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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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that are made public every day about america's coronavirus crisis so he's taking over the numbers ordering hospitals to send their data to him instead of the nation's top medical experts as the white house politicizes the pandemic researchers are rushing to find a vaccine and there is new reason to hope tonight there's also reason to worry about another virus to i'm forgotten berlin this is the day. that changed any great interest in response to the future vaccine against the corona virus must be available to everyone everywhere there's a global public goods at people's facts. which protection if we just let drugs and vaccines go to the highest bidder instead of to the people in the places where they're most needed so there's nothing there that would inhibit us
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from going on to larger trials and they're currently working on hop a longer more and deadlier pandemic. also coming up tonight teachers in south africa say their schools are becoming breeding grounds for the coronavirus and they blame corruption that they say existed before their students were even born there's no follow up there's no need to for their wicked that is bad in our institutions. to give people to go there to do it their way can bend as no one call comes the off that wants to change the way that everything was done according to their. viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with what could be the twilight of transparency in america's battle against the coronavirus on. newsday the u.s.
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reported $67000.00 new cases of the virus that's the highest daily figure yet the death toll in the country is moving towards $140006.00 hospitals in miami florida are now filled to the brim with coated 1000 patients of these are statistics that the u.s. president does not like so donald trump has ordered hospitals in the united states to stop sending data to the centers for disease control instead the numbers will bypass the c.d.c. and go directly to the trump administration will those numbers be released or kept secret will public health be managed in the dark now this shows how politicized the outbreak in america is becoming but that offers politicians no protection from the virus today the governor of oklahoma kevin stitt became the 1st governor did test positive oklahoma was one of the states to reopen early and it's code 900 numbers have skyrocketed here is what the governor said today this is
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a personal responsibility this is something that we're going to be treated there not like. if you feel safer where i'm not in a lot of businesses are required it's out there it's a virus and. we've got the city to be cautious but you know i don't really 2nd guess anything. for more tonight i'm joined by one of the top of the to me ologist in the united states jennifer warney is a professor and founding director of the university of delaware is program in epidemiology she is one of the go to experts from ebola to swine flu jennifer it's good to have you back on the program the 1st vaccine tested in the u.s. the 1st trials are showing that people develop immunity to the corona virus how optimistic should we be at this stage. so i think we do you have some
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reason for optimism the trials seem to be working and the drug manufacturers have said they might be able to deliver doses even as early as october. i want to that was recently noted by juliette kayyem that her that i want to amplify that vaccines don't save people vaccinations so once we have the vaccine we need another massive public health campaign to ensure that we have high coverage especially among vulnerable populations jennifer let me ask you in a country that has not been able to provide testing to everyone as you and i have discussed should be the case if you can provide the testing can you then distribute a vaccine to everyone who needs well i think that's really going to be a challenge with the number of vaccines that we need and with the number of people that we have that will be hesitant to receive a new vaccine for both legitimate and maybe not it's
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a legitimate concerns our public health system is stretched to the brink right now and so the idea of having it in charge of yet another big campaign both in the u.s. and globally is going to be a big challenge the european union today said that now was the time to be planning for to. take a listen to what was. we know that every year says another influence that creates there on our scale systems and even the outbreaks coincides course it would be an important additional strain these fall where therefore calling on member states to immediately can see directive it is that it would reduce the burden of season on its less member states this year should concede they're starting. with next admission campaigns and broden inc target groups to increase influence of oxidation coverage ard so we've got the european union saying this
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year we should start salute vaccines flu shots earlier than usual what do you make of that plan and is the u.s. planning to do the same so i haven't heard any plans for starting influenza vaccination early here in the u.s. i'm far more concerned about the fact that at least 30 countries around the world have interrupted their regular x. a nation programs and we have these outbreaks confirmed in 18 of those their countries so in addition to covering our own influenza vaccination and broader vaccination and in europe in the u.s. we need to be dramatically increasing the assistance we're providing to these other nations that really cannot continue to provide essential public health services at the same time they're playing a pandemic. let me turn your attention back to the u.s. miami is now considered the epicenter of this global pandemic and a key model which is referred to frequently is now predicting that there will be
