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2202250th anniversary year on you. this is the news live from berlin will not an e.u. court dismisses 13000000000 euros in back taxes taxes that the e.u. said apple must pay. it's a blow to european regulators trying to block profit shifting by multinationals island didn't want the money in the 1st place and sees it as a victory also coming up the u.s.
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president confronts china donald trump strips hong kong office of special trading status holding china accountable for its clampdown on human rights to. south africa reopens its schools despite a rise in cases of 1920 schools lack basic facilities will they become breeding grounds for the coronavirus. plus flooding in bangladesh forces more than a 1000000 people from their homes a further of the country is under water after some of the heaviest monsoon rains in decades and rivers are said to rise even further. welcome to the program we begin with breaking news the irish government and apple have won their appeal against a 26 the e.u. decision that sat apple had to pay the i was government 13000000000 euros in back
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taxes money that ireland didn't even want so i'll instruct the case to you have so . dublin has long denied that its tax arrangements with apple about so illegal state aid european commission is expected to appeal the ruling to the european court of justice. earlier this year then irish prime minister leo of arad current apple chief executive tim cook had an anniversary to celebrate 40 years since apple started manufacturing in ireland over the decades the e.u. country in the us i phone maker have both profited from the arrangement apple gets a massive tax break but it provides employment for multinational companies the favorable situation in ireland is practically unrivaled in europe at the moment firms officially pay 12.5 percent corporate tax in arland that's compared with the e.u. average of 21.3 percent officially companies in germany have to cough up at least
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30 percent. that alone has attracted many companies to ireland and in fact apple paid far less tax at times for example as little as 0.005 percent in 2014 when the tech giant paid just 50 euros tax on every 1000000 euros in profit. that was the last straw for e.u. competition commissioner my creative s. here in 2016 the european commission ordered apple to pay ireland 13000000000 euros in back taxes. but devlin and apple both appeal the ruling. well i'm now joined by sullivan from d.w. business who looks a little closer to the story it looks like a major vindication of countries a low tax policies like ireland so where does this leave the european commission in their fight against tax avoidance but it's definitely a blow hard symbolically it's a big blow but it is important to draw
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a distinction between this specific case and the wider fight against tax avoidance so this case looked at the issue of illegal state aid did apple's specific arrangements in ireland amount to a legal state it the courts today said it didn't that the commission did not prove that it did under various levels and the verdict is quite clear in that regard over the wider issue that is that countries like ireland and the netherlands and so on so forth that the commission increasingly has been looking to the competition commissioner margaret star has been increasingly looking to tackle this issue and we're seeing more and more reports the commission are increasingly willing to use 2 as they've never used before such as bringing in voting on changing the corporate tax structures in the not by totally all $27.00 members agreeing but by a qualified majority now if that comes in that would mean that the fight is still very much on but how does this ruling how will this go down across capitals and depends on what capital you're talking about in places like dublin the hague i suspect that it will be going down very well places like paris and berlin much less
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so the big backdrop of all this of course is that this week european leaders are meeting to discuss the pandemic recovery fund so they're asking the leaders of countries and governments to give on precedented sums of money that will be given as grants that they've never done before while at the same time they're seeing a court ruling today that grants companies like apple a fortune and the figures that we saw like where they're paid 0.0005 percent tax so obviously that is a very very difficult backdrop to argue on one level you're telling the leaders of certain countries we need your money while apple is merrily taking its money too. who knows where so obviously it's a very very difficult context or certainly there will be a challenge in reaction and i've no doubt it will come up at the talks that are happening this week so is this the end of the affair that no certainly not the european commission other hasn't confirmed as yet but will be a shock if they weren't going to appeal this to the highest court european court of justice and that if that happens we'll be waiting for another 2 years we could be back here in 2 years time talking with this guard and the overall fight against tax
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avoidance in europe and the world is a hold one that they always it is involved in that's not going anywhere the waters are rising on this issue it's a blow to the commission in their fight a significant blow but this is not over. thank you very much to the u.s. where president donald trump has signed an executive order ending hong kong special trading privileges is also announced a sanctions against officials and banks involved in beijing's crackdown on civil liberties in the territory china has condemned the decision and says it will retaliate with sanctions on u.s. citizens and other escalation of tensions between the u.s. and china trump took actions against china in retaliation for its recent moves on hong kong he authorized sanctions on banks and officials involved in imposing a tough new security law that effectively terminates the semi autonomous territories unique status the u.s.
