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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2020 12:30pm-12:45pm CEST

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between tokyo and. the internet critics to. more than 3000000000 people live under repressive regimes they censor the internet for political purposes used to diversity of opinion on the internet. joint session at the global media for today. a european champion in the making that is unless the e.u. the rails the pending. a deal this is and day is drawing closer. and a last year. that's what investors are calling it the car company's c.e.o. on a space critical shareholders in his 1st annual general meeting since taking over.
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this is the w. business i'm joined on in berlin thanks for joining us we start with the european commission which has approved plans to set up a 500000000000 euro support fun for businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis the plan had been introduced by germany and is set to rescue the hardest hit economies in the block earlier this week that lowered its economic outlook and is now expecting a contraction of 8.7 percent. now speaking of the e.u. french train maker alice though is waiting for an e.u. approval so that it can buy brigade's rail union at state of course is the creation of a european champion to counter chinese dominance in the railway industry here's a look at the sectors key players. european rolling stock manufacturers face serious competition from china c.r.c. as the world leader with a turnover of over 20900000000 euro as the chinese state owned john does business
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in more than 100 countries i'll still was way behind in 2nd place number 3 is germany siemens the e.u. blocked attempted merger with alstom last year. from bharti is the global number 4 and is the leader in europe emerged somebody who would become the world's 2nd largest rail technology group after c.r.c. with sales of around 16000000000 euros. now to some of the other business stories making news boeing has settled claims related to the crash of a 737 max jet in indonesia 2 years ago a u.s. plane maker did not disclose the amount of compensation the crash followed by another one in ethiopia led to the grounding of all 737 max planes. deutsche bank has agreed to pay $150000000.00 to settle claims that it broke compliance rules in its dealings with the late sex offender geoffrey epstein and
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the regulators said the bank failed to prevent millions of dollars of suspicious transactions. coronavirus has devastated revenues a german car maker dialer but the manufacturer of the luxury mercedes brand is cautiously optimistic as an upturn in china spreads per se he's been sales plunged 19 percent in the 1st 6 months but the group posted record mercedes sales and china chief executive on the cleanest told virtual shareholders in a virtual shareholders meeting excuse me di miller is planning to step up its cost savings program because of the crisis. over now to our financial correspondent conrad booze and now conrad diner shareholders meeting was a virtual one as we said there it only happened on line but that hasn't really muffled the criticism of management has it. absolutely jamail
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you know ahead of this meeting in a bit of about unusual step of a number of large share investors large investment funds have announced that they will not grant discharge to the management board at the supervisory board of diana at this shareholder meeting which is the technical term for them saying that they're not happy with the management of course this doesn't mean that anyone gets sacked at dyner after the shareholder meeting but it's unusual and pretty bold side in that investors and the company the management management is not there not really in line in terms of where the company's heading well there seems to be quite a bit to be unhappy about like for example the company's perceived a poor performance in e-commerce. absolutely was diameter and says that the sales of its hybrid cars you know those are cars driven by
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a mixture of combustion engines and electric engines those sales have increased in europe and this reminder of that in terms of all electric vehicles diameter is still way behind its large competitor tesla thank you very much conrad who isn't there in frankfurt for us. now speaking of tesla it may be the most valuable car company in the world but it still needs to build a lot more cars to catch up with industries traditional heavyweights like flex 5 going to g.m. now to that end they're rushing forward with construction of a new gig a factory near berlin even though not everyone in the neighborhood is pleased about that. but if the fight in question located 40 kilometers southeast of the german capital berlin here include high did that tesla want to begin producing electric vehicles by the middle of next year. construction of the plant set to employ some 10000 people is
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a ready well underway the multi-billion euro investment is new zick to the ears of shoka who envisions renewal in a long forgotten region. this is an incredible opportunity for the region and we need to caesars and young people who emigrated may be tempted to come back because of the jobs on offer but this is a good chance for us to entice young families who might have moved to states like barack or bavaria. getting in touch with tesla isn't easy the company did not respond to an interview requests from d.w. . many environmentalists are furious that the electric giant has pressed ahead with construction despite not having the final green light to do so. other concerns include the vast quantity of water the factory will consume well tesla has promised
