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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2020 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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you know what time the voices. on the 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to fashion from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend g.w. . doctors in the united states say that the country is in corona virus freefall with new infections soaring and hospitals running out of space this past weekend's 4th of july celebrations mean that a new surge may have already been seated more than 130000 people have died in america from the virus a fact that the u.s. president continues to ignore on saturday i'm burned off in berlin this is the day
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. tested almost 40000000 people. by so doing we showcase years. 99 percent of which are totally harmless we are now in the process of. defeating the radical left the marxist the n.r. kids the agitators the looters. and demeaning. the more credibility. also coming up tonight the pandemic forced it to shut down 4 months ago today the world's most visited museum the louvre in paris reopened the crowds are once again admiring the mona lisa but now she is the only one in the room without
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a face mask. normally whenever it comes before it was crazy the number of people trying to get into it i think you know you just have a few people moving around a new school also a space that's going through really surprising. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day at the start of what is expected to be a horrible week that is hell some do. doctors are describing the outlook for the united states and its losing effort to contain and slow the coronavirus in the 1st 5 days of this month the u.s. reported a record high of new infections 3 times more than a quarter of a 1000000 new cases since the start of july and don't forget the 4th of july the independence day holiday was a long weekend that should have been heavy on face masks and social distancing and
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light on large gatherings it was not today as mayors and governors began admitting that they lifted restrictions too soon they also warned of yet another surge in new cases and hospitalizations more sick perhaps more deaths and most totally preventable if everyone works together if everyone wears a face mask in public for example the u.s. president presiding over 2 large gatherings last weekend were no facemask today new york governor andrew cuomo called trump out for helping to spread the virus. mr president don't be a coconspirator of covert do one simple thing acknowledge to the american people that covert exists it is a major problem it's going to continue until we
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admit it and each of us stands up to do our part. if he does not acknowledge that then he is facilitating the virus appears in neighboring the virus. i've more or less stay with this story in the united states go to our washington bureau chief in his holiness good evening to you the coronavirus in america it is looking like a story of 2 countries one which learned the lessons of the virus and the other which is being pummeled by the virus still i want you to take a listen to what the new york governor said today the good numbers about his state and the sense to just it's about the rest of the u.s. taking the. best news and number of lives lost and we're down to knowing. it's unimaginable i one time that we would be this slow obviously you don't even see 9 you don't want 87654321.
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but this is great great news you now have 38 states in this country with an increasing virus rate of infection. it's only getting worse it's not getting better you look at states like texas you look at arizona you look at those curves i mean we know those curves we've seen them we've been there done that. this is a frightening situation across this country i mean it's it looks like florida texas arizona california they may have to go through what new york went through just a few months ago. it indeed looks like it brendan the figures are really horrifying and when you talk to people here on the ground my feeling is that more and more are really aiming for leadership from the white house
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because they understand that the take donald trump kind of takes and saying you know we leave it to the governor as we leave it to the states to deal with this crisis is not working out to me i mean you just mentioned the figures 100000 americans already dying died of the virus every day 100000 more get infected we will see probably a new wave off of this holiday weekend so leadership from with in the white house is needed. is talk to me about public regret some mayors are now saying that they reopened. right mayors and also governors right because well they all down played the wire so i said it's not so bad i mean it only kind of really kills the old and the weak and all the other so fine but now we see this is not true we see that many young
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healthy people die of the wires here in the united states and all around the world so when they take new action they kind of stop phase number tour number 3 from happening that means they do not open more space is quite the opposite they close down restaurant. they make wearing a mask mandatory so we really see a shift in many big cities and many states as well as the figures are increasing that dramatically you said over the weekend the u.s. president tried to play down the virus that he focused on cultural wars that he's using to push his reelection campaign you covered the election there 4 years ago do you think the trump can win again with this type of race based tactic. it's still too early to say brenda i mean what we see as many national polls his
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supporters his supporters going down my impression is that he kind of focus is really only on his hard core supporters i'm not sure if this is enough he has to reach out to those who are still of kind in the middle and a little bit undecided and as you said of july and also on 4th of july he gave this really very divisive speech is. kind of neglecting the fact that the united states are really in the midst of. rethinking that heritage that more and more people are really willing to take critical take on the path and i think if he keeps neglecting that i'm not so sure if he will be able to win the white house over again. today the u.s. supreme court ruled that states may require their electoral college delegates to follow the popular vote in the presidential election now the electoral college
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that's important here hillary clinton she won the popular vote we know that donald trump he won the electoral college and became president how significant is today's ruling with the election the presidential election now only 4 months away. you know i think i mean the electrodes are now kind of really they have to follow the majority of the state of the place they are kind of situated let's have a look at texas for example so if the majority of the texans would woad a republican then every electoral would have to follow that vote and they wouldn't be able to follow their consciousness so maybe this is a little bit of an advantage for donald trump but well it's hard to say it's a very complicated thing this election i'll call it isn't it it is complicated is a mild understatement there in this poll in washington is always thank you
