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we all want to travel somewhere you're watching david data and remember you can always stay up to date on our website www dot com you can follow us on twitter and on instagram as well at least i'm told me a lot of one that's it from me thanks for joining us act you know means. oh. god. we're all set. to go beyond the obvious that. we're all about the stories that matter 2. 100. whatever it takes. if you are running around trying to change but not how do
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you w made for mines. in . your country is threatened by the water safe space to be is right on top of the world. it's not a slow or a house it's a hybrid. climate chios nice happening it's not tightening in future or possibly it's already going. it's the future of humanity. this and the sea levels will continue to rise but by how much. the. earth is getting hotter the polar ice caps are melting in greenland and
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antarctica the ice is receding 6 times faster than expected sea levels around the world are rising. geo mom the helmholtz center for oceanic research is located in kiel germany some of the world's top climate experts work here including moji blood teef who studies global warming and its effects these are also nice plants these enormous ice caps hold an immense amount of water just imagine if they were to melt away completely gooden global sea levels would rise by about 60 meters this seems made up. an increase of that magnitude would radically alter the earth's geography much of northern europe could be submerged the netherlands would vanish underwater but even a small increase would have a major impact it may just cities in coastal regions and further inland would be
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flooded. that includes london. boston. shanghai. washington d.c. . and mumbai. yes yes and you can see that won't happen for decades or even centuries but if we don't limit global warming it will eventually be unstoppable and that is even if we stop emitting greenhouse gases and hireling it will gets very late. these huge sheets of ice a dynamic systems if they reach a tipping point sea levels could rise a lot very quickly. this is an effect on hype and yet we know that happened at the end of the last ice age. we don't know if it could happen today is this an increase of one meter or even 3 meters as. by the end of the century i thought that i made
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a bottom in this. sea levels are rising and eventually many coastal regions might be reclaimed by the ocean since the 19th century global mean sea levels have risen by about 20 centimeters in the south pacific sea levels are rising 2 to 3 times faster than the global mean the island nation of tuvalu might be the 1st to be swallowed by the way. fully one half of the netherlands lives just one meter above sea level one quarter is below sea level the country is protected by a system of polders dikes and dams but for how long the netherlands is developing innovative concepts to deal with the projected rise in sea levels. here in amsterdam a pilot project has created an entire community of floating homes.
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such a glass and is a founding partner of the space and matter architectural studio he and his family now live in one of the house boats a small building initiative began acquiring the sites about 10 years ago there's room for about 30 homes. houseboats here are nothing new but this project is one of a kind. living on the water is incredible it's a dream come true for me this place feels like a vacation home to the hospital if you come back from work and you feel relaxed and like you're on vacation you remember. such a design the house himself. has plenty of living space spread out over 3 levels. you won't find this kind of comfort on a traditional houseboat. connects the floating settlement to the
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mainland. we've got connections to the power grid sewage water systems the internet and so on it's a plug and play concept and it's simple and it works really well with as soon as it's like when you pull your motorhome into a camping site. you can connect to the entire infrastructure system and miserable hooter infrastructure. with a living on the water gives you a lot of likes ability one condition of course you can expand the community quickly make it smaller you can reconfigure it again and again there's a concept has a huge potential with. these floating homes generate much of their own energy with photovoltaics solar panels. right now the site is purely residential
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but sasha believes that this might change one day. our vision is not limited to house votes but you could also have voting schools offices and supermarkets just about any sort of structure actually. his studio architectural firm is located in the town of rye strike. the company was founded by coup. an old house he's known around the world for developing floating solutions to problems posed by climate change and of an isolation. people call me what are architects for me that means that you use water to make cities better worldwide to try to take advantage of the water by building on water by taking the flexibility off the water of a death created these that are more efficient and more adaptable. the dutch have
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been taming the water and fighting the rising and falling times for centuries. it's not an artificial country we are live on the me from the sea level but we did build some dikes around it i mean pump water out so now we have a dry country but of course with climate change with more sea level rise we can't keep everything dry so we now have to see what's the next next step in this testing machine called the netherlands. body of sea levels continue to rise the netherlands will be among the 1st countries that have to deal with the impact here we have to take a lot of effort to keep everything dry and i think what about other architects and other colleagues can learn from the dutch estates who never can sit still you have to to think of the next next steps in your ear a city in your country and we call this building for change and building for change makes it that we have to be flexible we have to be ready for any change in
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political technology in climate in whatever comes to us and we don't we have to make sure that we can create new cities. in visions what he calls the blue c c a floating metropolis that grows out of an existing c c by building on the water structures or even districts could be relocated to respond to climate change or new social conditions. crew is an optimist he believes that architects and urban planners will play an important role in helping communities adapt to rising sea levels so we also have to deal with nature we have to start living with the water and that's a moment that this kind of floating architecture taking us off toward a building top of the water is the best because your city of your country is threatened by the water the safest place to be is already on top of the water.
