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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2020 6:30am-7:00am CEST

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donald trump a lot of your were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between the presidents how does the muslim league and the dangers of mutual admiration for the rest of the. muslim believes trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. lavender as far as the eye can see but how can you capture this beauty and single photograph we'll find out later on in the show hello and welcome to another exciting edition of your remarks i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming up on the program. trying to uncover the
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secrets behind the portuguese custard tart. and delving into the complex magical world of art of my time. but we kick off the show on a high note with high heels that is most high heeled shoes are made with women in mind however a growing number of men are also embracing that added boost to their height but there is a problem most men struggle to find the right size and style so here's a look now at this niche market and some of the people pushing it forward. bold and sexy and extravagant this is the chosen style the cuban entertainer jorge gonzalez who has been a connoisseur of high heeled shoes since he was a young man. of 2 where he was
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because when you're wearing your. change you know i feel more. to introduce myself to high winds and i think it's just a statement. morning as ours has been making statements on german national television for the last 10 years as a modeling coach choreographer and a juror on a popular dance show his heels define his image but does he see any trends developing with high heeled shoes for men on a more general level the story called the men's has got to where it was but during this also the juicy woman has got to. charm source. on the. road. it's not so much about the system. really. was there with him it's. like canadian singer sean mendez
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who's been spotted in stack heeled boots rock legends like the late prince david bowie and freddie mercury long embrace to high heeled shoe on stage and now the next generation like british singer sam smith is following suit. sales in this nation market are increasing steadily but for men finding the right size is difficult britishers designer sophia webster recognized this problem. it was very apparent to me that dance was an. option. in designing my dance teacher we do not sit here. and we were doing so done. class is america we need to see him to west and she's the doctor and i think he's 43 and all we had was 40 tafe i'm going to show our final production that's going to be an extended size they just say they'll be fine it's not things asking only that it's the code for slaves by a lot of these bills while so feel webster shoes aren't specifically made from hand
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extended sciences of up to you 46 means more options. and daniel bush founder of cross swords shoes creates handmade high heels for men on a more conservative level to recognized a gap in the market. the current shoes that men can buy for women. very small and even if you buy the same saw is. the problem is the design for a woman which is smaller so we designed the entire shoe the last 2 specifically for a man's foot so that. when they slip in i think there are people outside the insane industry that slowly slowly coming towards the idea of wearing high heels. modern high heels were introduced to europe in the 17th century aristocratic men wore them to demonstrate in upper class status and royalty fetches
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king louis the 14th more than to increase his stature only aristocrats with red heels were allowed in his court. high heeled shoes have come a long way since then but what about negative attitudes towards men wearing them nowadays. where people can say what they want to. do you have to suppress yourself you feel to hear that nobody. is paid to know about you. confidence and comfort are key aspects that will carry this style choice into the future. we turn our attention now to a unesco intangible cultural heritage building roofs now covering houses with reed is one of the oldest crafts in construction the 1st batch proved a fact some 6000 years when our days you'll find plenty of them along the north and
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baltic sea coasts of europe including on the german island where strict rules apply we travel there to see how the 1000 troop has stood the test of time. just. these distinctive facts truth houses are implemented at the island zoomed in northern germany people in time honestly with the surrounding nature and look both cozy and look serious they were once the homes of finest fishermen and captains today the islands that tree houses are exclusive real estate is mainly a secondary residences for renting out to vacation is. real turned brown fused just mouse knows everything there is to know about these so-called free nation houses he referred to his them and then sells the fixed up houses to millions of hero. with people go freeze
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and house like this one from 17 a.z. as a roof point 78 greeters you see and i did my head about this roof and they also have smaller when warm. winter because back in the day people had just won over for heating oil so homes were kept compact. this is the village of capital any house that gets built here must have attached truth traditionally these routes were made by selling natural materials together in small batches but these days they held in place with why it's there is a lack of young apprentice is that not least because of the effort involved. and i'm from the one family home building the roof takes 3 and a half to 4 weeks. unless it has drawn a windows or a gable that requires extra work when you go and.
