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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2020 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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the former. today the u.k. you say that it's 5 g. phone networks will not be built or equipped by the chinese tech giant who weigh a major u. turn for london that puts it on a collision course with beijing it also places britain firmly on the us i didn't what is looking more and more like a high tech cold war with china tonight the ebb and flow of global conflicts the berlin wall was torn down at the end of the 20th century in its place in the 21st century the chinese fire wall i'm bored often berlin this is the day. this government is clear on the time we will hold china town for numbers 30 isn't it possible to provide
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a business environment for chinese companies in britain that open fit and free from discrimination telecoms operators must not by any funds differently from funding companies china are subsidized by commerce our stocks are next to the pool he says the touchstone of the direction of the post breaks his british market and it is also the full cost of how safe chinese investment in greece in the u.s. will be talking about this is because you said. there's. also coming up tonight france is celebrating its national holiday bus still today but for many french women presidential politics are reason for condemnation not celebration. and i'm scared if i wear the team of sexual violence one day i would have to turn to institutions run by 6 us people accused of rape is to ensure.
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and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with britain's 5 g. phone network minus the chinese components today the u.k. government announced plans to ban the chinese tech giant who away from constructing the country's high speed 5 g. wireless network it marks a major course change for the u.k. on many levels who way was an equipment provider when the u.k. built its 2 g. 3 g. and 4 g. phone networks british prime ministers have hailed who away as proof of strong business ties with china but just as wireless phone networks have changed in their power in reach so has china itself who a is the global leader in 5 g. equipment but the u.s. says allowing a chinese company access to critical infrastructure such as 5 g. would be a threat to national security the c.e.o. of who way has said that the company would never engage espionage for beijing but
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u.s. president donald trump he is not convinced in may the u.s. imposed sanctions on who way to prevent the company from using american supplied microchips u.k. lawmakers say that was a game changer making it impossible to guarantee 5 g. equipment would not become a chinese trojan horse today's decision will no doubt damage relations between london and beijing but it will strengthen ties to washington and it marks a major foreign policy victory for the trumpet ministration. speeding up bridges broadband is a work in progress that test prime minister barak johnson wants to boost the network while facing u.s. pressure to ditch while away tensions between britain and china have escalated over beijing's crackdown in hong kong washington says china could use 5 g. for espionage. so it came as a surprise when digital secretary oliver dowden said huawei would be purged from
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the 5 g. network by 2027. the best way to secure our networks is for operators to stop using new affected huawei to quit and to build the u.k.'s future 5 g. networks so to be clear from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5 g. equipment from her wallet and once the telecom security bill is passed it will be illegal for them to do so. donald trump at long pushed johnson to reverse a decision he made in january giving while weigh a limited role in 5 g. the british bomb will raise china's hackles by signaling that the world's biggest telecoms equipment maker is no longer welcome in the west china views while way as a national champion and is certain to retaliate. but since leaving the e.u. johnson needs to boost trade ties of both the u.s. and china. 5 g. will become the nervous system of the future economy it will speed up everything
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from the flow of information on energy defense and transport to downloading movies and playing games to accessing global financial data. the focus now turns to europe german chancellor angela merkel has ruled out a ban on huawei she is trying to keep china on side without antagonizing washington d.c. the u.k. decision on while way makes up balancing act much more challenging. and indeed it does have to talk about that a lot more tonight i'm joined by ian bremmer he's president of the razor group n. g.'s iraq media and is one of the world's leading wrist assessors he joins me from new york city tonight in it's good to have you back on the day so let me ask you who won big today who won or who lost big today and why. well you know you already made the point in the in your opening segment there this is a win for trump i would argue that what we're calling the technology cold war
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between the u.s. and china has probably been the biggest success in foreign policy that the trump of ministration has had in 4 years this was not being taken seriously by previous administrations china has made it very clear that they want a war old dominating 5 g. system and ai more broadly under president xi jinping and the united states does not want to see that space they've made it clear to american allies that they need so follow the united states and a western effort at 5 g. or else there will be consequences and they've also made it clear to the chinese government right they intend to impose sanctions financial sanctions product anomic sanctions to limit the ability of companies like walk away to national champion in china from being able to access the semiconductors and other critical components would allow them to go to market and you've got countries like the united kingdom but not only the united kingdom reading the writing on the wall and even if they
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don't love president trump and love the way he does things god is certainly following the united states here what about the role of the pandemic do you think the u.k. would have changed course had there been new coronavirus and the bad p.r. that china has attracted because of this. well i'd say yes i think the kendah mclay 01 a few ways one because of course that the chinese did cover up the initial human to human transmission hurting their own people but also what the world health organization and the rest of the world that's led to a backlash from the united states but also from most of the commonwealth countries for example but also i would argue that the pandemic causing the 2 serious problems that she's in pain now has internationally you know he wasn't expecting 0 growth this year with 6 percent of g.d.p.