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here in amsterdam's i birth district people are already living in floating homes and apartment buildings it's a model housing estate that features designs by a number of architects the structures are anchored to the sea floor instead of carriages there are docks for boats. the neighborhood is also different in another respect it's connected to the mainland by a jetty and the houses float on the water so how would these structures actually built. floating foundations that can be from from concrete or from steel composites and with that become big very large floating platforms and on top of it platforms we can built almost anything from form parks and green to houses to towers and these are these big platforms we can connect to our cities on the water
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on lakes or rivers or seas and by death we can take advantage of that space. the range of possibilities seems endless the ocean flower complex in the mall to the islands with $185.00 villas and a floating golf course. the citadel apartment complex in the netherlands a design that would use the water to help cool the buildings consuming 25 percent less energy than conventional structures. planned for an entire floating city it features self-contained modular construction and has lots of recreational space. a design for a floating mosque in the united arab emirates and a 25 storey hotel tower in dubai rotating on a floating foundation. but couldn't althouse is mainly interested in designing floating residential communities. but only floating villas will never be
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enough if you really want to cure the problems of space you have to also deal with in high densities and high end densities means that we also have to make floating towers so the next steps for floating cities will be the city's floating mitra's towers so we need xining now a tower for rotterdam a floating office tower of rice or 8 stories and we do it in seal to cost lemonade and timber and been put on big for the foundations you can create almost same density as a loved one basic idea underlies water studios designs and accounts for its international success people ask me do you want to live on the water yourself while i have a family i have 3 sons and there for me i only want to live on the water if the quality of the comfort is exactly the same as all lent but today with all the technology we have a favorable from the offshore industry and from form the shipping industry you can
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make platforms that nobody even noticed that you are on the water. this is the mass lance storm surge barrier in the province of self holland. and they live within that in they think that in the last big flood was in 1953 nearly 2000 people were killed the government said this can't happen again. during the storm 200 kilometers of dikes burst and water levels quickly rose to 3 meters and instrumented 100000 people lost their homes afterwards the government ordered the construction of a system of 15 storm surge barriers stands and other structures that have would. need to limit the barriers aren't enough there are just a part of the system that helps us to keep our feet dry it sounds simple but it's really quite complex. the country is still battling the threat of flooding
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dikes are being rebuilt and. planted with vegetation beaches are being widened and sand june's raised. rotterdam was hit hard by the 953 floods the mass land area is one of the world's largest moving structures and now protects about 1000000 people. the 2 large floating gates are each 240 meters long. the retaining walls of curved to withstand the force of the oncoming water. the barrier is closed only when a big storm is on the way. rotterdam is europe's largest seaport and the barrier is designed to protect it to. the masses and give you say this is the only barrier of its kind that's run by a computer we've worked hard to eliminate any technical complications of the look of always. it takes just 2 hours to close the gates this only happens when the
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water level hits 3 meters either way they want to tell me a lot about everyone in the netherlands contributes to flood protection through the taxes they pay even those who don't live near water in a pool for more than a 1000000000 euro's goes into a flood control program every year and then. the government also finances efforts to help parts of russia dam city center collect and drain excess water in an emergency. because lots of open space seem parking garages they're designed so that they can take home and run off water during floods. rotterdam is particularly vulnerable to storm surges because of its coastal location and because it sits in the delta created by the rhine and mass rivers.
