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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2020 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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and a war zone into. this is doable you news live for berlin voters in poland are casting their ballots today incumbent unjaded out hopes to win a 2nd term in poland for presidential election but he faces an unexpectedly strong challenge from the liberal mayor of warsaw he's made l.g.b. to write it's a cornerstone of his campaign also coming out. with
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a little help from its rock star friends the e.u. at some 6000000000 more euros to help the search for a coronavirus vaccine. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us voting is under way in the 1st round of poland's presidential election the vote was originally scheduled for may but it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic national a conservative incumbent on jay dude is the front runner among nearly a dozen candidates but he's facing a strong challenge from warsaw as a liberal mayor rough. the contest is being seen as a clash of values pitting liberal pro e.u. mainly urban voters against more popular. list right wing voters from rural areas.
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well for more we're joined now by klaus bachman he's a professor of political science at the university of social sciences and humanities in warsaw hello to you professor now rob how much has kosky was not until a major threat at the start of this political season how is it that he's now become the main opposition candidate challenging duda where there were dark to inform your plans one of them was the end of the not. popular perception but people don't think it's almost over so that people could go to the ballot stations and post that vote on the terms of mabon. elections were scheduled for the 1st time he said it's not indicates that actually at the time and at the time the citizens national and the apology of sorts of stocks he got another crowded woman in the
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conduct of one scot and she was not really sure whether she should course for a boycott because the pandemic over there she should call for people to go to to cast their vote in favor of and that the mobilised the interest of the biggest opposition party in problems and this is now all the more they are very much more nice and i think you'd see even from you know riding through the streets of oneself there are long queues in front of the ballot box and people wait to cross the vote that is not really surprising for was it but it's very much the prize if you compare it to the situation and also to the opinion from many now professor is it clear though that to do joe will be the likely winner. he will be certain you will be the one officer was drowned but after 2 rounds like in france for example which means that the 2 most successful candidates will have to stand for a 2nd for
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a 2nd round 2 weeks later up and then only one of them has to get us out of the job or to to become president and that is very far from from from sure what will happen before since it is impossible that prophets have just cos he may even have that 2nd round and he's very likely to end up a 2nd out not. now you mentioned already the vote was postponed because of the pandemic what are authorities doing to make sure that people can vote safely despite the threat of coronavirus. well basically there are there is the possibility to. do more by maybe you 2 are out to send out a cost a vote by sending. sending letters to a letter to the to do where actually a ballot box at the election commission that's one of the civilities the other possibilities with what we see industry has the people prefer for you to vote in person. and there are
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a number of mechanisms some of my number off of activities action taken in order to ensure that they don't inspect others that they have to grasp it as to keep out that these things and this is also a reason why it comes out so long all right professor bachmann we appreciate it thank you so much. well this weekend the e.u. has raised over 6000000000 euros more to help vulnerable countries battle the coronavirus pandemic that money was raised at a virtual summit organized by the e.u. and the international aid group global citizen for more than 2 hours global leaders and influencers have delivered video messages aiming to make any future vaccines tests and treatments available worldwide delighted to host this incredible it was partly to ship some part celebrity telephone and appeal to pool global brain power and resources to end the coronavirus pandemic from european commission president
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will sort of form their lion. the task of this size can only happen if the world unites this was the 2nd pledging marathon spearheaded by the european union it has been champion and global cooperation in the face of this pandemic in contrast to the world's 2 biggest super powers china and the u.s. . the heads of the united nations the world health organization and south africa made appeals for solidarity. no one is safe until everyone is safe. 19 threatens not just people who held but our common humanity. some day we're covered 19 years behind us. we would like to be said that we the nations of the world are the peoples of the world. stood together and acted as
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one germany's chancellor made another point clear it wasn't mentioned we must help people in developing countries to cope with the impacts and here's that means richer countries should help less privileged countries to ensure equal access to test treatments and above all vaccines the summit also focused on the need to reduce the impact on the most vulnerable by producing food sanitation and maintaining access to education of course it wasn't just politicians and officials the summit featured star power to boost the initiative with a digital concert featuring coldplay and secure a broadcast around the world. so. that. some. and why we silence. singing in an empty stadium part of a show of global solidarity. with. well