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stimulus so even achieve that i think one of the reasons why china decided to impose this national security law on hong kong was because of insecurity of chinese leadership domestically that things were going so badly for them they wanted to actually rally around the flag and clearly the hong kong decision and the u.k.'s reaction to that was a big part of the huawei decision that it strengthened hawks in the u.k. parliament and pushed boris johnson to act but i would argue that hong kong decision also came as a consequence of the pandemic so when when you see a global crisis that is this big you can't really assess any of the decisions that are being made outside of. i want to talk business for a moment which is take a listen to what the president of europe and latin america ericsson said today about the u.k. decision take a listen decision has been taken now you like it or not the season is an ounce and
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then not uncertain it is over and knowledge that britain and the government and operators can really start to declassify deep for the benefit of consumer industries enterprises and. then when it comes. from china again i can't speculate but be habits like in better over the last few years we have diversified so our dependency on one or one single country is betting minimal. it does not sound worried at all there does this decision today i mean that business is about to fall into their corporate laps if you will. you know i mean there is no reason for eriksson and nokia to rub this in china's space but there are the obvious winners here that there's still a problem and that is that there still isn't a real alternative to chinese 5 g. at the prices that huawei 4 can offer but what the united states is trying to
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address that this certainly stressing that ericsson and nokia are trust that suppliers and they are taking measures to start supporting the companies as a strategic alterna for example the united states now offering export credits and financing through that of development finance corporation starting in brazil and i think you will see that the u.s. will try to be more strategic in providing support for both ericsson and nokia and that's sure whether you see trump winning another term or whether biden comes in what's really interesting on this issue compared to almost every other foreign policy issue out there is virtually no white between president trump and former vice president biden this is a strategic calculation by the world's largest economy you and i have spoken before bell the great decoupling that is taking place between the world's 2 largest economies is that being excel raided by 5 g. geopolitics. absolutely i mean you and i talked about this before the pandemic we
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discussed it on the sidelines at the munich security council last year and it was very clear that 'd when you talk about anything that has a chip in it anything that involves the transmission of data united states and china developing separate systems that's not increased globalization it's decoupling and i think that decoupling is clearly growing as both sides lean into this fight the chinese are going to be stuff they'll have the largest internal data market in the world but they're not going to have india and they're not going to have the rich countries the fancy dust of the markets either 'd instead have a constellation of some of the poorest countries in the world that do a ponder and some of their trade with china but those are countries that also china's extended a lot of debt and given what's happening with the economic crisis right now they're not going to be able to repay it so i mean it's not quite popular to say in the united states right now but as bad as president trumps year has been president xi
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jinping is year has been worse this is this by far the worst year she could imagine since he's become president and you know even though it's of authoritarian system he's trying to get rid of term limits right he's up for another term potentially in 2022 i don't think that's a slam dunk right now and there's going to be more risk coming out of chinese political leadership as a consequence well i mean u.s. lapping sinkings over hong kong in sin john you're challenging china's claims in the south china sea i mean the u.s. appears to be putting china back in its in its box if you will or do you think we're watching a 21st century cold war take place right before our eyes right now. as i said it's a tech cold war and i thought it was going to come before we talked about the coronavirus but when you talk about a cold war more broadly people immediately think about the americans the soviets the east west blocks and you know i think that in 5 years' time if you go to a wal-mart you're still going to be buying a lot of chinese goods i think if you go to an american university mids here
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university in 5 years time the chinese students foreign students will still be paying the preponderance of the $41000000000.00 a year that those colleges and universities make thankfully from international students so i don't think we are talking about that kind of decoupling and 0 sum this in the totality of the u.s. china relationship that we experienced in the height of the cold war but we certainly have what i would say is even leaving aside the tech issues you mention a bunch of others the weaker is the south china sea on every issue that matters right now between the u.s. and china and i literally mean everyone there deteriorating it's heading towards more confrontation and right now given just how much economic challenge and crisis there is inside the united states and inside china i don't see a lot of movement a way towards reaching out a hand and trying to rebuild
