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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast. and. this is g w news at live from berlin escape from hong kong the u.k. opens a door for hong kong who want to leave britain pledges to admit millions of people from its former colony after china imposes a sweeping security law but is leaving hong kong a realistic option also coming out losing control the u.s. sets another bleak record in its struggle to contain the coronavirus the nation
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recording nearly $50000.00 king says in a single day leaving many states rushing to return to the lock down plus it's been a cathedral of mosque and a museum now is temples famous i associate it could become a mosque again a controversial and political move that could have implications for the world's 2 largest religious. i'm it's good to have you with us it has been 23 years since the u.k. left hong kong now britain is offering hong kong a ticket as well the u.k. says it will allow permanent residency to up to 3000000 people from hong kong prime minister boris johnson made the offer to the former british colony after beijing imposed a controversial national security law all the new law outlaws public displays of
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pro independence sentiment offenders could face life in prison if convicted. oh that tensions in hong kong on the rise one day after beijing implemented its controversial security law the civil liberties hong kong this had been promised and to 2047 gone london says beijing is guilty of what is described as a clear and serious violation of a treaty that paved the way for home content over from britain to china in 1970 and close to 3000000 hong kong residents have been promised a pathway to british citizenship bases for our international relations we make clear mr speaker that if china continue down this path we would reach introduce a new route for those with british nationals overseas status to enter the u.k. granting them limited leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the u.k. and thereafter to apply for citizenship and that is precisely what we will do to us
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truly a s contemplating a similar move. we are considering very actively in their proposals. to be brought forward several weeks ago and the following touches a being. considered by cabinet to provide similar opportunities and we think that's important and very consistent with who we are as a people. beijing is demanding both britain and australia stop interfering in what it calls its own internal affairs it also accused london of violating pasta agreements the chinese embassy generally ways hand before hong kong was returned to china the united kingdom clearly promised it would not grant united kingdom residency rights to british nationals overseas travel document holders in total disregard of china's solemn position the u.k. has obstinately changed its position and is now overing a route for residency and citizenship for these people.
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thinking maintains that the passing of the new. security law was necessary to prevent the repetition of violent protests that paralyzed hong kong for months but few on the streets of hong kong buy into that narrative some already say they are ready to accept britain's offer to meet there if possible they don't like it when you take could really provide me an opportunity to settle in the u.k. that i do not necessarily have to stay in hong kong or dialogue gives us one way out i still love him very much. apply for the british mission overseas passport 1st and decide whether stay only 5 to tell us a confirmed. but not everyone is apply for citizenship some people we have to stay in home come and learn to live with a new reality. or the leading pro-democracy activists and former hong kong politician nathan wall departed hong kong earlier today he confirmed that he had
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left the city by tweeting he tweeted this so i bade my city farewell as the plane took off the runway i gazed down at the skyline that i loved so much for one last time and he ended with the words glory to hong kong. where nathan joins us tonight and i have to say joins us from an undisclosed location nathan it's good to have you on the program i mean what she did does not happen without some serious risks which you are aware of how are you doing right now. yes well under the national secretion law well been doing campaigns nationally could be seen as a bridge of the law and it will lead to or even lifetime imprisonment and also possible extradition to china so that's
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a serious threat to was anyone who has been campaigning for hong kong issue internationally so i think 5 days piece of law it is to make will a squeeze saying the room for international africans you work fall hong kong at cases so i think they face one of things that is why i chose to do my international advocacy work on an international level because that is the only way that we can keep the momentum and the spotlight on home call and get them to do not shift out a phone call and know that you were able to leave the territory is that a realistic option though for the majority of hong kong or who may be want to leave there are lots of pro-democracy activists for example who may want to leave the territory is that realistic for them or it depends on whether they are the possible outcomes of the case that whether they carry. a criminal offense with them so the
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government has been abused saying. hola judiciary system has a price for that their practices so a lot of them both can only phone call because they call. that hospital being confiscated a condition. there is concern is that with this crackdown now in hong kong by china that we're going to see the creation of an entire generation of hong kong refugees what do you say about that do you think that's going to happen. well i think whether that biological model for refugees is a pending question by saying well reflects. from the fed on that numerous country offering safe plan phone company voice that actually hong kong mostly talented people they have a pretty good language cues and comic ition skills and they have good working
