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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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he's taken his grandmother down to eat it's all that. i'm a kill joy me can eat the cat and sunday happy. post. this is d w news live from berlin tonight convicted on terrorism charges in turkey but the court of global public opinion may deliver a different verdict today a court in turkey sentence the german turkish journalist did you jailed for more than 2 years in prison for spreading terrorist propaganda the verdict is expected to strain relations between her and berlin also coming up tonight what does it take
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to recover from coated 19th tonight a survivor tells us how she's coping both mind and body. are burned off it's good to have you with us tonight relations between turkey and germany looks set to worsen and it has everything to do with a verdict that was handed down today it is stamboul a court sentence the german turkish journalist dennis you jail to more than 2 years in prison he was tried in absentia charged with spreading what turkish law defines and terrorist propaganda he says he plans to appeal. to the best preparing for the worse. has long represented dennis you jel outside court he
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had to break bad news tweets client he joe was convicted of spreading terrorist propaganda in absentia. this is just we will heal today's verdict and the t.d. to pursue justice today's ruling shows that turkish law is not about justice. and peace temple local court found that you joe breached turkish law by interviewing the outlawed could issue later in one of he's awfully close but you joel in his defense argue it's an unfair ruling because a high court had already found all these articles will and the turkeys constitution which guarantees press freedom that's good reached out 6 days court ruling is in breach of the constitution because it ignores the earlier ruling. you jill has already served a year in a turkish prison he says he was tortured there though ankara denies that. relates one of germany's best known turkey correspondent soon left the country he
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says he couldn't expect just to stay because the president had already condemned him. to the. president tied and one has already publicly declared me a terrorist innocent by i so if i had a family in that sense that would have meant that he himself breaks the law by condemning me. to market which is a friendship local with a look. triggered a crisis in germany's relations with turkey when he was jailed in his already criticize the slightest court ruling saying it sends a false signal for rights in turkey over more detail let's bring in from amnesty international in germany steve it is good to have you on the program was this the verdict you were expecting to see handed down. oh well i expect that sentence will be a good big percentage who will be. taken to prison sentence
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because there's this huge outside himself before. he was president was very much involved in that case he claps him as their cameras and eaten and under this condition and you could not expect any jobs in turkey to give them it couldn't. we know that there has been a crackdown on journalists on the media in the last 2 to 3 years what does this verdict today what does it mean for the work of other foreign correspondents trying to work in turkey yes as you know is out more than 100 journalists in prison in turkey anyway and a lot of code correspondents had to leave the country even before and this makes very clear those who trespass assume that blind 799-2200 is in turkey will have to punishment if you don't have to be counseling and
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perhaps maybe even more skin out to report freely about the situation into and the fact that most people are saying they're not surprised by judaize verdict what does that say about the notion of an independent judiciary in turkey now we have 6 l. clubs last month covered not try it was similar to him to send several strong statements from president out indicating this person has to be convicted and it's families and judges who could to him in the 1st instance and. it's said for us and. there was disappearing. investigation against the jocks is a mate's ability that means this is an option is the independence of just enough
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that it just says and does things would have the same peace if it could and it's not just news that. it's with amnesty international in germany be appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. and piers if done well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world spain has held a memorial service to honor the victims of the coronavirus pandemic and the workers who cared for them at least 28000 people have died of kobe 1000 in spain felipe joined the families of some of the diseased in paying their respects to the dead. him on most rock obama and joe biden are among several high profile twitter accounts hijacked by scammers twitter is investigating the breach after fake tweets supposedly sent from the accounts tried to do people into making big coin donations
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. an important agreement on how people's online data is being shared between europe and the united states has been ruled illegal by the european court of justice privacy activists had argued that the accord was unlawful because it gives the u.s. government access to european citizens private data without consent. britain the u.s. and canada are warning that russian spies are attempting to carrying out cyber attacks on coronavirus vaccine research british intelligence services did not say which research centers may have been targeted or if any information has been stolen russia has denied any involvement. well for many people who have suffered serious covert 19 symptoms and survived rehabilitation poses its own challenges apart from the physical ordeal the psychological repercussions can also have wong