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a little bit of trust that's been gone for some time. well we've got to i want to ask you a question or 2 about u.s. politics joe biden's u.s. presidential campaign they have purchased air time in texas and i think it's like we're talking 6 digit figures here and this is what texans now are about to see and here take a look here we got a excerpt here. i think in all of you cross texas. i know the rising case numbers just causing fear and apprehension. people are frightened or especially worried about their parents their grandparents loved ones who are most at risk in. this fires this tough in texas is tough because stop the spring use of all of us to do it we have to step up to both the simple things and the hard things to keep our families that are to be safe. wash your hands stay home if you keep a socially distance when you put. them on every single american you know. you're
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sick if you're struggling because you're worried about how you're going to get through the day i will not abandon you are all in this together we'll fight this thing you know together a merge team is stronger they were before me get. the job i and i approve this message so you know what are we what are they looking at there texas is a red republican staged is joe biden about to take texas blue. you just said it yourself it's a 6 figure spend the united states is not canada these a $1000000000.00 campaigns that's cherry picking i mean yeah of course we're going to do some as in some other states and you know they want to put trump on the defensive they want to make them feel scared i don't want to so this is not new so let's be clear but what is true is that right now biden has a $5.00 to $10.00 point lead in the national polls and in the swing states which is
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what matters as to who's going to win you should know that it's about a 5 point lead so that is certainly with 4 months to go that is hardly definitive but it does mean that it is plausible it's plausible that biden could win and take the senate and he takes the senate well and you get rid of the filibuster and washington d.c. becomes a state all of those things are possible right and also the 2 new democratic senate seats that is a radically different democrat domestic policy on climate on redistribution taxation on regulatory policy than anything we've seen in a long time and it would shift the balance of power in congress for a generation so there's a potential watershed election it's true in burma unfortunately we're out of time but always fascinating talking with you we appreciate your time tonight and your insights ian thank you my pleasure to be with you michael. france is celebrating its national holiday by steel day but this year public
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celebrations have been cancelled or scaled back in the capital paris for the 1st time since 1045 authorities have canceled the traditional parade along the state is a instead a much smaller event took place seach ring a tribute to health care workers representatives from 4 european countries including germany were also present as their governments took in $161.00 french virus victims at the height of the coronavirus crisis at home the president has been facing a lot of criticism only recently he told his cabinet but that is not going down well with everyone either especially when it comes to the appointments of justice minister do paul mirecki and the interior minister da may know. was these protesters are carrying gender equality symbolically to its growth. was they say the 2 recent appointments deal
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a death blow to the promise president in monaco made when he came to power 3 years ago. if it. is accused of having raped a woman in 2009 disappointment is it insulting to all women who are victims of sexual violence and japan what he has said women like being with search out in the street to what extent can you not listen to victims this is a scandal if condoms. i'm scared if i were a victim of sexual violence one day i would have to turn to institutions run by sexist people who are accused of rape as if to urge to do to earlier. the appointment of star lawyer in a good form or a ts justice minister is also causing a stir amongst magistrates they don't feel he's on their side did in the class and the men in my quite a measure of disappointment is like a declaration of war by a mark or as a lawyer diploma that he has time and again been contentious towards magistrates judges and prosecutors and there is
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a high risk of conflict of interest as law firm is involved in many high profile cases for example the now former justice minister just launched another inquiry into his latest case to promote it he will receive the results of that inquiry although he's also the lawyer pressing charges up off their butt out. the government is trying to calm the waves after all you pull my appointment was supposed to give mccoy new shine after 3 years of controversial reforms unlike in other countries the coronavirus crisis has hardly improved this sluggish approval ratings. we have i am much more with no one i would keep the best parts of our system and change its worst parts. i am entitled to the presumption of innocence but am obviously at the disposal of all magistrates and if you know. that but such words and me feel the anger of the woman's rights protest says more than $50000.00 people have already signed an online petition asking for the minister's