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is a test strip rules when it comes to facts truth houses to preserve the traditional charm so there is little room for innovation. this modern take on a saturation the art in south. is a rare exception the house was created by hamburg stock protect how do you have any . scot feel it just because you're not really there were many discussions about the house. so she will ask whether it will destroy your out of the island's traditional look as in the muttley that was supposed to be here you have to stick with the thoughts to prove. you're losing if somebody isn't restricted to copyright so that fine indeed like to see more of this those would be fundamental for the underdogs us. in other parts of europe such as the netherlands architects are already busy
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reinventing fat chances. and along germany's baltic coast homes have been designed with roofs that ridge all the way to the ground. back on stilts with that's true to the major using swamp rates goods use these for nesting so they can only be cut down during winter cold crucial it's really no good weed farmer to meet demand he has to import extra greens from countries like hungry romania and even china. it's fun to be a commuter remember these are batches i harvested and winter. the blades must be a lasting. they mustn't break if i bend them like this then start with bigger government but. they don't think about reeds is that they grow back on their own
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after harvesting. rick's. zeus' evidence hotel meanwhile boasts europe's longest that's true. though not for much longer. jim an architect christophe has designed a vast statues wellness center in the island's newly set to be completed in 2020. spacious windows in the roof to bring natural light directly inside. fascinated by the possibility of using modern methods to build a contemporary house combination with very old culturally rich techniques. in 2014 unesco recognize the factions craft as an intangible cultural heritage if it's to survive the traditional need not only innovative often takes but also
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a new generation of young people who choose to learn the craft and book with this natural material. right next up we are headed to the portuguese capital lisbon home of the custard tart this simple pastry out of eggs sugar and cinnamon has been satisfying this week too since the 18th century that's one catholic monks start their clothes with egg whites and use the leftover yolks to create this pastry well the original recipe now lies in the hands of the. bakery and remains a closely guarded secret or normally there are long lines at this bakery but because of the coronavirus access is limited still we were able to go behind the scenes for this tasty pastry. and.
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these delicious lee sweet custard tarts are one of portugal's most famous cultural exports. fight is it's ridiculous a little bit sweets if these talks taste great. lisbon's pa station bakery has been making them since 1837. the recipe is a well guarded secret. one of the select few who know how to make them is pastry chef miquel cut and joke. the same quality they don't mate with eggs flour sugar and milk of course is a statement that isn't going to end there are other ingredients as well but their secret. to say. that. he takes us to the back of the café here behind the abbey iron door lies the secret room where the delectable delicacies are made. this is where our pace tree chefs produce the dough and
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constant cream for the top and thought nobody is allowed inside apart from that we can go in. i feel very privileged to be one of the few people who knows that i used to buy lamb recipe. in the car engine family has been creating a stage to be a lamb for 5 generations. joe it's sliced by hand and then placed in the baking trays. it's important that the crust be thick enough to contain the custard cream. crew don't need to be carefully even though pressed. each day they make about 20000 tarts. the recipe dates back to the monks of jarana most. monastery unesco world heritage site. to examine their school they used wants to stiffen the monks church callers was very busy this morning and the
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leftover. makes when it does it goes. when the monastery was secularized over 185 years ago a sugar manufacturer bought up the tart recipe and began making them and his nearby shop. it's been selling the original pa station ever sense. which used to be church many a typical portuguese sweets were invented in the ministry's like it is one in which there was a guy named since the 19th century people from all over have come here to see belum tower and the monastery along with the great but explorer basco to gama. and no visit to this part of portugal is complete without trying prostate. genevieve. i've been coming here with my girlfriend for you is quite with these tonsils something special so greeny and the crossed is so unique i must different
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i gotta love recommendations for colleagues or friends we came here from the north just to bring some back from friends because. the custard needs to be filled into the trace quickly so it doesn't lose its consistency before baking. the tarts are put into the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees celsius. their best enjoyed warm from the oven with a sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar. in the fish are on a must monastery used to sell past aisa and cinnamon throughout the whole country the cinnamon used to arrive by ship from the orient simply symbolic of. nowadays the pastry treat from portugal is enjoyed across the world. lou my mouth is watering now well if you are interested in more advertising reports
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then take a look at our new you tube channel d.w. food this is what you'll find there. just like you see these. stories. to see as and. the smell is amazing the best chefs with their best chips from the need to choose to be king diets and all the recipe secrets while some oddball europe's diversity is a smorgasbord to live you know. subscribe and enjoy deep w. food. when you think of provosts in southern france what comes to mind perhaps fields and fields of lavender while they are popular photo motifs by capturing them in a single image can be challenging and that's where one photographer's special
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technique for shooting vast landscapes comes in handy. 70 fields in the south of france it's pretty easy peach everywhere you look tween. in the plants are in bloom the violence on the plateau turns into a frequency of flowers. each year people from around the world visit keep coming back landscape photography bob you know and. this is what's cool about profound we have these incredible colors that's everywhere we have the lines that go way back into the distance everything that i love at the end there's a tree it's like disneyland for photographers and for photographs likes to share his passion with others and takes amateur photographers unguided to through the lavender fields this was photographer has pioneered a technique that's revolutionize classical landscape photography he superimposes digitally chance of the same subject on top of one another to create hyper released
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images. as a result his landscape photos look more mystical than realistic. hypervigilance landscape photography is about bringing together all the emotions i felt before while taking my shots in the one picture the different moments situations and ambient lights could take 234 or up to 40 or 50 images to convey that feeling to the observer it's this feeling that he also wants to transmit to the fashion to the participants 1st moments are these here. the best ones are actually those 2 there in the middle but when it comes to framing the image the amateurs get help from ben i've also got he's been a landscape photographer for more than 2 decades and knows whether it's classic cool or hyper realistic photography the ground rules are always the same and what's important about such wide open landscapes is the foreground often you'll see pictures with a tree somewhere in the background but nothing upfront it's
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a broad field so the. line adds a nice depth to the landscape and have a nice foreground with the blooming love and that's half the battle won when taking a good landscape photo of the 1st successful shots up long coming much to the delight of the 2 of participants. get at you the straight lines the symmetry of the fields it's just amazing. he says i find this bluish purple stunningly beautiful and then there's the acoustics the hum of the bees and the blossoms which move around and i when it's just wonderful. it's always a challenge to sort of cop interims of composition every picture tells a great story that's clear. but the popularity of the lavender fields has one piece drawback many farmers feel for their crops but in here we're on a private property where everything here belongs to
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a farmer who earns his living the growing love there would have been soil here with a group i have to ensure that we protect the life of their means not running a tripod or stepping on the plants or living a beer bottles or cigarettes it was like around. i think of it like being in someone's living who should leave the place in your same state i found it in full of these 100 often the 1st or 2 at last for a week and the group is on the go day and night because in the dark a whole new side of the lavender fields comes to light fabio loves this diversity the night shooting at night can be tricky the soul that there shouldn't be too much light pollution for some time but also really cool it's ok to just have the blackest night sky and the milky way but sometimes it's also nice when there's a bit of a glowing from the sea down below hello i start. with that class a cool model in the lab in the fields everyone is short of 5 feet in me.
