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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2020 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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i'm not proud and i will not succeed in dividing us out not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of just dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this trial is a real hit with tourists in lisbon that will whisk you along and the static trip through the portuguese capitals historic center. welcome to euro max and here's a quick look at what else is coming up today. a british artist creates gigantic
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installations from dried flowers. and hamburg chefs are creating a modern version of a german classic the fish roll. i used to love being outside during some of fungus storms which are quite common here in northern europe nowadays i prefer being indoors sheltered from the storm with a hot cup of tea vanna is a little more adventurous he's seen as one of the best weather photographers in germany and whenever the weather turns bad he's outside capturing lightning with his camera. the movie. dark clouds rain thunder and lightning. such all grapher bastiaan very nerdy loves nothing more than bad weather. the shrewd hard storm cells kind of
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hide fascinating a beauty and power chasing them as a rocket microfilming an urge to hunt or gamble to become. the 27 year old storm chaser is out to photograph spectacular weather phenomena. like the stunning lightning bolt. or this intimidating looking storm cell. he's cutlash some of his best work in an illustrated book. basti and then a relies on professional weather data and forecasts to find storms. or to hoping we'll find a nice stormfront this fall that we see so called shelf of clouds there the mighty clouds that build up ahead of storm cells hopefully they'll drift towards me so i can document them with my camera. studies imaging editing and has always been
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mesmerized by cloud formations thunder and lightning even as a kid he travels thousands of kilometers each year to capture them on camera mostly within germany this is an emerging thunder cell near heidelberg. sometimes he also heads for the u.s. midwest which is known for its stream weather conditions. that's where he captured this tornado on film. extreme weather events like these are very rare in germany he always uses a weather radar when he's out storm chasing it tells him where he needs to go. to put with that sort of heat suit. we've got a storm cell that will probably move across germany our target area in a straight path. or. storm chasers like me to head towards its path without getting into a. curiously apart from some rain things are relatively calm
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inside the storm cell the best motifs can be found on the edge of a storm even though there is no certainty of getting any shots of thunder and lightning. after several hours on the road in northwestern germany by then or has finally reached his destination but he's out of luck no spectacular weather events await. maybe will spot the storm front once the light rain arrives misty and otherwise the storm cell will just be shrouded in rain. means we can see the cloud structure. passing inventor to wait it out patience is key as the storm chaser besides that gives them time to hatch new plans. traveling to a hurricane and standing in the eye of the hurricane is definitely on my to do list
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. says the 20 kilometer tall clouds around me it will be like being inside a stadium where it really like to experience that one day. and then i will have to try his luck another day there's no storm to photograph today disappointments are all part of the job but when he does get lucky his photos are full of beauty and energy. when visiting a city for the 1st time it's difficult to get a good overview of all the sights in a short period of time especially if you want to avoid guided tours all special tourist bus. says in lisbon you don't need anything except a tram ticket to enjoy the best portugal's capital has to offer travelling on the 2880 has become much more than an inside tip for tourists it whisks you from old town to downtown in style.
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this is lisbon's iconic $28.00 each tram trundling along a hilly 7 kilometer long route through the city. the electric tram line has been in service for over 100 years passing by the portuguese capital's most famous sites and it travels up and down lisbon's many hills on its 900 millimeter wide track. you know camacho has been driving the historic trams for 18 years now. and we get it's interesting and fun to drive these trips. but i really like driving on the tracks of. the iron colossus with the original wooden benches starts its journey at square. then it heads up to the monastery of salvia scent a default i. conclude for passing through the oh mamma you know needs to wait for
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the traffic lights to hit green. they used to be controlled manually. so if you sent it it turns into a single track here if you so you need to be careful because other trams or cars could come torch it would sweep a little of. the tram edges past the neighborhoods buildings. of bamma is one of the city's oldest quarters. the tram was specifically designed for this narrow labyrinth of hilly roads to. tourists hop on and off to enjoy views over the talk was as to where. it was. we really wanted to ride this tram because we've heard so much about it. either fergie's old ones to the new trams because you can lift up the windows and.
