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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2020 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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fascinating group those who look at me. the secret of mona lisa stores july 3rd d. w. . this is e w news live from berlin a tight runoff in poland's presidential election the populist income both odd j. due to its fighting for a 2nd term he came out on top but which he will have to face a challenge from the liberal mayor of warsaw in the runoff on the 12th of july. also coming up worldwide pieces of the coronavirus top 10000002 and
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a half 1000000 of them in the united states alone despite infections there has caused many newly reopened businesses to close again and elvis was here we visited a small german town where u.s. troops have been the economic backbone for 7 years and here why both germans and americans are concerned about a withdrawal. i'm sorry kelly walked into the program with most of the votes counted poland's presidential election shows incumbent on judo winning the 1st round with more than 45 percent of the vote but falling short of the absolute majority that he needs to win outright his opponent in the likely runoff vote is warsaw mayor kosky who has
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garnered just over 28 percent of the vote so far the president due to head caused controversy by focusing on what he called the spread of l.g.b. tea ideology in the traditionally catholic country. premature celebrations for poland's incumbent president at the exit polls put on jaybird ahead it wasn't enough for him to secure an outright win and independent aligned with the ruling lauren justice party he was the front runner heading into sunday's election it quickly became a clash of values with spirit as conservative campaign centered on family religion and tradition. i shall be advised by i. said yes born that says we have a common strong goal to save poland poland has its dignity and the polish people
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feel that the state is represented with dignity poland's interests come 1st polish affairs come 1st the. 2 to has been accused of using increasingly radical language to appeal to right wing voters just by the phobic rhetoric truly international criticism he called the promotion of elegy beatty writes an ideology more harmful than communism. was put in a crowded field of candidates due to face strong competition from the mayor of warsaw rafa has costly and murder lies quickly the only during the race last month can the bank then it because we had not thought this result shows that more than 58 percent of the population want change and i want to make it clear to all these citizens i will be your candidate i will be your candidate for change but it up and
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down to. the position himself as the one to watch pledging to improve relations with the a you and support l g b t rights in the catholic country. your disapproval rating skyrocketed through the corona crisis making sunday's results something of a disappointment the 2nd round of voting will be held in 2 weeks time to confirm the country's leader. and let's get more now with correspondent monica who is standing by in the polish capital warsaw monica how high are the stakes in the selection. well this election is a very fascinating craze for the polish people the very high turnout in this election show shows how important it is for polls yesterday that they were long lines. outside the polling stations all day long with people willing to
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wait in the hours in the heat for the vote shows how important it is because this is a clash of 2 different values that you combine the conservative president that's the traditional values and he wants to protect from the western liberal also supports the government's weak for reforms which have been heavily criticized by the european union on the on the on the other side he said he's challenging for the mayor of warsaw to what his liberal values and with his openness and pro european attitudes for this division in the polish election shows a kind of the division lines which have been which has been present in right the polish society for the kates so why that's it. and with those lines so clearly divided now we have
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a runoff ahead to this vote now in 2 weeks as we we've heard president today is the front runner does his challenger stand a chance. the challenger off has chances he has a task. important task to gain to get that the voters from other liberal condi dates so he the difference between the 2 candidates between. is more than 17 percent and is still growing so. the chances of the candidates are counted they are not that sure. but it is possible that he will get more than 10 percent of voters before. before the 2nd round so it's. the result of the election is open for the president for the incumbent president it's important to get the far right voters and the nationalists so why he's ready
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his language which. yes he's radicalizing his language he's attacking people for that kind of ideology which quote in his opinion on their mind the polish their initial values so it will be a tight and very interesting race monica with a view from warsaw on this election thank you. for going to check now some other stories making news this hour early results in france's municipal election show voters have punished president emanuel micron's party with the green party seizing control in several major cities paris and socialist mayor looks set to stay in power turnout was historically low amid persistent fears of the coronavirus. hundreds of protesters marched in the spanish capital madrid to demand more rights and protection for l g p
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t people the official game private events had been cancelled because of coup with 19 fears but that did not stop members of the l g b t community turning up to demonstrate against a screen. and lawmakers in the u.s. state of mississippi cheered after they voted to remove a confederate symbol from the state flag the blue cross and white stars emblem was used for generations by the southern states that supported slavery in the american civil war it is the latest symbol of racism to be removed after a month of protest against racial injustice. while the world has passed another sobering milestone in the corona virus pandemic the number of global deaths now exceeds more than half a 1000000 with the u.s. and brazil and britain ranking the highest in terms of fatalities in the u.s. the state of florida has reported a record daily increase of nearly 10000 new cases and 4 other states have also seen
