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this is deja vu news live from berlin a big win for apple a european ports overrules a decision requiring the tech giant dissipate 13000000000 years in back taxes to iron and it's a blow to e.u. efforts to crack down on the top tax deals of big business also coming up. the u.s. snaps sanctions on china and strips hong kong off its special trading status for prism donald trump says he is holding china accountable for its clampdown on human rights day beijing saying it will retaliate. coronavirus case assault
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in south africa and many say i'm sanitary conditions in the nation's school the softer bank will show you what's been done to keep children safe. to class german police and to heavily armed suspect in the country's back far as he is accused of disarming several officers at gunpoint before feeding into the woods. hello i'm christine want to welcome to the program the irish government and apple have won their appeal against a 2016 e.u. decision that said apple had to pay back the irish government 13000000000 viewers in back taxes money that i lent didn't even want so i didn't took the case to. court dublin has long to. night that it's tax arrangements with apple amounts to
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illegal state aid now the european commission is expected to appeal the ruling in the european court of justice. early this year then irish prime minister leader of arad current apple chief executive tim cook had an anniversary to celebrate 40 years since apple started manufacturing in ireland over the decades the e.u. country in the us i phone maker have both profited from the arrangement apple gets a massive tax break but it provides employment for multinational companies the favorable situation in ireland is practically unrivaled in europe at the moment firms officially pay 12.5 percent corporate tax in arland that's compared with the e.u. average of 21.3 percent officially companies in germany have to cough up at least 30 percent and that alone has attracted many companies to ireland and in fact apple paid far less tax at times for example is little is 0.005
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percent in 2014 when the tech giant paid just 50 euros tax on every 1000000 euros in profit. that was the last straw for e.u. competition commissioner my creative astaire in 26 t. in the european commission ordered apple to pay arlin 13000000000 euros in back taxes but dublin and apple both appealed the ruling. and i'm now joined by if it couldn't be a business that's very interesting if it so the e.u. has been trying to clamp down on the low tax policies like what you have in ireland where does this leave the commission's fight against tax avoidance. i think i think the fight has changed over the last few years for one and we've had the covert pandemic i think change a lot of things but it puts. a major setback to the to the way that they're trying to clamp down on big companies getting these low tax. but at the same time the
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irish would argue that they're a small country and they need to compete against countries like germany within this block i'm one of their ways of competitive advantage is by offering low tax rates so overall i think it's a blow for the e.u. efforts but at the same time i think a lot of the smaller countries in europe and eastern european countries for example would be looking at this is a kind of a victory for those who don't have the great volume and strength that countries like germany and france are right and that is another thing right how is this news likely to go down. i think if you go down very well in dublin. a lot of people in dublin are obviously upset that they they were not getting the money that they're not getting the money but at the same time i think the way they are presenting it as they've they've stuck with aapl on this and that's been seen as a bonus for them in terms of their relationship with apple and it would also maybe attract more people to look at a countries like arlen's rather than going for the big manufacturing centers as we
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say of france and germany that's right yeah because the point you making is ireland joined apple in appealing the decision essentially and so is this the end of the if it isn't what i think is interesting we've had because of the pandemic for example we've had things like you have towns are getting a massive bailout from the e.u. right and that's brought a lot of questions about competition monopoly and all of these things are being brought into court into play now so low the rules that we used to have an e.u. are no longer in place so i think we're going to see a lot more thinking about how these how these rules are in acted and about the best way to get through what is a difficult situation and then ultimately then to see how countries like ireland deal with companies like apple yeah yeah its competition business tax avoidance is the kind raging debate right now waiting for the next tip of could and from a business thank you for that. he was president donald trump has signed an executive order ending hong kong special trading purpose he also announced
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sanctions against officials and banks involved in beijing is crackdown on civil liberties in the territory china has condemned the decision and say as it will retaliate with sanctions on u.s. citizens and other escalation of tensions between the u.s. and china. trump took actions against china in retaliation for its recent moves on hong kong he authorized sanctions on banks and officials involved in imposing a tough new security law that effectively terminates the semi autonomous territories unique status the u.s. move comes to weeks after beijing passed a new law that many say represses fundamental democratic freedoms in the city the law prohibits what beijing views as subversive activities and gives the police sweeping powers to conduct searches and make arrests something the authorities made ample use of as soon as the law was passed. trump also revoked hong kong special
