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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2020 1:30am-2:00am CEST

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the camp. starts july 27th. a woman will come to this overall environment show africa i am sandra teen nobody from kampala in uganda of course will also be covering the effects of the current of virus pandemic in africa here in uganda for example the looked on has led to the street side newspapers to dry up many people are clearly staying at home and minimizing quote hello how is the situation in nigeria for you and of course the
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neighboring countries hi sandra and hive us a big hello for me in lagos nigeria indeed the pandemic is far from over here have to unfortunately say but because people are staying at home the use of cashless digital payment systems has risen by almost 15 percent in the last few months i have a feeling that a lot of things are going to change here in africa as a result of coverage 19 but here are the who africa we will continue to focus on the important green femurs coming up this week. the environment needs volunteers to help more than ever nowadays will need to kenyans doing what they can to assist. with meat and on the usual environmental activists from senegal and we will introduce you to a specie of and of in ethiopia that have been hunted almost to extinction. is a famous on the streets of the senegalese capital to call for his outlandish outfit
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they singlehanded come pain to raise awareness of the plastic waste problem children don't know whether they should laugh at him or be afraid when they see or meet the so-called plastic man mode you for going to virus restrictions in my view cramping his style a bit but the environmental activists work is paying off and he's determined to carry on the fight it is. to feel has had to change tack in peace. right against plastic waste with the world in the grips of a pandemic he's only 2 right now is his smartphone but that's not likely to draw nearly as much attention. this is what he surely looks like more do it in a girl's must ring on and a plastic complain for more than 15 years he's been going around schools neighborhoods in markets like this one in the car and swapping plastic bags for
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paper lines instead of work. where some people are put off by his unusual appearance he usually gets his message across. with the good news out of a bad man ok don't hurt this bugs you just want to show a little time a team to stop blasting lose this instead. he ties the plastic bags he gets to his suit to stop them from polluting the environment. like many cities in the world has a plastic pollution problem i don't 10 percent of the cars worst is plastic best and most of it ends up in the streets model for oil doesn't hesitate to engage people in conversation is made you know goodness so she's already switched to paper cups. maybe not explains that customers prefer drinking from them she now stop to shop with them even though they are more expensive not all her customers want them she says but she thinks drinking from the paper cups is also
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safer. through an association he heads more do wants to achieve a 0 was sent to go and help people find alternatives such as making their own bags out of fabric something that's relatively easy to do here so. i'll go live under good to see. everyone can do eat go to the fabrics tent and buy some fabric ask a tailor to make you a bag when it gets a bit dirty you can wash and reuse it several times it's much better than using a plastic bag. that took one second to make 20 seconds to use and because 400 years of pollution are probably very minute these are still. more duce passion for environmental protection began after he completed his military service returning to the car he thought the city looked like a huge damn sight he had to take action people thought he was crazy including his
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family but today his wife lisa couldn't be prouder of water husband has achieved it will mean new mcmichael in the beginning people will tell me he was crazy because the way he dressed up and it really hard to me and i didn't understand but he was passionate today i'm happy so happy now i understand and i'm happy to see everyone is talking about my husband's work. that in 2016 the country's president awarded him the national order of merit more due has also helped his community plant around 600 trees and according to the slogan one house one tree it's been a long campaign but now many have come around to do so we off thinking even the government is getting serious about enforcing the laws about single use plastics. i'm not telling myself to stop entirely but i have to carry on the fight and push
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the authorities there's still a lot to do a book with a city that i love it could take another 20 years before we pick up all the tapes of plastic in the ground and i'll be behind the youth encouraging them to be an example in this. piece of commerce one. once the curtain of a rest restrictions were lifted more duke will be able to continue his work in honest in the meantime perhaps the growing awareness of a gene will go some way towards winning the battle against the. the. coffee has clearly got the message when it comes to waste he's an artist whose work seeks to highlight just how many sell through in a way he's already transformed thousands of artworks that have been shown in exhibitions in africa and for the field here's this week's doing.
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it's not easy to make a splash in the arts but if new does a coffee has done it his works are unique and arresting. and they give new purpose to discarded cellphones. integrate old phones into my work to give them a 2nd life and to draw attention to the fact that our lives are so intertwined with technology we're so digitalized that allows us to be connected but we should also consider the environmental impact of. new good old phones from several sources but he can use he passes on to recyclers after breaking them up he glues pieces on to canvases like mosaic tiles. in 2 years manu has used parts from around 24000 phones his works have made him a prominent contemporary artist. and how about you if you're also doing your
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bit tell us about it visit our website. a tweet. hash tag doing your best. we share your story. the amount of garbage produced here. hasn't really been reduced just by all the many ideas and initiatives. for assessing waste and it's not likely to get better with this pandemic is it. well the corona virus is certainly having an impact although it's not all but in fact here in kenya's capital nairobi there is actually more west landing on the garbage dumps because with less traffic on the roads the west dispose of trucks getting through is the is that good or bad for waste money isn't it africa went to find out.
