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we're just moving the camera. and successful beyond belief. they're going to do it this is the way we do it. we would start aug 7th on d w. you. are. making music for it is definitely not easy but your romex report on mike included gives her best solution. more on that coming up on the show and with that very warm welcome to new episode of your i'm max and this is
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what else we have in store for you. if you're a kid without a hangover in this spelling bar you can potty but only with out alcohol. with surprise artists who make sculptures which are both $2.00 and $3.00 d. . let's start to show with the frenzy of color german artist kevin you know gloucester is celebrated internationally for her last scale and multi dimensional works she sprays rather than page and creates huge colorful environments that go beyond any canvas no on thurs she is sometimes called catalina the great current show at the villa new zealand for modern arts how. it's spectacular and we met up with her to find out how she works. she is one of the most successful artists of our time kathleen acosta the 58 year
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old artist lives and works and berlin and new zealand her artwork is brightly colored and multi-dimensional the source of her inspiration is surprisingly the sports world but it's brought so much of my inspiration can be found on the pitch in football when teamwork and interconnection are important movements some positions interlinking different constellations over a big area creating dynamic spaces that are in flux not. a large exhibition of classes work can currently be seen at homburg a bahnhof berlin's museum for contemporary art and most approach works the mingling and mixing of strong colors plays a key role. this is not business being a really interesting experience to see the way the colors meet the material and the paint atomizes birthstone sprains still takes on another shape. and it becomes unrecognizable in some places. and the way it connects in these pipes and slits in the material really changes the perception of the color for these things can't be
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imagined or planned in advance of a plot. mountainous shapes made from styrofoam form the canvas. and even the floor is a part of the artwork. katherina cost doesn't use paint brushes she prefers working with a spray paint. newsmonger this is my tool it's like a spear the color comes out at the top. and he has the trick of mine up which allows me to reach spaces high up and to great lengths i think it's expandable with up to 4 metres long just like a ladder which allows me to lengthen the reach of my body and that's what i'm really interested in to change the shape and size of my body in order to reach that little corner at the top without too much effort it's sort of like a magic weapon. off a clump of ones aren't. the screen corner from 998 was a milestone in catalina cos as unbounded artwork ignoring all spatial carriers she
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paints on entire landscapes in bright colors. from a young age i love to listen not but then i did grow up in the seventy's all the clothes were really really colorful i remember orange choses yellow shirts and green sweater vests and the sweater vest wasn't important clothing item until now the other colors to be seen like oh miss neves. the purest concrete building in berlin is home to catalina classes studio. before she creates her large artworks she designs a smaller model. currently she's working on her contribution to the helsinki b.n. dollar 2021 in finland. is the focal most horses made entirely out of wood and that's why i like to place a wooden structure in front of it at the moment i'm looking for something that has a kind of a 1st shape. so you see how i can use these models to try out different shapes with a minimal effort and can coat them and paint that distorts the canvas the surface
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of the painting creates cracks and gaps and it's these gaps in the painting that i'm especially interested in. there's also a model here of the current exhibition in berlin. in a glossy enjoys the fact that her artworks exist for a limited amount of time. it's been with us as i think this great beauty in the temporal limited existence and disappearance of the artworks which lingus and is a long process because it's an advent and the deconstructions are already happening in the present. this impressive piece will also disappear. the exhibition called it wasn't us can be experienced until january. 2021. these days with our smartphones we can easily make phone calls across all countries
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in the world but in the old days that wasn't possible in the mountains so one way that people communicated was with an out for this frett news form one welly to the next and shepherds used to today it's an unusual musical instrument this one here is almost for me to long and playing on it is a real challenge you're a mess reporter michael kluger who is a real city girl by the way took on that challenge. owned of the mountains. here in the swiss alps the majestic upon is a tradition dating back centuries. i sound more like a dying mountain of gold but my goal today is to play along with approach was
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a challenge this is the 1st time i'm holding an ipod and today i'm not only trying to make some noise i'm trying to play a melody so we will see. i said for the district of a group of pretty villages with a total population of under $6000.00 and some presidents are willing to teach beginners how to play in our. own consists of 3 parts besides the mouthpiece. all the other students are swiss and they laughed. with us right this was a cross on the flag it's as much a part of the country as cows and cheese with holes the elkhorn is really swiss it's right by your mind to acquire the ability to play a piece in 2 or 3 years it is talent or something. oh well i don't have the time nor the talent. everyone's happy to produce any
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sound at all. is a patient teacher he's been playing the album on since he was 5 and he's really trying to help me. learn is all i can play. the various nodes are achieved by blowing in different ways after 2 hours the beginner's course is over. fortunately my teacher is willing to give me private lessons x. 2200 meters above sea level and we try if you drive runs in the ground on. how long have the swiss been playing up on. that it was mentioned for the 1st time in switzerland in the 16th century. or the all over.
