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from the fruit of the room to their final resting place the russian. w. documentary. this is the w. news live from berlin tonight every minder that going on vacation is no vacation from social distancing on the spanish party island majorca hundreds are again packing the bars and beaches ignoring. germany's health minister warning reckless reveling could trigger a 2nd wave of the. also coming up tonight after a sharp spike in new cases south africa imposes
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a curfew and if bans algo whole sales again. out of work and out of option as the virus leaves the poor struggling to stay afloat. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with a warning there could be a renewed outbreak of coronavirus if tourists let down their guard on summer vacation germany's health minister yet says that he's a law armed by images of germans flouting social distancing guidelines wild partying on the beaches of majorca spawn says the danger of a 2nd wave is real and he's urging tourists to follow the rule. beaches holiday make his enjoy the sun and the fresh breeze. and at night all the
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coronavirus related rules seem forgotten on the party strip the so-called tourists are drinking and dancing with few face masks and little social distancing to be seen. german health minister young man has expressed concern. reasons of course in this that we have to be very careful that the doesn't become a 2nd issue what i mean by that is the risk of infection is particularly high when people don't stick to the rules. it's cool the austrian ski resort was one of the 1st coronavirus hot spots from our praise ski parties the virus started to spread all over europe. the health minister urged holiday makers to save vigilant in order to prevent new infections. when i see pictures from the baltic sea resorts and there is a breeze and everyone's looking out for one another bit i don't get nervous because
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. that's when i see people partying and drinking out of the same bottles when people are hugging that of course increases the risk as we've. said he understood that tourists are impatient after months of lockdown but that their behavior would increase the risk of spreading coronavirus and potentially trigger a 2nd wave of infections. so what are authorities doing to clamp down on the wild partying i asked windy your car to a reporter for the majorca daily bulletin well there's a whole raft of new measures came in just today actually it's not compulsory to wear a mask in any public space except on the beach so if you don't you get fined a 100 euros on the spot that's it it's done and there will be fined over and over again until they actually get the message there's also a crackdown on parties yet as well so you know there's fines of up to 600000 euros
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of people thrive private parties so it's doing what they can but it's like heading cats you know people get drunk they do what they want it's very difficult to control massive crowds here but they are bringing and actually new need for the police units to try and stamp it down a little bit that was when your car talking with me earlier today south africa's president ramaphosa has reimposed a ban on alcohol sales and is bringing back a national curfew the government loosened one of the world's strictest lock downs setting off a sharp spike in new cases of coke at 19 south africa is going through stormy times not only in terms of the weather covered $1000.00 cases to spike hundreds of thousands of south african lost jobs because of the lock down the economy is shrinking and then on sunday the president's made an announcement that shocked those who like to drown their frustration with
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a glass of wine or beer now decided that the sale the dispensing and the distribution of alcohol would be suspended with immediate effect. there is. now clear evidence that the resumption of course he. has used to. pressure being put on hospitals. including trauma and i.c.u. unit in south africa already banned the sales of alcohol in the early stages of the lockdown but the industry pushed for reopening warning of massive job loss this what happened off towards the hospital admissions went up significantly about 17000 alcohol related trauma admissions in hospitals where record it's every week that's why for now the liquor stores throughout the country remain close to get a much nice change to me going to be straightforward i'm not going to be rude i think it's terrible i think it's
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a realistic need because in the leaking industry it is not only the people working in the bottle store there's about a 1000000 people now dead all you have to be at home no i don't call it did most dangerous thing that is what people are always fighting people like ladies who are a woman who have violated every time just because of uncle so i support the president did put in that was very good he's done but think the president also announced tonight curfew and stricter controls to enforce the airing of face mask but many here fear that this might not be enough to weather the storm off corona virus there's still a massive lead off intensive care units testing kits and a shortage of about $12000.00 health care warchus. adrian krishna reporting from south africa will from south africa to south america with over 320000 confirmed corona virus infections peru is 2nd only to brazil and confirmed cases in south america as well as placing a huge burden on peru's health care system the pandemic is making it hard for the
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poorest to earn a living. we have this report now from the capital. arturo is afraid of infection but he has no choice he was laid off from his job in retail and now he sells plastic face shields his commission is $0.50 per sealed and i have 3 kids i have to go out and earn money to feed my family. corona has hit hard 70 percent of peruvians live day to day working as street sellers or in construction block that measures here were initially strict and almost impossible to follow some rules have been relaxed and then the rules hit the poor hardest in some areas outside the capital lima neighbors have set up soup kitchens. there are lots of children and old people in need most of the people here live hand to mouth. intensive care beds are a luxury here the whole country has just over 1000 beds for 32000000 inhabitants
