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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2020 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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world stories this week. fighting for democracy hong kong. coated 19th in the fellows of brazil. but 1st we remember the massacre at srebrenica in bosnia herzegovina in 1994 our coverage of the world commemorates the horror. we talk to 2 survivors now living in berlin. to send off roses takes her back to her farm a peaceful life in the hills of spread parineeta until the age of 45 so little had a happy life but then yugoslavia fell apart serbian forces shelled the town and tried to stuff its residents out now i go to. the mornings where the worst every day at not even one am i had children in front of my house begging they wanted something to eat but we didn't have anything ourselves nothing yet the wonders of
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blood not yet. between 93 and 95 the fighting between serb forces and bosnian militias intensified the serbs were trying to force the population out of their homes to make their opponents surrender. in july 1005 general later convicted of war crimes and genocide and. the separation between life and death began. and said get them applaud used them one day put 2 tanks facing each other and people had to walk for then they started charging people old women and children on one side young women on the other fort and entertainment at night. the men were taken away even little boys from the age of 8 even 19 year olds. was scottish so necklace a really it evidence did god you know study on who to watch that. an estimated 8000
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men and boys were shot in the following days. damn near close lost his father and spread bernita he often imagines his final moments before he got shot at the home front did he feel hungry did he feel firstly . if he was conscious did he think about us his family did anything give him strength we're going to crack. yeah in july 95 women and children left represents are under the eyes of serbian forces. delish ramsey and was amongst them but on her way out she would miss something she will never be able to forget. i assume put them some jews or whatever friends of mine try to skate but the
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soldiers caught them and drag them back out to the street they wanted everyone to see what happens to those who try to escape they took them and then shot them right in front of me they were like family to me. most about not so many believe me she had family. just like demi kludge she lives with the trauma to this day but still the smell of roses lives on and reminds her of her former peaceful youth and. since china imposed the new security law many people in hong kong see its special status and democratic governance undermined. it's becoming ever more dangerous to protest. the current 4 years now everyone has joined fellow members of his party on the 1st of july to mark hong kong as head over to chinese fruit but everything changed last week it
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isn't uncommon for such race more peaceful protests to have a 100 plus police to search a dozen office by cast this will be the new law you may never see the picture of me then hong kong is on the street ok not because we are content and not because. we are now happy with the government is because now we have to upgrade now right back over to the out 7 was because well. the 1st protest seems to new security law was put in place which can see offenders go to prison for life for suppression. several parties have now decided to disband some leading activist have fled but everything and his party are not about to follow suit. because if for political party to bow down now what's it to say for to the rest of hong kong psychologically. i'm also 1st prepared to go to prison for long
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we're not going to trade what we have been doing for years but the parents on the. suppression that we are going to face in the future there will be short term. modification and transformation of activists i mean hong kong there's no doubt beijing in sr a lot of facts only a minority of lawbreakers critics say the vertical activism is only threats and that's just the 1st step in the now works for an ngo based in hong kong for decades it has been advocating for labor rights across asia hochul has been a popular hub for thousands of local and international n.g.o.s but a new law means many are now we considering their options. and very quick take in we don't all want do you mean by somehow may be where foreign forces because we have stuff from overseas under this law we widen the shore like how it will
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impact even the safety or indeed or why this stuff for us to if we continue to receive foreign funding we have to somehow people here their worst scenario then we may also consider to move to. other countries. beijing has played down the laws impact saying a 1000000 close to strengthen the management of n.g.o.s and are otherwise asians in hong kong. even though is doing clear how the security law will be implemented activist in africa is he'll have to be where the face of rock n roll or. brazil has had the 2nd highest number of reported political risk cases of. the president himself has tested positive but the true number of infections is probably much higher.
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nothing is the same since the pandemic at rio de janeiro's 5. adults are out of work children are home from school and cramped unhygenic living conditions greatly increase the risk of infection. i'm scared my children will catch the virus we don't always have running water most of the time we have to haul it from far away and the children don't have any space to play. experts estimate the number of unreported infections in the favelas to be extremely high that's why local residents have started counting the cases themselves. many of those who died from corona virus in our fellows didn't show up in the health authority statistics we know of several examples in our circle of friends. with the help of local residents volunteers are creating a log of cases in the bore real neighborhood. they use whatsapp to collect data on the latest infections not registered by local authorities. this state has been
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completely absent here ever since the fellows were built in rio we always have to reinvent ourselves and find new ways to survive. the exact number of corunna infections in brazil is not known to little testing is being carried out leandra nevus had typical covert 1000 symptoms but was never tested. i left our neighborhood so i wouldn't infect anyone. i slept on the beach at even email for a week and a half and thought about my neighbors the whole time it's social status in brazil that appears to dictate whether someone is officially infected or not the real numbers tell a very different story. as the coronavirus spread in germany romanians and roma living here say they were subjected to ever more hostility and prejudice. they are tired be going.
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mona has been a social worker in berlin for 8 years her main responsibility is caring for romanian families many of them roma the fact that morning as mother tongue is romanian helps a lot she says the discrimination against roma is not new but now exclusion and accusations are rising amid the pandemic. that mean the height media is minority group that i work with is the roma. this is a it's a fact that they are an object of discrimination. most people don't like to see them around here and also in my country romania. now in these times of crisis when everyone is scared and under a lot of pressure you know people are looking for a scapegoat more than ever. these are employees and that it's officially began. we meet a man we'll call vasili a roma from the village of fontanella he's been in germany for 5 years and now for
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the 1st time he's found a decent job he uses a pseudonym so he won't risk jeopardizing his job hold on yes i experienced discrimination and yes since corona it has gotten worse that's the way it is at work but also when i go shopping for example at the supermarket i'm treated worse than others. long. in this berlin district several blocks of apartment buildings where mainly roma live together in cramped quarters were sealed off and quarantined for 2 weeks a total of more than $100.00 people across 7 houses here tested positive neighbors think it was a wise decision to quarantine the entire area isn't there out of 10 at night i don't know if that's allowed i thought they had a curfew. over to be on the whole all scrunched well where the roma feel that others treat them with suspicion and some say it is racist. most
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people look for a guilty party and the weak can't defend themselves they wouldn't dare blame other groups imagine how the jews or turks would react if they were treated like this they have a strong lobby the politicians wouldn't dare say things like this about them in public. accusations prejudices and justifications social worker more of interior thinks that especially during the pandemic it is important to find peaceful solutions. it's about getting to know each other better and these families need support from me but also when you are new in a metropolis and you come from a poor background and didn't get the best education you just need some help. there are some great social projects in berlin i'm satisfied but we need even one who are expensive for me then and ma'am ma'am ma'am. according to human rights
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organizations like amnesty international it is clear who is most affected by the coronavirus restrictions in european countries it's the minorities who suffer most . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the krona lara's or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us and. science.
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