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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2020 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from india now has the 3rd highest number of. cases in the world after the u.s. and brazil infections soar to 700000 as the outbreak gathers pace we look at why the country is having such a hard time containing the spring. also coming up in a virus cases are surging in south africa as that country records its biggest
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increase in a single day but some communities are not cooperated with the government in 500 years. it's one of the world's most famous monuments the eiffel tower in paris is open again a person longest peace time closure because of the panda. he was responsible for some of the most famous film soundtracks of all time he won an oscar for his lifetime achievement composer connie has died. following terry martin good to have you with us india has announced that it has nearly 700000 corona virus cases making it the 3rd hardest hit nation in the global pandemic after the united states and brazil the number of infections that india is
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also expected to rise for several more weeks and experts predict the $1000000.00 figure will be passed this month the country's major cities are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. a mammoth facility to face a mammoth challenge. at the weekend delhi inaugurated 810000 bed hospital to treat coronavirus patients one of the largest in the world this even as india eases restrictions balancing the need for a return to normality with the needs for public safety people are learning to live with the virus got aboard we're scared but we still have to go out everyone in the world worried about dying but we still have to work. within the ambiguity of what's needed is awareness if people are aware then we should be able to control the spread. with infections around the 100000 mark kelly is one of the cities hardest hit by coated 19 but new infections are surging not only there.
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a fresh spate of cases in the city of agra forced all thora tista reversed plans to reopen india's most famous landmark the taj mahal. the reopening would have seen just a fraction of business his return under tight hygiene and physical distancing rules . india's coronavirus tally is predicted to reach more than 1000000 before the end of july how long the country's monument to love will remain closed well that's less than. daria joins me now from delhi with more well there why is india having such a tough time getting a grip on this virus. but terry let me begin by saying that this kind of rise in the number of cases was expected by the medical experts initially when a couple of months ago when they were being interviewed by the white house started
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spending in india because we need to also understand the kind of population and the population density that our country has this kind of nuclear transfer transmission is very much possible and apart from that we have come out of one nation whitely long known to a large extent and there have been a lot of relaxation in those with the negative and restrictions so light is coming back to its usual state of affairs and so human to human interaction has of course also increased leading to this kind of transmission but critics also see that the initial few months when the long run was implemented the indian authorities would not carry out on that thing as well as they could have the focus was still our long time entirely on people who had just traveled who had come back from other countries and their immediate family members and the people they may have directly interacted but beyond that it wasn't pleasant it actually was not taken into account for a long time to see what are the critics had to say and a factor in that i'm guessing numbers are still and they were much lower if you
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talk about you know the past couple of months so that did need to a possibility of a lot of essential might be being left out who so by the way it is but who would have been a possibly cabinets of the why the spreading it plowed and wait for example the migrant workers we saw a mass exodus after the lowdown was implemented and possibly these workers also took the infection from looks like these just wanted down the list of sending a number of cases ok what numbers infection numbers are clearly rising do with georgie's have a plan to tackle those rising numbers. well if you talk about the nationwide track that you've been wanting is very evident that a nationwide long gun again is not an option plan to get considering what it did to our economy which was already in that in mind even. months ago so i've been warned the national government is already meeting with different states at its own level what difference do you get with them on a local governments are also taking matters into their own hands for example different states whether it's the southern state of cannot take our eastern state
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of assam we are taking call ins on implementing lockdown in particular regions where a sudden surge of uses might have been seen or some event took place where there was a large gathering at a couple of for the 15th that's what effect that so that is what they're trying you know for example the delhi government to have their you open your project in that the capital city needs accused. by the end of july so what they're trying to do right now is of course me being countrymen the ones with their work if there's an increased death to gams and you know one secular testing camps to detect uses of doctors so they could be quite an important i solution but apart from that the focus right now is to increase has been transferred to the extent that we can handle that. and there are thank you very much that was do. dari. so you look now at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic in australia authorities will close the border on tuesday night between the country's
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2 most populous states victoria and new south wales. can cover 1000 cases in the city of melbourne it's the 1st time that that border has been closed since the outbreak of spanish flu 100 years. spain's. district along the northwest coast will go back under a 5 day lockdown after a spike in corona virus infections around $70000.00 people will be affected local authorities have traced the break to reopen bars. and south africa is reported a sharp rise in the number of corona virus infections nearly 20000 new cases were reported over the weekend on saturday the country recorded the biggest increase in a single day since the start of the pandemic the government is urging people to respond respect social distancing and other measures to halt the spread of the virus but as. reports from cape town that's proving difficult for some communities
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. cape town one of the a.p. centers. pandemic in south africa but there's little evidence of it in this if you abide by the mandates to wear a mosque and social distancing is unusual. if. you see. me. understand so i'm not so you so i'm not scared because. but who overcrowded neighborhoods is just where the virus is rapidly spreading many people here feel the fallout of the pandemic is a greater threat than the disease itself that's why a covert 19 mission from the healthy. ministry is trying to convince potentially infected people and their contacts to enter quarantine. to protect their