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more than 200000 deaths in the u.s. from code 19 by november let me get your take what do you think when you hear those numbers. i think what we're seeing now and how we will get to 200000 by november is what epidemiologists called last time by testing people who are only here often before they have symptoms so we do know for a longer period of time is in fact it and so the increases in hospitalization and rates are several weeks behind the services in cases and in the same time we have groups like children under 18 where we're still not testing enough even though the state of florida reported today a 31 percent positive rate among children being tested. me 31 percent is really it's just amazing in terrible hospital data are 2 misfires the target is 5 percent i think i think that we're running around under one or 2 percent here in
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germany so you're yeah it's really it's really bad what about the data that we're getting from hospitals the coronavirus data in the u.s. we understand will no longer be sent to the centers for disease control instead it will be. rerouted to the trunk administration so that puts statistics in the hands of the white house instead of the country's top infectious disease experts or you were alarmed by this. absolutely i think it is important to note that c.d.c. is part of the department of health and human services and theoretically should continue to have access to the data however the contracts to build and manage the system have been awarded to private software companies with ties to the trumpet ministration and we've already seen high profile resignations or efforts to made their plate data so it just takes the question why now to build a new system i mean you've got experience you've worked with the ebola outbreak in
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west africa swine flu at the beginning of our talk and you've seen so much around the world have you ever seen anything comparable what gives anywhere in the world in terms of a politician or a leader trying to take control of the data. yes unfortunately i think there are comparable situations that we saw after each $1.00 and $1.00 all over the world but those have happened in countries we traditionally think of as lacking transparency and accountability not go over to quickly seeing if they the u.s. public response arrives jennifer when you joining us tonight from delaware with the latest on the pandemic in the u.s. and the president's attempts also to take control of the covert 19 data it's jennifer as always we appreciate your time and your insights thank you. and coming up the tax man is not coming to tech giant apple gets
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a $13000000000.00 euro irish tax bill overturned money that ireland did not even want all companies should pay their fair share of tax. the correct amount of i wish tox let's charged. it towards the deprives the public and citizens of funds for much needed investments. it simply shows that the we cannot go on and leave us safe havens tax havens for businesses i mean coordinate that type of global level. island did not provide light stay say topple. in south africa the president is warning of the greatest crisis in the history of the country's democracy south africa now has more than $300000.00 cases of coronavirus
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that's the highest in africa schools there reopened last month and since then poor sanitary facilities have made many of the schools a breeding ground for the coronavirus d.w. corresponded adrian creech reports tonight from the city of durban. at least other teachers toilets of the elementary school in kuan yew swell the woman started hasn't worked for years so the female teachers have always used the students facilities which are also in a sorry state. i started working here. 25 years. this. yes did you think the pits turn it after 25. i think. you're right. what i didn't see any change i didn't enjoy waking it's only that i'd like. to you know that's the only thing that really
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. gets pushy. because i like to help these poorly. for years she has pressed the ministry of education for support. lieberman says this new money to fix the horrible school. only 3 roofs were repaired last year and even then only partially visiting teachers' union representative say group is not water tight and the rainy season will soon be here critics say for years south africa has suffered from massive corruption and the awarding of government contracts there's no follow up there's no they've been meeting for their weapon that is that in our institutions you just to give people to go there do it there where can then there's no one for chronos there afterwards to check away that everything was done according to their broker before they paid
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how were they paid if if their work is not finished because you can see that it's not finished trucks deliver water but not enough many tanks remain empty the union says it was irresponsible to open schools like this and with the rapid growth uncovered. 1000 cases only 2 age groups have begun classes so far but others are to follow in the. eye. the infrastructure of the school has been neglected for us at the moment there are only a few learners here but the teachers fear that if more learn as return to school it will be impossible to follow social distancing rules. have been no covered 9000 cases in the school so far but many parents will just an hour's drive away. one of the country's coronavirus hot spots despite repeated requests we couldn't secure an interview either with the regional government or the federal ministry of education
