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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight the man who once dismissed coded 19 is just a little flu now has the disease himself brazil's president tells the world that he's tested positive for the corona virus will he change his stance on social distancing will and of tiffany follows the infection also coming up tonight hong
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kong's leader issues a harsh warning to anyone caught violating that controversial new security level pro-democracy activists fear that there will be more suppression of dissent and that security law it's causing tech giants like soon facebook and twitter to reconsider their hong kong operations even the chinese own video clip after. says it's pulling out of the geritol. it's good to have you with us under his face mask it wasn't clear whether brazil's president also nado was red faced with embarrassment or anger but tonight we know with certainty the man who has ridiculed steps to contain the corona virus that man has tested positive for the bikers also made the announcement on. brazilian
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television today he says that he has symptoms of covert 19 including a fever but he says he feels well enough to walk around wilson or has drawn criticism from public health officials for appearing in public without a protective face mask and for saying that it was not worth the effort to prevent the majority of brazil's population from contracting. 19. 0. well for more on this let's go now to rio de janeiro to talk to journalist much he is a brit he's been following this story for us good evening to you much he is does this have any impact on both in our ability to execute the office of president. but somehow himself says no and he wants to go on to govern the country from his home by video conference is so for at the moment it's not sure if he would do so really or if president. replace him. in the end it depends
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on the severity of the symptoms of both scenarios so the next days will be turbulent him brazil monday as we know that president wilson hours says that he is taking the anti-malaria drug that has been pushed by u.s. president donald trump now doctors say that that medication does not work against covert 19 so do we know why is also not taking it. yeah i think he still believes in this medicine simply as that he he thinks it can help he's convinced by it instead of the critics by experts. a recent study in man hours in the amazon capital of brazil showed that cruel kind can. cause heart attacks can of course problems which haven't been there before so it is not recommended by experts for all type of patients so. taking it in the end
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maybe because his role model donald trump all the so promotes this type of medicine we know that there is a growing list of political leaders who have become infected with the coronavirus some have changed their policies about the virus some have not how do you think this will impact the policies of president bush so novel i think personally that it won't have a huge impact on his policies in future because it's an hour is really keen to get a common new economy back on track he needs a strong economy in order to be reelected in 2 years and this is main aim to he wants to achieve and on the other hand he's in the middle of a political crisis many ministers stepped back in the last weeks and months so he's still he was a radical in the current cries and i think i think he will go on like this because
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he is under pressure. politically and that means he might not change too much correspondence yes it hurts reporting tonight from rio de janeiro in brazil but yes thank you. well here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the united states has formally withdrawn from the world health organization u.s. president donald trump had been threatening to pull out over disagreements in how to respond to the global pandemic he accused the u.n. agency of being a puppet of china. german aid organization veldt says the coronavirus pandemic could push 1000000000 people around the world into hunger the charity has launched a campaign to support some of the world's poorest people saying it needs to raise a 100000000 euros to help those who situation has worsened because of the pandemic women's rights groups in france are protesting the appointment of an accused rapist
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as interior minister. money is under preliminary investigation and denies the accusation against him president in office says that the probe is quote not an obstacle. russian authorities have detained former journalist eve on safronov him with treason prosecutors say that he passed secrets to an unnamed nato country. who works as an aide to the head of russia's space agency has denied the accusations. hong kong's chief executive kerry lam has defended that controversial new security law imposed on the chinese territory by beijing last week lamb says that the changes will make hong kong safer by preventing violent protests and she is warning people not to break the law so the. crystal. balls law on i for one those radicals
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not to attempt to hold. all crossing the red line because the consequences of breaking this law. thought was curious speaking earlier today western governments have a problem when deciding how to react to this new security law they do not like it but they have to tread carefully because china remains an important trading partner . street battles and angry crowds in hong kong but in europe the protest has so far come in words alone the e.u. has criticised the hong kong security law that several european countries have new economic ties with china for instance through the belgian road initiative which could make them reluctant to point a finger at beijing. germany which no holds the e.u. council presidency might be expected to use its leverage to get tough with china
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but chancellor merkel hardly sounds urgent to mention its function in human rights questions are always on the agenda you know bilateral talks with china that includes a human rights dialogue which we want to continue to hear that. china is germany's biggest trading partner more than 200000000000 euros worth of goods are traded between the 2 countries annually but no government wants to be seen to tread softly when fundamental rights are being challenged. there are calls for a more robust approach from an unexpected quarter the leader of germany's business friendly free democrats on. kong was a place with a lively civil society as well as great economic freedom and the rule of law both of those are now being called into question we should not make it a question of either economy or democracy we should make the case for the idea of freedom and for reliable agreements and. for now the e.u.