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he is an unusual design floating pavilions they're covered with a special for oil that's $100.00 times lighter than glass and they're environmentally friendly cooled by surface water and heated with solar energy. the pavilions are now home to a floating cinema. nearby a floating park hexagonal islands made of recycled plastic they've been planted with vegetation and already seem to be drawing a crowd. for a unique city getaway you can rent this small houseboat called a vehicle boat it's wrapped in $24.00 layers of corrugated cardboard which makes it light and just about soundproof. the interior features
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a kitchen bathroom living room and terrace. this vehicle boat is located near the rotterdam city center easy access to sightseeing and restaurants. despite all the comforts there are constant reminders that you're living on the water. we now return to amsterdam and the iceberg district with its 75 unit housing estate. under the same boat it's not a boat or a house it's a hybrid of 4. we have 3 units built out a shipyard on the i saw mary and big lake east of amsterdam on it are good at vir gained in the veins that way in construction work wouldn't be interrupted by bad weather even in winter shipyards and in his or her meds that summer when the units were finished they were shipped through the logs to us here doors at a count and they are. those out of there and incur to steel poles that were driven
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16 meters into the lake bed. and we designed the connections so that they could bridge the difference in height both of us feel oaken over her at home that difference is caused by the tides but it's not very big like 60 centimeters of centimeter and the units can move that includes the jetties which cover the utility lines for gas water heating and so on. we put the lines in flexible tunes which are connected to the units and they can handle the rise and fall of the child so that is of dots out open here and at the top used to have a different levels were also designed to adapt to the time it's in our home long day. the units actually sit on a floating foundation that's composed of air tight concrete tubs. we chose concrete because it's heavy and displaces water based on archimedes' principle that
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depending on its weight concrete can displace many cubic metres of water. to her and the head with we made concrete tubs in different sizes to balance the weight but the camera is hills are for example a bathroom is heavy so we made the concrete base and thinker on the opposite side to offset the increased weight loss and sarah we explain all this to the residence . so if someone has a heavy sofa and a piano on one side of the unit they can alter the balance by installing air filled tanks underneath the structure. look bad a lot of hope to go to and house. or what else can the netherlands teach us about finding new ways to build on and with water. event out there you have to have the courage to try something new people in other countries
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could use our projects as an example you also have to be willing to experiment and . the netherlands also drew on an example the famous houseboat community in the city of sausalito california which dates back to the $950.00 s. . like many communities built on water its legal status remained vague for years. it was bet lost on me but we also had difficulties getting a mortgage and house this of danks couldn't decide whether they were dealing with a boat or a house so we had to come up with new solutions. and. in july 2019 paris recorded an all time high temperature 42 degrees celcius. city residents are learning to live with climate extremes from high heat
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to heavy rain and flooding. paris hosted the un climate change conference in 2015 where delegates set a goal to limit the global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees celsius in this century a. renowned architect and oceanographer jacques ruggieri has lived on this houseboat in the heart of paris for more than 4 decades. it's located near the plasterer concorde and also includes his design studio. yet they're gone there are 2 great adventures of mankind our space and the sailor 11 this is the future of humanity and the. rouge area has been working on this futuristic project for decades. an ocean based research vessel called the sea orbiter it's shaped like a seahorse. the project still only exists as
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a model but its plans call for a total height of 58 meters with those one meters below the water's surface up to $22.00 scientists could work in the vessel. that we know less about the scene than we do about space yet they need you this for there are millions of creatures to study for example the diversity of zola plankton is a measurable than mine we only know a fraction of internet any baccy. the scientists recalls the aqua norse would leave in pressurized chambers so that they could take diving expeditions at any time. where should be clues to amir i've lived under water i've been involved in a dozen projects always happy tatting i've set world records for living under water down through elementary it's been extraordinary probably now davies for the. swiss
