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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2020 10:30am-11:01am CEST

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or are they and i mean when you're still sluggish if you see you in real wished you could go with you because you should know what he's going to go give a shit my debit card for i just trump and flooding your pollutant i were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the. prism bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. welcome to global 3000 coming up. biking through paris why the coronavirus is encouraging more people to trade 4 wheels for 2. summer
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2020 in thailand and no tourists in sight. for locals times are tough. and a devastating image that shocked the world 5 years on cordy's father speaks about his trauma. around the world refugees endure how rowing journeys in their search for a better life. young and old they seek to escape poverty violence and injustice. but the individual stories of refugees rarely get told instead they often become an anonymous abstraction. the number of refugees globally has almost doubled since 2012 to about 80000000 the majority of these people are displaced in their own countries. very few of their stories ever make it into the public domain. but in the rare cases when it happens they have a. powerful effect none more so than the fate of 3 year old courtney.
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the tragic exodus of the courty family ended at this beach near the turkish village of. the mother father and their 2 children were trying to reach the greek island of kos in a rubber boat but the boat capsized. little al and his brother harley and their mother reihana drowned only up to look already survived. the government can do the capsized after people stood up. i held my wife stand up and we had life jackets on trying to keep our children out of the water but it didn't work holly died for us to learn. and never forget holly's words when he said to me papa don't be afraid i don't know. the image of little ones dead body made headlines around the world the refugees desperation and their fate now
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symbolized by a tiny corpse 4 years later we set out to make contact with his father during our research we 1st came across our lines aunt team according to lift in canada for more than 20 years sure remembers the phone call that she had with her brother after the incident all too clearly. the 1st or. i certainly it's all wonderful. why. or i need to stop. and i said to myself it's all my fault and he said to me. are your the best system in the world
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you tried to. before there are. many people who oppose both innocent people and dying but the world were silent and to that in each of my nephew alan currency that's when it's fools people. culch 1000000 in heart and more summed in this stand up from their silence and they sent enough is enough we need to hope. tina cordy said that her brother and do not now lives in terror beyond any iraq's kurdish region we were unable to travel to iraq because of the
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corona virus pandemic on the phone he told us his thoughts about what happened back then. after the accident i was happy to see how countries open our borders and their hearts to the refugees. and how they gave them have been welcomed. unfortunately this warm welcome disappeared after 2 or 3 months. urged people not to undertake this dangerous journey to germany or to any other country. kurdish
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television has also covered abdulla cordy's fate and has revealed some good news a builder cordy has once again become a father he remarried 3 years ago. oh i wish. i was very surprised when the new baby was born i couldn't believe it it was a shock. i didn't know if i should be happy or sad or if i should cry. i have no idea what happened to me. when you lose your own child and i hope it never happens to you. it's a strange feeling if you've already lost a child and then have a new baby. thank god i'm doing better i'm happy about this new child. but sometimes he will send me and video of. the baby and sing into the
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baby and sometime when i call him he will be like down. in the other room because the baby is crying. and he said to me i just can't i just am not here in the car my sister said maybe he'd take you to. that woman too when he lost his family and crying and chanting maybe you know when you're traumatize it's almost. or you need. for a. new baby is a great gift he has named him. the
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grown a virus pandemic has caused devastation around the world millions of people are grieving the loss of their loved ones many more are wondering where their next paycheck will come from. among this last group are the huge number of people who rely on tourism to survive. experts estimate that the cove in $1000.00 health crisis will cause $1.00 trillion dollars in losses to the travel industry. that's equivalent to the entire annual economic output of mexico especially badly hit by the travel decline jamaica where g.d.p. could fall by 11 percent this year. thailand 2 is expected to see a drop of 9 percent. last year some 40000000 foreign tourists visited the country. so what happens next. thailand looks lovely other never. do gongs are chilling with no people bothering them.
