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from there. to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. news live from the united states struggles to contain a coronavirus surge with states reporting continued increases in new cases reimposing restrictions but maybe tonight on the program several wounded are not stopping in scotland policing glasgow said the suspect attacked people in a city hotel before being shot dead
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a police officer also suffered serious injuries. and investigation begins into weather and conditioning systems in a german meat processing plant to blame for 1500 confirmed coronavirus cases. parts of india and bangladesh fight to get back on their feet in the wake of a devastating storm a month after. communities along the heartbeat. of facing a long road to recovery. and welcome to the program the us government's top infectious diseases expert dr anthony fauci says the country's facing a serious problem as covered 19 infections surge in southern and western states many states are experiencing their highest infection rate since the corona virus crisis began. effective the southern states like florida texas and arizona along
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with california texas ordered all of its boss to close while florida banned the its boss from selling alcohol today the u.s. coronavirus task force held its 1st press conference for 2 months vice president mike pence encouraged u.s. citizens to follow local health guidelines we stand here today we believe we've made progress but as we are reminded is we see cases rising across the south that we still i work to do and so we say to every american particularly those counties in states that are being impacted by rising cases of that now is the time for everybody to continue to do their part as go throughout the the new correspondent stephanie in washington. welcome stefan we 3rd nothing from a coronavirus task force for the last
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a couple of months now case numbers are exploding through the roof a people are bound to ask well what have they been doing. exactly that's what they ask all over the place and but as you remember the test force the covert 19 test force what was put to rest a little bit laid dormant a little bit i don't say not going to say that there wasn't any work done behind the scenes of course there was but regular task force meetings slash task force briefings like we have it now they were not there for 2 months instead this administration of trumpeting ministration focused on a reopening the country end established a task force for this and now well task force covert 19 is back for a very good reason as you pointed out the numbers are through the roof florida texas arizona california in actually 32 states there is a significant increase in cases and 11 states now have paused or rolled
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back. measures to go into a next phase and considering actually rolling back everything even a total lockdown in specific places in those states a speck on the table so people holding responsible for this crisis federal authorities olds all state authorities. well it's tricky to hold the federal authorities responsible because remember the president said i encourage all the states to open up and i have to leave it with the states and that is true legally speaking and practically speaking the states have the authority to decide how far they go in reopening the economy reopening their states for business is that true and there were c.d.c. guidance in what face this should be and could be and of course now a lot of citizens in specific states or in many states and maybe across the united
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states are saying. yeah where was i where was mr in the last 2 months actually maybe foreseeing a warning for this to happen and maybe he did not he's saying and it's clear for everybody to see. reopening very very quickly does not particularly work well. well there are presidential elections coming up in just a few months time in november should president trump be worried. i think so the latest polls at least suggest that he should be worried he has the lowest approval ratings. since i can think of 40 he say is proof rating is this 40 percent that is pretty much unheard of he's 8 to 9 points behind. his democratic contender presidential candidate joe biden now we are still a good mile away from november and from presidential elections and i'm always the 1st to say do not underestimate the trunk and pain and mr trump to really his
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troops his supporters is that trying to bring him a chilly out to the polls when it's time in november lot of things can still happen but it does not look really good for donald trump at the moment people do not approve how ease handling the coronavirus crisis now reemerging in this is scaring a lot of people meanwhile probably the president had a whiff of its navy a bad idea to go golfing he canceled his scheduled trip to bettman stern the new jersey where he has a golf club so that's not going to happen he will stay probably in the white house no golfing for donald trump this weekend due to coronavirus increases cases increases we've all got to make sacrifices stephens even is in the washington thank you. take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a turkey has sentenced 121 people to life in prison for attempting to violate the
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constitution according to the court in ankara view cuse took part in the coup in 2016 which tried to overthrow turkish president reggie type one total of $245.00 different names were on trial. a british teenager has been jailed for at least 15 years for throwing a 6 year old french boy off the 10th floor of london's tate modern gallery last year i think younger boy who now has to use a wheelchair and is still recovering from the assault. italian army has sealed off several public housing blocks north of naples after nearly 50 coronavirus cases were reported the order came after several residents tried to leave their homes despite a lockdown. now a string of coronavirus outbreaks at slaughterhouses here in germany is leading to be new scrutiny of the country's meat industry the country's food minister yulia klucker has met with meat industry officials to discuss the future of livestock farming she says she wants higher prices for meat to improve conditions for workers