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oceanographers jacques piqua was an early supporter of the project eject begat. worked in the deepest parts of the us at 11000 meters. back out always encouraged me in my research on underwater settlements and so he and i decided to develop a research lab that would be like the international space station. there live it could drift with the ocean currents. with and provide a base or scientists like a beehive and to become the worker bees would fly out and collect scientific data on the marine environment. those 2 moons from our ruggieri says he was inspired by the work of 2 of his countryman jules van and jacques yves cousteau. in 1962 cousteau spent a week in his underwater research facility conch shells. he hoped it would be the
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dawn of a new age of marine exploration. in the 1970 s. gan to imagine these future of le barra trees and entire villages on the ocean floor. of climate change continues to progress the idea of underwater settlements could become popular and again. designed this huge floating research center shaped like a manta ray it would be 900 meters long and 500 meters wide and could accommodate up to 7000 people. a row of design imagines underwater rooms designed for holidaymakers. very about it one day we'll have space tourism and also underwater tourism with facilities like hotels and research centers had the new reality is taking shape or because it has to. the
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other architects are getting on board the u.s. firm solace for came up with this idea for a marine research station to be based off the coast of bali. italian architect john lucas son toss was so developed this concept for a modular floating structure called high pick a individual units resemble vertebrae in the human spine it's like a cross between a cruise ship and a hotel. the german architecture firm gave his point of ill has designed a hotel that's to be built on the chinese island of high none the individual suites would lie below the surface of the sea. mago cross a year a vigil came up with. plans for a lighthouse hotel that harnesses wave energy to generate electricity. some designs
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have actually been built the joules undersea lodge in florida which opened in 1906 bills itself as the world's 1st underwater hotel. this is the atlanta's luxury hotel resort located on the coast of dubai it has more than $1500.00 rooms spread out over $23.00 floors and an aquarium that contains more than $65000.00 marine animals. they eat our undersea restaurant in the maldito islands is located 5 meters below sea level. europe now has its 1st fully submerged restaurant it's called the unda located on the southern coast of norway. it was designed by the oslo based architecture firm snow hetta. the same firm also developed the concept for this $100.00 room hotel that lies at the foot of a glacier in the norwegian arctic the hotel will run mostly on energy generated by
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solar panels. most of the plans are still dreams for the future designed by visionaries like jacques ruggieri is yeah i'm a dreamer but i'm also extremely pragmatic met i make my dream is reality of course we will get out dreamers and to do that you have to be able to think clearly a serious fit our society has caused a lot of destruction over the last 100 years and we continue to destroy. dettori but we can't let these catastrophes continue if we're prophetic at the thought fees we have to find solutions and implement them step by step over your 2nd he did. another vision for living in a marine environment the oceans spiral it has 2 main elements a sphere and tallis structure that would provide living and work space for up to
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5000 people and a spiral structure that connects the sphere to a base station on the ocean floor. russian architect alexander remy's old has designed a modern day no izaak that could accommodate up to 10000 people. these water scraper concept comes from malaysia a floating building that would generate its own food and electricity and house thousands but are ideas like this truly a utopia as. these would be stopgap measures i don't think people want to live under water that humans are used to living on land of course it's technically possible to live underwater but i think our quality of life would really suffer leaves quality to. the world's less affluent regions will be hit hard by the effects of climate change. is going to impact
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a lot. so if they say mumbai is one of them took are those one of them for soccer japan is going to have a flood so as for the united nations it's a high high alert actually the whole issue isn't a big threat to the ceiling basically look. some coastal areas in asia are already taking steps to deal with rising sea levels that are the has more is sent in an issue no they have to move the whole city center to somewhere else 40 kilometers of it which is they already working on by a 20 year think 40 or something other they have to move their city to some other place they already have a plant which ongoing i think it could be a similar situation from world some 28000000 people live in the mumbai metropolitan region the core of the city is built on several islands that lie in the arabian sea this is a low lying area and rising sea levels pose a very real threat. austrian architecture ramez najah says that
