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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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dr. demento so. this is the w. new saliva from berlin president donald trump stokes division on u.s. independence day as a record surgeon coronavirus cases casts a shadow over celebrations in his speech at mount rushmore trump attacks protesters who toppled monuments honoring slave owners and the president has promised a special evening as july 4th festivities moved to washington d.c. also coming up. the 1st times are being told in england after
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a 4 month coronavirus shutdown as brits flocks of the pops the government has called on drinkers and not to overdo it. i'm claire richards and welcome to the show the united states celebrates independence day as the country reports another record rise in new coronavirus cases more than 57000 people have been infected in the past 24 hours alone u.s. president donald trump kicked off the 4th of july celebrations at an event in south dakota fireworks lit up the stock over the mts rushmore monument which in a controversial move trump chose as the venue for this year's festivities in a divisive speech he criticized the recent protests against racial injustice as a quote campaign to wipe out our history. well time has also promised
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a night to remember on the national mall in washington tens of thousands are expected to gather to watch flyovers and fireworks in other parts of the country though 4th of july displays have been canceled due to fears of spreading a coronavirus with experts calling on americans to practice social distancing at both private and public gatherings not many feel like celebrating a national holiday. that has more last chance to enjoy an mt washington mall before the celebrations begin this is where a large crowds will cheer to fly overs and file works on america's national holiday the loudspeakers are ready for tens of thousands of visitors but not everyone here feels well about being among masses of people at the height of a global pandemic and makes me anxious to be like around the crowd to be honest so that's what i want to be coming out but i think i think it it's definitely is it
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sucks that you know we won't be able to celebrate the way we used to those past years but we're going to try to make the most of it with you know family and close friends that we've been kind of with during the last few months. this year the 4th of july will be a completely different holiday number one because a security fence will set up you're keeping people away from the white house for security reasons us we're expecting many protests potentially riots on the 4th of july and later on saturday this is where the president will deliver his speech addressing the nation. at the black live smatter applause a t. shirt vendor is a hoping for good business and a large turnout. maybe it's a lot. in the. whole book liberties that we have achieved for over 200 years. should apply to everyone and oversee this.
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demonstration sure that problematic for everyone i just hope that more and more people were aware of those mass because that is so critical at this point. holiday under strain by the pandemic and racial divisions this year not everyone feels like celebrating. well for more on this let's talk to travis what phil who is a research scientist at yale university's school of medicine we have seen a dramatic rise in coronavirus cases in recent days so how dangerous are the celebrations this weekend well i think it's about risk. and i think obviously being outside is a lot less risky than other activities but i would say to avoid crowds going to avoid you know large gatherings of people that aren't in your household or aren't your bottle i think overall they're very. dangerous as we're seeing large crowds
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are seeing you know parties house parties especially as he says are scaring especially in florida and texas california arizona especially so you know especially those states are i think that you know the sea to see to stay home let's fight in cases you've mentioned be fien after many walk down measures worry used by some other countries have managed to lift their restrictions and keep the virus and check so what has gone wrong in the u.s. . well i think there are some things that we could have done differently 1st of all we were delayed in class and. we scaled that passing pretty late compared to other countries. and also compared to other countries you know we never really had a national walking on in the united states we had some regional different states next it measures for different periods of time when you look at other countries that have really been curved they had a really aggressive national walking around for a long period of time and really flattened curve you look at new zealand you know
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many european countries even though they had a spike rwanda are able to cross a curve but here we never really had a national walk around and now you know we're seeing some of those temporary lock downs being put back in place because of the rising cases so unfortunately you know we never really had a strong lock down and also i think the united states has a very low compliance with masking you know that we we now know that mass work in some states are finally. you know mandating universal mass like texas and arizona and some other states for awhile master not use and other countries or have done that so. that's a very important point now definitely being aware. travis that thank you so much. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world activists have protested at a site belonging to the germany processing company tunnies it has come under fire
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for its working conditions after outbreaks of coded 19 at its plants the virus spread so widely among workers in the western state of north rhine-westphalia that restrictions were really imposed on nearby residents. more than a dozen people are presumed dead in southwestern japan after torrential rains triggered flooding and landslides tens of thousands have been evacuated and troops are being deployed for search and rescue operations heavy rain is forecast to continue until sunday. a rescue ship in the mediterranean has declared an emergency after several migrants on board attempted to commit suicide the ocean viking declared the emergency after being denied entry to italy and malta it says it can no longer guarantee the safety of the $180.00 migrants on board. well pubs in england are welcoming patrons again after a 4 month coronavirus shut down restaurants and hair salons have also been allowed
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to reopen the changes don't apply to wales or scotland or northern ireland which have been setting their own timetables for easing restrictions as people hit the pubs the u.k. government is urging them not to get too carried away warning that irresponsible drinkers a could face time in jail the 1st visit to the pub in more than 3 months the reopening is taking place amid strict measures which even royalty have to observe prince william got his 1st drink in a day early ordinary citizens had to wait till saturday morning for the pubs to open in england and northern ireland the british government fears there could be a mad rush to the drinking establishment the health minister warned his compatriots not to mess things up saying those who get carried away could be jailed. prime minister boris johnson also called on britain's to act responsibly.
