their bones to find there is nothing left here. these islands in the sun their bones were evacuated before the cyclon. preventing paos of deaths. but just didn't return to utter devastation houses gone fields flooded crops destroyed . and even when the water drains a boss disaster showed that céline deposits good rendered this land in for a decade in the summer months as a cycle on for one region and we're still recovering from the impact of cycling i like 11 years ago. cycle number one was worse and weeks after that this would mean
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land still lies inundated there asked on temporary solutions. a group called the quarantine students youths network is helping low this before dreaming céline water from these ponds thank you when the rains come they will again be filled with fresh water allowing fish farming to resume at least the draining can address serious health concerns as well. public health and hygiene are seriously destructive here and need to be restored stagnant water is dangerous as it can lead to gastro intestinal diseases as well as skin conditions and then there is the often ignored issue of snakebite snakebite. when socially in the shadows like this one are trying to bridge a gap in emergency response they are limited in their beliefs. this has left locals driving about dangerous gaps in health care. the water is contaminated
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and we cannot drink what you know he. gets sick and then getting to the hospital is difficult and i want to get there what you know you know you've seen that the roots of destroyed how when a pregnant woman or one carrying a child balance herself while we didn't through these swampy waters to get to work clinic. these what he's played notable as well. she says that it be to damage here has driven many people over the whole family has somehow managed to stay put she feels that if these embankments keep getting steptoe we hope home all generations will be lost to. time now for a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a court in moscow has handed down a guilty verdict to the russian film and theatre director carol sarah brannock of the faces 6 years in prison for forming a criminal group and embezzling public funds for theatre project. called the
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charges. british teenager has been jailed for at least 15 years for throwing a 6 year old french boy off the 10th floor london's tate modern art gallery last year the younger boy is now wheelchair bound and still recovering from the a sold. european commission wants to investigate whether the german financial regulator baffin failed in its supervision of the payment processing company wild card the goal is to find out whether early warning signs were overlooked wild card filed for bankruptcy after a hole of nearly 2000000000 euros was found in its accounts. it's a month after the death of george floyd in police custody in minneapolis the protests may have died down but the behavior of the police remains a hot topic and only in the us the conduct of the police in many european countries is also being questioned not least in belgium where there's anger about the recent
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death of a young man who flouted lockdown rules. justice for a deal more than 2 months after a police chase came to a deadly entier in the underlaid neighborhood of brussels messages of solidarity and calls for action remains strong. markings on the ground show where the 19 year old scooter crashed head on into a police car the police were chasing a deal because they suspected. i'm afloat in the lockdown he died immediately the case is still under investigation alexis wafa s'more who represents ideals family he says the case fits a pattern of over policing and disproportionate use of force in neighborhoods with a large minority community you know it's not like if a deal has make a big bank robbery and that he was armed and has to stop him for the public security of everybody done of course. it's necessary to do the choosing retool
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trichords and even oscar helicopter but here we were controlling the police was controlling the covert 19 measures was does really a priority deals death sparked outrage in under less than the following days with peaceful demands for justice but also violent unrest. to most of us knew a deal he runs just a community center for children and young adults where the team used to volunteer on the weekend of the protests he and some fellow social workers were under laced trying to help calm the situation i was standing there and i saw the riot police advance in the crowds so that then you know there's no more time for talking but for me i just backed off and they passed me the you walk they immediately run. because they grew up in the neighborhood and then oh well well part of the profile at that moment you understand you're in the same public space and you live it
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differently. this experience of being treated differently costs thousands take to the streets of cross halls at the beginning of the month taking a stand against police violence in the black lives matter protest. 1000 year old when i am posted this video on social media the following night he tells us he was detained by police after the protest and put into a police van by an officer because. he came back with his colleagues. and they started beating me aiming for my face after 20 or 30 seconds of being beaten i fainted and then they stopped. 5 officers beat him name tells us however he doesn't believe these men were racist but they attacked him simply because it was convenient although difficult for him he feels the need to speak out against police violence. and when people don't dare to take legal action because they are afraid of the
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police that leads to the police abusing their powers for them to continue by making it even worse. brussels police declined to talk to us about police violence and racism but in an interview with flemish radio the federal police chief acknowledged there were occasional slip ups but he also made clear there was no problem of structural racism. with the recent lifting of the lockdown measures some pressure was taken off policing but it seems there is still a very long way to go to restore trust between police and communities. before we go some football news liverpool have been crowned premier league champions clinching their 1st english league title since 1990 after beating crystal palace for nail on when. stay they simply needed the closest rival manchester city to lose or draw and city duly dropped points and london won their 1st chelsea that means your club become the 1st ever german coach to win an english title.
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relations that's it from me and the news team don't forget you can get the latest news on our website that's g.w. dot com and god has a brilliant stage. in
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good shape. protection by a vaccine on top again due to the coronavirus of serious illnesses like olio and measles can already be eradicated is many people as possible have access to the masses. and this is in the end vaccines impact not only. individuals but the whole of society of the dog and minds of the good change. next on d w. a
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r. armstrong really walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flat after all does the government use planes to poison us. conspiracy theory spread like wildfire on the internet. some people are convinced they are true the. tyranny of the cause of small groups who shout louder than others and profit from a lack of interest among reasonable. scientists are studying why some are so susceptible to ideas that are obviously wrong and absurd and how the internet amplifies it all. the time and it takes a lot more energy to refute rubbish than to propagate it in the 1st place. if
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conspiracy theories can provide comfort to joke like reality create another. a film about knowledge and belief trust and deception. odds are masi of the goebbels starts joyce 1st on t.w. . welcome to in good shape you help shed on. hello and welcome to you in good shape i'm here in berlin at the famous german museum off.


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