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the beach is an hour knocking and elsewhere empty and clean that has to do with the absence of foreign tourists. none have come to put the elephant camp since the government barred foreigners from entering the country in march. for the owner such as me see if that meant business came to a sudden halt he did receive a one off payment from the government but it didn't go very far. he still has to feed his 4 elephants and they each eat up to 200 kilograms a day. facility because of the coronavirus crisis there are no tourists anymore i haven't had any income for months to pay my staff i'm spending my savings it's hard to keep going. there's nothing going on at the tourist shops near the beach and. tourism normally
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accounts for more than 20 percent of thailand's g.d.p. $6000000.00 people across the country who depend on the industry for their livelihood face losing their jobs. some families have already been left with nothing. in 2 weeks out visit this village to deliver rice eggs and canned fish. she started collecting donations in april and now helps about 50 families. fishermen can no longer sell many fish now that restaurants are closed hotel workers have nothing to do souvenir sellers have no customers. who's a lawyer says the state can't help everybody. wants to feel like relief that brought me here to help them so when i see them like. stopping that happened if. so i've bought. and then trying to
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and my friends to help. how many tourists boats will we enter service after the pandemic is anybody's guess last year some were saying there are too many tourists this year it looks like they're going to be 70 percent fewer. the of the hour non cliff crabby resort is still closed like all the other hotels but the staff are preparing to reopen. general manager joe baer and his team of placing tables far apart to enable social distancing because he says it's important to win the trust of returning guests. and guys please make sure you pinpoint the digital menu the video because you want to avoid giving menus and. when reopening occurs that may still be no or
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few foreign guests so hotels are hoping to welcome thai holiday makers to tide them over the big hope is that by autumn the foreigners will be back. thank you very much with all the measures we have put in place not only as business as in the years but also at the government level you can feel safe to come to the country the country has managed the outbreak better than many others in many respects so it's a. new national tourism marketing campaign set to replace the well known slogan amazing thailand with amazing trusted thailand finking is that visitors will only come if they have good reason to feel safe. amid all the tragedy and heartbreak the coronavirus has caused they have also been occasional glimmers of hope one of the positive developments concerns how we get
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around. over the past few months air travel ground to a standstill. and traffic all but disappeared from the roads. overall lock downs have been good for the climate. this is prompted some cities including the french capital paris to rethink mobility. objects and experiencing around the cones isn't easy especially if you're a beginner. but not me christine have a good reason to keep practicing. and i think what this means more people don't want to be able to ride uphill with my son. did i'm not going to give up and also because of the coronavirus i need to stick with it and stop taking the train. and then i'll take the bike. let me parisians are using the pandemic of an opportunity
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to learn how to ride a bike left confident riders are glad not to have to learn on busy roads my sister i'm worried about the traffic. it's fine here but it's a different story in the city center with all the cars and buses. reversing bicycle use in the french capital has also and seemed like an uphill battle but with the coronavirus the tide seems to be turning the french government has pledged $60000000.00 euros to promote cycling the funds will be spent on bike lanes as well as on training programs. efforts to make the city more environmentally friendly have been ongoing for years authorities had already banned vehicles from our road a long different race than. now in the era of a pandemic they've gone a step further and ban cars from those who do have or leave a busy thoroughfare. unfortunately
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such moves have ignited the ire of drivers. nick will likely fall it's a passionate cyclist who owns a bike repair shop. we feel under attack from car drivers because our numbers are growing the more space we take up the more we. can equalize among those benefiting from the government's investment in cycling for every bike his workshop prepares the state contributes 50 euros in the 3 weeks since the scheme began some 60000 bikes have been fixed. over these days i start at 9 am and finish at midnight. the guy who runs the workshop for me has finally managed to take the day off it was the 1st time in 3 weeks. was all horsemen to follow. the move away from cars in favor of bikes is certainly good news for the
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environment during lockdown road and the air traffic grind to a standstill in the 1st 3 days alone harmful nitrogen dioxide emissions fell by a 3rd. marriages. well comes the trend she's hoping she'll soon be confident enough to cycle with her son. think of the young. cycling is good for your health and the environment everyone wins again the. 11 year old julia is proud without his mother. is in winter it's good to keep active and i'll soon be able to go on bike trips with my mum and that will be cool it was just a cool trading 4 wheels for to do you know paris an increasing number of people are happy to make this which. let's leave france now and head to brazil where we'll discover
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a very special snack. the city of my now says located on the banks of the real name growth in northwestern brazil the snack bar and clemente has been going for 15 years among the items on the menu is. a traditional brazilian energy drink made from the seeds of the same name. is the only. guessing one of whether or not drinks are a specialty i'm also a specialty associated with our region amazon us we're talking about beverages that leave you feeling energized these drinks help you stay awake and as well as that they actually reduce your appetite. maybe that's the reason why so many people here choose to drink them on a regular basis the model bottom half of the energizing effects of the plant have
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been known for years the indigenous people in amazonas used to take it while hunting to stop them from tiring out. has 30 different mixes on the menu her favorite the house special of course a mere one background check. the ingredients i use are avocado peanuts cashews the powder you shot and syrup and lots of ice. it all gets thrown into a blender the shop sells 302400 water in our drinks every day a single concoction will set you back. on course not every morning i have a teaspoon of natural guarana with milk. it gives you energy. some people describe as an effort easier and so it gives you that kind of energy. it also helps if you are trying to lose weight. on the bottom my best if anybody
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gives you the power you need to get through the day. people in my house also live longer than people in other parts of brazil maybe it has to do with their love of water not drinks and. now to our global ideas series this time we're in bangalore a mega city that's known today as india's silicon valley its green areas once home to some $280.00 lakes are clogged with waste a result of the city's rapid population growth. we paid a visit before the coronavirus struck to find out what residents are doing about the situation. in the heart of bangalore garbage is festering everywhere this neighborhood is literally drowning in it. illegal dumping sites are more than just an eyesore residents complain of
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a fellow all day long several cases of dangle have been reported in the area. bank of the municipality has hired so-called marshals to crack down on those. littering or dumping trash the motional makes the offender pick up the bag he just threw away. this guy throwing his weight here and separated it this is a jumping ground the garbage truck went to his house party because he woke up too late. to be found. $200.00 rupees just under 3 euros for dumping household trash the city's infrastructure is failing to cope with the unchecked development and growth once known as the garden city bangalore now has a new nickname garbage city. some have had enough.
