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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2020 2:15pm-2:31pm CEST

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after 4 days of heater talks they finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries he todd just by the fans everything. you're watching live from the mean don't forget you can keep up with the news on our web site that's. going to cost follow us on twitter i mean strong. news as well i've been it's been a jeep and i'll see you back in 45 minutes. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona update. covert 19 special next on d w. in the eye of climate change.
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because he made a serious. mistake. one day years today how for the future of. the dot com african-american city the making it. clear the turf. fancy a quarantine ie not so fast drinking during the pandemic to escape strains sent boredom may be harmless for some but for others it's a slippery slope to addiction. public health bodies a warning that substance abuse is on the rise many who suffered from addiction before the corrado by. as outbreak so they've disrupted all cut off all together.
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some are calling it a pandemic within a pandemic. addiction is a global problem a pandemic has led to a rise in fatal drug overdoses in canada and uses blame the temptation of the government's sudden public cash infusion with few questions asked demand for help is sort of the us as addiction treatment budgets a slashed and the u.k. is reporting long waiting lists for reopened addictions and its social distancing has slashed capacity. south africa has reimposed a ban on alcohol sales and announce the return of a national curfew to tackle the spiking coronavirus cases and addiction is now decided that the sale the dispensing and the distribution of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect. there is. now clear evidence that the resumption of course. has resulted in some
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pressure being put on hospitals. including trauma an i.c.u. unit in south africa already banned the sales of alcohol in the early stages of the lock down but the industry pushed for reopening warning of massive job losses what happened after wards the hospital admissions went up significantly about 17000 alcohol related trauma admissions in hospitals were recorded every week that's why for now the liquor stores throughout the country remain close again i mentioned i changed to me to be straightforward i'm not going to be rude i think it's terrible i think it's realistically because in the leaky industry is not only the people working in the model stores is about a 1000000 people now have to be at home now i'll call it did most dangerous thing that is where people are always fighting people like me ladies who are a woman who are violated every time just because of so i support the president
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differed in that was very good he's done perfect the president also announced tonight curfew and stricter controls to enforce the airing of face masks but many here fear that this might not be enough to weather the storm off corona virus there's still a massive leg off intensive care units testing kids and a shortage of about $12000.00 health care workers. dr monica ballard from the royal melbourne institute of technology in australia joins us now how difficult has this crisis been for people with addictions. i think this process has been difficult with so many people some people have had access difficulties through the treatments but then there have been some opportunities for example people who accept seeing methadone and buprenorphine some of may now to get that in logic doses because they're trying to avoid people having lots of contacts we pharmacies for example is this increase in drug and alcohol consumption addicts
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becoming even more addicted a while people becoming addicted well what we're saying is increases and decreases it's sorry enough drugs you know interim findings we've seen now substances like alcohol and head of its people in mind we increasingly suppose substances with the opposite transitory for m.d.m.a. and card carrying working majority people cite a decrease in the sorry a lot of this relates to the different reasons why people use a starbucks. who's especially at risk would you say when we have a look at i doubt it we saw that people who were reporting serious mental health problems were much more lax and decided that they had increased the use of alcohol drugs and sorry obviously for those people that are having trouble coping with the
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unusual situation we find ourselves seem to be especially at risk so this is not just. a problem for addicts it's also a mental health problem is that what you're saying. yeah but certainly from eldorado looks much more cross the population so really only it ranges a small proportion of people that actually have problems but what you find of course is that alcohol cannabis and other drugs if used by a large number of people will die and one themselves you know if you stop seeking treatment you are increasing their use and that sort of thing can sneak up on people so we have to really watch out for this population little changes even drug now police so what's the best treatment when addiction centers are already full due to social distancing or treatment budgets are being slashed in the us or you're basically told to go cold turkey in south africa that's
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a real concern because like as an example where i am going to strike. out the whole bottle shops are actually does ignited. an official notice ignited by a service that complies so unlike in south africa they went back and and that was because it was understood with the people that drink die early if i were to suddenly stop drinking or being much more problems in withdrawal than continuing to change so it's a real problem to escape or why the supply that's not actually going so the issue how do you prevent the risk of addiction in the 1st place that. well that's that's a 1000000 dollar question that i think anyone really has. so how to prevent the action in the 1st place but what's really important is to i guess that the antidote to addiction is to connect to be able to have elections we've paper with our