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. tell me although once lessons to continue regardless offer frustration and the pandemic. this new future holds the key to return trip to india is there anything in this country which is made these the only thing that can help these being nice is to go to school and despite the difficult circumstances oh boy and his students are doing all they can to protect themselves from coronavirus. last week the future of hundreds of thousands of foreign students in the united states suddenly looked uncertain trumpet ministration confirmed that all international students at colleges and universities in the u.s. offering only online courses would not be allowed to remain in the u.s. you either have to enroll in a different school leave the country or face deportation harvard and mit sued the
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government calling that these are regulation cruel on tuesday the top administration rescinded that these regulations and said students can stay in the country but i felt like there was a huge sense of relief and i felt this huge number and just. john taken away it was any mean and humane and unfair because most of us have repeat false question we are a sign that releases we early ration for classes so be too late to do anything at this point the timing of that memo is really a sitter and humane but one of the students impacted by that rule was bill coming from germany she is a ph d. student at harvard university who joins me tonight from cambridge massachusetts and it's good to see you again i want to remind our viewers last week when we spoke harvard announced that it will offer on the online courses next semester you did
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not know where you would be next month you were anxious you were worried pick up the story from there i mean how did you get through mentally and emotional yeah well i would say that you know very quickly after you heard about this announcement there was a lot f. student activists and there were a lot of hoops coming so i built this network with thousands of other students who are trying our best to advocate soon to educate the public about what's going on and just also built mutual support and and then i try to get as many interviews and testimonies as i could i gave my testimony for one of the family lawsuits and i spoke at a rally so i was just trying to do everything in my power to make sure this christmas ended and so did many other students and it worked yeah it definitely
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worked there was a lot of media coverage of this story what impact did that have in your pain. yeah i think that it had a huge impact i would say in the beginning and the uptake especially from major u.s. news sources was not that great remember looking at and you have times briefing at the end of the night and the day that she came out and there was nothing in there and i was very upset and then once at harvard filed a lawsuit things like death and i think that then all kinds of media outlets had a huge impact on shaping the public's opinion about this and showing how cool this band really was and thankfully the situation this time looks much better for you and thousands of other students in the u.s. compared to when we last spoke tell me how did you find out that the rule had been rescinded and what did you think when you found out you had as i was actually in the room going happened i had booked a courtroom scene for 40 hearing in the harvard case before judge barros and it
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only lasted for about 2 minutes so it got started and she says that that and the harvard mit and the government had come to an agreement and that would be edible to . them i say decision with me or spend it and yeah i was shocked my partner was dare i started crying. so yeah that's how i thought out i mean how did you feel that your school harvard university had joined with mit to sue the government. i think it was to buy things to do i think harvard has a lot of money if you huge and outmanned and but better use photos and down the dollars i mean there's a lot of good news is that i think that's one of the better uses to actually and help the students that think i'm very proud of the school that they have made this choice and i hope they will make that choice in the future when it comes to you know protecting their marginalized students who are. in an
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undocumented who are still kind of fit and at the moment they're still don't know what's happening to the incoming students i hope they continue doing that let me ask you once before we run out of time there was concern that this visa regulation would hurt america's reputation as being a destination for international students to study how does that image look now in your eyes after the rule being rescinded yeah i think i mean developing the senate so quickly is definitely. maybe did some damage prevention but i would say it is probably still some damage i think that you know students are and the future the next 3 years and probably going to have to evaluate if they want to take depth risk of something like this happening again and so we'll see i mean i definitely want to stay here i'm not this is not you know i have changed my plans i want to do my ph d. here and i may not be to be here but we'll see what happens yeah ok uncle given we
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certainly appreciate you taking the time to sit with us to give this we can congratulations on the good news of the good fortune and we wish you all the best in the new semester thank you. thank you so much for having me. there will be no tax bill to pay this time today a european court ruled in favor of the irish government and the tech giant apple they had appealed the decision from 2016 which ordered apple to pay the irish government 13000000000 euros in back taxes it was money that ireland did not even want know this case was about more than just a big corporation accused of getting out of paying taxes dublin always denied that its tax arrangements with apple amounted to illegal state aid but the european commission it didn't buy that. the ruling hence a big legal victory to apple the e.u. general court said the e.u. commission did not succeed in showing that the tech giant had received an illegal