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loved ones. to protect ourselves. from problem wrong. so that. our towns where we take you 'd the government has massive funds into field hospitals and. patients go to the hospitals the quarantine rooms remain empty. refused to go into isolation how big of a problem is that we talking of huge numbers where this is happening it's huge because. i think it was about 10000. prepared for the continent isolation. out of those. 2000. i do find that in those areas it's the people who don't want to
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of course the law does say that you have to give. few people seem interested in the awareness raising campaign in the township even though the region is a coronavirus hotspot. you see. in these states. because we could have moved. so we was. going to. and many people here are too afraid to leave their homes for extended periods due to the high crime rates. increase you filed that report joins us now from cape town good to see you avery in south africa reported around 20000 new coronavirus cases
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over the weekend is the country headed for a 2nd lockdown. well as you know south africa had one of the strictest lock downs worldwide in the initial stage of the corona virus outbreak here when infection numbers very very very low and the president has said himself that was the bazooka of the strongest weapon that the government had and some people here are wondering now if possibly the strongest weapon was used to really yes it gave the government time to prepare the health sector but what also happened in the same time is that the overall readiness of the population for strict measures against against the virus is gone down there's been a massive pressure over the past weeks to reopen the economy and now we have restaurants opens schools open again religious gatherings are allowed to get and this is all happening in the time where we're seeing you know the 1st peak coming closer and closer but at the same time yes there is pressure to come back with another lock down in local areas like for example the area around pretoria and johannesburg where local authorities are already asking the national government to
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consider another lockdown. is africa's health infrastructure coping with this surge in infections. i would say very different depending on the provinces and region see in the western cape it seems they are quite prepared a lot of field hospitals were set up we have seen that in the report but in other regions it looks more problematic in a college saying in the eastern cape for example 2 of the other a.p. centers off the pandemic in south africa they still have not to be done you have a big gap in hospital beds in intensive care units so a lot of work needs to be done there but you also have to remember that the south african public health care system has been overstretched for years i talked to an official in the health ministry last week and he told me that's been the reality for us remember south africa has been facing massive health challenges high rates of hiv aids patients diabetes patients tuberculosis for example and this of course
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was covered now puts additional pressure on the health system on the other hand so you have officials saying well it might be also. because we experience in dealing with health crisis and scenarios and this one a little bit positive thing maybe as well if you look at the death toll it's much lower than initially expected south africa has right about the same number of cases like germany but only 3200 people died of it so far in germany the number is 3 times higher. erin thank you so much that was the w's. with all the horizon in the northern hemisphere many may be tempted to put on their air conditioning to get some relief from the heat but after cooling systems were linked to a coronavirus at a german meat plant can we trust it from taking public transport to being in the office to going on holiday how safe is the air we're breathing.
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a common sight for these coronavirus times people pouring off public transports wearing face masks looking for that 1st goal of fresh air. mosques in many places a compulsory but as the weather gets warmer is that enough to ease worries. i feel if i have a mask on my children and i try to make sure that i'm like i want to hop or 2 meters away from somebody who also has meant i feel quite sure he can be to say what. you want to get around this is what you have to do. most modern trams and buses a 58 with air conditioning units which drool fresh air from the outside. but go underground and it's a slightly different story passenger numbers
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a still down compared to before the pandemic carriages a starting to fill up again. on the transit buses noise from the grocery stores around the world is going to have to be sniggered sorry in confined spaces without much translation these are considered high risk. despite the lack of air conditioning transports officials point to other sources of a flow there's a lot of outside air to ventilate the vehicles the whole time they're going in the driving force at the stations the doors open up so they have been salacious. the stations of self ventilated by the trains going back and forth because you have these huge trains pushing with the speed moving i'll be here. a corona virus outbreak or to meet plants in northern germany has put air conditioning under the spotlight again. it follows a chinese study that suggested air conditioning helps spread the virus to diners in a growing show restaurants the air condition is
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a movement of the air they can transfer. there's droplets of the viruses from one to the other therefore you need much more air pressure from the outside in such cases. scientists admit it's too early to make any firm conclusions about air conditioning units as well as fresh air they say high efficiency filters can help reduce the presence of the virus such filters and airlines use inside their cabins recycling the afro every 3 or 4 minutes but this only kicks in during the flight and not before and after. conditions has to be activated before the passion passengers and the plane we think. dry air promotes so formation or areas and consequently the possibility of an
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infection. past summer and the holiday season approaches this year there's more than simply just the destination to consider. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong are calling for global unity with their calls after china imposed a sweeping national security law over the weekend some demonstrators made a point of waving american flags to mark the u.s. independence day celebrations is one of hong kong's most prominent activists bowed to continue campaigning for democracy. joshua long is that activist a figure detained many times by police he's now being prosecuted for his involvement in last year's protests quit the race of our president safety with a friend of life sentence that we might be worried at also being cognitive by beijing but we also encourage the war global community to let our voice being heard
