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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin victory for poland's euro skeptic president judah wins a 2nd term scoring a narrow victory over his e.u. friendly challenger what does the conservative win mean for the country's next 5 years also coming up. a scolding for tourists flouting pandemic rules on spain's fonzie are that the german health minister warns there travelling could lead to a 2nd wave of corona virus infections. and after
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a sharp spike in new coronavirus cases south africa imposes a curfew and bans alcohol sales again we look at why the government is returning to such drastic measures. as welcome to the program polish president is headed for a 2nd 5 year term following sunday's election with nearly all the votes counted the conservative incumbent has won with 51.2 percent over his rival the liberal warsaw mayor rough off just cost the vote is widely seen as a battle for the country's future including over its strained relations with the european union. they come to announce a win a narrow one for incumbent president on jay duda it's also a victory for his allies the conservative law and justice party. and
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a sign of how deeply divided poland is. sebastian doing 51.21 percent of the vote. another photograph our clocks to me are just cough skill 48.79 percent of your vote. said they brought on sunday night due to was already claiming victory even before a clear winner could be projected. we've got to vote if it is winning presidential elections with nearly 70 percent voter turnout this is fabulous i'm very touched thank you very much for that objective. voter turnout had indeed been higher than in the previous election during this runoff between duda and the current mayor of worse rafaat as koskie who was unwilling to admit defeat on sunday nights and there are loss for his election campaign focused on changing course just cos he had
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promised to make improvements to the health care system and strengthen ties with the european union. dude on the other hand vowed to continue the course of the ruling law and justice party he promised to preserve a strong economy and maintain social benefits such as child allowances and early retirement. during the campaign due to accused the l.g.b. too rights movement of promoting an ideology that was more harmful than communism he also accused german newspapers of trying to influence the election in this contest of a cultural issues and poland's place in europe and the world national conservatism won by a razor thin margin. let's get some analysis now with he's with a polish service and. a narrow victory there for do that what does it mean for poland where is poland headed well what it means is that the nash. no
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conservative government in poland that supports mr duda and mr tudor supports this government will be able to continue its controversial reforms in poland aiming at getting control over almost everything that's happening in the what are in front of us reforms given 2 examples for example the reform of the judicial of the judiciary the judicial reform is also expected that the government will try to take some power back from the local governments or it will try to get more control over de independent media and the president could stop all of this present in poland may veto some laws but europe of course everybody is asking them how will this rift result affect poland's relationship with europe that is already strained. well i don't see that there is a chance for any an improvement i don't believe that the government now will take
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a nice step back from for example this judicial reform which jeopardizes the rule of law and boland so the relations with the european union will be even worse however the government doesn't want to destroy this relation poland needs european union the government in warsaw doesn't want to get the country out of the european union it needs the political assistance of the e.u. it needs the money from the from the e.u. however there is no chance for improvement of these relations so where does this leave poland's opposition which is decidedly pro-u. . i guess the opposition is in a very dire situation right now in poland you know the next important election is in 3 years 2023 it will be hard to keep your supporters and your members mobilized for 3 years without any election. coming coming on there will be
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a question asks what how did we let this happen what happened that. our candidate kind of the liberal party was not able to win so this is a ration it's hard for the for the liberal position in poland would you reckon that a majority of polls is anti european no poll is a very pro european country and all the polls say the 50 percent then come from. poland is also a very divided country very deeply divided and some people do like things that the government does in poland big national conservative government the other 50 percent says no way we can't accept that thank you very much she must be from the w.'s polish service thank you. it's time now for a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today because of us president. is being questioned by war crime prosecutors in the hague him of committing crimes against humanity during cause it was 990 uprising against
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serbia speaking outside court that she said that nobody can rewrite history over his role in the war and that he stands for truth free conciliation and peace. if you know all service has been held for so mayer park warms room who was found dead on friday amid sexual harassment harassment allegations more than half a 1000000 people signed a petition opposing the city run ceremony 20000 mourners turned out to pay their respects despite the controversy. since the daughter of former south african president and apartheid leader nelson mandela has died in johannesburg she had been south africa's ambassador to denmark since 2015 because of her death has not been announced she was 59 you. said in south africa where residents are on opposing as reimposed
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a ban on alcohol sales and announced the return of a national curfew the country is facing a rapid increase in coronavirus cases after loosening what has been one of the world's strictest laws. south africa is going through stormy times not only in terms of the weather covered 19 cases to strike hundreds of thousands of south african lost their jobs because of the lock down the economy is shrinking and then on sunday the president's made an announcement that shocked those who like to drown their frustration with a glass of wine but we're now decided that the sale dispensing and the distribution of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect. there is. now clear evidence that the resumption of alcohol. has resulted in some pressure being put on hospitals including trauma an i.c.u.
