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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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the 250th anniversary. this is the w. news live from berlin the united states marks independence day amid a record surge in coronavirus cases in his holiday address president donald trump calls covert 19 a plate from china despite the pandemic a casting a shadow over july 4th he has promised a special evening of celebrations in washington also coming up on the show. the 1st clients are being pulled in england after a 4 month coronavirus shutdown as
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a brisk walk to the pops the government has called on drinkers and not to overdo it . and to buy or to make it a double eating laver couzin to claim the german cop to the law is among the goals as the variance at the top to this season's league title we catch up with all the action from berlin is a big stadium. i'm claire richards and welcome to the show the u.s. is celebrating its independence day in a somber mood as coronavirus and widespread anti-racism protests have cast a shadow over what normally are festive celebrations protesters have gathered to march for racial equality in the u.s. capital washington d.c. where hundreds of thousands of others are expected to converge to watch a fireworks display as military fly over that comes despite the country registering a record number of new coronavirus cases. across the country more than
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57000 people have been infected in the past 24 hours away. lone despite the surging numbers of president donald trump made an address to the nation claiming that the u.s. was close to getting a grip on the virus we were doing better than any country had ever done in history and that just does any country and then we got hit with this terrible plague from china and now we're getting close to fighting our way out of it our country is coming back our jobs numbers are spectacular a lot of things are happening that people don't quite see yet but you'll see over the next couple of months but i just want to wish everybody a really happy 4th of july we're on the way to a tremendous victory it's going to happen and it's going to happen big our country will be greater good ever before thank you well let's cross over to ian as told the washington bureau chief for more you know as you've been out on the streets of
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washington all day and it looks like a very different 4th of july holiday than what you'd usually see. absolutely you know the streets are still fairly empty on like constitution avenue where normally huge parades are taking place it's hardly anybody out there and if you see somebody it's mainly really protesters so that's a totally different mood and normally this is a day of fun than joy and happiness i don't really feel that i was here so the words from president on out from seem to come from another planet to be honest that's right there's a major public holiday in the united states with lots of celebrations last night barely mentioned the coronavirus cheering his speech at mt rushmore wish surely must be on people's minds and instead he used the chance to accuse protesters who've been toppling confederate monuments of trying to quote a race history what does he want to achieve with this. now that's really true you know this 4th of july comes in a very special time of the united states in
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a very difficult time for this country it's not only the corona virus and all the things which come with it like the economical problems the health problems obviously it also comes in a time in this country is so divided and president trump didn't use this moment last night to really try to bring this country to gather again and he did quite the opposite he's stirring fear and says the protesters want to bring this country to an end so he in a way really declared a culture war on his own people when i see it there behind you where you are now that those look like some protesters out in the streets do you expect to see more of them this evening. it's hard to say there are some groups owed and again there are probably more protesters out than visitors at least in this area behind white house we just talked to the police and they say you know we are
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prepared for everything but we don't know so far the protests are really peaceful and calm that give the little speeches you know why ellen's to see you know but we have to wait and see him as a whole in washington d.c. thank you. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world a rescue ship in the mediterranean has declared an emergency after several migrants on board attempted to commit suicide the ocean viking declared emergency after being denied entry to italy and malta it says it can no longer guarantee the safety of the $180.00 migrants onboard. activists have protested at a site belonging to the germany processing company tiny it has come under fire for its working conditions after outbreaks in $1000.00 at its plants the virus has spread so widely among workers in the. western state of north rhine-westphalia is that restrictions were reimposed on nearby residents. pubs in england are
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welcoming patrons again after a 4 month coronavirus shutdown restaurants and hair salons have also been allowed to reopen the changes don't apply to the u.k. has devolved nations which have there have been setting their own timetables for easing restrictions. well let's bring in our correspondent charlotte potts who is standing by outside one of those pubs in a london charlotte the u.k. is the european country worst hit by the pandemic from where you stand does it seem like a brits are really ready to go to the pub again. oh yes they are i actually witnessed that myself today i'm in a neighborhood in south london and all the pops and restaurants are really really full here especially young folks we're very excited to return to the pub safe now waited over 3 months and this pub that you see behind me for example is taking the temperature off its guests and clients when they come in to get
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a beer but that seems to be about all the measures say they are actually taking there is 0 social distancing inside or outside the pubs so the streets are crowded people are talking to each other and different groups settings i mean the british really love their pops and they are excited to be back on the streets but again very little social distancing going on here and that is why scientists also warn that there could be a 2nd wave of infections and that it was way too early to open the pumps here again as you mentioned restaurants and address us also open today but for example theatre and and gyms are remaining closed at the moment and people are asking why can pops open that are such a huge part of infection when i have to remain closed at this point well let's talk
