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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2020 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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russia has presented on hold time 6 o'clock it's unclear whether it will be clinton . that's it you're up to date with world news at the top all things out in just a moment stephen business will fix the days of business stocks good to. blindness is on its way to bring you more conservation and. how do we make 6 screeners how can we protect habitats we can make a difference googling genius environmental series of google through 1000 d. w. and online clones sound. camera. and action. counted filmmakers from different parts of the
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world have one vision and they live for a film. that's really not only thomas the screen women should look better for them aren't 21. on. the phone. it's the 1st drug shown to be effective against the coronavirus foundations are racing to get a hold of them does appear to give you the latest. also to show new hygiene rules for the cruise industry to get the massive liners out of dock and back into the high seas but can they fill the cabins. and the meat processor behind germany's largest corona virus outbreak begins to change its labor practices. the show i'm seeing bears in blood. it's not a cure it's not
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a vaccine but it is the 1st drug shown to be affective against the krona virus and does appear studies have shown that it can speed recovery for severely sick patients and that makes it highly coveted around the world the distribution plan from its american producer is facing scrutiny. rentes of beer is no wonder drug but it has shown promising effects in the treatment of people who fall in severely ill with covert 19 originally developed to treat a bowler it's attracted interest from countries around the world. last week the european commission gave conditional approval for m.d.'s appear to be used to treat seriously ill covert 1000 patients it follows similar moves in india japan and the united states. the company that makes the drug is an american firm that has faced criticism for agreeing to sell the vast majority of its output to the united states gilliatt told g.w. that its face difficulty meeting demand and that it's planning to increase the
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production of ramdass of beer from the current 190000 batches per month to $2000000.00. future supplies the company says will be allocated on the basis of the number of new infections in a country. european policy makers have also been threatening to impose compulsory licensing on ramdass of fear this would allow other manufacturers to produce the drug under world trade organization rules such a move would be possible in the case of a national emergency and we asked european parliamentarian peter lees why the e.u. might bypass the patent when the company insists it will deliver the drug. yes it will do it well but i'm not sure if it is not you know for the moment in the united in the european union the figures are quite low but we don't know what's going to happen and work wise we have really a lot of hot spots where the outbreaks are huge and that's why i'm not sure if
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what this is going to deliver will be enough and we just adopted a resolution in the european parliament where we say that we count on cooperation and diurnal so i would prefer that the ads themselves were cooperate with companies. outside the us to produce a draft but it's not the international law for peace composites relicensing so it's not something that we invent in this policy in the emergency situation and i think we are in a way. the cruise industry has agreed on a new hygiene plan to get the giant liners sailing again most are in dock some are still stranded at sea with crew aboard and ports refusing entry many vessels saw outbreaks of coronavirus routing many vacation my colleague been physical and went
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to hamburg to find out if anyone will ever want to take a cruise again. most of these big boats aren't going anywhere i was never a fan 2016 was my 1st and last cruise i caught the number of virus i was sick as a dog ever since then i've kept my distance this is as close as i'll get to the giants of the sea hamburg germany made port but i am one of the few despite health scares and the sect is huge topping footprint business has been booming until the coronavirus. now operators face billions in losses and lawsuits health experts say the ships helped spread the virus the industry says it took extraordinary measures to limit outbreaks germany's attorney i had to call on australia for help when the virus broke out and. these crews entertained it was trapped aboard and is critical about one thing she should have been kind of the ships don't have a party to carry out corona tests of the like you have been caught has to be done
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on land and takes time outside fending passengers want to take a cruise again one of union 5 definitely and grounds were booked out passengers all want to come back. for the next 2 years and i'm certain many many people will want to do the trip you know isn't much and it'll take a lot to convince me to set sail again but i've got nothing against this little guy had a robotic komba to hold my hand he's an expert in the field. of cruise ships are more susceptible to something like the coronavirus than other places certainly are because wherever you have big crowds of people $4000.00 up to $6000.00 plus the crew on the narrow area program makes the guy though. the risk is there to basically these giants of the sea. some of which have only just been finished what are they going to run at full capacity it was a very big their money and this was the reason why more and more trips of this i
