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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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or are they enemies when he was the finish of the huge ceiling of voters feel pushed you over to misuse of the water he's going to go give a shit i never work for raja donald trump and flooding your puton i were too parking entry analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. in our world paralyzed by a pandemic it ranks as one of the worst criminal accusations trying to spy on researchers working on a vaccine today the u.k. the u.s. and can't of the pointed the finger at russia intelligence agencies say a group of hackers known as cozy bayer have targeted organizations working on a coronavirus vaccine and they say cozy bear is related to the russian bear i'm
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bringing off in berlin this is the day. russia says we're both trying to play with pretty much the lection. the intelligence community believes that close either just an agency of the russian the retard the russian intelligence agencies have been talking to cyber attacks against efforts to find the facts to search that the question of ours is even here the statement is saying fake and contradictory that it's practically impossible in time to stand in us more so that we're seeing the pharmaceutical companies and others being targeted because they have the information and.
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also coming up tonight the republicans campaigning against president donald trump they've declared war on his reelection hopes because the president they say is at war with sun. we're all in the same david clothing dr fat you have a very good relationship with dr fatty and we're all in the same team we want to get rid of this mess that china sent us so everybody's working at the same line it would doing very well we're doing well in a lot of ways there are countries coming back very strong. thanks to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the quest for a corona virus vaccine and the hackers sent by russia to spy on it all that is the accusation tonight aimed at moscow and it's coming from london washington and the one today the u.k. the united states and canada said russian spies have been targeting the
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organization's conducting research into a vaccine against the coronavirus the u.k.'s national cybersecurity center said a group of hackers sometimes known as cozy bear are almost certainly part of russia's intelligence services the u.k. said there was no indication that any of the research had been stolen or hindered today russia denied any responsibility here is u.k. foreign secretary wrong what kind of tell you today is that with us canadian counterparts we have always said it made it clear that it released a statement indicating that we know that the russian intelligence agencies have been talking in time to cyber attacks against methods across the those 3 countries and here in the u.k. our attempts to find a vaccine through research and development to credit ours i think that's pretty cool we have to say at a time where the world's come together trying to find
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a vaccine that i thought people and people around the world can benefit from the russian government in case in that endeavor i think you need schooling out here to watch. well for more tonight i'm joined from london by quentin peel he is the former moscow correspondent for the financial times and his and associate fellow with chatham house and from moscow alec loued correspondent in the russian capital for the daily telegraph to both of you gentlemen welcome to the day quentin let me start with you 2 points about today's announcement it doesn't beat around the bush it names russia and it was the u.k. that went public with the accusation not candid and not the u.s. what is your read on these 2 things. well funnily enough i don't think i can get too over excited about it i suspect that every intelligence agency in the world is trying to track who's getting ahead in the desperate search for
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a vaccine and with a view possibly trying to get the benefits for themselves that seems to be perhaps behind the russian thing because russia are announced only last night that they were doing very well in getting a vaccine and they were going to go to the level of testing very shortly so i wonder if that was part of the reason for precipitating this announcement there's also domestic politics in this too but perhaps we should come to that in a moment i'm going to get to that in just a moment allegheny ask you russia denied responsibility today what's the reason for this story from where you are. well look at the kremlin isn't whether putin's spokesman just gave a blanket denial and said there was no way that the russians they could be involved in this kind of thing you know that's par for the course that's just to be expected i think what was more interesting was that the head of the russian direct
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investment fund the very same person who was announcing yesterday that russia would have a vaccine ready by the end of the year and hope to produce 30000000. portions of that vaccine by the end of the year he was the one coming out and saying this today is calling this news that russia was trying to hack the coronavirus acting abroad as an attempt to tarnish the reputation of this russian vaccine which he said will likely be the 1st on the market and he also says you know the claim that. the russian company our farm which is a pharmaceutical company close to the state here is already going is already set to produce the astra zeneca the british company's vaccine in russia the oxford vaccines and therefore already has all the information that it could want about the growth seems that's an interesting statement that hasn't been publicly announced before that are far arm is going to produce that vaccine and russia but it is true