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and for animals the meeting follows a corona virus outbreak at a meta plant in the city of good as well a lot of fish oils to reimpose local lockdowns while health officials there in the city are trying to figure out why the virus was able to spread so quickly at the turn use meat plant. the meat catching section attorneys is the center of the outbreak 2 thirds of the workers here have tested positive but why did the virus spread like wildfire here scientists suspect it could be related to the air cooling and circulation system in the plant is here nish but what we didn't know before is that under these circumstances the recent kill a sheen of air can keep aerosols living. that's a risk factor we weren't aware of it was enough reasonable for tourists. stefan political works as an air conditioning technician in the city to see the world according to german lore all workplaces need to be supplied with fresh air the
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tourney's meat processing plant is no exception. to this when we can get it and there are cooling systems based on research elation they lower the room temperature to between 6 and 10 degrees celsius but the machines used for that only moved the existing air around they don't add any fresh air. experts now speculate that the recent kill a should system may have spread the virus throughout the plant because the air is not purified doesn't give us money for 4 of these appliances to carry filters if one is installed the machine won't be as effective as before it's like buying a sports car and adding a heavy trailer it won't go as fast and that autumn as a snow and look at doubts the air circulation is to blame he says lingering aerosols couldn't withstand the movement and yet slaughterhouses are increasingly becoming corona hotspots in lower saxony 45 infected workers from
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a turkey slaughterhouse are currently quarantined in these army barracks and in north rhine-westphalia more than 80 employees of a donor bad factory tested positive even though the conditions here are much better than attorneys and still the meat processing environment was fertile ground for the virus. to scotland where police say a stabbing attack in the city of glasgow has left the 6 people injured including a police officer one man has died after being shot by police emergency services were called to reports of a disturbance at a hotel housing asylum seekers they say there is no danger to the wider public. following this story from london she told us that the attack comes at a particularly tense time for the british well the u.k. is on the ads because it is coming out of 313 months of intense lockdown where
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everything was closed of course also being the european country that has been the hardest hit from the pin damage with the highest death toll and on top of that last week not even a week ago actually a stabbing in reading a town west of london where people with sun bathing in a pocket in the even ing and a libyan a suspect started stabbing people subsequent least 3 people died in that incident that is now being investigated as a terrorist attack because that suspect had been on the radar of the intelligence services when he was preparing a terrorist attack abroad now this incident today in glasgow is being treated as a major incident but not as a terrorist attack at the moment no word yet on the motive or the reasons why the suspect stabbed people there in glasgow but of course police at the moment
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launching a major investigation and trying to piece together what exactly happened there. for a lot of parts reporting this is state of the news life from berlin still to come a jubilation in liverpool as you're going to top side wins the english premier league it's the club's 1st title in 30 years stay with us to enjoy the celebrations . ahead of that of course in moscow was handed down a guilty verdict under 3 years suspended sentence the russian film and theater director carroll said a break off he was accused of forming a criminal group and embezzling the public funds for the theater project the court of the russian culture minister ministries demand and used to set up ready coffin 2 of his associates reimburse the state for the missing $1900000.00 coming spokesman to meet a press conference sponsored to the verdict by calling for further investigations into the spending of state funded also sections to prevent corruption in the sahara figures within russia was liberal arts see i criticize the trot was politically
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motivated i d w spoke with some of them in front of the moscow courtroom. but. i came here because this trial isn't about the money it is a trial about creative freedom about whether you can exist in russia or not it's all measurements was just a little you're beautiful she is a biscuit i am scared for my family they don't deserve this no one deserves and justice this nastiness but especially not my family he is bigger than us he pulled with your money would disappear for 3. years you there's only government led horror and madness here i don't even know where this case came from i doubt putin himself cans enough about their brain to cough to come up with it. french president emanuel macro and his russian counterpart vladimir putin of call for a cease fire in libya and the restart of the dialogue that's a result of a video conference between the 2 presidents according to the kremlin president
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macro's office said there was some progress with russia when it comes to a common interest in stabilizing the war torn nation and really unifying its institutions oil rich libya has become a battleground for a number of players are vying for power one of them is fires out seraj who leads the un backed government in tripoli on the other side is military strongman honey for half the rebel general who now controls 2 thirds of the country including libya's oil fields and get more on this from christin hideout he's a middle east expert from the bertelsmann foundation welcome to day w. does this latest call for a cease fire carry any more white or conviction than the others that have been ignored it is wished. the people deserve that but there's a big and so tentative and a high risk of further confrontation and so we don't know if this cultural she's
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fire will be implemented the problem or or the case is the turning point of the war is that the backed general has star strongman has been. losing ground in his battle against tripoli and he lost half of the west so he is in the east of the country while the un backed prime minister has been with his militia advancing to zilch so partly the country is geographically. separated between east and west and it's unclear if this auschwitz arse will continue the operation and if them the general help them might be supported even more militarily by egypt and even by by russia. there are so many international players in this mess one wonders if it still isn't on the verge of just sliding into another syria.