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guess being built they really thought everybody thought i was going to get into that business could be good one can go in continuously and told me to stop to fulfill some smaller expedition boats are now allowed back to sea but with only half the passengers and no stops along the way the big guns are still in dog. they look so loaded completely empty but bookings are already surging operators are offering big discounts and promises of a gold standard in public health some analysts expect another boom even bigger than before the crisis just don't count on me. all right let's go to our financial correspondent in new york yes korda yen space so ben isn't expecting a surge in interesting cruises but investors seem to disagree what can you tell us . they're well i mean we've got numbers from mcconnell the biggest cruise some of
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parade are on the planet for example the princes crucis are also the curator lie in them all belong to connersville and the pasqual are they saw a dragon you dropping by a good 85 percent well no big surprise as no ships were really leaving the harbor but what is quite surprising is their look at 2021 so carnival is saying that bookings are actually only slightly down in the low single digits and they're also saying that they have enough liquidity to the wife for now so the stock up by more than 10 percent and the friday session went ok economy stands at around $16.00 per share that is still way of below the roughly $50.00 the stock was worse at the beginning of the year or it's a good news for the carnival industry to end the week looking to us looking ahead to next week what should we expect. you know the big thing is going to be earning season i mean older and health scares that we've seen in the past couple of days
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all those record numbers off infections here in the states nobody really seemed to pay too much attention on wall street so now earning season is going to kick off the beginning will be was the big american financial institutions j.p. morgan goldman sachs a citi group and analytics analysts expect that it will be the worst quarter for banks at least since the financial crisis still banks actually were among the bigger winners in the friday's session and then the big thing will also be technology shares the nastar compass it. reached a new all time high on friday up for a good 4 percent for the week so we will see in the upcoming earnings season how companies like netflix and amazon and apple and so on and so forth so we'll be fairing but we will have to wait another sweet weeks or so before we get the numbers the quarterly results of the big tech companies here in the united states
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are a quarter with the latest from new york thank you and let's take a brief look now at some of the other business stories making headlines the u.s. is imposing retaliatory tariffs on 1300000000 dollars worth of french goods and suspending them top american trade official robert light hisor says the move responds to france's digital tax which paris imposed this year and deferred after protests from washington attacks would primarily hits would have rather primarily hit large u.s. tech firms. the european central bank says bulgaria and croatia have been accepted into the exchange rate mechanism to as a precursor to adopting the euro as their currency over the next 3 years it paves the way for the 1st enlargement of the euro zone since 2015 lithuania join the currency bloc as its 19th member. european union has launched a probe into a trade deal with the metals or group of south american countries after complaints
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about its environmental impact activists said the deal cutting tariffs on farm products would have a devastating impact on the global climate. the german meat processing company at the center of the country's largest corona virus outbreak now says it will change its labor practices tourney's will stop using sub contracting firms and begin hiring employees directly it was already facing government pressure. turn in said it intended to directly employ 1000 stuff by the end of september as part of a plan to end all sub contracting in its business before next year. the move is voluntary but comes as german lawmakers consider legislation enforcing direct hiring for meat packing plants turn ears and other slaughterhouses to face criticism for the us of contracting practices as well as the living conditions of workers meanwhile turning as has also applied for the reimbursement of its labor costs due to the closure of the company by all thirty's politicians say it's absurd
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that the company which caused an entire region to lockdown should claim compensation from the taxpayer. attorney is rid of eden normally slaughters and processes up to 14 percent of germany's pigs the company owns 19 meat packing plants in the country. and that's it for me and the business. as always you can find out more about these and other business stories online at www dot com slash business on facebook and twitter m c thanks for watching.
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the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspective such as with corona infection surging in the us president trying claims 99 percent of all cases are harmless america's struggle with a virus threatens to spiral out of control corona in the us troops downfall that's our topic on to the point to the point of the team 16 of us on t.w. . what secrets lie behind things was. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get the maps now. to use crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues. this season the stories focus on haight street called the mention of sustainable charcoal
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production. all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page. other social media platforms. writers now. ok. hello and welcome to in good shape one of the many myths at the beginning of the corona crisis was that alcohol could kill the virus. could that be the reason that the.


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