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here in this area it showed up later. the bus you always used to call home the wife started and after that as a musical instrument it wasn't played only for entertainment until the 1980s. because we're looking for beautiful spots clearly the easiest part of today. my digital plays itchin for me. i'm supposed. to learn. we're going to play a no no. and we play the rhythm with the lips yeah ok. these are. a song with maybe 3 or 4 notes could be something i could learn he says i practice until i drop. i'm about to faint.
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ending the right note and holding it is the biggest challenge. i haven't learned much but time's up and the pros are here to play for real. it's an instrument that goes with the postcard landscape of the alps perfectly. now it's my turn will be doing a modern piece i'm told you can actually play anything on the album on world you maybe but not me. pressure. and. i just start going at it not really knowing what i'm doing but i don't give up and
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i keep playing sylvia and. ok i would say that was mission not accomplished because it was so much more excel thing than i expected and on the other hand it was so much fun. in the end i'm quite proud because i've played the album on and i learned it all in a single day even if it wasn't quite perfect. from one longstanding tradition to the next namely the greek presidential guard in athens they are called f. stillness and they stand guard in front of the parliament they and night in mind look boring but for many young men this job is a dream come true they have to fulfill certain requirements like being able to
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stand still for a long time and they must be over 6 feet tall they get to wear very unique uniforms but it takes a long time to put them on we got an exclusive behind the scenes look. the renowned acropolis one of the favorite targets of tourist lens is in athens if not all of greece. almost as popular a subject to photos of the government's man in front of the greek condiment building. every hour 365 days a year in scorching heat to a freezing cold the abstinence execute the changing of the guard the spectacle represents the pride of a highly trained military unit the presidential gods. where the bodies that stand completely immobile for a fairly long time. many observers are surprised that the strange way they walk
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these expansive paces serve primarily to get their circulation going again and ensure that all their tendons and ligaments are stretched and stale lastic of the good that's very important for the 3 or the presidential gods numbers over 150 men. in the hour when a changing of the guard is prepared behind the barracks even now the f.c. next on the greek military's elites light infantry regiment. your brother should be on tape as a result of elected to become an f. and that is you have to be at least one meter 87 tall or a member of the greek orthodox faith and than perfect psychological and physical condition of the 4 and you have to believe in the values of the f.'s on us the training takes 5 weeks and covers physical fitness and correctness and standing absolutely still. 10 tennis and seamstress is one of constantly behind the scenes
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making sure every soldier's button is in place they are the only ones who knew precisely how to put together the traditional uniforms painstakingly doing everything by hand. only this double is embroidered using a special technique originally employed by wealthy private firms we adopted the skill. here you see the for malaysia as we call the ats and that's is white well. you can hardly even see the fabric for all the embroidery it's practically overlaid with. the process of getting dressed presents a special challenge. it's very important to keep to the correct order even down to the garters that have to sit just right otherwise the uniform won't fit and the. procedure takes up to 45 minutes and has to be repeated every now and today's uniform was introduced over 150 years ago and nothing about the fabrics patterns
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will come as has changed to this day the ritual donning of the 20 odd individual pieces is so complicated that another soldier has to help out at one time the abstinence founded in 168 with a royal greek. every part of the uniform symbolizes the history of greece. the cap is red and the long tassels. the color red stands for the blood spilled in battle for the grief and tears. the symbols are important parts of the uniform of. the 4 they march off to the epson nets are inspected from head to toe. not just the uniform has to look just right the soldiers themselves have to smell pleasant and shave before every tour. only when everything's perfect can make a full night u.t.v. representing the dignity of the country in fairy steps.
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licious didn't tonic. now if you think i'm drinkin on the drug you are wrong this year is an alcohol free drink and this kind of drinking is becoming more and more popular mindful drinking is the new trend a lot of young people these days are fed up with the morning hangover and have realized that you can have fun without the boot was the lint has jumped aboard the healthy livin band wagon with its 1st alcohol free bar that's where you can find all kinds of tasty drinks like this one so let's get the party started. long. tailed craft being why. all these prints can be mixed in customers can still keep
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a clear head as the drink still not contain alcohol. say really it is germany's found out the whole free fall and recently opened in the trendy district of. the custom is a philistine but not the intoxication i worked in the start of were there's a really high pressure at work so you have to be sober all the time i work or for going to these kind of place just to have the same quality time but with the last. sequences the next day you don't probably heard this expression like alcohol both got connecting people that's not true it's smiles that kind of people it's the emotions it's the stories that your show that's going to let go. of fall without alcohol that is not begins to fade not into the vein of course and the start up entrepreneur is not in the end but she wants to create innovative places the boss
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fits right in alongside the new say but curious trends the new design for sobriety is not that is the demand is there the people are curious sober curious they want to test new things make more conscious decisions but the supply is there too there are hundreds of really good beers and creative breweries that make alcohol free craft beer and that's a new phenomenon that when supply and demand meet in this way that's how a trend develops and so on and. london in the u.k. it was here that the trend toward say the fun started a few years back alcohol free drinks at the trendiest boss in town nonalcoholic distant to imitate the taste of gin going without. it's been. picking up on the trends. today the supply of is spirit some wine without
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alcohol has greatly increased in germany to. even top class restaurants such as the vegetarian and michelin starred restaurant and then are now offering customers nonalcoholic drinks. kevin the nice man presents his newest creation has. so much red and amaranth in our farmers garden this year that we used it for this cold tea with lemon zest. it will be cooked with pomegranate and lemon juice later . during the clarification process it gets this color in order for it to really look like one i have about same experience the experience of. the drinks all meticulously match with each individual course on the menu. is accompanied by room . beyond sin and is accompanied by coriander rice milk with sweet saki cremona and horseradish and the braised cabbage.
