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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2020 8:30am-9:00am CEST

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beethoven is trying. for is for. a total of 2020250th anniversary year long to. find out more about this amazing invention let's say in the show. but 1st a very warm welcome to new edition of euro backs let's see what else we have for you in the program. top chefs are redefining street food in the
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devilish capital company taken and. the germans treat the pod to max add color to travel in the spaces. nunnally the french capital paris is the center of the fashion world in july top labels usually present their extravagant old quit to a show in unusual locations but this year everything is different the catwalk shows have been canceled due to the corona virus social distancing simply would not work but a large number of photography and visitors on hand so no paris is presenting the very 1st digital to wreak with the latest creations on the internet. the new old coat or collection from chanel there's no catwalk and no audience just a video of the latest styles presented on the internet old coats or goes online
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that's a 1st even for seats in fashion journalist alice pfeiffer. it's a complete change normally i'd be rushing from show to show but here i am sitting and relaxing in my garden. due to the coronavirus pandemic the old court or shows are taking place online this year. deora showing creative director maria grant see if she henri's latest designs in a lavishly produced film it's a collaboration with battalion star director mike teo garrone you might think that without the show's every label is on the same level what some. others produce short films in the style of stanley kubrick summer clothes others experimental and some cost as much as a movie. old quote or designer julianne fournier has also had to adjust to the new normal due to. the coronavirus pandemic his studio in paris was closed for weeks.
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now all of the employees wear masks and are working at top speed on the new collection. this stress alone took 400 working hours to create. that. after 11 years this was a moment for me to take time out to rejuvenate my label reflect on my destiny and establish the right balance again. back in january julian $48.00 was presenting his previous collection on the catwalk now he's presenting his latest designs in a film shot at a film studio in it he reveals how an old quote toward dress is created still for him fashion shows aren't be replaceable. about movement about the luminous reflection of the light and a woman moving around in the clothes runway shows are
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a must. it's not just the designers who are missing the shows so are the fashion journalists for various reasons. with the fashion show it's all about being there and it's about showing that you belong to an elite to this fashion family it's less about the show itself that's why so many fashion journalists post their invitations on social media and it's also very important where your seated and editor in chief once told me if you're not in the 1st 2 rows you're not going to the show. but the fashion industry is in crisis and not just because of corona in an open letter some designers criticize the large number of collections expected each year this creates constant pressure to create new fashion while simultaneously maintaining a social media presence. another problem is sustainability but the in. history is changing and julian 48 says that's a good thing. one who put in that he needed to keep on doing things the way we did
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before corona so anyone who says so is just irresponsible this development is dangerous there are too many collections produced in the fashion industry causes too much environmental pollution. at present no one knows what the future of the fashion shows will look like the next present for taste shows are slated to take place in paris at the end of september but it's unlikely that fashion journalists from around the world will be able to attend and social distancing is difficult to do on the catwalk. down. we'll see how they manage social distancing including between the models they'll have to rethink the fashion shows both everything they represent and how they're done. when it comes to sustainability or is at the forefront of the fashion world here customers only order single items that are made to measure unfortunately that's
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a luxury few can afford. if you want to go out for a good new you usually pick a nice restaurant and if you're celebrating something special you might even have for a go me a step then this capital of copenhagen only has around 600000 residents but with its 16 strong restaurants it is seen as a true go maze paradise but you don't have to go to a restaurant to enjoy good food because no top chefs are taken coloring every highlights on to the street and as you can see in the report life is getting back to normal in denmark off of the coronavirus la belle. he's this fast food for thought cuisine. it's both in the danish capital copenhagen more and more top chefs are turning their attention to street food. thomas road anderson one of
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denmark's best known chefs is among them the former star chef is now serving up danish classic hotdogs but gourmet style and all this food i did i think street food is a really good way to surprise people. it can get a bit more expensive but it also gives you a greater experience that means the more effort you put into the composition of street food. and the better the wrong gradient your use the better the experience. but the mid-levels of. copenhagen has become a hot spot for foodies and the cuisine here is very innovative braun's good correction or the bridge street kitchen was once home to the famed restaurant noma credited with creating new nordic cuisine today its street food that's been revolutionised here. together with glen case or thomas road anderson is playing his part noma's among those to create the idea of deluxe street food. since i
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don't know the most influential restaurant on the world oh yeah i mean they have. now been helping a lot of chefs to open to all places nor will they have spread that the boys around the city and it has risen the the level of just running into hope and. now more and more top chefs are taking to the streets. throngs get kirchen street food serve only gorm a street food. the result is called go scene for everyone. it's kind of nice to make it accessible for everyone i like bread of all it's good and yeah you could get all the different things you like. but it's not just on the street that fast food is going upscale 3 years ago sweden's magnus pedo sent open his own little restaurant called selma now he's reinventing the classic danish snack smorgasbord the danish open sandwich he's put all of his experience in core