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doctors warn that's well below international standards. our health system has been broken for years now we're paying the price for having no real health policy for 4 decades. oxygen tanks for sick relatives do it yourself medicine where the state has fallen short. and for more now we want to go to journalist. who is in. that report there we just saw immediate shows and very distressing moments for. you were on the ground help bad news the situation in the country. it's been terrible i mean the numbers and tell you everything that this is how the 5th i think it is but latest count number a large number of cases anyway in the world a country of 3132000000 health care system has been overwhelmed and the corrupt
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governments coronavirus hotline ah i know it's cases where people have been cooling and cooling during weeks they found someone sick at home in the family and how to get through and some people are self medicating at home that by oxygen acts falsely inflated writes it's an oil crisis is enormous speculation. you know how to move the $1000.00 for all of oxygen the last 24 hours and of course peoples of dark at home the estimate for the real tests all that salt maybe something like $20000.00 registered coronavirus that simply true so far we also heard it in that report that the country has 1000 critical care beds i.c.u. beds for a population of around 32000000 people it's hard to believe i mean how is the health care system coping with these these kinds of numbers and these numbers of infections. well it's been overrun certainly in certain places peru is
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now up a minute up up a middle income country though there's still plenty of poverty and hunger but as a proportion of its g.d.p. it spends less on health care than almost any other country in latin america and i mean one sign of that has been the number of i.c.u. beds no one really knows the exact number of full the content and one bike to all 300. intensive care beds in the whole country the health minister says that number is now up to about $4800.00 they want to get it to about 2000 but there's so much catching up to do and so do the time right now and despite high infection rates the country is starting to reopen isn't ready for them all that's that's the big question we distil average in something like 3000 or a little over 3000 new cases per day the peak back in may the worst was
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nearly $9000.00 in a single day that we did on this path so now for whatever month maybe even almost 2 months of well a month and a half or 3000 cases. it's going down very very slowly but the economic pain here is just been so huge i think the although the government and prove units is a strong consensus people the fair of all taking this this coronavirus very seriously are just the economic pain is it's just too much for too many people and so the government i think feels it has little choice but to try and reopen at least partially the economy journalists simeon joining us tonight from lima peru simeon thank you. for here are some of the other main developments in the global health emergency california is imposing a sweeping rollback of its reopening the state is again closing all indoor
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restaurants bars and maybe theaters as cases of coronavirus so we're on kong has tightened its rules on social distancing after a sudden spike in new infections and the u.n. is predicting that tens of millions could go hungry or starve this year because of the corona but. and here's a look now at the other stories that are making headlines around the world this hour e.u. foreign ministers have met in person for the 1st time in months since the start of the pandemic they discussed taking measures against china over that controversial new security law imposed on hong kong human rights concerns in turkey were also on the agenda in brussels today because of those who president hushing touchy is being questioned by war crimes prosecutors at the hague they accuse him of crimes against humanity during kosovo's 1990 s. uprising against serbia speaking today outside the courtroom toci said that nobody can rewrite history and that he stands for quote truth reconciliation and peace.
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a body has been found at a lake in southern california where actress 9 year rivera went missing last week the 33 year old is believed to have drowned after renting a boat rivera started 6 seasons of the popular musical comedy. and sports news now the n.f.l. football team the washington redskins has confirmed it will change its name the announcement follows renewed protests over the redskins part of the name which is considered offensive to native americans the team's owner previously had stated that he would never change the name but he reconsidered after pressure from sponsors some publicly requested a change in the wake of the black lines matters protests. in soccer manchester city's 2 year european ban has been overturned by the court of arbitration for sport the english premier league club was sanctioned in february for serious breaches of financial regulations manchester city's players can look
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forward to european competition again next season with a 2 year ban now lifted talk of high profile players leaving has died down once a 10000000 euro fine is paid life will go back to normal for one of europe's super wealthy clubs you eva on the other hand will be reeling from another high profile humiliation man city have become the latest club to sidestep the way of his punishments as kerry says your man did last year with key figures in the game questioning the integrity of the organization and the purpose of its financial fair play measures gary lineker one of the most high profile figures in english football has even suggested you a for itself has no future according to the court of arbitration for sport you wait for his claims lacks sufficient evidence a chance to dole out real punishment has been lost by you with as less wealthy
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teams across europe wonder how unfair the playing field has to become before real action is taken. you're watching the w. news g.w. business is up next with rob want still be back right after this. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. try just 3 of the topics covered and a weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and more information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast
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