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to address that issue activists like nadine and spend a lot of my ass say it doesn't go far enough to date some 370 objections to the factory has been submitted but the coronavirus means there won't be a public hearing until september to teach what happens to us as her criticism is not accepted at all the people who speak out against the project don't get to listen to hear many people who are really involved and want to contribute but they just get ignored we need to listen to be involved we need transparency and democracy but we really need our politicians to take our resources and protected areas seriously and to put their foot down when needs be it's the turn of gloom hide where the factory will be located has a pleasant inhabitants tesla could draw a further $10000.00 to the region some locals fear this will mean more traffic and less on spoils nature. others like are excited he regularly flies his
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drone over the construction site he's fascinated by what's going on. in my view this is a very forward looking company. where nothis rocketing the market with 500000 electric cars supposed to hit the market here it will encourage other companies to embrace electric mobility and get things moving. too busy he posts his drone footage on twitter giving both those for and against the project a bird's eye view of what's going on. the coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the lives of workers whose stories we really get told our next report brings us to northeastern spain where concerns for the welfare of fruit pickers from abroad are growing. they come from bulgaria to take nectarines destined for germany. here in the tango frogger in northeastern spain
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farmers have long relied on workers from abroad to help with harvest. this year conditions are especially tough. it is a bit complicated. we're all wearing masks and have to maintain distance from one another while the work. was different last year this time it's more difficult. an estimated 400000 undocumented people work in spain on a seasonal basis they lose from one time to the next taking whatever work is available here sleeping arrangements often look like this. 30 kilometers north of fraga is laid a magnet for seasonal workers looking for summer fruit picking jobs authorities here are especially concerned that the movement of so many people could lead to
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a rapid spread of coburg 19. this and the notorious li poor living conditions many migrants are used to has prompted them to convert the city's trade center into a makeshift shelter it has space to accommodate about 250 people. generics are about 2.8 meters apart from each other to guarantee the distance required to prevent the spread of covert 19. despite the containment effort some 40 workers have a ready tested positive for the corona virus. fruit pickers on the frontline of a global pandemic last harvest it would have seemed unfathomable now it's part of a new and eerie reality. now back to french train maker alstom which is waiting for an e.u. approval so that it can buy a rail unit now this is
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a decision that can come as early as next week and to that end i'd like to bring in barbara way they are brussels correspondent barbara good to see you now given the attitudes towards a competition within the e.u. which way do you think the commission will swing when making this decision analysts say really that it's a 5050 chance either way and i wouldn't really bet on any sort of outcome because supporters of this decision say supporters of the merger say that there could be substantial savings if the 2. companies go together and that is an argument pro merger but we don't know where the commission is going to whether they're going to remain hardline as they did in the past as they did last year was so some seamen's or whether they're going to sort of have a shift in policy wait and see now a successful european merger will narrow the gap with china see arcee significantly
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but have the european industry policy policymakers done enough to keep up with china. no they definitely haven't and the consciousness for that the idea that they have really been making mistakes in the past and that they have sort of embraced china maybe a bit in too naive way if too openly is really growing by the day here and there are strong calls and there already were last year strong calls for a new european industrial policy for changes for europe to protect itself better end to let european champions grow to have an crew 8 something big companies that will be able to compete globally and not even only within the european market that is to know to look at what is happening they have to look at global competition and so there is a strong political push but the rules as yet have not been changed that is still
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work in progress and so it needs to be done in the near future. barbara is the reporting from brussels thank you very much. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. in the. climate change.
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cause for most of us. who still. want to do years today how far future. deep blue dot com for mega city. could target. keep your distance and where in mass it's the advice that's been given to millions of people are on board and following that recommendation has become for many the norm. but others refuse to comply when what you can certainly think you are hard to put in. all of that. 6 months into the pandemic of the use of
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face masks is still up for debate so is the recommended approach still the way to go. welcome to your code 19 special here on. these. i'm tired of breathing through them you might be as well but scientists say wearing face masks is imperative when trying to slow the spread of the corona virus and then there's the us nowhere is the discussion around for a mask wearing probably as polarizing as in the united states far from being merely tired of them many people simply never wanted to wear them are you going to allow the government to tell you you have to wear masks i. the time is now it's time for action thank you guys very much.


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