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in the world once we still have any possibility we still hope to let the well to know that now is the time to stand or fall and now is the time for home and keep our momentum. and calling joins us now from hong kong activists just wrong they're calling for global action on hong kong what kind of international response can mr won't and his fellow pro-democracy activists expect some western countries has it gone too late i'll counter measures imposed in china in response to the new security dollar in home call especially us u.s. consul general told the press today that the swipe little as a tragedy to hong kong and just to let hong kong be home to our game and that he criticized the loon that the new law s erosion of freedoms and autonomy and openness in our home and i always saw that on us congress has already passed
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several acts to impose fisa and its laws in a strict restrictions on china and hong kong and apart from that over the past few days canada also follow suit by suspending extradition treaty with hong kong and stopping the exporting of sensitive military items to whole kosovo. like many western countries now starting to impose maybe that might follow the same kind of measures and routes. just like us. but using has imposed that new security law on a hong kong it's very controversial what impact is it having on hong kong so far. in terms of law enforcement hand peep hole have already been arrested. charges under the new security law and one of them have already been prosecuted and
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brought to court. for a prosecutor in sightings of sasha and meeting terrorist activities because he's a motorbike too was our police and by carrying a flag written they read hong kong revelations of our times which is a heartless joke and untrain protests in hong kong are out of hand so yes but basically to come from governments have to plan this no go as a koan intended slogans and a cut and apart from law enforcement we also see that there's a sweeping self-censorship and fear. in hong kong about people are now censoring their speech on social media and. no matter online offline and libraries are now start taking down votes written by activists like just one because they see something as sensitive materials in government so i think from law enforcement people are really living under actually found and that they knew
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a lot so there's self-censorship in fear but as we've heard from josh for a long activist sort and planning to continue their protests no primary elections are taking place this coming week and can we expect to see protests there. well after they are handled by any verse or a district host has has actually come down a little bit so access and told him our focus now focusing on the upcoming primary elections that they wish to pick up the candidates the candidates for the legislative council election in the coming september but it's still unclear where they can be organized as they wish because police might like they stop and search and. as we see over the weeks and so in their eyes they're the coming election is a major battle for them to continue their activism illegal and walked away.
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thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was phoebe cole in hong kong. well the world's most visited museum the louvre in paris has reopened after being closed for nearly 4 months because of the pandemic lockdown the 1st visitors were reminded to wear masks but maintaining social distance around the mona lisa and other famous works of art will clearly be a difficult task still the reopening 2 weeks ago of another famous monument the in the french capital the eiffel tower shows there are reasons to be optimistic that. was it still as breathtaking as ever getting close to these 10000 tons of in the tower was built for no other reason than glory an engineering wonder by gustaf eiffel designed to look like lakes since its opening in 889 it has been closed
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only during the 2 world wars and now for 100 days juta the coronavirus pandemic there have been few visitors since the reopening receives his family just fine. because that's. because. the couple thinks it's a very good times a visit it sets it because so far is that the 1st time i'm here with the family and also some cars are such that. they are going up on foot only one of the lifts he's operating so far and much reduced capacity but more of the tower will be opened in the coming weeks this is his will have access to the summit from mid july but climbing the 704 steps to the 2nd floor isn't. through the good deeds yes. yes the 2nd part was the real stuff for.
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these days crowds can be dangerous and the towers manages to doing all they can to prevent it. becoming a coded infections are. a couple of measures. social distancing by one metre and a half and with the thing that's what you fear though some would taking them off for a quick selfie. fine if you believe me. or one from 400 people. know where you. can sell them if you. really starting small but those who do come in the summer have the unusual feeling on fruit boomers to peace. italy's oscar winning composer ennio morricone has died at the age of 91 war
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economy was perhaps best known for his film scores of so-called spaghetti westerns including the good the bad and the ugly a friend says marconi died in the hospital from complications after a fall. let me. see the film music i write is constrained by the cinematic images their exact length like a stopwatch. when it comes to interpret to music that's a kind of prison at a concert i have more freedom i can conduct faster or slower and be more independent and the audience loves that. his music for once upon a time in the west is this famous is the film itself. it was just one of many collaboration's with spaghetti western pioneers set chile on and then marconi was always keen to talk about his other work to. open up
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a devil's with the words. why do we always have to talk about westerns germans in particular i know a lot about westerns but they often don't know the. the films which are very important to me that's my grievance. marconi's melodies often seem to take flight. that's the cool music he composed to accompany the stunning images of the rain forest in the mission. marconi composed music for over $500.00 films everything from running to come adiz to action films. to sound live tonight from the big city marconi's music for the professional starring john paul.
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to moxon 50th anniversary of his film music career he went on tour with 200 musicians. and gay sounds and last chance to experience the maestro of moving using . google to thank you a lot. you're watching g.w. news i'm terry martin remember you can always get the latest news and information available on our website that's at d w dot com thanks for being. the
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