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and i think it's really important to give the customer the feeling that when they're here we're here for you there's something for everyone here there is no shortage of alternatives to alcohol in burning any mall. could even mean if a young healthy. at least that is what's being promised. our specialty is our very own glow tail what's a glow tail a cocktail that's not only alcohol free it also contains healthy ingredients like hibiscus infusion full of vitamin c. and a which regenerates the skin in other words the cocktail doesn't only help you stay sober but it can even make you glow a bit more about. the flow tale cocktail night blossom whether it really makes you glow more. but one thing's for sure you won't wake up with
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a half of the next morning. for more epic ties in reports on food and drink just go to our you tube channel d w food next up 3 d. portrays a famous personalities made out of old computers lamps or even tennis shoes sound bizarre well an artist from the czech republic has made it his specialty to trick is the viewer has to stand at a certain place to be able to see the picture pathing posco makes anamorphic odd and we met him in his studio and prague. 'd 'd 'd the images play with perspective 3 d. becomes 2 d. the various elements fused together into a picture of the rider. and anamorphic portrait. so anamorphic comes from greek and means something like reshaped. at 1st the
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image appears distorted and takes shape only when you change your perspective. the viewer has to occupy a certain place in the room to see the intended result. check artist patrick postcode specializes in these allusions is anamorphic artworks can be several metres across and take up entire rooms most are portraits of famous checks here we see the founder of the multinational footwear companies but. the largest. is one of my latest works. all the enemy morphic sculptures you see here are made up of objects that have some connection to the subject. so this is in fact a portrait of tom. made entirely of shoes. on his wall. for weeks prasco collected around 200 shoe soles one out shoes and scraps of fabric
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and leather to assemble the many elements he needed for his piece. it's one of the most challenging sculptural techniques i know what. not only do the objects have to have something to do with the subject they also have to be of a particular size so they can fit into a certain place in the work. and they have to have the right color since i also use them to modulating light and shade i need just the right color and an absolutely compatible shape. every issue is like a brush stroke the work is based on a photo of thomas mucha. this file of computers lamps and other electronics conceals a portrait of nikola tesla the great pioneer of electrical engineering. it takes the artist about 2 months to complete a project like this. a
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precise sense of visual proportion is vital when assembling the elements 2. when i do a portrait of a world famous figure i really have to be exact right down to the millimeter for that person to be recognizable in the end. so i've always got to be checking to be sure it's right i have to go to the viewer spot and check everything again and again. if every element isn't in the right place for trade could become a kind of caricature or. patrick pashto exhibits his sculptures in the aleutian art museum in the old town of the czech capital frog. the exhibition centerpiece is dedicated to the country's most famous composer walczak.
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the other side of this cunning double portrait made of musical instruments and sheet music depicts. it's a sculpture that can be viewed from all sides not just one. the subject continuously changes. it's a truly 3 dimensional artwork and definitely one of my most complex. 'd coal has created 6 on a more thick sculptures to date with the 7th on the way due to be completed in the autumn 2020 mm. that was all for today but visit our web page for more reports on the european lifestyle you can also take part in our viewer raffle where you can with this exclusive euro max watch thanks
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for joining by.
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racism begins in the nursery 95 percent of the world's dog. but a german canadian company a little shady wants to change that. their dolls bring the world's racial diversity to the playpen and help children of color feel more self-confident. to 77 percent. to 30 minutes don't you. actually
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risk meters just shows numbers but rest of. the. law. of the smart way to get when you're going. to w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just 3 of the topics covered and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really
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check out our podcast you can get it wherever you go your podcast can also find us at. slash science. this is some note story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. is problem past. his credo no chemicals his wife thought he was crazy. and. step. the students. don't stand a chance thanks. dr. starts july 27th.
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this is news a live from birthday escalating tensions between washington and beijing u.s. officials entered the chinese consulate in houston texas after forcing it to close made accusations of espionage china is retaliating shutting down an american consulate in the western city of chengdu also coming up on the show.


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