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move comes to weeks after beijing passed a new law that many say represses fundamental democratic freedoms in the city the law prohibits what beijing views as subversive activities and gives the police sweeping powers to conduct searches and make arrests something the authorities made ample use of as soon as the law was passed. trump also revoked hong kong special trading status today also signed an executive order ending u.s. preferential treatment for hong. hong kong will now be treated the same as mainland china no special privileges no special it can trade print and no export of sensitive technology is without its privileges hong kong could lose its position as a bustling and competitive financial hub wiping out businesses and threatening livelihoods. as the deep freeze between the 2 superpowers shows no signs of
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thawing hong kong's residents are left out in the cold. for more on this story let's cross over to spelling who is in beijing how much pressure is this putting on china. i think the biggest pressure will be on hong kong hong kong's economy while in hong kong's business model was to be part of the western set of business rules of the dollar economy enjoying the status of of a free trade economy and when trading with western countries but being closely tied to china and many companies decided to channel their businesses with china through hong kong for exactly that reason so a lot of this business model will have to be rethought we don't know what will really happen but it looks a little bit like china's trying to transform hong kong into some kind of an offshore location for chinese businesses but that is still under the grip of china
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money has flown into hong kong from china in the last few weeks whereas a western businesses have been cautious. there's also a 2nd part to this that sanctions against individuals in china and hong kong would have been instrumental in imposing this national security law this might be a blow to individuals the chinese elite as well as the leader of hong kong likes to send their children to study in the u.s. and other western countries they're also families who have assets in western countries but i don't think anybody was unprepared for this so they might have made other arrangements in the meantime but here beijing has promised to retaliate what can we expect. beijing has retaliated in a similar case by imposing sanctions on you as politicians that means that u.s.
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politicians would not be issued visas to china this is of course way less threatening to u.s. politicians than those who the chinese elite the u.s. elite usually does not send their children to receive education in china and they do also do not transfer their assets to china to have them in a safe place but there are of course other ways that. china could use to retaliate 1st of all american businesses in china could be could be threatened in various ways could be targeted by various measures and that is probably something that the u.s. . business community would fear more than this kind of targeted magnitsky style sanctions that china has also started to adopt. in beijing for us thank you and we'll have more on the latest developments in hong kong in our business show including what it all means for the purchase trade and the economy
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that's coming up right after this news broke. and also some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has been admitted to hospital to receive treatment for a possible infection is 87 and one of the 4 liberals on the supreme court if she is replaced a new trump appointee is likely to shift the court in a solidly conservative direction. thousands of bolivians half protested against their government in the capital of past because of economic hardship caused by covert 19 some burnt effigies of political leaders they want to thirty's to do more to reactivate the economy after massive layoffs bolivia has about 50000 covert 90 cases. thousands have called on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign in a protest outside his official residence in jerusalem that has seen his popularity
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drop in recent weeks as he faces a trial on corruption charges and grapples with a deepening coronavirus crisis. for one 3rd of bangladesh is under water after some of the heaviest monsoon rains in a decade more than a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes by heavy flooding forecasters warn that major rivers are expected to rise further in the coming days. officials say the flooding began in late june after heavy rains in the northern parts of bangladesh and neighboring india the country's share of a 50 rivers while flooding takes place almost every year during the monsoon season this years have been particularly bad the situation in bangladesh has become dire for many especially farmers who depend on their livestock. that's when. the flood water is constantly rising neither we nor our cattle could go out we need
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a small boat to do so are we having problems with food to the cooking ovens have been flooded even our beds are under water. so get over the. the floods have destroyed crops and driven people in several impoverished regions from their homes well over a 1000000 people are on the move looking for safety. now homesteads have been flooded we had a small road out here but it got destroyed last night so we're trying to salvage all our crops like rice and corn and other goods. the country's flood forecasting center has warned that the situation could worsen still with major rivers expected to rise even further in the coming days. here are some of the other main developments in the global corona crisis u.s. states of alabama florida and north carolina have reported record daily increases