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make cuisine into making open sandwiches and he's been rewarded with a listing in the michelin guide. the big difference i would say for sure the craftsmanship and the the the quality of the greedy ends and then having that finding that balance because i think some people just put some stuff on top of some bread. but a classically very well trained chef he thinks of the everything as an ingredient in something that you should be a balance and i think you also see that even 3 michelin star restaurant i mean this can look very simple but it's not. back at the street food market at the old port the michelin starred restaurant one away operates its own stand on offer is korean style fried chicken prepared by the head chef. at any level if you're cooking at all mo if you're cooking hero if you're cooking it on
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a mission is not rational on the web it is i think you should always you know do you have very best. to produce that you can get and try to solve this business for many possible many of the chefs know one another personally and they all have one thing in common the desire to try out something new with street food. and you know the chefs help one another i didn't think there are enemies or competitors they're working together to put copenhagen on the world map and cullin every term. on this thing that's why i think ideas to push it has become. street food and cosines in copenhagen it's not a case of one or. the other here you can have both at the same time. if you look at for more reports about food from all around europe and check out our new you tube channel d w and she is
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a small taste of what we have to offer. to make you see these. stories. to see as a. good smell amazing the best chefs with their best tips from neat dishes to begin diets and all of the recipe secrets while. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord you list that you. subscribe and enjoy d. w. for. sometimes there are a base when you simply call decide what you want to do in us fail maybe take a nice bike ride or go for a little boat trip on a lake that is probably how let me and design a i guess laus this was feeling one day then he came up with a very pragmatic solution you're a max reports. both
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on the water. and dry land. i careers louses travels with his unique invention every which way across lafayette . the lead designer loves to delve into nature quite literally. having a little champa that you can take in some water like this on a sunny sunny day like this is it's just amazing. gives yeah the sense of freedom really i mean that's the it's the most the most fun about it. the last day and designers invention is the houseboats cycle just as you click tweak and the bicycle turns into a boat it's powered by an electric outboard motor and has room for 2 people you
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know for like a companion. i guess lauser spent several years working on this prototype. so the special thing about the boat money so. it's a little micro house so it's you know the how much slides over. and you can stay on the lake overnight it's equipped with lights to has to be charging ports so it's a little tiny tiny little house on the water so you know there's nothing there's nothing like that on that i think. to him it's the most beautiful way of communicating with nature. and i think i like the peace. that all of the sense of. connectedness and sense of belonging to this planet and to this world and i think that's the nature of think i think of the beast the hominy. guy whenever he
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wants to move on all either is needs to do is pull his amphibian cycle out of the water and get back on the road. it weighs 100 kilograms and is equipped with an electric motor that is good for up to 40 kilometers. so far i've been going through all sorts of flight really really hard core country road so it's fine it's it's it's it's it's ok. been 10 years living and working abroad 2 years ago he moved back to lafayette into his ancestors house and started his own design studio. whilst on a 4 year bicycle to or from london to tokyo he came up with the idea for the sea triton as he calls his invention with a lot of attention to detail he started building at it includes a little herb garden and
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a few technical gadgets like this hand powered wiper. together with his wife he's working on producing it in series. we want to create something really meaningful for this planet we don't want to waste resources we don't want to create something that is just just waste on this planet 2 to get his creative juices flowing uyghurs louses sometimes spontaneously takes a break from daily life his invention is a perfect match for him it also serves as a mini camp or the captain's cabin can be changed into a little bedroom for nature lovers making this unique vehicle ready for all kinds of adventures on the water or terra firma by day or by night. people have always been fascinated by model railways everyone likes watch the small trains make their way through miniature landscapes although i must admit the train
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in the studio doesn't travel very tall but our next report we are about to see a layout on a much bigger scale the exhibition and northern germany opened in july and it could well be a record breaker. well this could well be the world's largest model railway layout more than $500.00 g. scale trains roll along the tracks that modelled the spring and it has 20 kilometers of track and all. the layout is set up at this indoor ski venue would be spring and in northern germany a little is basically we have a $7000.00 square metre layout in an area of $12000.00 square metres it's by far the biggest world why in this scale and in terms of track length as far as themes go we've got the whole world covered. all told there are 50 themed areas what is it about leeds to be on the left we have sealed in austria up ahead over the alps and
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bavaria on the right side we have egypt. into a bit of tanzania africa and back there's italy and the grand canyon. back in february 2020 there were still hard at work on the huge layout with a team of carpenters and decorators built landscapes out of wood plastic and mortar on hand was it yogi miners the project's creative director. and workshops to there was plenty of sawing fascinating gluing and painting going on. he's in bed for 9 of an hour here in one of our 3 workshops there were constructing buildings for all the different themed areas. through south america africa everywhere. and here they're making all the buildings bridges small figures anything and everything which will then be installed outside i have all. the