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all these businesses and their workers who put in a horrific effort to prepare their venues for this reopening to work out a way to trade that keeps their customers safe but the success of these businesses the livelihoods of those who rely on them but ultimately the economic health of the whole country is dependent on every single one of us acting responsibly restrictions have been used for other businesses as well including hairdressers museum cinemas and restaurants critics say the reopening comes too soon currently there are around 500 new infections a day but the numbers could soon spike again like they did during an outbreak in leicester earlier this week the city of 300000 residents in the heart of anglin is still under a local lockdown and the government has warned that it will not hesitate to order
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the closure of businesses again if there is a fresh corona virus outbreak. well let's bring in our correspondent charlotte potts who is standing by outside one of those pubs in london charlotte the u.k. is the european country worst hit by the pandemic from where you stand it doesn't seem like brits are really ready to go to the pub again. oh yes they are i actually witnessed that myself today i'm in a neighborhood in south london and all the pops and restaurants are really really full here especially young folks we're very excited to return to the pub safe no way to do over 3 months and this pub that you see behind me for example is taking the temperature off its guests and clients when they come in to get a beer but that seems to be about all the measures say they are actually taking there is 0 social distancing inside or outside the pubs so the streets are crowded
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people are talking to each other and different groups settings i mean the british really love their pups and they are excited to be back on the streets but again very little social distancing going on here and that is why scientists also warn that there could be a 2nd wave of infections and that it was way too early to open the pups here again as you mentioned restaurants and address us also open today but for example theatre and and gyms are remaining closed at the moment and people are asking why can pops open that are such a huge part of infection when thea to have to remain closed at this point well let's talk about that and the bigger picture in general what do people make of their government's handling of the coronavirus crisis. well at the moment there are over 100 people each day still dying from the virus
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and the pandemic has hit the u.k. extremely hot and a lot of people blame that on the prime minister boris johnson's handling of the crisis on the government's crisis management boris johnson's approval ratings are now way down brits are saying that he locked down the country too late and now they are worried that the track and trace system which should keep this pandemic the virus and check it's not yet in place but indeed everything is opening up so very big worries here in the u.k. of a 2nd wave of infections at the moment all right charlotte potts in london thank you so much. in formula one a voluntary boathouse has secured pole position in the qualifying run for sunday's austrian grand prix fellow mercedes driver lewis hamilton came 2nd giving their team a clear advantage or test is looking for his 1st ever world championship having come
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2nd to last year the race and spielberg austria is the 1st of the 2020 season which has been cut down to an 8 race competition held soley in europe due to the pandemic . a former marathon a world record holder wilson kept song has been handed a 4 year ban for anti doping violations world athletics of said the 2012 olympic bronze medalist missed 4 doping tests it also rules that he tampered with the investigation by providing false evidence and witness testimony a ban is automatically imposed after 3 test failures in a 12 month period that song is the 6th fastest marathon runner in the world. in argentina football plant fans have been a yearning for the game of the season after the season was abandoned to due to the pandemic social distancing means it can't be played in its normal form but some amateur players have got creative to ensure they can get back out on the fields.
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locals in argentina call this human table quick bar it's a byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic the picture is divided into 12 rectangles each player must remain within its own if you leave your rectangle you get a penalty and it's 5 a side worse is the traditional 11. argentines football is as important as getting together with friends once or twice a week for much of. human table football not only gives us the possibility of work but also intrinsic gap which is as important as a vaccine the face masks and the hand washing. but the football isn't quite the same tackles are not allowed and players don't run as much the social distancing format has made it more of a passing and shooting game. when it's a great joint to be back on the pitch it makes us feel good to have all our friends together it has its limitations it's strange but we are adapting mildly wait to get back to normal as soon as possible. until then the country has human table football
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it's a new form of the beautiful game but any kind of football is better than no football at all. you're watching it over your news remember you can stay up to date with all the latest on our website that's d.w. dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram at. m.k. richardson and roland thanks so much for watching. i'm secure in the volume or that's hard and in the end this for me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with bios of. what's your story. 'd
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and what numbers of women especially are victims of violence. take part.


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