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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is specially. every year has been one of the big events and hopefully next year it can get back to the glory all over movie from daily use for it's a thank you so much you're watching it d.w. news from berlin remember you can stay up to date with all the latest on our website i d w dot com i'm very interested and thanks so much for watching. if . you believe.
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this week on world stories. minibuses has coronavirus hotspots in south africa. monkey riots in thailand but we start off in italy when the coronavirus epidemic began in europe many people died in the region of lombardy hardly a single family remained untouched the northern italian city is now coming to grips with what happened which travel to better
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a city that is still in mourning 1st off the old town usually a tourist hot spot here we meet. a community worker things have calmed down now unlike the south of the crisis the point at which you know the ga me after a few days some of us started breaking down emotionally they were sobbing like babies but it was partly the pressure but also because we were dealing with people who had seen 2 or 3 of their family members die one after the other and with that i love you a lot of thought during our pilot was among the founders of soup at bag and initiative to help those who couldn't help themselves 200 volunteers joined him they delivered food and medicines to cover 1000 patients relief for suffering city. at berga most main cemetery visit the graves of people who died of 19 father better mally tells us the number of fatalities was so high that many bodies had to be
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transported to other cities at the peak of the graces more than 130 coffins were stored here in his church or. body. it was unsettling because you know being here like that after a week or 10 days i started smelling not only the smell of pine trees and fir trees but something else that i stopped seeing mass by myself among the coffins. of the. people and are grieving for the loss of laughed ones but they're also beginning to ask questions they want to know why their region lamberty which is one of the richest in italy was so hard hit stefano fusco scran father died in a care home he's now collecting the stories of other covered 9000 victims we just want to know the truth we want to know if it was just
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a fatality or if there is someone at the high level of power in the authorities not the doctor or sort of nurses that have the possibility to contain this feeling or even to avoid fusco and others say the worst affected parts of the region should have been closed down at an early stage they criticize the region's far right president in milan for putting profits before people can see them but before we find out who is responsible we have to understand whether or not we made mistakes from the region's point of view i think we try to give all possible answers and take all possible preventions at a time when we were confronting an extraordinary situation at a time when nobody knew much about the virus. from back in bed again will kyoto bio says the citizens will have to take the. into their own hands his initiative superbad again will bill now start organizing concerts to support local artists at
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the interview on and on the we have to be careful we can't be too cheerful because we're doing this in a city in a province that is in mourning or project wants to be a him to life not just going back to work but a real new start a new start based on human relations their market. through by lawyers confident that over time his city will manage to recover but that optimus and stamp and budget fear off a 2nd wave of infections. minibus taxi drivers in south africa are fed up the rising corona virus infections meant the number of people allowed in their vehicles at one time was reduced but the drivers say this has to change and are getting organized. for millions of commuters in south africa obeying physical distancing regulations is almost impossible public transport is mainly comprised of minibuses known as
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taxis since the beginning of the ben demick they have been allowed to operate only at 70 percent capacity but on monday the drivers largest union the now instead was abandoning that limit we didn't go. the way we used to because he doesn't want to be was one and was always on guard with the koran. although most of the dead were going to make a living was delivered through the vines are waging war as it was was delivered by the ones the government has offered drivers a one off compensation amounting to 250 euros per bus a total of almost $70000000.00 euros but drivers say that not enough things are tough for passengers too and there's a mini bus terminal in cape town people do regularly does infect their hands but no one's checking disston. regulations all of the people are wearing masks you know. we're going to the way to go you need to go. so. it's really into dixie because
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whites they did of irresponsible. say they should have been taken to try to get this done during this and there were. many drive us ones to stick to the regulations. because you don't know we've got the viable you have to go to. cape town the center of the pandemic in south africa unions are set to hold talks with the government over the next few days but if regulations don't change the union sworn they'll bring public transport to a standstill. necessity is the mother of invention also for a hotel owner in russia her hotel's doors are now open to women seeking shelter from domestic violence which has also been on the rise in russia during the lock
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down. violence. isn't letting russia's lock down stop she's using the time to redecorate her moscow hotel and since the pandemic has kept guests away she decided to shelter domestic violence survivors a crisis center now sends women who have nowhere to go to her hotel because women's shelters have gone into quarantine. i have quite a lot of friends or acquaintances who've experienced domestic violence i want to help i couldn't always help my friends and sometimes i could sometimes not but now i can help someone else. just look at. valentino's hotel is right in the middle of it's my lusty market which normally
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draws tourists with its typical russian look. hotel's cosco which translates as fairy tale has become a saving grace one of the domestic abuse survivors staying here is the singer 30 here about a month ago but. it wasn't the 1st time my husband hit me and even without the quarantine. no when i love someone you forgive them. but the 4th of the 5th time it's just impossible to bang you get beat something clicks in your head. it made me just get up and leave i couldn't stand it any more. so you should just motion which to be domestic violence is not a criminal offense in russia there are no official statistics and what goes on behind closed doors is often considered
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a family matter but since the lockdown began women's advocacy organizations have reported a significant rise in domestic abuse it gets down the heat on the countries there are mechanisms in place to fight against domestic violence restraining orders strict legislation and lauren falls from agencies that have told how to deal with these situations unfortunately russia doesn't have that that's why more cases here and murder and more women stay in abusive relationships because they don't have the tools to get out of them. constantine of a plans to keep posting domestic abuse survivors even after the lockdown and her hotel is giving women like the strength to start over. who. is the. monkeys and thailand's temple grounds attract tourists attention but the corona
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virus has kept those tourists away leaving the monkeys to run rampant and become more aggressive the residents of lock barrier now trying to control the situation. but fast clowns these could almost be scenes from a zoo fearless primates rule the town center of the really in central thailand the city is famous for its ancient temple ruins and for its population. never around 2 and a half 1000 mechanics for years city residents have had a love hate relationship with their long tailed neighbors the monkeys attract tourists but they're also prone to create mayhem since the pandemic business is almost completely dried up for those selling monkey food to tourists. we're now seeing the impact of 19 for months everything here was shut down now visitors are slowly starting to return but they don't buy much the monkeys are really hungry. locals say the situation has never been so bad.
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i can't look away for a 2nd if i'm not sitting here just take care of the shop they come in open the fridge take drinks and steal snacks from us it's really difficult living with the monkeys. i got bitten by a monkey it jumped on my head and bit me i had to get some shots afterwards everyone living around here must have been taken at some point big or small wound everyone. these escalating clashes have now caused wildlife officials to step in over the last few days they've captured hundreds of monkeys on the streets of la brea to have them sterilized by state veterinarians. first the animals need to be sedated. once they're unconscious they're shaved and given a tattoo to indicate they've been neutered. then they have to go under the knife
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the plan is to sterilize $500.00 of the mechanics by august. a good if the monkey population were to increase even more rapidly the more animals we have the greater the number of conflict people have with them i don't want to see the monkeys getting hurt and those conflicts and so what we're doing here is about protecting them as well as protecting people's property. the white house. the day after that procedure the monkeys are released back into the city after old not barry would not be the same without his monkey business. plan.
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for. photo editing software distorts what is real. possibilities for an. endless. truth. the conflict with. india's government is in the firing line a time when abroad. found me handling the coronavirus and lying about stockholders in its own troops and chinese forces in the fall my guest this week from new delhi in sudan to share maybe a member of the alphonso tolerance on the national spokesperson for the v.j. complex. of the 16.
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with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. it's what. our perception of reality really good fragments fragments redmond's fragments .


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