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layout took 16 months to complete behind the scenes for huntsman is in charge of the maintenance of the $500.00 trains at a scale of $1.00 to $22.00 the locomotives can be over a metre long. this. model from 941 is his face this is on the move. this is one of the biggest american steam locomotives of the known as the big boy. and it's been restored and we were able to get a model of the new that's currently no longer in production this time it's all metal and weighs $53.00 kilos so it's tricky putting a model like this on the track it's best to do it in pairs of. 2 choices. with a model railway layout of this size it's easy to lose the overview so all the train movements are programmed in centrally coordinated. this is the control panel
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which governs the entire model railway and the layout is digitally controlled and operated over computers. using special software. the software. we've installed 14 computers that control each corresponding part of the layout and each of the vehicles and all that controlling takes place here with your. visitors and model train fans can embark on a world tour by rail it's just a hop skip and a john from the mountains of south t. roll to the statue of liberty it's very popular. the 1st month i think you can just have fun and it's great for the kids enough but. it's quite fascinating you can come often and still find something new on the market was interesting to see what's here makes a good impression. now the operators are hoping that their extensive large scale model railway layout will earn them
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a guinness world record. urban art street that has developed from the illegal spray is it a softer work commission for public or private thoughts. or offered for sale on canvas not in hollywood from book but is one of these urban ought now he is allowed to decorate buildings quite legally with his spray can max as he is known in the off season creates very impressive works they have made him an internationally renowned artist. everyone knows lego bricks but not like this. urban artist martine heuvel does interpret the colorful little plastic pieces in a completely new way. these oversized lego bricks and different colors have completely changed the appearance of
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a plain concrete bridge and last i want to do something different and unique something the viewer doesn't really expect. i tried using wooden services or tried ice at some point i spoke to my partner about it and she was in a bit of a hurry and then said why don't you try using lego that's how the idea came about. this work earned him the german facade award in 2012 which made him a world renowned artist meg's as he is known in the graffiti artist scene gives buildings a totally new identity like this maintenance house for the selectric city company. green hoping to please the residents here but the residents really didn't like it or the construction site and then they contacted me and i came here and had a look at the place and i did what i always enjoy doing here to painting nature trees plants i think it's perfect for the site. and i want to be the way it looks
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right here in other words i want to keep these different shades of color blur so it almost creates a sort of expressionist atmosphere but a realistic foreground import i want us to some new piece here on this stage. this used to be a factory for binders and folders next enjoys playing around with the architecture of the buildings he uses as his canvas his urban art pieces have a reference to each building they're painted on to like this bus stop including a painted sofa. his sketches are influenced by the surroundings to. the surroundings. always very important as my piece is that i paint somewhere can't be moved around anymore when you're doing a sketch or an outline you do it on paper or using a computer so you're only looking at the specific object itself. but it's really good to just have a look at the surroundings to turn around sit down take it all in and try and
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incorporate your design into the surrounding landscape. so far this has been his tallest project next turned a 132 metre high chimney. into a gigantic work of art. the chimney does precisely what it should in the surrounding so it's glowing but not overbearing it's a little bit surreal it's a colorful element in this industrial landscape where there are lots of other chimneys in the background and on the horizon more industrial buildings. it's hard to tell what they're used for and how big they even are. but then you see this type of chimney that's also a work of art and then at that point i think we've achieved what we wanted to. green on materials company approached max about this project a high shelf warehouse near cologne 6000 square meters of building that if.
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we wanted something flashy something unique and we wanted to create a landmark a recognizable building that could help shape the surroundings so we were open to unique and somewhat crazy ideas and once you start looking around the german scene you soon think of mix. mix often has help from other artists for bigger projects like this entrance to a youth center in. urban artist dominic hippest idea norman mixed style is skilful and relaxed at the same time. generally has a sort of comic realism style as i call it. the puppy has a large repertoire of visual content. you know i've. created his own world from every day objects the little maintenance house now blends in with its surroundings. that's $44.00 the time aren't always a plus plus it's the scene that i painted there it's something i could imagine
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painting on to my own private house 2 or another houses so i'm happy with it and we were able to bring a couple of things together that make sense to everyone. and if you take a close look at his art works you soon recognize next own personal signature. that's all from us for today but you can find plenty more lifestyle and culture by following us on social media and make sure want to stop by our website d w dot com slash lifestyle to find our latest view as straw thanks for watching and goodbye. from the.
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this is deja vu news a line from girl and a close vote expected to pull in chooses a president populous incumbent he's favored to win the runoff but he faces a tough challenge from wausau was mayor. the u.n. security council agreement on a new lifeline for syria in a vote to extend humanitarian aid.


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