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lasting effects on patients you need to hawes and met one survivor who's only gradually getting back on the road to recovery this is this is the faster. i feel like i'm like wow 3 the lung test at the rehabilitation clinic is still exhausting for direct to the new elevation. the berliner is a covert 1970 there is a very positive results if. i was rizzo i'm glad you know who. here at the 5 books clinic named max the fact she's making great progress in late may she was admitted to hospital with bronchitis under severe fever and the national coronavirus test was negative but after another test from her lungs she was diagnosed with coverage 19 a severe pneumonia and inexperienced doctor put her on a respirator. momentous is obvious that it feels at 1st like water running into your lungs i was terrified and feared for my life i almost had
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a heart attack my heart hurt for hours afterwards i screamed and cried i was in real trauma for several days afterwards. she's lived with the diagnosis for 6 weeks now under spent the last 2 here there are strict protective measures in place at the clinic director daniela veges one of a handful of ex covert 1000 patients the others here are recovering from cancer surgery. therapy here consists of physical exercise breathing sessions and methods of relaxation directed and elevate spends a lot of time here on the cross trainer. said the right targets only been 3 days now that i haven't had to sleep so much and lie down during the day there is this strange extreme tiredness after covert. viewed. tightness on the long lasting loss of taste are typical symptoms after covert 19 and. what's surprising for us is that the damage done to the nerves during kovac 19 massively limits our patients
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mobility the psychological strain is also severe they've survived a life threatening disease and they keep thinking about what could have happened it . director danielle of it spends a lot of time thinking about her father he was in hospital with cancer and the coronavirus in the spring she was only allowed to visit when he was dying 2 days after his death she had the 1st symptoms self and couldn't attend his funeral something she discusses with a doctors here. more and more covert 1000 patients are being admitted to rehabilitation in germany health insurance companies have started covering the costs to ease the pressure on hospitals dirt and yell of it is not immune and feels liberated. just a few days ago i laughed out loud for the 1st time that's when i thought oh here i am again i can laugh out loud and from the bottom of my heart that wasn't possible
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for weeks. she plans to get her immunity tested regularly but for now she's looking forward to life after 1000. where dozens of countries have launched contact tracing apps to monitor new covert 900 factions in an effort to keep the virus contained it's been exactly one month since germany rolled out its own internet we want to ask is it working to ensure that my colleague in essence is here at the big table with me so i mean what do we know i mean has it made a difference well there's 2 things that health experts are looking at here that's how many people have downloaded this app that's one thing and in germany that's looking pretty good 16000000 people have downloaded it in the 1st month so markings of 130000000 that's right it's about it's about 19 percent and an oxford study said that in order for an app like this to be effective at least 15 percent of the population have to use it and another thing that experts are looking at is how
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people are using this app are people registering that they've tested positive for the corona virus and is this information being passed along to the other users of the app the problem here is that the app in germany is very privacy oriented data privacy or and they don't store user data so it's almost impossible to have any real statistics on how people are using that so if they're not storing it in the data then that is proof that it's very conscious of data privacy is that a hindrance though to actually trying to prevent the virus from being spread oh yeah data privacy experts are praising this ad for how good it is and not field but it definitely is a hinderance to how how researchers how that app developers can look at how this app is working so in other words the question whether or not this half is working. we have to assume we have to assume it's working right everything is based on estimates so far and whether or not that's affecting how it works is another
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question so there is no evidence in other words that the data privacy is actually making it worse and some people are even saying that it's it's more functional because the real important. here is how many people are using and the evidence says in germany 16000000 people 16000000 people have downloaded the app in other words the more data privacy the more people download the better the. theory less big brother you have there you downloaded the app right on the day it was released i think and what's been your experience i see you're still looking healthy that's right yeah and i still have my privacy so i download this app and it was pretty easy i mean you just do it once you leave it on your phone you leave your bluetooth on i have a low risk assessment i have like a green box on my phone that says that i haven't come in contact with somebody who has the virus in the past 14 days that's a good sign there were some problems in the beginning it said that exposure logging
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was not possible and when i went through the steps to make exposure logging to turn that on and it didn't change how the app was set so i couldn't figure that out hopefully that wasn't my fault but there are some reports of users experience being less than ideal but so far a lot of people have downloaded it and that's good news if you want to run the trust factor is really important there is always i mean thank you i spent 5. years watching the news and here's a reminder of the top story we're following this hour a turkish court has sentenced the german turkish journalist dennis puja to 2 years and 9 months in prison for spreading terrorist propaganda was in prison for more than a year without charge in istanbul he was released in 2000 each scene. i don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push
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notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use that neither of us is in this photos video of what's happening. this is the w. news live of from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more war news followed by the day i hope to see you the. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. covert 19 special next on deep.


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