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there are concerns here in europe as people who've been cooped up in their respective cities are now flocking to coastal retreats for summer holidays authorities in germany closed the roads to popular baltic sea resorts on saturday to stop new arrivals as hordes of vacationers crowded the beaches tourism officials fear they could become cove in 1900 spots if tourists are not careful. well belgium however is trying to get ahead of the problem authorities there have developed innovative ways to welcome back asian earth while keeping them safe. towns along belgium's almost 100 kilometer long north sea coast have turned to technology for crowd control on their beaches city dwellers can consult an app before leaving home to find a resort that's still got space on it sands the crowd barometer uses colors to indicate how crowded different destinations are. dark green means no
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crowds light green means that sociable yellow means it's busy and orange that it's very busy every coastal zone is included on the app anonymous data is collected from mobile phones to do the counting but that's not all a network of $250.00 smart cameras along the coast will calculate the influx of people each day. it's a service that we want to give to vacationers to tell them listen we're doing everything we can to inform you you have tools you can consult before coming here to the coast. so in belgium you can go to the beach with a fair degree of certainty that the sea air you're inhaling really will be fresh and not the stale breath have some stranger sunbathing way too close
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so sports news now and saturday was the final match day of the bundesliga season with a title decided the big battle was for 4th place champions league qualification the spot was various image and bloodbath to lose as they played hard to berlin meanwhile 5th place leverkusen hope that a glad backflip up of might let them sneak ahead in the table. leave accusing began the afternoon with arguably their best player on the bench it's made way so it was up to kevin folland to strike the right tone. that he did just 2 minutes and he was a lucky deflection setting him up for a cool finish and his tentacle of the season. but for liver coups and there was soon but news from glaad but where the horse got off the mark on 7 minutes 5 units hoffman lost whole muster good work from below and below to make it one nil which is hope both games stood at half time. it looked like liver couzin had turned up
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the heat on blood back in the 2nd half. but fall and was denied a 2nd on 67 minutes when the video assistant referee spotted a photo in the build up. 10 minutes later and gladbach the hosts had 4th placed so when i was at the press of them a little easier than ours the above. to scored a consolation goal through captaincy got to be said bitch playing perhaps his last game for the club. was the result filtered through to live accusing the disappointment was stark but they can comfort themselves with europa league qualification after a decent campaign. got back meanwhile celebrated their champions league spot as well as anyone could expect in an empty stadium. and talking us through the action of the season's final match day is
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a little talkie phone. hello to you all right so tell us what there was even to play for on match day 34 did anybody care any more yeah there was so much to play for and that piece just kind of scratch at the top still the surface of it and that was of course the champions league spot but aside from the champions league spots we still. at the europa league places to fight for and of course at the very bottom of the table it was all about survival i'm talking about relegation this was all about who stays up and who will go down and even these guys right here behind me even by and munich you know they also have something at stake and for them it was reaching 100 goals which they did thanks to thomas something that they hadn't done since 1972 lente plenty to play for but of course the bigger focus was the relegation battle all right alina so tell us how did this really geishas saga play out it was so dramatic i mean you had vertebrae men and dusseldorf both of them so
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desperate to want to lend that final relegation spot i call it sweet 16 and braman of course they needed a win and i've never seen them play the way that they did yesterday day this is a team that struggled to squash all season and all over i mean they only had a handful of goals that they had scored at home until that point and then all of us one yesterday they ended up beating cologne 6 to one but of course they didn't do it alone because they also had to hold that dusseldorf loose and guess what happened doesn't often lose because you know in berlin ended up beating and beating them. 3 nil so that means bye bye for dusseldorf and vertebrae and off course they're not done yet all right so lots of drama vera and what about in the top 4 i mean which teams are going to be playing champions league football so joining by in munich and dortmund to are now safe and good luck and here too it was a very tight battle for 4th place between. and gave
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a cruise and both of them won at the end both of them one day at their respective matches but end up with $65.00 points and live oak was in with $63.00 so that means leverkusen have to settle for a europa league spot and i might as well he also point out a give a shout out to hoffa. because thanks to andre comma i mean this is a completely different team with him on it and he ended up spanking but was just a lot more and with 4 goals and because of that now they've sealed a euro politics fought so yeah it was a lot of exciting it was a really great final day to watch yesterday now only man i mean it's clear this was a very strange and to the bundesliga season because of the coronavirus pandemic no spectators the bonus legal was the 1st league to even come back to play what do you make of it just quickly thumbs up thumbs down was it i would say at the end thumbs up so the atmosphere of course didn't suffer because as we see right here we didn't
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have any fans but at the end it did not take away from the quality of the football and at the end that's all that matters. talk you always great to speak to you thank you. and that's the latest on d w news this hour i'll be back at the top of the hour with another update for you i'm married i haven't seen her again and the entire news team in berlin thanks for watching. like does the brits madi thais and drugs we deliver urgent life saving boxes we give our everything to reach those who need us the most every dollar. feeding their future. books is for our.


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