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a 5 day lockdown has been reimposed here in europe in northwest spain in the sierra region following a surge in corona virus infections it's the country's 2nd local lockdown after catalonia placed one of its districts under restrictions over the weekend authorities have traced this latest outbreak in gilead sia to bars that were reopened. back under lockdown no one's getting into or out of our marina until friday except under exceptional circumstances some people weren't taking any chances but i think that as a player would tell you we were told we might be able to leave on tuesday but we're afraid of getting stuck here so we decided to leave but it is immaterial. the popular tourist region on the northern coast of galaxia is home to around $70000.00
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residents people have been asked not to gather in groups larger than 10 and to wear masks in all public places including the beach. the restrictions come after a spike in coded $1000.00 cases the regional health minister said the biggest outbreaks were linked to several local bars. and measures a few to stay in place until friday 2 days before regional elections some say such a short lockdown isn't enough. we're under confinement for 5 days and that's because elections are coming up but will this flare up be over by then we should be taking serious measures and closing down for as long as it takes. at a national level in the spanish government says it has the pandemic under control but the returns are not down and alysia is a grim reminder that the virus is never far away from resurfacing. were germany's national health minister and his counterparts in the 16 german
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states they've all agreed that face masks will still be worn in shots of some of the states have been pushing to end the requirement but chancellor angela merkel earlier made it clear that she believes that mass are indispensable in keeping coronavirus inspections weights look. facemasks they've become the must have of the season and obligatory on public transport and shops in germany since the end of april in the meantime they've become a symbol as well as a reminder. the us aren't of the pound our country responded to the pandemic has generally proven to be right but it's not over yet. now as the reproduction rate sits below one calls a growing in some german states to lift the rule particularly those hoping to attract tourists. german health minister again spawn tweeted that while he understands some people's impatience and the desire for normality the virus is
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still here experts are of the same cautious opinion and have dismissed replacing masks with herd immunity. is to say we would like to reach herd immunity and that's why we're not very in face mask we whisking the people get sick the people get sea really sick and the people may die so the issue of herd immunity of course is important but we need to really understand if we are infected that we gain immunity is that is that will prevent the 2nd infection and certainly the most important thing to read herd immunity is eventually having a box in available in berlin the public is still divided. must be a problem and i think the masks are annoying but when you see how close everyone is to each other in the stores distance isn't being kept so i think it's better with. i'm completely against repulsor gnostics but i was against the rule when they implemented it when you go on the subway in berlin it's 30 degrees celsius and you
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see how everyone sweating and i can hardly breathe but with school break in full swing scenes like these make it easy to forget that the pandemic is still ongoing thousands of german holiday makers have also headed approach now the country is waiting for their return in the hope that their vacation souvenirs don't include cave age 19. it has been almost a decade since germany ended compulsory military service that decision also ended what had been almost a rite of passage for many young men in germany after school spending a year in the army having a volunteer military it's not a new idea the united states has the world's best known volunteer military there are pros and cons to each system but recent events in germany have lawmakers asking is a volunteer military good for the armed services and for all of society last week germany's defense minister announced that a unit of the country's elite k s k special forces will be disbanded it follows
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suspicion that members of the key s.k. had links to or were sympathizers of right wing extremism over the weekend germany's new commissioner for the armed forces eva who said in public that ending military service was a big mistake i think it was a huge mistake the compulsory military service was a polish we have to analyze this decision very critically there were already fears back then that right wing extremism would spread more in a professional army than in a conscription army. joining me here at the big table now especially since more he's a member of the german parliament with the conservative party to see you he's also a member of the intelligence oversight committee he's also a lieutenant colonel in the army reserves and president of the german armed forces reserve association is in burgas good to have you back on the day you have to say
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you were never a supporter of in the compulsory military service were you that's true in 2011 when we stopped the compulsory military service i thought it's not the time for that we said we're in a peace period we call it we don't have these block thinking anymore about west or east and so we're surrounded by friends so we're going to end and that's that it's just too too short to look in the next 235 years you can't build up such structures in 1020 years so when we stop we have to think we can't rebuild it where it quick so i said that's not the decision we should make 2011 we should look at in the future 2030 years and then we wouldn't have made that i think do you see a connection between having a volunteer army and what appears to be a rise in far right extremism within the ranks there is a connection we always had the model of citizen in uniform we so everybody had to
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go to the army even a man who didn't want every critic and so they brought lots of ideas they bought an outside view in the army so i think this is one element which was very good in the army and which made other people have a close insight to the troops and we lost that possibility do you think is there a calls effect relationship here having a volunteer army means making the army a breeding ground for extremism i think it's not like this the issue is that if we have a citizen in uniform we have lots. of people who have got a close inside in the army and we lost that instrument and that's very good point the defense minister here in germany she does not want a return to constrain conscription or compulsory military service service i want you to take a listen to what she said about the elite k s k forces and about the military's