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unit in south africa already banned the sales of alcohol in the early stages of the lockdown but the industry pushed for reopening warning of massive job losses what happened afterwards the hospital admissions went up significantly about 17000 alcohol related trauma admissions in hospitals were recorded every week that's why for now the liquor stores throughout the country remain closed again imagine a change to me going to be straightforward i'm not going to be rude and i think it's terrible i think is the realistically because in a leaky industry is not only the people working in a bottle store there's a better and 1000000 people now there are you have to be at home now on call is the most dangerous thing that is where people are always fighting people like the ladies who are raped women who are violated every time just because of article so i support the president differed in that was very good he's done but think the president also announced tonight curfew and stricter controls to enforce the
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rearing of face masks but many here fear that this might not be enough to weather the storm off corona virus there's still a massive leg off intensive care units testing kids and a shortage of about $12000.00 health care workers. reporting time now for a look at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic deaths in mexico from the coronavirus have now exceeded $35000.00 only the us brazil and the united kingdom have seen more the british charity save the children is warning had as many as 10000000 children around the world may never return to school due to lockdown measures governments to do more to protect the education outcomes of their country's poor and in spain leader of course alone has regional government has called on people living in the city of haditha to follow home confined for home confinement orders after a rise in corona virus cases. we're staying in spain where hundreds of international tourists have been partying on the island of new york without masks
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and ignoring the social distancing rules in force due to the global pandemic of germany's house minister against spawn as the situation is concerning the warmth of the tourists behaviorist undoing the progress made so far to contain the spread of the virus and german holidaymakers to stay vigilant the dalai eric islands announced a hefty fines for those organizing illegal parties or flouting rules on social distancing and face masks. over more of this let's bring in kate brady kate it sounds like the german health minister and senior public health officials around him are quite concerned about the wrist some tourism they certainly are concerned the school holidays are in full swing here in germany now and as we know thousands of people have headed abroad especially to that popular holiday destination the island of mayo and so one of the biggest concerns is not
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only for the health of the people who have been seeing as you say flouting those there's recommended distances social distancing rules and the wearing of masks while they're still on holiday so only their health that's at risk but also never turn by the risk put to other people on their return flights and also when they get back here to germany and as a german health minister again sponsored himself the last thing they want is for the island of new yorkers to become the next issue which of course is that ski resort in austria which became a hot spot for 19 and helped free to spread the pandemic across the virus sorry across europe what did spawn and his experts say about the wider krone situation right now here in germany. well germany still certainly has a strong grip on the pandemic the card has certainly been flattened there are just over well just under $6000.00 active cases of quoted 19 at the moment bringing the
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total of cases so far to just under 200000 just over 1000 people have sadly lost their lives as well took over 1000 but relatively speaking as german authorities and public health institute have said time and time again germany has had a relative success when it comes to handling the pandemic which is even more so they could the reason why the health minister now is calling on vacation as a holiday makers to be extra vigilant to make sure that this so excess is not undone. studios here in berlin thank you. some football news manchester city's 2 year european ban has been overturned by the court of arbitration for sport following an appeal the premier league club was sanctioned in february for serious breaches of you with us financial regulations the club stood it used of overstating sponsorship revenue in order to offset heavy
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transfers spending an initial 30000000 euro fine has been reduced to 10000000 while the 2 year ban from you a for competitions has been overturned entirely. in the us n.f.l. football team the washington redskins has officially confirmed that it will change its name the announcement follows renewed protests over the redskins moniker which is considered considered offensive to native american communities the team's owner have previously stated he would never change it but as we considered after pressure from sponsors some of them publicly request of a change in the wake of the black lives matter protests. this is d.w. news here's a reminder of our top story at this hour driving president has one poland's presidential election near final results show that means his rival was pro e.u. mayor just cost me with 51.2 percent of the voters.
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watching the news because the model will have an update at the top of the hour now stay tuned for monica jones with our covert 19 special. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special and next on d w. a meal and welcome to the 2nd season of only difference is.


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