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record spikes infections are particularly surging in regions that lifted lockdowns early. they've been battling the coronavirus around the clock but us medical professionals are at their limits in the state of texas alone nearly 6000 new cases were confirmed in just one day despite the rising infections vice president my parents went to this baptist church and alice to speak to hunters in the congregation even though the total number of covert 1000 cases has surged about 2 and a half 1000000 pence remains optimistic with the american people should know is that because of the leadership that president trump has provided because of the extraordinary innovation that we have brought to this task we are we're in a much better place to respond to these outbreaks than we were 4 months ago but criticism of the government's crisis management is growing louder in part due to images like these before donald trump's rally in tulsa his campaign ordered the
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removal of thousands of social distancing stickers from arena seats his rival joe biden said his response to the pandemic would have been very different i would go back to making sure that everybody had mass that you had people either lined up we'll be making sure we stockpile all the things that we need that we don't have now the one thing we do know these must make a gigantic difference as usual president trump didn't wear a mask while golfing over the weekend. well term exe foreign minister said the frosty relations between berlin and washington are unlikely to thaw even if someone else takes over as president in november i call masse said that the relationship has undergone structural changes and in its current form it no longer met the demands of either side the latest bone of contention is president trump's announcement that he will substantially reduce the number of u.s. troops stationed in germany and one small town in the southern state of bavaria
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a could have serious repercussions. almost all of them were throwing the eggs bar in the small but very in town of gas and everyone is welcome. many of the regulars here are u.s. soldiers from the nearby army base. here to lay out who has been standing behind this bar for 27 games taking care of soldiers when they're happy when they're angry when they're brought closer to those who come here this is more than just a bar and get sure it was more than just its owner. good men meet their love for animals and they don't call me by my 1st name they just call me mom you know a lot of them say this is their home away from home sometimes they come here and they might be in low spirits so when i see that i try to talk to them about it it's even i can't say they're like my own children but they come here so often it's like my family here right here. it's a bar named after the actions late husband himself
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a g.i. is a fixture in tough. it's a quiet town. that's home to the largest overseas u.s. army base in the world and to 12000 soldiers and their families talk of u.s. troop withdrawal gives rise to uncertainty the base is the backbone of this otherwise economically weak region it generates some $660000000.00 euros in revenue a year 60 to $70000000.00 euros of which is money that the soldiers spend in local stores and restaurants some $3000.00 civilian jobs for germans are directly tied to the base that's almost half of staff and less overall population impossible to replace in a remote region like this one. but dawson was mayor tells me for him economic considerations are only one part of the equation all with the family especially from brazil liberating 75 years of living together with the americans in
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a small town with 6 and a half 1000 residents. it's always been a nice and friendly relationship and i think it has benefited both nations we hope that it remains that way to our rooms with us to go. american soldiers have shaped coffins since the end of world war 2. even he was here back in 1958 i was present he spent a few weeks in crawford and even though it violated the terms of his record deal he played one small concert in a local strip club on this very piano a story they're proud of here but u.s. troops don't only enrich coffee where they also get something in return. overheads bar crystal is one of the regular soccer with the originally from texas she's been in a conference room for 4 years not as military but as a civilian working at the base she believes living here is a unique experience for her and the soldiers alike. it's not just another duty
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station it's ending their chance to experience culture and another culture within the confines of that country a soldier sometimes they don't get to see much other than their work because there's good things that they can see and then there's you know the bad. and i think that coming to germany coming to other countries they do see the good. lots of good and sometimes that's that's what's needed to prove that it is bar they hope that no troops will be withdrawn from coffins. you convinced it would be a loss not only for the town and its people but for soldiers here as well. and finally now intermarry rescue off the coast of sicily an italian wildlife conservation group spotted this creature in trouble and exhausted john byrne well in tangled and fishing nets trying desperately to free itself a team of coast guard diverse painstakingly cut the net to release the whale in an
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operation last 2 hours the group that found. well believe that the nets came from a legal fishing boats it was a lucky escape and the team are now scanning the ocean hoping for a glimpse to see if the animal is safe. you're watching news don't forget you can always keep up to date and get the latest on our web site . you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well as deputy news i'm sarah kelly and thanks for watching take care. why subscribe to do you know where your books your favorite writer i'm going to see myself as the sky in the strange grown up world. on your. return piece from me. is for you.


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