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trading status today also signed an executive order ending u.s. preferential treatment for hong kong hong kong will now be treated the same as mail in jail no special privileges those special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technology is. without its privileges hong kong could lose its position as the bustling am competitive financial hub wiping out businesses and threatening my leave goods. as the de priest between the 2 superpowers shows no signs of bowing hong kong's residents are left out in the cold. and now to some of the stories making news around the world u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has been admitted to hospital to receive treatment for a possible infection is 87 and one of the 4 liberals on the supreme court if she's
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repaints to a new trump appointee is likely to shift the court in a solidly conservative direction. thousands of bulgarians gathered for the 6th evening in a row outside the government headquarters in sofia demonstrators are putting pressure on veteran premier. to resign over his perceived links with. the price was peaceful until a group of protesters started throwing. beer cans and smoke bombs. german police and customs officers have discovered 31 migrants hidden inside a refrigerated truck reports say the migrants were all male and came from turkey syria iran and iraq the vehicle stopped near the czech border and had a turkish license plate and the turkish driver is now in custody. is to bangladesh now where one 3rd of the country is under water after some of the heaviest monsoon rains in a decade well then a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes by heavy flooding focus just on
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that major rivers are expected to rise further in coming days. officials say the flooding began in late june after heavy rains in the northern parts of bangladesh and neighboring india. the country share over 50 rivers while flooding takes place almost every year during the monsoon season this years have been particularly bad the situation in bangladesh has become dire for many especially farmers who depend on their livestock. that's what your body will do was the flood water is constantly rising neither we nor our cattle could go out we need a small boat to do so are we having problems with food to the cooking ovens have been flooded even our beds are under water. because it will get over the body the floods have destroyed crops and driven people in several impoverished regions from their homes while over a 1000000 people are on the move looking for safety. by doing what
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our home states have been flooded we had a small road out here but it got destroyed last night so we're trying to salvage all our crops like rice and corn and other goods. the country's flood forecasting center has warned that the situation could worsen still with major rivers expected to rise even further in the coming days south african el presence around the also has warned off the greatest crisis in the history of its democracy south africa now has about 300000 coronavirus cases the highest rate on the continent schools they reopened last month and since then several 1000 teachers and students have become infected with the virus plus sanitary facilities have made many of south africa's schools a breeding ground for the virus did every correspondence actually increase reports on the city. at least other teachers toilets of the elementary school and
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kuan yew swell the woman started hasn't worked for years so the female teachers have always used the students facilities which are also in a sorry state. i started working here. 25 years pick. this. yes did you think that after 25 years i thought with. your right. what i didn't see any change i didn't enjoy waking it's only that i like the slick. that's the only thing which brings. it pushes. because i like to help these poorly. for years she has pressed the ministry of education for support. lieberman says this new mom to fix the
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hole in the school. only 3 roofs were repaired last year and even then only partially visiting teachers' union representative say the roof is not watertight and the rainy season will soon be here critics say for years south africa has suffered from massive corruption and the awarding of government contracts there's no follow up there's no i can't get the meeting for their work and that is that in our institutions you just pick give people to go there do it their way or can then there's no one call chronos there after what's to check a way that everything was done according to their broker before they played how would they paid if their work is not finished because you can see that day there it's not finished trucks deliver water but not enough many tanks remain empty the union says it was irresponsible to open schools like this with
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a rapid growth uncovered 19 k. . only 2 age groups have begun classes so far but others are to follow in the. the infrastructure of the school has been neglected for years at the moment there are only a few learners here but the teachers fear that if more learners return to school it will be impossible to follow social distancing rules. have been no cause but 9000 cases in the school so far many parents work just an hour's drive away. one of the country's coronavirus hot spots despite repeated requests we couldn't secure an interview either with the regional government or the federal ministry of education . once lessons to continue regardless offer frustration and. there's no future for her to be to return to action in. this country she's made these the only thing that can