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he's been called the wizard of automation a swiss inventor and artist from nor combines a vivid imagination with technical expertise to create intricately automated sculptures now in this digital age you might wonder why he doesn't simply use a computer well for him the devil is in the detail of creating mechanically precise objects we visited françoise you know in his studio to see this wizard at work. welcome to the wonderland of france was. also made to make it its top of his game and has an international following he sees himself as part artist part mechanic removal movement as life is intricate creations bring some poetry back into a world dominated by digital technology. thomas hands are made to bring happiness
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for dreams and make magic to create an automaton and to challenge people it's like a magic trick at 1st people don't understand how it can work. is also nations are driven by a complex wind up making as much resembles that of an analog watch that it may be batteries or electricity and perform precise preprogramed movements one of francois current projects is leonardo da vinci he's been working on this 80 centimeter tall wind up android of the famous italian artist for a decade now. it's absolutely want to do complex mechanical drawings. like these ones of a helicopter or horse. in addition i want it as you can see here to go to the laboratory in mirror image so you know. from the initial sketches to the modeling of the field is right through to the final can exceed
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everything is done it is workshop in this with spirit of some choir. you know has 6 assistance they work on several summated once for months at a time most of the projects the commissions even as a chart of you know was fascinated by mechanical objects in 1904 he started building automation he grew up in an environment of craftsmanship but his grandfather's watchmaker is. not in her ologist but i learnt watchmaking here with the. city so it was advantageous to stay here and be around other artisans. not to be away on really a team of a dozen people public if you have a problem you can just call someone that's really great that's what. is most complex automation to date is monsoor attribute to russian poet alexander pushkin the android consists of close to 3600 components which allow it to write some 1500 poems sign them and illustrate them making it unique among automated pushkin
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android was commissioned by a silicon valley entrepreneur. 7 years 7 years to complete it as with all of the trips to the u.s. . we had lots of discussions about what text we would use but the choice of words of drawings and other things he's. now he's been in the states for 10 years. in a digital world that completely clashes with a mechanical android. the roots of androids or humanoid robots can be traced back to ancient greece and egypt their heyday came in the 18th century the age of enlightenment school the development of complex automations the play music. teaches. puzzle no one has
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brought this old craft back to life. well. i'd like to preserve or not i drive again this rolling of inviting a tolerance. of all the research i've done to be able to share it with future generations edition yourself or to your friends martian it was one of a kind creation serve no real function but these mechanics in motion mesmerizes with a complexity and truly expand our imagination. truly are one of my kind to and that wraps up another exciting edition of the show now don't forget to check out our website where you will find this week's draw and a chance at winning this exclusive euro max watch and don't forget to follow us also on social media as always thanks for joining and we'll see you again soon.
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i'm. going. to.
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be. in good shape. as new cure for the chinese. just how can one lead to normal life with a potentially deadly fire they are working on a vaccine that's a therapeutic drugs. are going to be able to defeat the virus one day we talked to hendricks dave a leading a child. good shit. 30 minutes on digital you.
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read. a race against time with an eco friendly pasha. kemi electric taken for as easy google maps led the challenge from brooklyn to nosh ranch style anselm college. while champion is the chance to lead read. the minutes w. . look closely. listen carefully. don't suit me needs to do get.
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this is news from. corona virus infections keep on soaring with the number of new cases topping 70000 for a 2nd consecutive day. the situation is drawing increasingly desperate in hospitals in florida now the state hit the worst by the pandemic here from our correspondent miami also coming up. european leaders. to make or break summit in brussels they want.


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