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ties with civil society that she will mention taking us. in this and that we call this a toxic leadership which has developed and promoted extremist tendencies and an absolutely unacceptable lax approach to material and i mean mission because the constituent that is the special forces in particular require a basic trust not only of their political and military leadership but also of polman as their employer and of society as a whole for instance and now we're hearing the defense minister there she she wants a new type of service to be introduced in 2021 i think it's called that your year for germany and the description that has been published is young people who decide to do the service will receive 6 months of basic military training and then be called up for reserve service for 6 months closer to home is that is that a good idea i think that's a step we're talking since some years about
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a service year for the nation so you could choose going to the army and doing other things going abroad helping other countries helping older people so i think we're talking about in germany right now about a service year for everybody man and woman and that young age for the country and i think that's a good decision giving one year something back to the society of the people and not just thinking about the own career but i mean you're a member of the the reserves what do you hear from your fellow reservists i mean do they agree that a return to compulsory military service would would be good for the military as a whole i think the majority of dusts and if you see opinion. and society more than 50 percent things going back to compulsory military service is a good way but right now i think we having the change in reserve in germany in the future i think one 3rd of the army will relying on reserve i think 120000
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residents will build one pillar of the german army in the future so be thinking how to get these reza wrists well trained in the future and i think this is what our minister announced right now is as one way to to get to get in these new new residents just is just what is your impression about the presence of far right extremism in the military has it always been part of the military and we're just seeing it more now or has it entered the military because the military is now a volunteer military i think we have it in the military we have some some people in the police also but this single issues we don't have a structural problem in the army or in our police so i think we have to look very close that these people get out of army they have no place in our army no place in our police units but in the end if we have compulsory military service we
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would have a closer inside of society in the army we and germany have an army that is controlled by the parliament and has always a huge linkage to the people to the society and the thing that's important also for the soldiers to have this backing of the people it's a good point to make it i have a feeling we'll be talking about this many more times in the future patches as well as always mr desboro we appreciate your time your insights thank you thank you. for the world's most visited museum the louvre in paris has reopened after being closed for nearly 4 months because of the pandemic lockdown the 1st visitors were reminded to wear masks but maintaining social distancing around. mona lisa as you can see it clearly be a difficult task it's. another famous monument the eiffel tower reopened in the french capital 2 weeks ago the towers operators made significant changes to comply with pandemic safety guidelines. that delayed by the
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usual hour it's still as breathtaking as ever getting close to these 10000 tons of in the tower was built for no other reason than glory and engineering wonder by gustav eiffel designed to look like lakes since its opening in $889.00 it has been closed only during the 2 world wars and now for $100.00 days juta the coronavirus pandemic there have been few visitors since the reopening pursuits of this family just for you from the difficult best. that's been pretty clear that. the couple thinks it's a very good times a visit it's such a big symbol of. the 1st time around here the whole family and also. some cars that it's time. they are going up on foot only one of the lifts is
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operating so far and much reduced capacity but more of the tower will be opened in the coming weeks visitors will have access to the summit from mid july but climbing the 704 steps to the 2nd floor isn't that where. it. gets through the good kids yes some of them are feeling is the 2nd one was the big stuff for. these days crowds can be dangerous and the towers managers are doing all they can to prevent it becoming a coded infection zone but we implemented a couple of measures such as social distancing by a one meter and a half and with a mask the face masks and that's really here though some were taking them off for a quick selfie. fight and even have the limits of 1400 people with no. a sacrifice of the people.
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restarting smoothly but those who do come to summer have the unusual feeling unsuitable to most peace. finally after 3 months of a walk downs pubs cafes barbers and hair salons in the u.k. have finally reopened the thirst for a pint was apparently so strong that the reopening was even given a name super saturday u.k. prime minister boris johnson advised his fellow britons to enjoy the summer and to do it safely now after offering that advise johnson reportedly offered up his butt $100.00 ma up to a pair of scissors today reporters saw all the newly qualified conservative leader for the 1st time on. how are you going to have at it heck i yes
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yes the secrets of the secrets of the of the the quote can appear with field that you know it had to be done. the secrets of the big whole fear who would have thought the virus could reveal that well the day is almost done the conversation continues online join us on twitter in 30 w. news or you can follow me on brant goss t.v. i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day to see that ever come. forward.
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numbers of corona virus infections in meat processing plants. crude treatment of livestock transported across europe. terrible living on what conditions for employees. how toxic is the meat industry. global 3000. and 30 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will. consider 3 of the topics covered and
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this is. being called the end of an era the italian composer who wrote the soundtrack for a generation of moviegoers as. the italian composer and he leave road some of the most famous film scores of all john has died at the age of 91 we'll consider what made him and his work so special also coming up tonight emerged.


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