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yes sir. and all these extra players from russia over united arab emirates to turkey all have been. at this school bellini be a conference in generally all of them signed up to stop internal. interference in the war in libya and they said they would stop the sending of weapons but they did not and and here we are and this is still the high risk and it isn't and there is also a risk that now turkey after its release really surprising military. success in libya on site of the prime minister saraj and russia are going to find some way of understanding how to separate the power over libya and there will be no influence for europe with its interests a militant talked about european interest let's talk about france because its position there in libya does seem rather murky officially it backs the government
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of national accord in tripoli but president macron has also hosted the general half and paris in message. yes they the european union's position on libya is still weak because france and each only have very opposing interests in the media that is questions of questions of financial interests and also the question how to deal with different i had about some clips. but the german auspices. french the italian the german foreign minister i'm headed to curation yesterday that also called for ceasefire and immediate return of dialogue so it's on the shoulder of the of germany and the german e.u. presidency for the next month is to really reboost foreign and security joint european policy and redy to get into terms with france and italy on how to advance
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in epia and also on further with syria. so there are really 2 because faults in the middle east that are on the german foreign office diplomatic tosk list for the next weeks good talking to thank you so much for joining us at kristen hunt from the battle when foundation. pleasure. india is confronting the coronavirus crisis as parts of the country are still struggling to recover from saigon which tore through south asia a month ago communities in the bay of bengal bore the brunt of the storm much of india's sunderbans delta was left underwater and many there now fear the disaster could impact their livelihoods for years to come w's and we should just call reports. a few hours from the bustling city of. the landscape becomes transformed. into the sunderbans. to
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a diverse ecology and 4000000 people. people who rely on fishing and farming to survive. but in me a massive storm vite doubt board options. these are the freshwater born snoop and i'm wondering used to fish and the violence of cycle on breached all embankments killing the freshwater fish and sweeping out the prawns that could have survived feline water to see. what can we do we are dependent on relief now once a lockdown is lifted we will have to leave this in their bones to find there is nothing after. these islands in the summer buns were evacuated before the cyclon. preventing paos of deaths. but just didn't return to utter devastation houses gone fields flooded crops destroyed. and even when the
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water drains away boss disaster shored that céline deposits good rendered this land in for a tight spot a decade. in the summer months as a cycle in foreign region and we're still recovering from the impact of cycling i like 11 years ago cycle number one was worse and weeks after that this would mean i'm still lies inundated there are some temporary solution. a group called the quarantine students youth network is helping will this be for dreaming céline water from the spawn thank you when the rains come they will again be filled with fresh water allowing fish farming to resume at least the draining can address serious health concerns as well. public health and hygiene are seriously destructive here and need to be restored stagnant water is dangerous as it can lead
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to gastro intestinal diseases as well as skin conditions and then there is the often ignored issue of snakebite snakebite. one social mission lives like this one are trying to bridge a gap in the margins he responds they are limited in their beliefs. this has left locals driving about dangerous gaps in health care. the water is contaminated and we cannot drink you know. get sick and then getting to the hospital is difficult with all this flooding and i want to get there what you know you know you've seen that the roots of destroyed how when a pregnant woman or one carrying a child balance herself while we didn't through these strong b. waters to get to work clinic of these and. these what he's played notable as well. she says the repeated damage here has driven many people over the whole family has somehow managed to stay put she feels that if these embankments keep getting
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steptoe we home all generations will be lost to. a lot of football in liverpool fans are celebrating after securing the english premier league title after a 30 year wait after chelsea ended manchester city's championship bed and confirmed liverpool as winners fans flock to the stadium to party despite pandemic restrictions and there were plenty of tributes for your gun club who became the 1st german manager to lift the english title. i was thursday evening liverpool and field stadium one half of the city is beside itself beef waited a long long time for this moment. i just for the last time would want to leave you have to. believe you. would still like that it's amazing to see sometimes on the past even with me and down the seas we. should know