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coastal cities like mumbai must adapt to these conditions and that could include building floating communities. as in 2 coffees of what sort this i'm convinced that entire cities will one day be built on water. you can't rely on putting up barriers made of sand or other materials a little bit of. cities will have to be built on floating surfaces should even though both in this new development would offer a number of advantages particularly the construction of infrastructure near the city center and projects that generate energy to say it's no different than it looks like. john proposes the use of floating turbines that generate electricity by taking in water the concept is similar to that used with hydroelectric dams in the austrian alps take a look east and the technology comes from austria because we have a lot of experience with hydroelectric plants. and the other element is the
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creative side where architects can play a role. and his brother who's also an architect have been designing water based communities for years and they are convinced that these projects will become reality. from this point it's realistic because it's going to be a step by step process i don't think we'll be seeing mega projects in coastal cities in the projects will grow slowly and gradually. we've seen levels rising even more quickly solutions are urgently needed millions could be displaced by climate change. do you know how many climate refugees there will be. more than 200000000. 202300 1000000 i climb it refugees. where will they go. these
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refugees will come from developing countries not wealthy countries. 300000000 people where will they live will bangladesh or india take the men absolutely not. and this is lennon indeed into thing in low lying coastal countries like bangladesh they can't do much to stop the rising water. when they can't build dikes or other flood protection structure as like we have in germany and the netherlands because of this for one thing they don't have the money. then it's simply not realistic to build dikes along the entire coast. so even if the sea level rose by just 50 centimeters millions of people would be affected by. 9 of the world's 10 largest cities are expected to be threatened by rising sea levels by 2050 they will have to develop
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a long term plan for adapting to the new reality. through do you have to set a reasonable timeframe it could be 100 years but what is 100 years in the grand scheme of things you have to have imagination like our ancestors who built cathedrals the sons of those architects and stone masons never saw the completed project that their fathers had begun or the grandchildren didn't either but they had a vision for the future you have to have that vision that the future is just a brief period of time in the course of human evolution 100 or even 500 years means nothing and centuries ago people used to take a long term view. on their own during. one of these long term project says jacques rouge design for a floating city off the pacific island of tot he. the us based seasteading institute has developed a concept for
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a floating city project led by political theorist pantry friedman the co-founder of pay pal is also one tool the idea has a political dimension to solve or an ocean colonies would be free from state control. but floating communities must be available to everyone not just the wealthy the oceanic project is being developed in coordination with the united nations the goal is to make floating cities available to the many coastal regions that are under threat. those solutions are urgently needed nearly half of the world's population lives within 100 kilometers of the coastline. oceanic cities could grow and adapt housing anywhere from 30210000 people. the threat of rising sea levels might be right around the corner hamburg in northern germany could also be at risk
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. and if that the home work is and it's a real danger hamburg is located just 100 kilometers from the coast. and research indicates that if the sea level continues to rise the risk of storm surges would increase significantly already through the. news reels recalled a flood of 962 when a storm surge washed over the dikes and flood of the north sea coast about 100000 people lost their homes and hundreds of people were killed and thousands as women are dominos. the storm destroyed dikes along several 100 kilometers of coastline hamburg was cut off for days local residents were scarcely able to cope and the situation today may be even more dangerous because since $962.00 the sea level here has risen by 20 centimeters.