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economic advantage in ireland over its low taxes the decision is a major blow to competition commission emigrates a vest and his efforts to crack down on low tax regimes in the block the commission . behind steepled directive that all companies should pay their fair share of tax. if member states give certain multinational companies tax advantages not available to their rivals this harms fair competition in the e.u. the e.u. commission has 2 months time to decide if it wants to challenge the ruling in need use highest court the core of the problem is that the e.u. does not have one common tax code at the moment firms officially pay 12.5 percent corporate tax in ireland that's compared with the e.u. average of 21.3 percent officially companies in germany have to cough up at least 30 percent. that alone has attracted many companies to ireland and in fact apple
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paid far less tax at times for example as little as 0.005 percent in 2014 when the tech giant pay just $50.00 euros tax on every 1000000 euros in profit is the 2nd ruling that the e.u. commission has lost last year the institution lost a case against starbucks which was accused of owing $30000000.00 euros in back taxes to the netherlands it all shows how difficult it is to crackdown on cases of alleged corporate tax avoidance. i'm joined here at the big table by my colleague clifford cooney from b. w. business so apple the irish government won in court i know the european commission is not happy about this i mean have they basically used all the weapons they've got well this is very interesting i mean it must be your 1st you know a lot of taxpayers and i wonder saying you know how can the government never refused my tax money. and it looks like a logical on paper but with ireland it was all about the reputation on establishing
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this art and reputation as a tech hub and building on that which means ireland wasn't demanding on the the tax money right exactly exactly so it's a setback for the e.u. certainly because the u.s. trying to harmonize taxes trying to have the same same conditions throughout the block where as i think arlington a lot of the smaller countries the accession countries are always thinking about ways that they can compete because they're a lot smaller than say france and germany or italy and spain which can compete with just by sheer volume and scale so everyone is looking for these little compassion of things so i think what you're seeing is kind of an argument within the e.u. about how you compete and that's what this ruling sees and what about outside of the e.u. i'm thinking of ireland's neighbor breaks in britain there are some conservatives i know who would like to see the u.k. become something of a new ireland in terms of tax rates i think this is
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a big factor i mean i think since 2016 since this ruling we've had breakfast we've had the world has changed in so many ways but our limbs now the only english speaking country left in the with the exception of malta it's got this tech hub which is now part of the e.u. it's still within the e.u. and i think there's going to be less pressure maybe on our land because of the need to compete with britain have because britain is certainly going to be pushing to bring come back i mean they've explicitly said that they want to bring companies in by having low tax. so i think it's going to be a big factor you know they say the only change certain things in life are death and taxes so is this the end of the affair well you know there's other elements as well . donna who is the new head of the european finance ministers he's the finance minister i don't think he's going to be pushing to have. reopened so i think it may be a little bit to be interesting to see how it plays out so you don't you don't think an appeal when you do you think we're going to see in the people are not well they can appeal i don't think they really know whether it's still in the 2nd highest
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court they could go to a higher courts but it seems like such a conclusive finding that i'd be surprised would take a lot of political pressure and i just think with coronavirus never think i don't know if the pressure is there you know all i know is i would like for the irish tax man to do my taxes. to live it as always we appreciate it thank you. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter news you can follow me a bridge golf t.v. to go flip when you want to is to use the hash tag the date and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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spain has seen 20000 covert 1000 related deaths in both peoples. how did it come to . terms such relations away. don't treat residents of old people's home. i'm not a soft top parent. many of us want justice maro did politicians play. d.w. . welcome
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to the euro max you just chant. good line of students. with exclusive. plus see. culture to. do it yourself networkers. subscribe don't miss it. we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we do w.b. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our
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platforms we are all in this spirit and together and will make it to. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe please instead say. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me liz show the coronavirus seems to be under control and europe but still experts warn of a possible 2nd wave of infections especially since a some people are feared to not be following safety may.


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