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resignation. is a bit of a country should take a stand against disappointments this concerns only and not just the one that's in front of. these protesters will continue their fight more gatherings and demonstrations are planned for the coming days. paris has the louvre new york the met here in berlin wants of museums in need of an image make over a new study concludes that the guardian of the art in artifacts the pression cultural heritage foundation is practically guilty of dereliction of duty failing in its job to attract international interests. it's a cultural treasure 2nd to none the pression cultural heritage foundation it's overseeing one of the world's biggest collections for over 60 years but it could do a lot better at state library holds the original score of beethoven's 9th symphony
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. for t.v.'s bust in its sublime beauty is part of the new museum's collection breathtaking pieces and yet berlin's museums are a kind of sleeping beauty waiting to wake up. we see the foundation structure as preventing the development of the constituent institutions themselves look at the numbers of visitors to the institutions and to individual exhibitions they're far behind those of comparable institutions such as the louvre in paris. the famed pergamon altar is off limits due to renovations. the exhibition concept for frederick the great summer palace is outdated too many cultural treasures to handle and an inflexible management structure that's inefficient and clumsy the assessment suggests dissolving and restructuring and to for individual institutions museums archives and libraries and
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research. they're going to put their recommendations into practice it's clear that it won't be a sprint but rather a marathon a process of reform that will hopefully create new different structures after 3 or maybe even 5 years. more money and staff will be required and more independent decision making the modernization project. treasures to join the 21st century and finally garner the respect they deserve it's a new start and an opportunity to make this world famous cultural heritage accessible to everyone. culture it's good to see you good to see you about the study was not flattering we have to say that i'm wondering has there been a lot of criticism coming from germany's cultural scene oh on this i think
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generally it's been it's been positively received it was considered a necessary decision but the whole question is of course how it's going to happen and how this restructuring process which will be enormous can actually bring more efficiency into the operation so this foundation really is. flagship of germany's cultural heritage it stands for as you know joining research in art and science with teaching it's a unique cultural institution in terms of its scope and the effort that's gone into this study is definitely a recognition of that significance but it is a be a moth. and we both know a structural bureaucracy is not exactly going to be conducive to creativity so there's criticism that the government actually shares a fair amount of the blame for its lagging behind that for instance normal upkeep measures like renovations modernizations and of course digitization which is a huge topic here have been neglected while very expensive projects have been realised elsewhere so now the government actually wants to have a bit more influence and they're prepared to find more money somewhere but many
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people are not really thinking that that's necessarily going to streamline the decision making process and it's a good speeds this stereotype of german bureaucracy and lots of red tape lots of paperwork these many many many multiple levels in order just to get one thing just to see in something like you know for t.v. for example germany's scientific council i understand has directed the worst criticism and state museums are stuffed to the rafters with troops of treasures but they don't have many visitors in other words you've got a lot to show but no one's looking at it that's true the numbers there are definitely shamefully low when you consider what it has to flaunt about 4200000 for all of them and 29000 which is a real shame because i mean if you look at the louvre in paris they had 1600000 making it the most visited in the world and then the viewing in london had 4.3 all by itself and the smithsonian museums and institutes as a whole had over 22000000 but it i should add that you really can't make a very simple comparison of all of these institutions because they are with the
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exception of the smithsonian and they certainly don't compare with the present foundation in terms of their scope with the whole section devoted to research in archives and their financing of course financing models of each. of them are very difficult and different with a lot of money is coming from private donors and just one of those we got about 20 seconds is going to be expensive so what needs what do we need to get in return i want to get off with the times and they need to be able to react faster to current political debate particularly around issues of germany's like germany's colonial past and the culture of a member of the us aren't things that he does a lot of reckoning to be done there are a carrot as always thank you and the days always done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either you w. news you can follow me at bring t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow gives another day we'll see you then about.
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