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help this is to go to school and live just by the difficult circumstances or war and here students are doing all they can to protect themselves from the coronavirus . it's bringing on an ad to increase he's the author of the report you just got to see so thousands of teachers and students have to come and fix it since schools reopened house the government reacted to that. well the government says it still has to cater for the rights to basic education for all children in the country and they say that everybody has to adapt with this new situation the new normal they call it and for many students this is especially from poor backgrounds it is crucial not only because of the education they get at schools but also because of feeding schemes they get warm food there in schools which is crucial for many families from poor backgrounds so this is definitely another
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important aspect that has to be considered in this debate right age and so there is a lot of pressure on the government. to change its response specifically in this case you could talk about the unions for example is that likely to happen. well the minister said the minister of basic education she will hold meetings with stakeholders throughout the weekend address the nation later point of time but you know the society here is divided teachers are also divided so you have those who are saying yes we definitely have to stop at the pen demick is a very dangerous state at the moment on the other hand you have a lot of teachers to say we have to keep on living the way it is the moment and we can't just stop learners from going to schools because also you have to remember that this country is very. quality in south africa is really enormous compared to other countries and you have a situation whereby you have a few very good rich schools they were able to offer online learning for example in
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the past they also can cope with this new measures for fighting covered 90 at the moment much better than those schools who don't have the means the poorest schools and experts believe that if only some schools will be able to operate during this time this inequality will increase in the future as well you know it's an interesting point. it isn't just this debate is raging as a country is reporting more and more cases as you mentioned this is a very difficult time terms of the corner virus. in the country what is the latest on that front. well it seems some regions prepared rather well during the lockdown you know the looked on the initial idea was to prepare the health sector but in some areas it didn't seem to be the case for example the area around pretoria in johannesburg or the eastern cape they face message challenges at the moment a mess of leg of intensive care units for example throughout the country there's a shortage of 12000 health care workers at the moment and then there's still the
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big issue of testing capacity via south africa by far the most tests on the continent but still at the moment when you go to a public institution you will only be tested for the age of 55 or you have co-morbidities otherwise there's no chance for you to get tested even if you're sick. ok that's actually increased. reporting on that story thank you. and here are some of the other main developments in the global corona crisis u.s. states of alabama florida north carolina have reported daily increases in deaths from. germany has issued a warning against all nonessential travel to. amid a recent spike in cases there and france will make it compulsory for people to weigh in mosques in shops and the public spaces as of next month now police in germany's black forest are still searching for
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a man who does all full offices at gunpoint and made off with their weapons they say they are checking manifesto that could possibly stem from the 31 year old suspect he fit into the woods near this. canal off to disarming the offices on sunday possible i had and there should be nice to matt who they say it was wearing camouflage and carrying a bull and arrow. to get more on this is going to have to report to william glue crossed on the ground i william so what's the situation there where you are right now. i can see well as you can see i'm on a converted football field that's become basically the command post for this massive search manhunt that's been going on for him to 4 days now for this man eaves who is a local here who had no fixed address and on sunday he was approached by police after they were called out to. a forest hut of
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a kind where he was where he was and after what was called by police a relaxed no big deal encounter when they tried to search him that he apparently pulled a pistol that they hadn't seen on them and that basically forced the 4 officers to lay down their weapons they said they felt threatened for their lives and they want to deescalate and that was when allegedly this man took those weapons and fled into the woods and that's where he is apparently ever since there is behind me at least a dozen but before there was as many as 2 dozen as well as 2 helicopters you can see one behind me all after this one man who is somewhere they think in the woods around me. what more do we know about this man. it's quite a divided picture if you listen to police they see he is a man who is armed and dangerous he has 15 to 20 years of a criminal record behind him of illegal arms possession he's described as
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a weapons fanatic he's described as something of a loner of a sort of a social outlier but the local media and also on facebook there's been lots of posts from people who claim to be his friends people who know him even his mother is said to have has spoken up saying that this is a man who means no harm he's not a violent man he's not dangerous in fact the mother is reported to have met him for coffee just a few days ago and she said there was nothing nothing a ride with him nothing seemed out of place so very very much 2 different pictures of this man coming out the police are saying he's armed and dangerous and should be approached with caution ok what happens next. it had been 6 this continues this manhunt continues and police today said they're actually going to scale back visible operations they want the town as the mayor of this town himself said recently to return to some sense of normalcy normalcy but they said that they will be increasing operations in the background so we might not