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every morning. inspects the trash pick up in the neighborhood of code among. residents are meant to put their kitchen waste in a green been without linus it's the end directly into the truck. but a chemistry teacher takes it upon herself to educate residents. get it there. but it. can put plastic you know. so that is the only problem i see. if i lie neatly you feel like. you know. you're sure not. to have. it just because it really long with your food and then we need. not everyone follows the rules here all the trash has gone into one bin boys. because.
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we have been and it's not rocket science. it's just separated and how hard is that . entrepreneurs some not only on encounters new dumping science daily has a lot of spark this. painting them are making but then again it really appears are going to. be environmental engineer has come up with his own solution to reduce the city's waste he's joined forces with park machinery ballroom to set up a bio gas facility. i think they're following instructions we will be looking so hopefully that you feel granik waste from padmashree ballrooms neighborhood which would normally go to landfill is instead brought here as a rule material. the trash has to come in well suited otherwise it means high operational costs and less bio gas. today if it's payoff.
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is good. this is merely 100 percent right. but needs to strip the floor was an alert with which i very highly recommend but then i would read this extremely good i mean this is now good enough for. the facility processes about 600 kilograms of local kitchen waste a day turning it into. the actual plant is further away built in refurbished shipping containers on land provided by the local authorities. there is also a business model. the boat by a gas is purified here and then stored in a tank. the resulting gas brand named carbon lights is sold. what we're producing as an end product. might be 4 percent of meet him which means it's much better than. it can displace any fossil fuel. so at the end of the day
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we're creating a. a clean clean renewable energy right here in. the biggest buy is a neighboring restaurant the gas is piped in from just 200 meters away. the restaurant is hugely popular the kitchen uses about 70 kilograms of bio gas a day which is also cheaper than conventional cooking gas. or demonstrated your pipe for up to the ball. and we're going to stop selling those. you know it's cost effective it's green here and we're doing something right with. the bulk of bangalore's waste is driven 40 to 50 kilometers outside the city there are no official dumps within the city anymore for the $5000.00 tons of garbage bangalore generates every single day.
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some not only on has scaled up his operations to help keep more waste out of landfills and make his business. about 13 tons of food waste arrive at this plant north of bangalore every day from i.t. parks and corporate campuses. about $7000.00 jobs have been created here at the bio gas plant. unlike the facility in the city it also compresses the gas it's then bottled into senate is that can be shipped to customers across bangalore. our dream is to have this across india with on too close coming into this business running their own micro in it it's a win win for the country as well as creating more jobs and creating energy security. something that i and has already expanded into 2 moves states he plans to
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continue growing the waste to fuel business model could be a viable way for famu indian cities to clean up their act. and that wraps up today show thanks for watching if you'd like to get in touch e-mail us at global 3000 and d w dot com or check out our facebook page d w women until next time bye bye.
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and this is a true story so hard to believe said to the fans i.e. and the 1970s it's about building the world's 1st commercial space center. in the lead roles of a german visionary brave engineers fake tsongas and
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starts july 27th. this is deja vu news live from berlin european leaders trying to bridge deep divisions over a corona recovery plan there convening for an e.u. summit at this hour in brussels where there's a deep divide over a 750000000000 euro package to help the economy he's hard hit by the pandemic we'll go live to our correspondent.


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