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this is the port of hamburg more than 350000 people who live in this part of the city a still threatened by storm surges a lot of new projects are underway to protect them. this new prominent along the elbe a river also serves as a flood control structure it was designed by zaha hadid architects. the prominent rise is nearly 9 meters above the river. walk. pember is building a lot of new dikes and paths and it can be about the authorities are doing what they can. but i'm not sure whether we can really protect ourselves against a major storm surges and they think here in this bizarre for example the half and city district which was built on the side of the old horton is especially vulnerable is. the sea levels were to rise by several meters i doubt
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we could prevent the flooding they're trying to call to threaten. if water levels in the north sea continue to rise london my also be affected. also it will pour do we many large cities are at risk and that includes london and if get out when all if sea levels rise by 2 meters i would assume that many parts of london would face serious problems for an extremely poor game of the comment about 9000000 people live in london which is located on the river thames about one 3rd of those residents live in the city's central districts along the river. the thames flows into the north sea but rising and falling time it's still a faint river water levels in london. one 6th
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of the city lies in an area that's threatened by flooding rising sea levels would put more than a 1000000 people and 500000 buildings here at risk. storm surges and floods have become more common in britain in late 2013 and early 2014 southern england was hit by a series of severe storms heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding and power cuts . and disrupted transport systems. in london the thames burst its banks and many people were forced to leave their homes. the thames barrier is designed to protect the floodplain that includes most of greater london from times and storm surges that move in from the north sea. it's one of the world's largest movable flood protection structures. the barrier consists of
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10 huge steel gates that are usually submerged but can be raised into position in case of emergency. in my opinion the thames barrier designed in future as one of the best examples of adaptation now those it's reaching the end of its lifetime and there have been extensive studies to extent the usability of the thames barrier there have been studies that have looked at a very wide range of scenarios up to for example a rise of 4 meters but some studies predict an increase of 5 metres by 2100 the barrier was completed in the early 19 eighties when scientists were predicting a much smaller rise in sea levels but now reality is outstripping those projections . i think london can be protected there is a lot of investment london is a big international hub so it will be protected no matter how well we protect a place like like that so a mega city or
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a cost that mega city there is always some risk remaining in case of failure defense failure and this is something that is considered in the design and we should be prepared for. the barrier will need to be updated. sea levels are rising faster than anticipated and london is at the forefront of planning for an uncertain future. that's in italy london is setting the example for megacities i think something like 4 cities that can be affected by cause some flooding but there are other examples worldwide and for example of the most modern invention in venice and of course different solutions will fit in different places . but few coastal regions have a huge barrier like this to protect them from storm surges if sea levels keep rising many communities could be left to make difficult decisions. it often all
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the stuff monday in some areas may simply have to be abandoned. in parts of wales for example communities are realizing they're living on borrowed time from the local governments don't have the money to pay for flood protection. and so people will have to start thinking about where they're going to live 3040 or 50 years from now and then. floating homes like these in amsterdam could offer refuge in a crisis. in the event of an emergency for example you could move house boats to hard hit areas fairly quickly to provide people with temporary accommodations. so long for now most people here who live on the water do so because they want to. you're so close to the water that you can actually go swimming or kayaking any time you want. a floating home is like an expansion of the city. cities keep getting more densely populated and buildings keep getting taller
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for the good but as a living space into her water is still largely untapped. in affluent communities floating homes are a lifestyle a way to bring nature into the city but they also often new ideas for adapting to climate change it's going to introduce you can either work against the water by building bigger barriers and so forth with the water or you can work with the water and embrace it. and that's what we're trying to do with this project. this may come to work out what under the sea is coming toward us and we have no one to blame but ourselves we call into if we hadn't pumped so many greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere oh we wouldn't have this global warming and rising sea levels will diminish because so this really is a problem that we ourselves have created false.
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the last day on the news this is news and then you see the fuss over tunisia the skinny on the wake up call. concerns about might when extremism in germany security forces have been increasing for years in a clandestine network and mission and let them sort of legally hoard it but someone
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took us inside. 30 minutes on d w. i mean nothing but. i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing with the temple and i think deep into german culture the. new jersey will take this gram a day out to you because it's all about who they know i might go join me for me to get something healthy dose of beethoven is for me it. is for you. to be tough it is for helen. beethoven is for her. it's for that. beethoven is for cars. is for the long term.
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beethoven 202250th anniversary here on dio you. this is news coming to you live from a fresh warning from hong kong's leader about the territories controversial new security law says anyone caught violating the new rules will face serious consequences but. they will not. play. the most. competitive go to court on.
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