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this is due to every new year's live from berlin the international community in response to beijing's tightening grip on hong kong off to britain's raises the state's and office citizenship to millions of people in its colony find out what germany plans to do in response to china's controversial new security law for hong kong also coming up in. the u.s. as 5000000 jobs in june as businesses reopen from lock down but the country is soaring coronavirus qantas threatening to slam the brakes on this hiring.
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it's been a cathedral a mosque and a museum now istanbul's famous tires of fear is at the center of the political battle that could have implications for the world's 2 largest banks. hello i'm christine when the welcome to the program britain has played to allow up to 3000000 people from hong kong to live in the u.k. prime minister bars johnson made the offer to beijing imposed a controversial national security law on hong kong a form of british colony it outlaws public displays of pro independence sentiment with potentially life sentences for the measures have gone international condemnation. oh that tensions in hong kong on the rise one day after beijing implemented its controversial security law the civil liberties
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hong kong this had been promised and to 2047 gone london says beijing is guilty of what is described as a clear and serious violation of a treaty that paved the way for home content over from britain to china in 1970 and close to 3000000 hong kong residents have been promised a pathway to british citizenship bases for our international relations we make clear mr speaker that if china continue down this path we would reach introduce a new route for those with british national overseas status to enter the u.k. granting them limited leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the u.k. and they're off to to apply for citizenship and that is precisely what we will do it was truly a is contemplating a similar move. we are considering very actively in their proposals. to be brought forward several weeks ago and the following touches of being put on the
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rise and they'll soon be considered by cabinet to provide similar opportunities and we think that's important and very consistent with who we are as a people. beijing is demanding both britain and australia stop interfering in what it calls its own internal affairs it also accused london of while eating pasta agreements the chinese embassy generally was hand before hong kong was returned to china the united kingdom clearly promised it would not grant united kingdom residency rights to british nationals overseas travel document holders in total disregard of china's solemn position the u.k. has obstinately changed its position and is now over in a route for residency and citizenship for these people who are rude to. beijing maintains that the passing of the new security law was necessary to prevent the repetition of violent protests that paralyzed hong kong for months but few on
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the streets of hong kong buy into that narrative some already say they are ready to accept britain's offer to meet there if possible they are doing to it could really provide me an opportunity to settle in the u.k. that i don't necessarily have to stay in hong kong or dialog gives us one more way out which i still love can come very much but our reapply for the british national overseas passport 1st and decide whether to stay or leave after the details are confirmed. but not everyone is eligible to apply for citizenship some people will have to stay in hong kong and learn to live with a new reality. the other place that's closely watching developments in hong kong is taiwan officially known as the republic of china it's been independence and $1050.00 a year after the chinese revolution brought the communist to power in beijing now china considers taiwan a renegade province while taiwan has been off in full international sanctions
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against beijing we asked a taiwanese representative in germany if that was realistic. look what the american has done their hips interims their hair put strain on their sections and there are tremendous confront it was a big problem and if the european countries do the same soon to get we not only the trump but also with the us where you depend on us where you are in short we still want all freedom then try meet the terms government there be confined it would be scared own that's the only way only talking and warning won't help now to some of the stories making news around the world voters in russia have approved changes to the constitution that allowed president vladimir putin to run for 2 more terms in office officials say almost 80 percent back the proposals that
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were put forward by mr putin himself an independent monitoring group said the vote was deeply flawed. in myanmar at least $123.00 people have been killed in a landslide at the jade mine it happened off the heavy rain and is the worst in a series of accidents at such sites critics blame a lack of government action on safety. and the ex-girlfriend of the epstein delayed metal has been arrested in the u.s. on charges she helped under aged girls who had been sexually abused by its teen a wealthy finance year if stan was awaiting trial on charges of trafficking minus when he was found dead in a jail cell from an apparent suicide. 1st the u.s. economy added full point $8000000.00 jobs in june that's according to the neighbors of off and it's the 2nd straight month of gains off the company's shed a record $20000000.00 jobs in april the survey was completed in mid june into
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before the current spike in taste numbers in the u.s. which has forced some states to reimport the restrictions the unemployment rate is now 11 point one percent. from all i'm joined by alice financial correspondent. in new york so how sustainable is this recovery given that case numbers are rising again. you know well i mean that is one of the big questions how sustainable that's going to be because we've seen it from some states and counties that some of the reopening measures have been turned back and there are numbers that got to published here on friday were already taken by mid june so all those the big increase the big spike in cases and the measures that were big are not part of that