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friends with our partners and of polls that's the shit with the quote now i'm saying lockdowns is that for many of us we have a thing how to connect with our friends we have the added fuel that sense of belonging and so that in itself can actually pulls people to drinking and taking drugs more than they did before well i know it's so because of the outbreak but it's governments that have disconnected us how can governments reconnect us that well i think it's interesting that in some countries it's called physical distancing not social distancing because we have technologies that can help keep us connected. that aren't necessarily. you know it works as well as just a proper hug or a proper key piece and i think you know probably talking side by side it's really hard to replace that sense of connectedness so i guess what governments might want to do at least you know obviously help get us through this process as quickly as we
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can so we can get to the others saw it all the oscillation and start to reconnect to a physical level now hopefully those effects again that would obviously help but this is something that globally we're in full hole that we have to try and get through and stay connected with each other in the meantime have a lot of people listening and connecting with out talk today don't the barracks are mighty australia thank you very much. and now your chance to ask the questions is our science correspondent gary williams with some of the issues you guys have been raising with us. can you tell us about the vaccine russia claims that has produced. over $150.00 vaccine candidates are under development worldwide at the moment and 4 of them are currently in what's called phase 3 testing that's when a candidate has been proven safe so it can be given to thousands of people in wide
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scale trials to see how effective it is at preventing them from contracting had 19 now last week the director of a russian institute announced that after positive results from small scale trials it would also go into wide scale testing with its candidate sometime in mid august that candidate is what's known as an ad no viral based vaccine that's a platform that's been around for decades the method works by modifying another virus called an addon a virus to deliver the genes that in code for proteins found in the spikes that dot the surface of sars cove 2 that it's hoped will train the body to recognise and fight off the new corona virus in the future without having to be infected with it in the 1st place. what are the chances of
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recovery for a patient receiving blood plasma from someone who has already recovered. convalescent plasma is isolated from the blood of patients who have recovered from the disease and it contains antibodies that help fight off a recurrence and that person now this plasma has been used as a treatment for others who are still ill with more or less success in different diseases. i work for around 100 years now and for the last few months it's also been used on an unprecedented scale as a stopgap measure to try to fight covert 19 that's allowing larger scale studies but the researchers trying to carry them out have hit a couple of big speed bumps 1st if someone is sick with kobe at 19 and they're getting sicker they don't want to end up in the control group in a randomised trial and be given
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a placebo of course they want the convalescent plasma and 2nd it's very difficult to standardize results because convalescent plasma isn't the drug that's made in the factory a particular doses it's made in someone's body so no 2 doses of it will be the same that's why although a few smaller studies have claimed benefit and the treatment seems to be for the most part safe the scientific jury is really still out on whether or or how much it actually helps. and you can post your questions to derek on our you tube channel if you'd like to keep up with the latest developments in the coronavirus subscribe to our news letter good deal you don't com slash corona dash usually. finally what about kids stuck at home under lockdown of school playing outside an architect has come up with an idea to brighten up their day using a powerful speaker
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a microphone and some books by gussie it tells stories to children who waste no time gathering to listen in idea came out after he heard a boy crying with boredom because hearings on stories by mexican authors giving children and adults alike a few minutes break the lock down bloops. and it was when the next. provide for transplantation was about to leap into. scientific advances could help in the brutal black market in human organs. patients can wait for years for an invention or look for an illegal alternative.
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for shortages close up. next on d w. kick off. this season was certainly different and yet like a lay up it was a story of how i am close to tend to most of. them times when victory and defeat were just a moment apart. the 2nd part of our remaining. 16 home t w. this is some joke story about a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problems past. his
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credo no chemicals. and his tremulous. step. to. strike. the students of the past don't stand a chance. training successful. candidate starts july 27th t w. there is a global shortage of organ donors the illicit trade in human kidneys and hearts is booming it's a lucrative business but it doesn't only save lives it also claims that i mean the
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fact that your life is in danger and you need a heart doesn't give any allowance to us physician to going kill somebody else for the cost.


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