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i think that's great. it was about thank you bricky i like it a lot it's nice and slow it relaxes me. the tram passes one historical site after another. the painted tiles rosalyn a shoes on the wall the sun told to see a church to pick scenes from the city's past. then the tram which locals simply call electrico stops at lisbon cathedral the city's oldest church from here it descends a steep hill. there are several breaks so when one gives out the others can still bring the tram to a stop but to drive it you move this forward when you pull it back the wheels move in the opposite direction stopping the tram. this is
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a pneumatic brake this one is magnetic. and this is the handbrake when suddenly go to the. many people agree lisbon wouldn't be the same without its electric codes. could almost we'll catch the 28 it's totally normal for us i live here in ca to do my shopping i don't know why i like it a lot this is the city's cars saw that they sow a fussy school with a staggering 13.5 percent incline no tramp aside from the electric co can manage it if you do we don't think about the sand on the rail is when it rains to increase traction the bit of that is old decommissioned trams end up in the museum. starting at 873 they were horse drawn but in 1000 no one the tram line was electrified. this isn't a stall it's something very different size himes your house building so close you
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can practically return to touch them. in this. the shadow area the tram stops outside the cullen area institution portugal's espresso or because it was once invented at this bella park capping. they also try modern trams but i prefer the 28 to it nearing its final destination the tram passes portugal's parliament building south bend too and the basilica trailer. after about an hour's journey and $38.00 stops than a staunch excite seem to war on the iconic $28.00 me an attraction in itself comes to an end. there back from the dead so to speak dried flowers like these have become all the rage in interior decorating again seen as a more practical alternative to freshly cut blossoms and one british artist has taken the trend even further rebecca louise law uses dried flowers to build 3
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dimensional art works that decorate entire rooms where off to northern italy to show you how latest exhibition. thousands of dried blossoms combine to create an extensive art installation in a former monastery chapel in parma northern italy. the artist read that the weasel lives on a country estate in wales. she has worked primarily with dried blossoms for about 12 years now. i know the flowers as a powder. i drive. a
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floor way my material karma is the italian capital of culture for 20 twentieth's among the many of them this year is rebecca louise law's installation titled flooring. it was set up in february. it only took. one week to complete her sculpture out of some 200 holes and dried. but then the opening had to be postponed for several months because of the corona virus and. at one time the 16th century chapel was an herbal pharmacy for the poor and sick the work of floral art is also a tribute to the exhibition space itself. some of. the blossoms all had to be individually attached to this then copper wire. artist prepared the composition at home in her studio and sent her to italy. and we work
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together with her to hang up the various sprays of flowers on the steel framework and. back a little we use laws moral art is in demand internationally she possesses a collection of over $1000000.00 dried blossoms parts of which she really uses over and over. as in berlin in 2016. and 2 years later into lido ohio. to the different locations most often public spaces. her 200-1000 installation the room was displayed in a community center in michigan. bringing. to places where. may people have lost connection with nature and the.
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need i remind. comes from a gardening family she grew up surrounded by nature and flowers as a young artist she already enjoyed making 3 dimensional walk through paintings my parents were dry flowers when i was young. i thought. i'm going to paint in the air and from there on i. might pay. the visitors and parma are only allowed into the time. so demand is great up to 300 people a day pass through it. gives me a feeling of intimacy and. to feel. that if you are. a regionally rebecca
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louise law intended to take the blossoms down again at the end of the year and reuse them as usual but now she's got another idea i actually felt like. they were 200. 2 now and conversations about the instant i think. people of color and i have become a part of the work in the us and read that of a reason to expand the culture with dried violets that people have collected for her. germany is not necessarily known for its street food here in the capital the most popular snack to go is the during a kebab which was invented in berlin but is based on turkish cuisine down south. and soft pretzels are all the rage but in the northern states the fish or fish role is a quintessential street food snack it has the reputation of being
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a bit old fashioned but in the port city of hamburg chefs updating its image. fish and bread are northern germany's traditional street food. but it has to crunch nicely when you take a bite all along the coast locals and visitors have their favorites of salmon sandwich of course fried fish and bread crumbs come from shrimp to roll i can't wait to try it because there are bigger things spared it's my health you know there's my definitely and crispy rolls slightly tart with onions perfect what makes a good fish roach and it has this freshness and you have to eat it up in the north in north east the figure i mean it starts with a friendly greeting and the rest is the freshness this is the 1st. the book at 10 stand in hamburg harbor serves the traditional tasty snack the way
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it's been eaten since time immemorial. feels good as we see it traditional definitely means a somewhat sour herron for what's very popular with our guests a salty herb and sounds terrible and you need to for the onions which gives the fish that tasty zenia should avoid so that's who gave you. it's easy to make and no secret just slit open the bread roll and slap a fish on it and the onions. bender michelle plugger has observed changes to the snacks image. and gets mad when the 3 people come up and say oh i think i'll have a fried herring or all have a bismark herring because my granddad likes to eat them so moved out of this one or had he got macro on my granddad and grandma like to eat it it's a growing trend among people young and old. the fish bread roll is all but unknown internationally. but germans on the north and baltic sea coasts enjoy the