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in the middle of a nairobi residential area amidst a coronavirus lockdown this waste dump is just one of many in and around kenya's capital. every day hundreds of tons of unsold rubbish and appear some of it highly toxic. people like richard king young to earn their living collecting and sorting the waste but they live in fear of the coronavirus and. so now what with what the people. there are 300 way speakers here. if they touch contaminated wasteful they won't wash their hands they'll do it in the evening at home by then their love already contracted the disease so now your. volume of trash hasn't lessened despite the coronavirus lockdown nairobi's roads
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are less crowded right now so the municipal waste or 30 can deliver more ways to the dumps than before the crisis some $3000.00 times a day. but the collectors aren't in any more danger than before according to waste management official him. because of the lockdown they might be required to leave when all these. people that do is to be king and we will also become. blogs and you believe that. for the love means there is less commercial way streets in the dumps meaning less valuable waste that can be recycled. and a lot of supermarkets have gone over to handing out disposable masks and gloves to their customers some of that lands on the dumps or on the streets so the pandemic has increased the amount of medical waste. and that increases the risk of infection samuel pattern holds he runs one of kenya's few recycling operations.
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a lot of mouth must glass hand sanitizers and that waste ideally should be treated as more dangerous we should ideally be incinerated so the government has been pushing a lot for that ways to be incinerated so we're expecting that there will be some legislative changes and basically stricter codes or rules for how that kind of waste is generally mannish cities like nairobi were already struggling with massive environmental problems carona crisis has only made matters worse lower middle income areas don't even have waste collection systems in place. what is being needed is a complete shift away from that model and that ideally which doesn't go to dump sites in the 1st place because 2 professional sorting sites from the air goes to various recycling composting gas or other we use or recycling mechanisms and then ideally then
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a damn site only it's left to be used for about 5 to 10 percent of the waste that cannot be recycled. the author already say that the massive catch all dump sites are already on the way out. of this one had with management act of $25.00 b.n. we are out of that to talk about and there is regulator and. guides on how is management to be done the only thing is now to enforce and who are the people who will be disappointed will now be mining though it's nairobi resident richard can younger who says it's not enough to rely on personal responsibility and government regulation but the city's. environmental problems need to be addressed more quickly . by the time the government identifies infected waste pickers as a source of danger it will be too late and since the neighborhood is growing anyway we should close this dump site permanently. council now nairobi's authorities unless the city's west bank is largely unregulated. now the city has 2 challenges
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to solve the environmental problem the coronavirus crisis. many of you will never have seen. hardly surprising as it is a very rare form of on to the cookie is what the called locally in eat in 1000 ethiopia in english it is known as swans to be used in the 1990 s. the subspecies when nearly hunted to extinction but the local roma community banded together to ensure its survival in part by following age old plan traditions now the quirky population is bouncing back. this wanes hartebeest spends just a brief moments resting in the shade before seeking the safety of the herd swings on to be a star found only in ethiopia the largest population lives in the singular sanctuary in the south of the country an estimated $850.00 how to be slaves here.
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almost 40 rangers tends to the antelope safety and well being chief warden testable so and his team want to keep the animals from going extinct. because mama you know i was young. so they need. to be pondered by. them from national community even. poachers used to be the biggest threat but these days it's hyenas and jackals young antelope are especially at risk the rangers have their work cut out for them and the patrol the century around the clock and will shoot an attack in predator if need be their dedication is paid of this year about how for the young antelope survived. in the early 1990 s. there were an estimated 3500 hard to visit. a year later there were about 70
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poaching had become rampant even though the traditional governance system of the aroma people took takes respect for nature to put an end to poaching clan leaders agreed on strict penalties the rangers help win local people over to the system. if anyone. caught poaching at the beast it will be punished. he killed human being. so if someone kills the heart of this one the beasts he will be upon is to $100.00 cuts. but penalties alone are not enough to deter poaching. the antelope can only survive because the sanctuary benefits local people they're permitted to harvest the dry grass that the antelope no longer need. it might not look like it but the hay is a valuable resource it's used in touch through for example local communities and
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the equivalent of about 180000 euros a year from its sale. non-organic of all new couldn't. people benefit from the resources. like cutting the grass and selling it. now the resource is being protected. unlike in the past when people used to build houses in the park on. monday but thought bob. over the years this century has lost about a quarter of its land to farm in an illegal settlement. leaving only about 58 square kilometers that makes protecting the remaining hartebeest all the more important when a small herd left the protected area in search of water local people help pretend the antelope to the sanctuary instead of hunting them for their meat this century is a boon to all both animals and people who. are
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working here and protecting the heart of beast has benefited me a lot. like at a salary. that you know i've been able to send my children to school with that salary. and i have a gradual descent of and i've been able to send all of them to school. so that i mean the one brother you know. nearly 40 species of mammal live here that's a callous way it's hard to be century has never drawn large numbers of tourists now the court of virus has put tourism on hold for didn't believe the crisis could open the door to a new form of travel now it is that reason number is not just that. it is in good numbers compared to the. location of the sun. so i hope. the future of the. sanctuary is bright. the world let's start focusing on the.