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experience and i think this is also the talent that these countries won't take the national security indeed in post. threats and also a sense of clear to these times the people and i say that would definitely home phone call in this. most fundamental way what do you need to balance britain and also thrill you offering a pathway to citizenship for hong kong or who want to leave well of course it's a reflection of how serious the crisis that if you look at the past. attitudes toward some calling issued a mostly quiet posse of before now they indeed offer something that we couldn't have expected doing so so i think the national security law indeed changed and shaped the narrative of the world who was on call which hong kong is no
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longer no longer all parliaments and that one country 2 system is a blatant lie that the well see that in it we've got about 20 seconds i just want to ask you for the pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong do you seem them having much of a fighting chance now moving forward. yes indeed even though the future is green but i think the spirit of what they have really determination so i think the future we've got a future ahead all right snaith who all hong kong activists joining us tonight from an undisclosed location and we appreciate your time and we're pretty sure you sharing your story with the state rep much thank you well in the united states the 4th of july holiday is quickly approaching but this year many are swamping the parades and fireworks for solitude and social distancing americans coronavirus al break is getting worse more than 15000 new infections confirmed yesterday as
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a new all time daily high the soaring caseload is stretching many hospitals to the breaking point. a hospital in san antonio texas the intensive care unit is full they thought they had the pandemic under control but they've got more patients now than before they don't have enough beds or ventilators. for yesterday was probably one of my worst days that i've ever had and why i got 10 calls all of whom are young people who otherwise would be excellent candidates to be able to put on a more of a they're so sick that if they don't get put on they don't get that support they're probably going to die i had 3 beds. 37 u.s. states have rising numbers of corona virus infections people wanted to get back to everyday life and get the economy back on track but now bars and restaurants are closed again as our beaches and that ahead of july 4th independence day oh agree
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with being told that we can't do anything expression on a holiday that this country's supposed to be celebrating independence i feel like people don't get their stuff together we're just going to be doing this for a very long time president trump is playing down injection rates preferring to praise the american economy for creating jobs. 80 percent of small businesses are now open 80 percent. and we think we're going to have some very good numbers in the coming months because others are opening and especially as we put the flame out while authorities work to reinstate corona precautions trump has been preparing for independence day fireworks and flyovers in washington the british socialite just plain maxwell the former girlfriend of convicted pedophile jeffrey up steen has been arrested in the united states the 58 year old is said to have recruited girls to give epstein massages during which they were pressured into having sex with
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epstein i have seen was arrested last year in new york and apparently killed himself while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges and indictment made public on thursday says the girls abused jungles 14 maxwell has denied any wrongdoing. well after hearing arguments today a turkish court says that it will announce within the next 2 weeks whether one of his temples most iconic buildings should become a mosque again the centuries old highest sophia is a unesco world heritage site that has been a church a mosque and is now a museum but with nationalist groups demanding it to be opened for islamic prayers critics say it has become a political tool for turkish president. empires have fallen religions have been replaced the city itself has changed names but the dome of the high yes sophia has withstood his old built in the 6th century as
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a byzantine church it was for centuries the world's largest christian cathedral almost a millennium later it was converted into an islamic mosque cheering the awesome an empire. but in the 1930 s. it was turned into a museum under the founder of the modern turkish republic ataturk a symbol of the new secular state inclusive of all religions since then it has been a meeting point of many faiths but held by none a place where pope's and presidents have come to pay their respects and marvel at the architecture. the religion is a tool for president rich type of on he has overseen prayers in the museum and raised its status at local election rallies. i also feel he says over the edge of you know sort of as you know they converted the highest sophia from a mosque to
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a museum a while ago. now we hope to be able to call it a mosque again after the election. so just groups have fought to pray at the highest the fia angering neighboring greece which says the building is part of its all for ducks christian history unesco has won turkey its conversion to a mosque could violate the world cultural heritage convention. a flashpoint of religious and national struggle whatever its future the highest afia will remain an icon of istanbul. are some sports news for your better braman have a challenge on their hands to avoid only a 2nd ever bonus league or relegation they were held to a nil nil home draw by 2nd division hiten high in the 1st leg of their play all heightened high and is
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a town of about 50000 people in case you didn't know and the club had never been in the bundesliga but they had the better chances against braman who also had make less noise on their sent off 'd late own. host and 2nd lead on monday. you're watching t w news live from berlin up next monica jones with the w. business stick around she will be right back. literature invites us to see people. in particular. i like to see myself as the. strong growth growth. my objective is to work and find. the books on you to. passion and
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drama competition why the marketing number that was here by its side.


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