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snack any time anywhere. but how do you spot a really good one before you buy it. among the keg as you can tell it by among other things a long line in front of the stand there you know it's been freshly made or will be believed to money shook us from hamburg has tried out all the stands in northern germany and devoted several books to the specialty including a cookbook. top chefs have redefined the snack it might be served on a butter croissant or with pesto and pair or calamari. says the range offered at the stands has white. is good for she knew fish which and now there are various stands that offer her 50 or 60 variations of food. that starts with the filling the fish the him. to news or the type of bread rolls. as well as the sauces just good
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when he's also in the classics have been reinvented. shop which offers up his creations and hamburg's songs hollie district. what remains the same is the combination of fish and bread roll. here you can enjoy a fried fish roll and an american inspired lobster roll. we're trying to find a way to bring international influences into it because as we see it one that reflects the modern amber. fish group it's a fish role a local street food product but with an international touch and a for not i'm going to. burn shop at sion his partner opened the underdogs restaurant with its industrial harbor interior in 2017. and they have a mission. asking him and i don't think i'm god to you when we started out young people were always saying well i don't like waste that much but without any real
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reason just because the classical ways of preparing fish no longer appealed to a young clientele on. product itself is great and young people really like the way we prepare it comes off but i am going to. put in the end for most northern germans it's the quality of the best role that counts. and if you fancy finding out more about german and european cuisine make sure to subscribe to our new you tube channel d w food will even see me in the kitchen for a change is a little taste of what else you'll find. down like you see these. stories. to see as not. just knowledge mazing the best chefs with their best tips from meat dishes to eating diets and all the recipe
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secrets welcome to the modern world europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. they. subscribe and enjoy deep down to you food. from food to fashion now and the fashion industry has a sustainability problem it's responsible for at least 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions every year millions of tons of fast fashion items are also thrown away buying used clothes is an easy way to tackle this problem another idea is up cycling dutch designer duren lanting is doing just that with quite some style combining portions of an want to design a close to create new luxury as pieces. a coach that combines fabrics from high end fashion labels like celine prada calvin klein and rob simmons rearranged and reassembled that's designer duran 19th concept.
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my name is duran i'm from amsterdam recreated collections from deathstroke provided by milton drugstores. is apparel destined to be disposed of. and never found it interesting to create clothes from scratch when i was young i was always cutting up old pieces. this is the design that made the designers name in 2018 he created these vagina pans for american soul singers and monet. duran is especially proud of the coat he created for superstar billy eilish it's made up of 2 quilted jackets by the current fashion label after the singer wore it for a photo shoot its value soared by several 1000 euros. she's an inspiring and it's good because she has the florist for a younger audience of really think about going she's designed so it's good to
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choose promoting recycled materials and upcycling this approach is integral to duran mountings concept he's exasperated by the fact that the fashion industry is responsible for a good 10 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions so 100 percent of the materials used for the designer's collections are recycled luxury department stores provide him with unsold apparel for free he makes new items out of it and sells them back. i don't believe in the traditional system of fashion. i've never believed in. to be very important through. the rifle's you know. it's. more just to create my own were. even so most of the established labels take a positive view of his work. the designer finds his inspiration from combining
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elements at 1st glance wouldn't seem to go together he started out doing collages like these that amsterdam's when. it sounds a bit dramatic but it's the core of my being in a way it's literally my life my life. i mean. everything i stand for for. are you know are in here so it's really it's my. like here at the 200-1000 amsterdam fashion week. but. take things further. people just as much as possible where i think fashion as. it is for me is much more important so i would like to see that. when he's not on the road duran and his team produce the maximum of 6 months that
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number is due to increase soon with the assistance of artificial intelligence which should be able to multiply his design. for my collection he. has another entirely new idea creating session without any. he would like to use. to envision a completely new people. approach. well let's see how warm you'll feel wearing nothing but a projection that's all from us for today but you can find plenty more lifestyle and culture by following us on social media and make sure to stop by a website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle to find a latest view was droll thanks for watching and bye bye for now.
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on a hike along the river elbe nicole furley can play miking is becoming more and more popular especially for the naturally i'm really excited about today's travel long the algorithm for biking along one of the most varied paths in europe. heres the challenge to discover nature and culture using muscle power. 30 minutes on w. mindlessness. like
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. to. paint me. am. i a fascination of those who look at me. the secret of molise up. in 75 minutes on d w. global idea as it is all this way to bring you more conservation. how do we make signals greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas mental series and global results on g.w. and online. on
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middle and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of on the fence. the planet on the brink of disaster relief is a long and in-depth interview experts about one question how to change it up at least. frank food and. international gateway to the best connection self in the road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be allat gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from.
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this is state of the news live from berlin president donald trump kicks off independence day weekend with a controversial event trump attends a crowded fireworks started celebration at mount rushmore but on a day that saw another record breaking prize in u.s. coronavirus cases you might see a little mention of the pandemic also coming out. social distancing measures in.


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