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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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what. this is it'll be your news a live look from berlin and allegations of russian cyber espionage and valving covert 19 of vaccine research the u.s. the u.k. and canada accuse moscow trying to hackers of targeting labs working on preventing the spread of coronavirus russia denies any involvement also coming up to a turkish court sentences german turkish journalist a dentist you shall tell almost 3 years in prison for spreading what he calls
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terrorist propaganda to the verdict is expected to strain relations between ankara and fairly. and what does it take to recover from covert 19 tonight a survivor tells us how she's coping both physically and mentally. i'm claridge's and welcome to the show the u.k. u.s. and canada are accusing russian agents of carrying out cyber attacks to steal information on potential covert 19 vaccines according to british and u.s. intelligence for the attacks targeted coronavirus research centers and were carried out by a p t $29.00 a hacking group linked to the kremlin also known as cozy bear it's the same group of that was blamed for interference in the u.s. election 4 years ago osco has denied any involvement. washington
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correspondent stephanie simons has been following the story for us a chef at what exactly are the accusations against this group associated with russian intelligence. because asians as they stand from the british authorities u.s. authorities and canadian authorities a p t 29 as you said or cozy bear or also called the duke. conducted cyber attacks that is spare fishing and malware it takes against organizations state organizations or private organizations any organization they probably thought has a good leg up in covert 19 research for a vaccine and this group absolutely is simulated at least that's what western intelligence services say simulated to the russian intelligence and military they
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are accused of trying to get information on how far western authorities or private companies is that draw in their covert 19 research well what exactly would be the potential harm of an africa and still vaccine information is it likely to have an effect on efforts to fight a chronic virus. good question difficult to answer it is all about the money of course unfortunately nothing is for free not even a good vaccine i'm sure that researchers and many many people would say ok let's be very very altruistic about this and as soon as you figure out a good way to develop a vaccine powerful the good code 1000 make it available to everybody in the world however there is a lot of money involved a lot of private companies and state players involved who spent a lot of money in research in researching a vaccine and they want to get a return from this their investors involved in this so. would it be negative in any way or form to spread the wealth when you haven't seen and to make people in you or
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he'll people know of course not but do stay players as well as private organizations want to make some money with it yes you bet they want to when looking at those interests what has the u.s. government's reaction been to all this so far nothing from the white house but the n.s.a. the national security agency issued a statement saying that they are standing ready and are still prepared to protect and safeguard u.s. interests and of course cyber security in the united states and therefore they went with this company king with the british and canadian authorities to make the world aware of that they aware that the russian group hacker group or cozy bear or the juke are trying to get covert 19 vaccine secret so there's a little bit of a cat and mouse game going on now so they're on notice the russians know hey we
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know what you're doing and let's see how the 2nd act plays out to this. stephens iman's in washington d.c. thank you so much. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world brazil's health ministry has reported at more than 2000000 coronavirus cases it's another grim milestone for the country which has averaged 1000 daily deaths from cope in $1000.00 since may president jay or boston r.-o. has played down the dangers of the virus and resisted measures to bring it under control. a joint space mission and by european and u.s. scientists has taken the closest photos ever the sun scientists say the new images reveal countless a small solar flares dotted across the sun's surface the solar orbiter was about 77000000 kilometers from the sun when it took these high resolution photos. and important agreement covering online data sharing between europe and the u.s.
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has been ruled illegal by the european court of justice privacy activists had argued the accord was unlawful because it gives the u.s. government access to european residence private data without their consent without their consent. relations between turkey and germany looks set to worsen after a verdict by a court in istanbul it sentenced the german turkish journalist denis usual to almost 3 years in prison for articles he wrote for a german newspaper develops you jel already spent time in a turkish prison in connection to the case but he now lives in germany and did not attend the trial. rule hoping for the best preparing for the worst lloyd bentsen has long represented didn't sue joe outside court he had to break bad news to his client you joe was convicted of spreading terrorist propaganda in absentia.