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is this that's as thick. so a quarter of the jobs that were lost in april ah back what kind of jobs are we talking about. well the vast majority of the jobs that got created corum from the leisure and hospitality industry cafe's bars restaurants about 40 percent of the overall job gains sic came from those some sectors but we also had an increase in manufacturing and construction also in the retail industry so that's where most of those surge up some came from but clearly we shouldn't forget just for the month of april 20 1000000 jobs got lost and now we are slowly building up but overall 4800000 new jobs that is quite breath taking and even if we talked about a spike in cases recently the vice president mike pence on friday on thursday made it clear we will not see a locked up on the u.s. economy as we've seen it in march and april at least not when it comes to what the
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current u.s. administration wants right u.s. policy in yield thank you so after hearing all humans today a turkish courts say is it will announce within 2 weeks whether one of istanbul's most a clinic buildings should become a mosque again the centuries old highest afia is a unesco world heritage site that has been a church a mosque and is now a museum but with nationalist groups demanding it be open for islamic prayer is critics say it has become a political instrument for president greater type. empires have fallen religions have been replaced the city itself has changed names but the dome of the high yes the fia has withstood hazel built in the 6th century as a byzantine church it was for centuries the world's largest christian cathedral. almost a millennium later it was converted into an islamic mosque during the autumn an
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empire. but in the 1930 s. it was turned into a museum under the founder of the modern turkish republic ataturk a symbol of the new secular state inclusive of all religions since then it has been a meeting point of many faiths but held by none a place where pope's and presidents have come to pay their respects and marvel at the architecture. the religion is a tool for president richard type of on he has overseen prayers in the museum and raised its status at local election rallies i also feel he says over the juvenile sort of as you know they converted the higher sophia from a mosque to a museum a while ago. now we hope to be able to call it a mosque again after the election well or not. i. so just islamic groups have fought to pray at the highest the fia angering
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neighboring greece which says the building is part of its author docs christian history unesco has warned turkey its conversion to a mosque could violate the world cultural heritage convention. a flashpoint of religious and national struggle whatever its future the highest of fear will remain an icon of istanbul. motor racing now and the formula one season is finally getting under way this weekend in austria with teams having started preparations today the season was meant to begin in mots at the current virus amazing teams all getting used to the new hygiene rules and the novelty all racing at the same track for 2 straight weeks . the picturesque karma of spielberg and austria will be punctuated by the roar
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of engines this weekend when formula one makes a belated start to the season but the usual roar of the fans will be missing with the coronavirus pandemic meaning spectators are not allowed. team members will have to wear masks of social distancing not always possible. it's only difference being everybody working in face masks you lose the expressions that you sometimes concrete either elation or despair in a mechanic or engineers phrase but i think it's something that will get used to it's important for the safety of you know of our team of everybody around us in formula one so i think it's a discipline that will get used to very quickly the number of personnel at the track has been capped with f one also trying to cut costs amid the global crisis with an eye on a more sustainable future there are new arrangements for pit stops too some teams
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have been busy practicing at silverstone in britain which like spielberg will host 2 back to back race weekends f one is cramming in 8 european wrong pre-buy early september and wants to add more elsewhere in the world the sport hopes using a track twice will limit the risk of infection but it is a new challenge for the drivers while i have no experience heading back to the same track just the week after and having a 2nd race but i've been around for a while i guess you know the level of perfection will be even higher the 2nd week and the level of errors you know will be even smaller so i think we need to make sure that we learn as much as we can a lot has happened since federals ferarri team launched their 2020 car in february they announced in may that the german 4 time champion would be leaving at the end of the year struggling fettle could not come close to last season's champion lewis hamilton. who can match michael schumacher record of 7 titles with another triumph
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this year the britain has spent much of the buildup trying to modernize f one in the era of black lives matter his mercedes team will rule an all black car this season. austria is the venue as formula one enters a whole new world. and now tennis and the french open hopes to welcome around also the number well that will be the usual number of fans when the delayed grand slam starts in late september. and they make it the to events to be postponed from may it will be the 1st major tennis tournament to allow fads since the virus spread across the world officials say 4 people will be allowed to sit together with been empty seats separating different groups the paris of into roland garros will follow the u.s. open which will be without spectators. and that is it for me and the news team don't forget you can get the latest news on our web site that's dot com you can follow us on twitter and on instagram our handle is
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at the news i'll be back at the top of the next hour join me if you can about. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. 19 special next on d w. r mail come to complete 2nd season only.


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