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in deaths from over 90 germany has issued a warning against all non-essential travel to luxembourg amid a recent spike in cases that france will make it compulsory for people to wear masks and shops and other enclosed spaces as often next month's. to south africa now where the president warns of the greatest crisis in the history of its democracy south africa now has about 300000 cases of covert 90 the highest rate in africa schools that reopened last month and since then several 1000 teachers and students have become infected with the virus for sen facilities have made many of south africa's schools a breeding ground for the virus t w correspondent ugly and krishna reports from the city of durban. 'd lisa other teachers toilets at the elementary school in kuan yew swat the woman started hasn't worked for years so the female teachers have always used the students facilities which are also in
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a sorry state. i started working here. 25 years pick. this like these yes did you think that after 25 years i thought. everything was right. and what i didn't see any change i didn't enjoy waking it's only that i like this trick i'd like to give now that's the only thing which proves. it pushes me. because i'd like to help these poorly in. 4 years she has pressed the ministry of education for support. do you believe her and said this new man to fix the whole school. only 3 roofs were repaired last year and even then only partially visiting teachers'
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union representative saying the roof is not watertight and the rainy season will soon be here critics say for years south africa has suffered from massive corruption in the awarding of government contracts there's no follow up there's no they've been meeting for their weapon that is done in our institutions you just to give people to go there do it their way or can then there's no one called chronos they're after what's to check a way that everything was done according to their book before they paid how would they paid if their work is not finished because you can see that it's not finished trucks deliver water but not enough many tanks remain empty the union says it was irresponsible to open schools like this and with the rapid growth uncovered. 1000 cases only 2 age groups have begun classes so far but others are to follow and the . infrastructure of the school has been neglected for
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years so at the moment there are only few learners here but the teachers fear that if more learners return to school it will be impossible to follow social distancing rules. have been no covered 9000 cases in the school so far but many parents work just an hour's drive away durban one of the country's coronavirus hotspots despite repeated requests we couldn't secure an interview either with the regional government or the federal ministry of education. although once lessons to continue regardless offer frustration at the pen demick. there is no future if you have to be killed to protect him because you're living in this country has made this the only thing that can help this is to go to school. and despite the difficult circumstances or war and here students are doing all they can to protect themselves from the coronavirus. alice cross over
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to do have you on the town who filed this report out and thousands of teachers and students became infected after schools reopened is the government considering closing them down again. it doesn't look like that at the moment the government argues that it has to cater for the rights of basic education for all children in south africa and they say that they need to adapt to the new reality to this new situation and for some learners especially from poor backgrounds this is indeed crucial not only when it comes to education but also when it comes to food on the table because there's these feeding schemes and schools here that provide one meal a day for free for all of the students going to school and remember south africa has one of the most equal societies in the world a huge gap between rich and poor and you can also see that obviously in schools and the education sector you have some very good rich schools they were of course able
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to provide online learning during the lockdown they're also better prepared for the new measures that. need to be put in place during the covered 19 outbreak but on the other hand you have a lot of poor schools and some experts argue that only if only some schools continue with the school that would have a very negative impact in the future on inequality and might even increase this get . public pressure likely to change that well the i would say the society is really divided here you have also teachers that are really divided you have those who are saying no we really have to stop that we have to close the schools it's not safe and on the other hand many are saying no no we have to continue the reality it looks like it we don't know when things will end and the unions who are calling for schools to close say we have to close them until the peak is over but nobody knows when the peak will be over you have to remember in south africa the situation was like this that they're locked on the strictest
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one was introduced in the early stages and that's meant ok the health sector could get ready and that's a big benefit but on the other hand it also meant that the people here are kind of tired of following lockdown regulations at the moment there's not a big willingness of going back to a strict lockdown at the moment despite this higher numbers which is obviously a problem. in cape town thank you for the 1st time since the coronavirus pandemic began spectators are being allowed to attend a major sporting event here in germany tennis tournament in berlin features some of the world's best players maintain its tours have been suspended since mid march organizers hope the berlin government at the berlin tournament will provide a blueprint for others to follow this is what going to watch sports looks like at the moment temperature checks facemasks and even this disinfection tunnel the tunnel sprays a mess that is said to kill the virus on clothes and shoes it's the 1st time since
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the start of the pandemic that more than a handful of fans have been allowed into a sporting event in germany this is a little bit strange is of course but we are used to it from the last 4 months ago so everything is all right with the mouse one good point with tennis is that it's most of the time outside. inside the stadium fans a c.t. it away from each other a maximum of 800 people are allowed into this 5000 capacity arena on course the ball boys and ball girls wear masks and gloves and there are no line judges with the umpire helps by electronic line calls we are trying our best that everything is safe for the players and for the organizers and so far so good austria's dominant team is the top ranked male player here he and others were tested for coronavirus