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that our farmers partner with astra zeneca and other stuff in the past like cancer research so russia is definitely calling this into question saying that really there was no need for them to steal the information because they already had active . obviously global competition here that's very helpful you quit list talk about domestic politics for a moment this comes as the u.k. government says that russia trying to meddle in the 2019 u.k. general election. yeah that gives a rather strange twist to the timing because the u.k. government made a huge cock up really yesterday when they failed to get the man they wanted into the chair of the parliament tree intelligence committee which is a very powerful and key committee and that committee has produced a report on russian interference in u.k. politics and indeed in the brics it referendum in 2060 of that report has been
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delayed and delayed and delayed by the johnson government possibly because it contains embarrassing stuff about russian links to the conservative party so guess what they do today quickly before the committee gets that report out next week they rushed out a statement saying hang on the russians did interfere in the 29000 election and at that time it was the labor party that exploited it and i think there is a lot of muddying the waters going on yeah i mean it sounds like there's some deflecting going on here like if you heard anything about what quicken is saying is that been reported at all in russia is there a connection between these stories. i don't i haven't seen that reported in russia i think that's a little bit you know that's pretty inside politics for the russian press of the moment i'm sure that something in russian state acres may seize upon in the future
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to claim that this story is made up that this story is doesn't doesn't hold water. you know that all said and i you know it sounds like there's some politics going on the path it's clear that there's some politics around this and russia since russia is trying to be is trying to kind of show off some of this geopolitical might with this vaccine that it's rushing through testing on military soldiers testing on the you know the vaccines creators have been tested on themselves so russia taking a much more unorthodox kind of hasty approach with their vaccine and really trying to get it out of the market 1st so of course they're taking this as an attack on that vaccine or this news report about the hacking but you know all that said i think that you know it's worthwhile remembering that cozy there was the same hacking out that that was implicated in the d.n.c. hack in the 2016 election the in the united states they've also been accused of
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trying to gain access to the nery norwegian defense ministry and political political parties there so this is certainly something that cozy bear could look very well be up to and trying to do and feel the crowbars that scene but of course there is politics around the may give the clinton reformer a time quit and we heard from the u.k. government today that they plan to hold russia to account do we know what that will look like. well would it need tightening up sanctions a bit more the truth is that british governments for a long time have been fairly hypocritical in their attitude to russia i think is going to come out in that report next week that actually there have been really cozy relations not just with the conservative party also with allowing russian
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money to be laundered through london now will they finally get tough on a lot of that russian money that is actually sitting very nicely in london the nobody's actually taken action against what is really illicit money coming through the british capital. when people in london alec live in moscow to both of you gentlemen thank you very much we appreciate the analysis tonight. well this is yet another cybercrime accusation traded by the west in russia it really taylor joins us now from oxford emily is associate fellow at chatham house an international security program she specializes in cyber crime it really is going to have you on the day let's be detective for a moment the u.k. did not say that the hackers stole information or that they hindered vaccine research is it plausible that we're talking about the russians just spying in the true sense just watching and listening. well you're right i haven't seen any
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information to suggest the data was exfiltrate it was stolen. the the emphasis in today's announcement has been quite a confident. actually be shit and all of these type attacks to this group cozy bear or a p t 29 as they're called in a language we don't normally associate with the intelligence services so. hard to know at this stage whether it was just simply sitting on the networks looking at what was going on and gathering data or a mass how can leak operation as was done in the 2016 run up to the us elections with the democratic national committee you bring up a good point the u.k. named russian intelligence and cozy beer today in this report how difficult is it
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to to be able to name and shame when you're on a cyber crime trail like this. well actually she is difficult but it's not impossible especially when you have the resources of the u.s. canadian and british intelligence services if they're actually beating with this level of confidence and also making the connection between this outfit cosi bad and the the russian intelligence service i see this as part of a strategy you know you can get the attribution yourself and then it's another strategic decision about whether you announce it publicly and in doing so and standing side by side with other allies this is an approach that we've seen over the last 2 years trying to perhaps raise the reputational costs to states like russia of doing this kind of activity and if you do have the resources
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the power of the u.k. the u.s. and canada here are able to track these hackers trace them should we also expect more in terms of shielding and pushing back a tip did attacks or attempt to you know the espionage in cyberspace. but this is the other part of today's announcement but it's very important is that the detailed report actually contained a lot of code where the national cybersecurity center are actually saying to deny zation to might have been affected by these cyber attacks this is what you need to run this is what you need to look for so there are 2 parts there's the sort of actually patient but also trying to make these organizations safe there's also a checklist of you know how to protect yourselves because yes we should all protect ourselves against these attacks but unfortunately it's not down to one party the state can't do it all of it so it's up to every single user of these technologies