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is pressing ahead with plans to hold a summit later this year hosted by the german government but that risks sending a signal that relations can continue largely unaffected by the scenes in hong kong some believe this might be the moment for berlin to take its stand. people in hong kong have in recent months been quite disappointed by the reaction in germany it's been noted that germany really basically doesn't say anything in public and is very has a very weak response to pressure from china there is a sense that germany's not living up to. 2 weeks to expectations at this point the chancellor's instinct is to keep open and push for change behind the scenes but as china shows its growing assertiveness in home calm iraq's values being tested. global tech giants including facebook twitter zoom and take saw are scaling back their presence in hong kong because of the new security law people in the territory
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are worried that this will erode even further their freedom of expression online. while web users in mainland china have to negotiate a powerful censorship system hong kong's internet is free and open until now anyway google facebook what's up telegram on twitter of all stop taking requests for user data from hong kong online freedom of expression in the city is seen as under threat i think that they worry you they all get here he's already is that all about cyber and that's a special breed of. the new law means police can force internet companies to remove content breaching online rules can lead to jail or a fine. so i believe the government will take further action towards these social media platforms. i think it's possible we will be able
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to use these apps in the future. have. you guys on. the move piles pressure on chinese owned firms trying to expand internationally like tick tock tick tock rejects allegations beijing could use its services to spy on users. tick-tock has taken its up out of hong kong was soon which is being criticized for censoring content critical of china has paul's tongue calling data processing requests after the new law the hong kong security law has brought the world's attention to internet security and china. and for more on this story i'm joined by g.w. reporter. let's start with to talk why is to talk pulling out of hong kong so the official on such a tough question is that the doing it in light of recent events very vague statements leaves a lot of things on on said are they doing this to peace beijing are they doing this because beijing is telling them to do so or is this some kind of you know heroic
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move to show that they care about freedom of expression in hong kong by don's which is the parent company they say they do not take any orders from beijing or do they share any daughter with beijing but there have been cases in the past where they have sensed that content was taken down consent specifically relating to pro-democracy movements posts from hong kong and mistreatments of we must and that minority and china and there have been. the app might be replaced in in hong kong we don't know that yet if it will be replaced with a mainland version. in the us tech giants know reassessing their positions on hong kong they face restrictions or bans in mainland china will we see that happen in hong kong is well known is that going to happen and it remains to be seen but you could look at this new security you know as the beginning of basically the
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the so-called great firewall of china or you know covering hong kong under this law or social media platforms and individuals can be fined $10000.00 euros or they can be put in jail for up to a year for content that is critical of the government so the media companies really have to reassess if they comply with these laws and the law you know very vague what about. it is going to pull out of hong kong but we have to remember it's owned it's a chinese company it's owned by a company in beijing so why is it so controversial i mean you can almost say now that that has the come proxy or a symbol of the kind of rising influence of china in the world just you know not long ago it was banned in india for a border conflict between those countries just yesterday at my compadre of the u.s. secretary of state said that the united states might be thinking of banning the app
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as well even went so far to say that if you use the app you'll dossiers face to go straight to the chinese communist party take have respond that they were refuting that that this happens they have they have you know kind of tried to disassociate themselves from their own chinese. roots for a good that you know that hides in the form of disney executive us their c.e.o. so they kind of have a need to find get this balance right and i'm not sure if they've gotten the balance right between the kind of chinese roots and their west and the lobbying work doesn't seem to be too successful if you've got that they're considering banning it in the united states that for sure or as always thank you. ards of motor sports news now for you 2 time world champion fernando alonso is set to return to formula one with reno in 2021 having retired less than 2 years ago the spanish racing driver called it quits at the end of the 20 season following 4 unsuccessful
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seasons with mclaren but the 38 year old now looks all set to be returning to another former employer in reno next season the team where he won championship titles in both to go 5. 6. you're watching news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i have to see this. come betting the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. 19 special next on d w. every day counts for us and for our
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