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at the weekend they can staying in a hygiene bubble shuttle from their hotel to the stadium some matches and practice . from the safety point of view or think all. all measures are perfect here. it's a far cry from these pictures players including team partying at the recent andrea tour organized by world number one novak djokovic each some participant score coronavirus at the event mistakes it's clear it's no walk in than all the others i mean we didn't commit any crimes so. we have to we have to say that point we learn from the mistakes we definitely did. then it's a good thing and we have to be careful the tournament director barbara written it's a chance for tennis to restore its reputation we have to give the proof for the
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tennis family that we can do it that we are able to take responsibility that that we found out the way that it is possible to play with a couple of spectators as well we could be a role model in future even even for the u.s. tournaments you know this world where maybe the hygene show would be a key for spectators. representatives and public forum is here this week to see what they can and with many players still unsure about participating in the u.s. open next month perhaps what's happening here in berlin can convince them it's safe to do so. as a wheelchair user the artist jason wilson mills has long found ways to surmount obstacles that come his way so when the coronavirus interrupted his planned exhibit at the tate modern he got to work on plan b. his installation did go up and up and up right in his own backyard.
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it's as if there's some sort of strange resurrection underway in jason wilson mills garden but this isn't a bouncy castle it's art the artist is self isolating journey coronavirus kind of like because he's in the high risk group his inflatable sculptures should have been in london's tate modern but with galleries closed jason has had to get creative and such have his own private exhibition. the reaction is. a smile so i mean gauging with them making them laugh and make them smile then i've got them and i can talk about the difficult things about how disabled people are being treated about how how difficult life can be for disabled people. behind all the color and fun there's an important message jason subjects always have a visible handicap such as a white stick or a cane his artwork details his daily life as a disabled man. he started out as
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a classical artist and his illness led him on a new path making art on a tablet he merges virtual and real worlds his goal to promote disabled people's rights in a fun and entertaining way. i was in my bedroom and then i saw something driving all over the fact that i thought what's actually fat and then it just got bigger and bigger and it was this was. and his creative imagination is helping inspire the next generation of would be artists i wanted to put this man chases saying that i really like this guy and that style is particularly effective at night it's a guiding light in the dark hours and intended for losses suffering during the coronavirus crisis yes up to i think i probably have a lot the lowdown and. and i'm going to make sure that i am future proof as well as
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an artist to disable. with a weird immune system so that i can i can do my job museums can now open again and soon these sculptures will be flying high where they belong in front of a large audience. and not another artist whose identity is unknown but his up works come on record prices bank sees distinctive style has made him one of the world's most famous street artists on tuesday he released a video showing his newest work painted in a london subway train it's a commentary on what it was the coronavirus. the street artist going underground disguising himself as a 2 part cleaner and then getting to work. stenciling his signature raps on the walls this one apparently sneezes on the window he called the hard work if you don't mask you don't get. people on the carriage preferred not
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to get involved. london's underground operator has confirmed the work has already been removed. banks's works often sold for huge sums the rats made this carriage priceless. for a while. thanks. and that's it for me on the news stream penciling that's the business news no special.
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training of a class a career a thing of the. young people in the age of covert 19 facepalm presidents of unsaid . what can they look forward to when everything is changing so fast. generational knock down. claims. made injured.
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in 60 minutes on t w. i think in everything challenging 1st an army a muslim. school much different culture between here and there challenging for everything. from the so i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor. and now our 2 children $100.00 votes was one of the toughest . what's your story take part sheriff on info migrants dot next. are they friends she wanted to be with you and she said i see here the door would you wish it wasn't really a full time on the fringes you mentioned or are they and i mean he's clearly an
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image of the mission of the huge seal in the border in syria presumably misusing what he's going to give them to my network for projects almost trumped them slightly near putin were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their model rate and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. apple and island when their dispute with the european union over back taxes and e.u. court lets the tech giant off the hook over what the commission claimed was an illegal sweetheart tax deal with the irish. another corporate political tug of war is playing out in the proportions of this battle just got bigger beijing accuses britain of helping washington.


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