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that we're relying on so much and to killie during the lockdown. to do that little bit the the saddening thing for this is that a lot of the exploits are quite old and that if people have patched their equipment and taken some fairly straightforward steps they could be safe. final question for you emily it's frustrating sometimes to hear that the government's national elections were targeted but we rarely hear a follow up you know did the cyber meddling change the course of an election why is that. i think because you know elections are a democratic process in which multiple factors affect the way people of the mean even way you have a marginal result like the us presidential elections in 2016 there's never really any question of really running the event tell 2 it's the 2019 elections in the u.k.
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where something of a landslide and say had a very clear democratic outcome there's lots and lots of arguments around but i think in the end this is a much more in a democracy when it comes to large scale and action like that you can't really pinpoint to win or loss to one single factor in really tailor with chatham helpless international security program simply we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. thank you. we're all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like president trump who is a builder and that's what my grandfather did he came to this country to build to grow to prosper and so we have an incredible builder and we pray we pray for our leadership our president and we pray for our country that we will continue
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to prosper and to grow. that was the c.e.o. of go go is an hispanic food company and no one in the u.s. for its canned beans of beans and the words of praise for the u.s. president by the go your boss it did not sit well with everyone there were calls for a boycott of going to products and reminders that during his campaign 4 years ago donald trump targeted mexicans calling them rapists well this week the president posted this photo you see behind me there with the message the radical left smear machine has backfired the president by law by the way is not supposed to endorse a product least not from the oval office that's one issue the bigger issue here we have a photo of the u.s. president with beans while americans are dying from a virus and when trump's daughter posted this photo that only added to claims that
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the president is only interested in his reelection and not interested at all in the biggest public health crisis in america in a century well joining me tonight from washington is tim miller a veteran of american political campaigns he worked on the john mccain campaign in 2008 and on the jeb bush campaign in 2016 tim is now the political director of republican voters against trop which aims to prevent a 2nd term tim is a lifelong republican the says done with trump is not a republican at all it's good to have you on the day you've worked on presidential campaigns before this week donald trump demoted his campaign manager and put in a new one there are just over 3 months to go to lection day and he's changing his campaign staff what does that tell you. well you have 3 campaign managers last time
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tells me that he's an erratic leader tells me he's not happy about his stance in the polls which have gone down precipitously the last 3 months as the virus has gotten out of control and he's demonstrated as you said no lead in a total lack of interest and actually trying to solve the problem cares more about is the swift t.v. host and you know the being this crisis that he's focused on and so i think he's trying to change horses but the reality is the problem of this campaign is donald trump is not the campaign manager so he could put anybody in there and it's not going to get better and so he actually tries to right the ship of what's what's going wrong in this country. jim you are a republican trump says he's a republican tell me what's the difference. well i guess he's a republican right now he's the president and republicans elected them what i think about when i think about republicans over the underlying values that were that what
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the party was based on was based on believing in 3 people free markets individual liberty individual responsibility my view is that donald trump has co-opted that for something completely different something opposite from allies around the world our entire democratic friends in germany to the autocrats in turkey and north korea saudi arabia donald trump doesn't care about constitutional values he cares about helping donald trump and the people who voted for him he doesn't welcome immigrants . he rejects them and so right now donald trump is roe is the head of the republican party so that's what republicanism means but i'm hoping we can take it back from him in the future we've got your project we've talked to people from the lincoln project as well so we've got republicans who are trying to unseat a republican president what do you say when people ask where were you 4 years ago
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when the world watched in disbelief as the republican party presented donald trump as its presidential candidate. well i was working for jeb and then after that i worked for a super pac that was going to try to help marco rubio or ted cruz beat trump obviously we were unsuccessful i you know personally did not vote for downturns last time but i think the difference this time is that we're actually running a campaign to stop and i think the last time a lot of people involved with the lincoln project republican voters the instrument we were on a personal level opposed to trump but. there was not this formal effort to defeat and so i think that's different this time part of that is because nobody expected to win last time it was because of hillary clinton was a weak opponent and part of that is because it is now we people have seen the damage and they're funding our efforts to go out there and stop are you trying to save the united states from don't trump or the republican party from donald trump.