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nature based reasons. as to wait for the visitors return the rangers continue to protect the animals day and night. no a much in building a house without using summit to make the concrete but taking a substance made of recycled roll materials instead it sounds like a shoo in for an environmental magazine like is that it and it is a process which i young man from toggle is walking on in switzerland with a patna when it all concrete is market ready it won't only be cheap but it will also offer a long time climate protection benefits as well. 2 men with one vision. lead lando and t.-bo demo one to transform the construction industry with cement
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free concrete with support from businesses they're constructing a display house it's their 1st attempt to use the material in their impishness project it's kind of an amazing feeling we didn't think much of this week it's good to think. because there was a lot of and we are quite happy to see that. london has spent years researching cement free building materials at the swiss federal institute of technology in zurich cement is responsible for 80 percent of worldwide carbon emissions a more sustainable building material is long overdue landfill founded on construction sites where every year millions of tons of clay based excavation materials are disposed of but when they're mixed with a naturally occurring mineral and water they result in a construction material that's more environmentally friendly than standard concrete walls and call it the cement free of concrete is up to 90 percent.
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c o 2 production then compared to question of concrete the other advantage is that we'd all. like primary role much to have come from a place in gravel and sand. in some areas in the war but we use construction waste landfill most of the time and. they are much as cheap to access therefore like and reduce the price of the confession material. this earth concrete can be processed more or less like standard concrete . but it currently around half the cost. yes the landreau was inspired by building practices in his home country he grew up in togo where clay or earth houses are a common sight in many countries in africa cement this. kind
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of wall therefore you need to have ventilation system and stuff like this whereas if you don't need something. there's a demand for the cement tree concrete in industrialized nations but also in countries where affordability is a priority including in parts of africa where millions of new homes need to be built in the upcoming years. it's. our dream and. so. being able to implement the cause of. africa will be a huge achievement for us so all enable people to have. affordable safe decent and. same time sustainable accommodation. the display home is one step closer to fulfilling that dream the
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good trying ones will undergo further tests as the 2 scientists work to optimize their 1st concrete ready ready. so off to create sounds like a good idea for the environment now let's take a look at another example for the change for the better to design in the indian ocean. as a result of climate change and the depletion of not sure resources. indeed sondra like so many islands along this african coastline but the community forests pen buying geo is helping people i adapt by planting trees changing their farming methods and keeping the the results i impress it we went to the time the island of course pemba island to see for ourselves. nowadays it's difficult to make your way through the dense woodland in cocoa time 10 years ago this land used to be barren activist. and his n.g.i.
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have brought it back to life. the organization encourages local communities to plant trees install solar panels build fuel efficient cooking studs and harvest rainwater. as a result the times and the island has witnessed a turnaround. and i can about it up to give somebody who now the community is very well versed in the issue of tree planting and as i have been to know where they were. some years ago the people of cocoa to use slash and burn farming methods leading to massive deforestation. most rivers and the groundwater dry what was once fertile soil turned to dust and people had to import food. the organization has planted over 680000 fruit trees and forest trees in cocoa. to make sure that the reforestation a successful local communities regulate felling. among the people benefiting
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beekeepers the trees provide bees with a well protected and shady twining place and a source of food when they're flowering. 2 years ago saloon cassim has just to be hives now he has 75. because i managed to get what i can't do anything with a forest. when you hang behind it's like we've done here week at best quality honey it's clean and the bees can't be attacked by other insects. war. is now on the road to recovery. but the eyelets of new job just a couple of kilometers away is still in dire straits. like cocoa to in the past has no clean drinking water and the land is degraded. this tree planting apprentice designed to help the islanders understand the importance of trees. when courage
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them and help them in planting as well then then when the rains come we work together with the communities when we visit them and plant trees in their areas for the purpose of ongoing conservation work with. the organizations activities are funded by the european union the aim is to enable communities to become self-sufficient by means of our great business with come to the end of this week which featured an inspiring mix of small initiatives big projects and dedicated people i am sundered to know please do keep safe and join us next week good bye. thanks to stay with us even during the cohen the number of infections appears to be on the increase in many african countries and just remember when you protect yourself you also protect your environment a heartfelt goodbye from me as well in lagos nigeria and do stay healthy see you
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they were almost down for the cup they came through a great deal. and in the winter they were still beyond. but true champion stand up. and fight. the buy in. the big championships feet. above. 13 w.
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. under the sea. or just above it. one who will be part of future living spaces. rising sea levels are threatening coastal areas i'm swimming cities the touted as the solution. one sounds like science fiction has long been a reality. waterworld. in 75 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back again africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech cholera prevention and sustainable charcoal production all of the sos are available online and of course you can share
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keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this is. run together for make you. stay safe everybody. is very safe stay safe the prettiest stay safe. place. this is news and these are our top stories. at least oscar winning composer and you'll medical day has died at the age of 91 he helped define an era of cinema writing soundtracks for more than 500 films and t.v. shows and was perhaps best known for his force of so-called spaghetti.


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