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player after retiring as a player he became a successful manager these are in his 1st foreign coach. this is deja vu news a reminder of our top story. remembers the last for 25 years you can visit our web site at any time on the spicer thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many cantors and their problems are always the same 14 social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. go up should we can afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the fans of the human scene the white 2 folds who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison and weren't i d w. this is on time and should special on social media personal data and privacy. what role does social media play in thai society and how important is privacy to people in thailand check ex-pat bianca pretorius wants to find out more. the 1000 on my facebook as a human you want to fix it like add opinions on everything everyone e it was that what the mice. are really about because everybody can
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al where i am my social media is mine drama i don't care to have a spot on my hand i can finish it. i see myself writing for the individual sovereign rights i think it's very important that any society we think about each individual natural person and i'm trying to fight for them. not. i don't think we've reached the point or even totally know what the internet is like it's only been around for 2 decades and it's fundamentally changed the way that we do almost everything. you know. me me me me me and. i don't think that people are really aware of what happens their data or at their data is being used by some it says very large companies as
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a mechanism to feed them or ads or sell them something are doing marketing or advertising the companies can misuse the data misappropriate that they don't lose the data and what we need to do is decentralize our identity systems and really enable self soften identity on huge can you tell me what is so few do her work so you do so if you want to sign up for an interest product or service and you don't want to have to go through the same process over and over again so that during a. acting so that makes an issue on boarding a bit quicker and easier and then working towards a future where you don't actually need to submit those physical documents you can only share perhaps what's called the id claims against the kind of got yourself the crew status ok i am a german resident and therefore eligible for this particular crocker service right without having to review your sex street address which may be compromised somehow or just in case it's more than.
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if you look at the most powerful companies the digital age shred facebook google companies are around several decades ago and they've primarily made their money off of providing a free app collecting as much data as possible and then running advertising against that data the way that we're starting to perceive data is less as a company's own commodity and more as the individual identity owner's right for their own information. when i speak to younger people i heard a huge ascendancy privacy is a myth and they say it with a very natural i guess present myth isn't it and the way they say this it's shows to me how obvious it is for them that it's a myth and that shows to me ok mate maybe maybe it is something that is basically
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like us writing a dead horse. but. to cut them make up thing is. really. people. at home putting a camera in front of their face and telling something for the camera it's a very intimate setting it's like a little piece of technology and you. have a scene see it one piece p.s. and then woke up see how worn he went about being lean when a high mission learning that got.
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if you are shy a person just happens to have the trick that it gets spread to millions of people so they kind of are introverted superstars in a world where everybody knows and they want to talk to them all the time and that's not diversity of personality into a setting that always was ruled by players with a big. since a story playing the make up then i watch in the make up to torrijos on you to. go home this is a it's too young to do. they. really. do only go. i have stopped for a while believe is they are. strong. and i hope because of the support of my. and my family's to.
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one of the people. i'm thinking the war. really i don't need to. make it 5 and she went a long. way and i gave. up. on me like a young man can somehow become to do i got to get been told me how many chinese. every 11 year old schumann is trying to figure out. how do i want to be that is already too much for every kid without internet have a guess how hard this is to figure it out while everybody having an opinion on it you get so much more scared because you don't want to be heard by people who love you by saying like no this is bad the 2 things i mean one thing is either they
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become really self-conscious and becoming basically a slave of the audience that they created by being afraid or less confidence growing out of that because at some point you give up trying to please everyone because you cannot these 12000000 people at the same time. social media has created all fostered don't people that in you have 25000 friends who was up to magic and showing up on your birthday or when your son maybe no one usually they get like oh another day on facebook and you reserve the message and card to leave you like that it's very nice but the shower in russia is not quite the same compared to imagine you would all meet that would think really sweet sugar of human connection so it's very easily available but it doesn't quite fulfill you and make you as full and well fed then meeting
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a human group of friends and like touching and being next to them one by one will ever do. ringback you connect with people like i'm 10000 miles away you can make it like a lot of stuff all that sometimes but do. yourself and yes coming to displace remind you off the root of your culture the root of your hairy cage and also make them connected you are in a peace give you a peaceful state of mind. people get mad at us in our life sometime we probably like i make with them less often and then b.s. so physically close to them we fight sile way because we focus on the audit acknowledge the unless moss green while he was in hot and present the most
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important mainland moment in your life be just like i'm sitting right in front of you. lot yet live a little alarmed what's the. may they make i gotta live. with the niggers who want to get. myself i'm going on along quite nicely thank you ya ya i look up to those who look like me tall paul meal is not valid so it's not. like he had gone mad. like i could. cutting. ok people yet again i will see if i just come from you as i get now but nothing like a google as well as i really like the concept of i read here is kind of likely.
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because like i connect to privacy yeah exactly i thing like basically when we talk about reality i think he's quite. nice already all so last so long. i really. main thing in this country and it's controlled by so we may thing that i think. i will one day it may not be long to us maybe because like me i used to social media where we give away. free access to free so he says that kind of thing for convenience i kind of stuff but i will say a thing has changed a lot. gradually. has a right to know. my view. and how he is going to be used. he's going to be. if you look at something like privacy the argument against it
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is that if you have nothing to hide. why do you need privacy rights but on the other hand when you eliminate something like privacy they can fundamentally change a society right if you stifle dissent if you stifle an opinion which it isn't you know the mass opinion or the or the official government approved opinion then you meant to lose something as a society in the have it's right if you're not able to give people who you may not agree with for you then you can never really progress or iterate to something better you're just stuck with what you have and if anyone asks you why do you do it that way because we always how. technology can create so much good things that it would be naive to say that the bad devil and then the other side it's not that it's still people it's not us who
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decides where technology is going and i would even go so far like knowledge of science where technology is going. up technology and you make you look like god and in the. yes you can do a lot bigger piece of technology in your 42 was basically going to solve all the world's problems with whom you would create abundance in everything resources in happiness in health and utopia and i need a hole that humanity will bring out the best out of them don't need to have a nice bike technology cleaned up a spot and in technology magnify it and know where we'll be a. place
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. on the 7 to 7 percent we talk about all the issues that mount up to. many young africans view providing for their families as an illness. but what happens if they have daily angle to feed themselves lebanese young nigerian grouplets. the 77 percent. next on d.w.p. . described as simple as it sinks. to understand the world better we need to take a closer millennium. to experience knowledge to morrow to. see teetotallers.
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in the art of climate change. for most of. what's in store for players least for their future in the. c.w. to come for the major cities the culture inside. the turf. hello everybody and what africa this is these 77 percent that show for africa's you when you come our. welcome coming up for you on today's program. kimani heads to south africa to speak with the youth about the so-called black topics that is.


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