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see their presence but according to police they are very much here but how this all ends and when they might be found if it all is still very much an open question ok that's. william blue cross in the black forest in that story for us thanks william . companies in developed nations have often been accused of turning a blind eye to conditions at the factories and farms where they sold their products but now the german government is planning to make them accountable for their overseas supply chains it's banning and all that will impact a wide range of six's from textiles to. these pictures show the tea harvest in the northern indian state of assam many german wholesalers buy their tea here produced under working conditions that would not be allowed in germany says development minister gad miller. these are conditions like an early colonial times an awesome women working 12 hour days in the heat on steep slopes
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and earning $1.00 a day i mean top. up to now german companies can commit themselves voluntarily to uphold acceptable social and ecological standards along their supply chains but few actually do and there's been no consequences for abuses we are supposed to this means we're accepting and cementing exploitation of people in the environment in developing countries and we're tolerating child labor on a massive scale by that new legislation could stop that the so-called supply chain in law would make larger companies responsible for maintaining ethical standards with regard to subsidiaries and contractors abroad and make them liable for violations but businesses are protesting saying it would be impossible to monitor all foreign suppliers and that by going it alone germany would put its companies at a competitive disadvantage instead they're calling for a europe wide solution. also in other news thousands of libyans have taken to the
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streets and protest against their government in the capital because of economic hardship caused by. some burned if ages of political leaders they want. to do more to reactivate the economy off to massive layoffs bolivia has about $50000.00 unfriend cases. glenn maxwell has been denied bail ought to be to not guilty to sex crime charges with a lot of the link to dealings with her former associate jeffrey epstein u.s. prosecutors say the bridge socialite is a flight risk she's accused of helping the late finance to recruit and abuse mine is. the british city of bristol has a new sculpture to replace the statue off a slave trade a pull down last month a sculpture of a black protester who helped topple him now stands in his place the author was installed without permission early on wednesday morning. i.
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the moment that sparked a nationwide to pay suppliers had to deal with britain's colonial past. the 17th century slave trader at word colston was pulled down by black lives matter protesters in bristol and june. on tackling the face of many of his victims thrown into the sea. the print he once looked down from now has a new occupant local resident chen read. the artworks inspired by a viral instagram post i read and picturing her shortly after the coast and start she was toppled you know for me. you know i raise my fist and i raise my fist to give power to the people back to the slaves who died at the hands of pollsters and titled a surge of power at the sculpture was installed without the local councils approval
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and intervention dreamed up by artists marquand you know we had to keep it secret because this is a really really clear this is a temporary installation it's not saying this is what should be on the plate for say this conversation is in the public realm and i want this girl through part of the conversation. they hope to start she will inspire more action to tackle racism it's definitely coast news no more and it's time to change it's time to move on it's time you know to people to keep talking and educate themselves and i just think that's really important. bristow's mayor has now confirmed if and when the stop she will be removed but she says the future of the plant must be decided in a process that includes everyone in the city even those who would have preferred that were colston to remain. now while his identity is unknown and his authentic record prices fancies distinctive style has made him one of the world's most famous
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street artists on tuesday he released a video showing his newest work painted in a london subway train it's a commentary on what else the current desires of. the street are just going underground disguising himself as a 2 part cleaner and then getting to work. stenciling the signature rats on the wall. this one apparently sneezes on the window he called the hard work if you don't mask you don't get. people in the carriage preferred not to get involved. in london's underground operator has confirmed the work has already been removed. banks's works often sold for huge sums the rats made this carriage priceless. for a while. it watching the news from
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berlin don't forget you can also staff today on our website at state of the dot com you can also follow us on twitter and on instagram in years i'll be back at the top of the hour on myself and the team it's been great having your company back.
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dreaming of the future planning of korea i think of the cost of young people in the n.h.s. covert 19 faced unprecedented uncertainty. what can they look forward to when everything is changing so fast. generational knocked down. made in germany. next on d w. stories
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