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this is just we will appeal today's verdict and he did you do this you justice today's ruling shows that turkish law is not about justice. and peace temple local court found that you joe breached turkish law by interviewing the outward could issue later in one of he's awfully close but you joel and his defense argue it's an unfair ruling because a high court had already found all these articles will lawful and the turkeys constitution which guarantees press freedom that's good reached out to ruling is in breach of the constitution because it ignores the earlier ruling nobody to talk to you joe has already served a year in a turkish prison he says he was tortured there though ankara denies that. trees release one of germany's best known turkey correspondents soon left the country he says he couldn't expect just to stay because the president had already condemned him. to the. president tied and one has already
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publicly declared me a terrorist innocent by and so if i had found me innocent that would have meant that he himself breaks the law by condemning me. a friendship local we're told look . triggered a crisis in germany's relations with turkey when he was jailed. in his already criticize the slightest court ruling saying it sends a false signal for writes in turkey european union leaders are meeting today in brussels to try and overcome differences over a coronavirus recovery fund totaling 750000000000 euros it's their 1st face to face talks since february rooms have been of deep cleaned and social distancing will be observed at the 2 day meeting you leaders are divided over the size and structure of the fund and the talks will pay european solidarity against national interests. well there's tell us more i'm joined now by did of use
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a simon bunn sign that what is at stake at the summit well as we heard a whole lot of money and 750000000000 euros and of course when money is involved there's always an argument and we're seeing northern countries not so happy about the size of this the sum of the stimulus package that's been proposed by the european commission. what that's made up of is about 250000000000 in loans and 500000000000 in grants at least according to current proposal. countries led by the netherlands and prime minister mark prime minister mamata are very unhappy about this because that money would be given to countries such as italy increased have been suffering and they think that the frugal for the 4 countries the netherlands denmark sweden and austria. are unhappy about this they say they've kept their budgets under control and they don't see the need to to hand
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money over to countries that her heavily indebted like them but at the same time. sean michel the head of the the president of the european. council. wants that money to be handed over so quickly as possible because the because these countries have been hit so hard by the coronavirus and so we may see some some negotiation back and forth as to the size of the loans versus the size of the of the grants and we are expecting a germany to be quite generous in opening its while it when it comes to the coronavirus response which stands of course in stark contrast to tear its usual reputation for being quite frugal and demanding you know austerity programs in a southern european countries why is that the case now well yes just a few years ago in speaking of greece we saw pictures of angle americal with hitler moustache. good on them for a day through the streets of athens people were so unhappy about the austerity
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packages that germany was. asking that greece undertake in order to receive bailouts now it's a different story germany and france are the motor behind the stimulus package and germany's economy has been doing well and they think that this the best way of improving things is to quickly hand over money to the countries down south that really need it all right simon bone thank you so much for that analysis well for many people who have suffered serious kovan 1905 there is still a long road to recovery along with the physical ordeal patients also have to deal with lasting psychological repercussions. that one survivor in the german capital this is it is this is the faster i feel like i'm like wow 3 the lung test at the rehabilitation clinic is still exhausting for durham to anneal
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of h. . the berliner is a covert 1900. 3000 different alts. i was rizzo i'm glad you know who. here at the vote book clinic name back to back she's making great progress in late may she was admitted to hospital with bronchitis undercity fever and initial coronavirus test was negative but after another test from a lung she was diagnosed with covert 19 the severe pneumonia and inexperienced doctor put her on a respirator. you must moment. it feels at 1st like water running into your lungs i was terrified and feared for my life i almost had a heart attack my heart hurt for hours afterwards i screamed and cried i was in real trauma for several days afterwards. she's lived with the diagnosis for 6 weeks now and has spent the last 2 here there are strict protective measures in place at the clinic director daniel of it is one of
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a handful of exco over 1000 patients the others here are recovering from cancer surgery. therapy here consists of physical exercise breathing sessions and methods of relaxation directed and elevate spends a lot of time here on the cross trainer. targets only been 3 days now that i haven't had to sleep so much and lie down during the day there is the strange extreme tiredness after covert. viewed. tightness on the long lasting loss of taste typical symptoms after covert 19 and. not surprising for us is that the damage done to the nerves during covert 19 massively limits our patients mobility the psychological strain is also severe they've survived a life threatening disease and they keep thinking about what could have happened it . director danielle of it spends a lot of time thinking about her father he was in hospital with cancer and the
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coronavirus in the spring she was only allowed to visit when he was dying 2 days after his death she had the 1st symptoms of self and couldn't attend his funeral something she discusses with the doctors here. more and more covert 19 patients are being admitted to rehabilitation in germany health insurance companies have started covering the costs to ease the pressure on hospitals durata danielle of it is now immune and feels liberated. just a few days ago i laughed out loud for the 1st time that's when i told here i am again i can laugh out loud and from the bottom of my heart that wasn't possible for weeks. she plans to get her immunity tested regularly but for now she's looking forward to life after 19. don't forget you can always get your news on the go just download our app from
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