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the united states i don't know what will happen with the republican party just because we win doesn't mean that the republican party necessarily will go back to something that i like we're trying to save the country from a president who's uniquely instead who's doing grave grave damage to our standing in the world is doing grave damage to the people who are dying and losing their jobs because of this virus that he's mismanaged unconscionably and so we're trying to atone for our past creating this monster and hopefully we can defeat him and in the chips will fall where they may after that you know a lot of people would consider the g.o.p. the republican party to be just as guilty of malfeasance as donald trump if they if you're thinking that way i've heard many times people say you've been sleeping with him for 4 years now you want to kick him out of bed what do you say to that.
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i think that's fair. look like i said i feel like this was a monster of our creating i didn't support him last time so maybe not as direct directive of creation as some other people who are more complicit but but look he came out of a political culture that was at best. you know enabling you know these kind of hateful. ideas and so i think we are we are responsible and that's why it's our obligation to stop and i know we feel that way and i think my friends are going to project it as well so let's go into january 2021 joe biden is the new us president what will you want from a democrat in the white house nothing to win to be in the white house and to get make sure that donald trump leaves peacefully and not we're not doing this to have some influence in a democratic administration i'm doing this because we need to take responsibility
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for what happened to our party and we have an obligation to get rid of this president and democrats hopefully can can lead responsibly and i'll leave that to democrats so you mean if if you help to get him elected there's not going to be any attempt to say mr biden don't forget what we did for you. well i mean i don't know i guess it depends who you mean by any attempt i do think hopefully the vice president biden recognizes that his coalition is center left and a lot of former republicans voted for him and that's the reason why he beat bernie sanders in the primary i think he does recognize that and sure i think maybe at times if he starts to go too far to the left an administration we might remind him that is this was a center left candidate 1st center left country. but no i don't i guess they only 6 myself and i'm trying to get into the administration or lobbyists or anything like that i'm trying to defeat trump the means to before we run out of time job i want and undo the damage that he says has been done by trump in foreign policy that
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means focusing again 1st and foremost on transatlantic ties biden will sail around a lot like a reagan republican if he's elected do you expect europeans to believe job i i hope so i mean i think that joe biden is in the bipartisan spirit of what this country's foreign policy was basically from you know george h.w. bush will do it through bill clinton and so i think that the alliance should be strong with joe biden they should they should believe joe biden when he says that. to me it's been good talking with you fascinating come back again as we get closer to the election and we'll see we'll be able see what happens on election night tim miller but a lot of talk tonight you know much thank you. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news you can follow me of t.v.
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and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then of course.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight allegations of russian cyber espionage of 19 vaccine research the u.s. u.k. and canada accusing packer's of trying to access information on a potential coronavirus vaccine hackers they see are connected to the kremlin moscow has denied any involvement also coming out a turkish court said this is the german turkish journalist dennis you chose to almost 3 years in prison for spreading terrorist propaganda the verdict is.


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