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that we might get to see it go. to a market where you know they were going to win anyway. just recited. the inevitability of this title didn't stop the party little wonder given that no club had ever won the english championship with 7 games to spare. the players and stuff didn't hold back either as they celebrated together in a liverpool hotel somewhere in there is the man who must have minded it all coach you can clock up. really happy really. proud of us all more obviously. but. it's a very good it's a very very good moment in my life it's all very possible that. you will become champion so i'm in face of it but a lot of the work. that's already. on friday clark wasn't just the darling of the
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english press the red half of liverpool knew whom to thank for ending 30 years of pulling hurt. just absolutely amazing thank you well it is a. liverpool's 19th title is done and dusted no funds here are hoping for the 28th which would see them equal much as the united english record. you heard mark corrigan of that report from d.w. 40 joins me now welcome arc to how significant is this a victory for liverpool well it's massive you saw the explosive celebrations there the space despite the pandemic nothing was going to keep them and this is a this is a huge victory for them. they felt the 30 years of hard to borrow a line from a popular english song. suffering in the shadow of manchester united as the hoover top all these trophies on that alex ferguson they have picked up a couple european cups in the same which for some clubs would be fine but i think for local bragging rights which is so important in this better rivalry between
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liverpool and manchester united this is this title this is hugely important and if we go back to that 30 years ago we think of some of the names hums and wheel and that's only people of a certain vintage that move those names so we see how long ago that was why they were so so enthused by and your going close his personality seems to be a significant part of transforming the pool he saw a few 70 that's why he was loved here in germany at bristol dortmund then it's wise love it's a strange one actually because liverpudlians are so well known for be an egg. vests and be in you know the sense of humor actually a lot of their their major coaches the likes of joe fagan bob paisley even though cliched brought him so much success over the years quite reticent men. the big. exception to that would be bill shankly the sort of jimmy cagney esque scotsman who who built the club up from from very very little in the sixty's and seventy's and created this juggernaut you can clips actually comparable to him i would say which
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is is a real compliment seems that they've taken to the cult of personality is create being created around them like it was for shankly when he smartly now but it was not long ago you're going to what was being labeled it and nearly a man after he lost a number of cup finals so what does this latest win division reputation well i think i think it was rightly was being labeled nearly lost his last cup final in germany as last game with percy dortmund and his 1st 3 years liverpool he lost 2 european finals it lost 6 of the last 7 major finals by that point and it really did look like it was going to happen for him to make that leap to the pantheon but that's where he is no age now he's winning everything he's won in the premier league is when the european cup champions league and european super cup world cup you name it so it's just a case of keeping the job going to go in and have his pick of jobs if he had to leave but i don't think it will be many liverpudlians want to not. going from a sport thank you so much thank you. this is g.w.
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is here as a reminder of our top story this hour the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert on jimmy fallon she says the country's facing a serious problem as the number of corona virus infections continues to say many western and southern states are experiencing their highest rates of infections since the coronavirus crisis began. as if you're up to date i'll have more world news for you at the top of the hour in just a moment the run series through some of the big stories of the day in the death of a good to see.
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is for me. is for. beethoven is for. beethoven. beethoven is for. beethoven is for every. beethoven 2020. 50th anniversary here on d w. it's 75 years since the united nations was established at the end of the 2nd world war an organization founded with a mission to foster peace and cooperation but currently facing the challenges of an increasingly fractious world we'll hear from the deputy director general i'm filled in ballin and this is the day.
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