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about that and the bigger picture in general what do people make of their government's handling of the coronavirus crisis. well at the moment there are over 100 people each day still dying from the virus and the pandemic has hit the u.k. extremely hot and a lot of people blame that on the prime minister boris johnson's handling of the crisis on the government's crisis management boris johnson's approval ratings are now way down brits are saying that he locked down the country too late and now they are worried that the track and trace system which should keep this pandemic the virus and check is not yet in place but indeed everything is opening up so very big worries here in the u.k. of a 2nd wave of infections at the moment all right shiela pots in london thank you so much. well spanish authorities have reimposed
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a lock down restrictions on nearly 200000 people after a spike in corona virus cases the measures affect a region in the northeast of the country where nearly 4000 people have been infected in an effort to contain the outbreak are residents living in you are not allowed to leave the city and people outside cannot enter. in a hurry the corn teen officially started at noon but residents got an extra few hours to return to their homes from now on no one is allowed to travel to leave the city of jeda and its surrounding communities in the west except to go to work the measures have been met with understanding from residents. i hope there is a lockdown as effective and the outbreak is contained so that we can quickly return to normal life is meant for another of the outbreak is here but it's better to lock down only one area rather than the whole region there. instead of
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a complete lockdown where people are confined to their homes i thought these are focusing on travel restrictions and preparing hospitals in the affected region for the surge in corbett 19 cases. where most get in the most. believe that we have to take specific measures in the to protect the most vulnerable people to reinforce protection in our health centers and in the hospital itself speed dial is one of the most of the recent infections we reportedly recorded in retirement homes or residential area and on farms. in april the issued an urgent call for workers for its surrounding farmland but migrants eager to make money in times of crisis exceeded seasonal demand. the result a large amount of poor unemployed workers sleeping on the streets in cramped apartments or in makeshift government shelters the risk of infection among them is
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high health authorities are also afraid of them spreading the virus when they move to a different area to look for work that's why from tuesday workers entering or leaving the zone will have to present a certificate from their employer. dozens of people are feared dead in japan as severe flooding and landslides hit the country's southwest at least 10 people are reported missing and tens of thousands have been evacuated with troops being deployed for search and rescue operations. where lifting. the floodwaters immobilizing his car this man is forced to leave it behind left only with what he can carry. to wrench all down poles the last parts of southern japan on saturday some areas saw $100.00 millimeters per hour and as the rain eased floods and mudslides swallowed houses in infrastructure
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with many residents stranded on rooftops awaiting rescue. the government has sent troops to assist the rescue operations. they go you know i instructed officials to take every possible measure to deal with the rain disasters in the country southwest with a priority on saving lives. the government plans to send some 10000 troops to the regions. more than 200000 people in the prefixes of cumin motel in case she might have been urged to evacuate by officials but not everyone was able to commit moto governor telling reporters that 14 people are presumed dead after a nursing home was flooded prime minister shinzo has set up a task force to deal with the disaster as the number of missing and dead is sure to rise. well let's go to football now and to buy a new nick have
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a one at the german cup they feel ever goes into for 2 to clinch a league and cup double in berlin for the 2nd year running the pandemic meant it was the 1st in german cup final to be played before and to stand. davida lava opens us going for byron after just 14 minutes. after surgery not really added a 2nd goal robert lewandowsky made sure of the cop who byron's 3rd goal of the hour . leverkusen hit back through spend bender who scored a powerful header from a corner but despite that and a late penalty it was byron's day they went out for their 4th to clinch another double. in formula one voluntary brought us has secured pole position in the qualifying run for sunday's austrian grand prix so a mercedes driver lewis hamilton came 2nd to giving their team a clear advantage but as is looking for his 1st ever world championship having come 2nd last year the race in austria is the 1st of the 2020 season which has been cut
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down to an 8 race competition held soley in europe due to the pandemic. well 2 time olympic badminton champion elin dan has announced his retirement from the sport at the age of 36 it means the chinese world champion it will not compete in the postponed tokyo olympics he says his physical fitness and no longer allows him to play at his best after slipping to 19 in the world rankings apart from winning 2 gold medals lin is also a 5 time world champion and seen as one of the greatest badminton players of all time. so forgot you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the out star that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for the breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can use the d.w.
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app to send us photos and videos of fights happening. you're watching d.w. nair's i'm claire richardson thanks so much for joining us. are they friends she wanted to be with you and she was here who would you wish it was the your belief system of the free news you. are the economy going to the finish of the feasts you will go to shoot 1st you go with the news you should look at he's going to go to the fight for roger donald trump and. i were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the west and between their presidencies.


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