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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2020 9:00am-9:15am CEST

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start in terms of going to join. us. bases state of any news line from there then tensions escalate between washington and beijing u.s. officials and the chinese consulate in houston texas after forcing it to close amid accusations of espionage china retaliates shutting down an american consulate in the western city of trying to also coming up thousands demonstrate in budapest for maybe a freedom after dozens of journalists a congressman a new side resigned in protest at the sacking of their editor in chief. ban back
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from a holiday there's no break from the pandemic germany is offering returning holidaymakers green coronavirus testing to guard against a 2nd wave of infections. but . i'm rebecca rich's welcome to the program u.s. officials have entered the chinese consulate in houston texas after a diplomatic stuff they complied with an order from the trumpet ministration to shut down the u.s. says the consulate was a hub for espionage and intellectual property theft china denies the accusations and has retaliated by ordering the american consulate in the southwest and city of chengdu to close the spat has brought already tense relations between the 2 countries to their lowest. point in decades. ahead exit in
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houston. chinese officials who seem king on friday they were forced to evacuate the consulate within 72 hours a deadline set by the trumpet ministration. holding documents into vehicles the exit was welcomed by anti communist party protest is. this a cell or cell when you're punishing me trying to monitor everyone's bank a meeting that's the reason we come here to why. they're celebrating the i make sure. the us says the consulate was a nest of spies trying to steal intellectual property including data from medical facilities in texas after the last diplomats departed the area was cordoned off and u.s. officials were seen forcing entry into the building. in
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a tit for tat move china has ordered the closure of the u.s. consulate in the south western city of chengdu. china's foreign ministry called the retaliation legitimate and necessary accusing u.s. stuff is of interfering in the country's internal affairs committee in the current situation in china u.s. relations just not what china wants and the u.s. is completely responsible for all of this the cold war era style tension between the 2 countries has been rising for some time often sparring over trade technology and more recently the coronavirus usually very outspoken on china the u.s. president has yet to comment on this latest escalation. around 3000 protesters have marched through central budapest in support of journalists at hungary's most read news site index dozens of journalists have now
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resigned over the sacking of his editor in chief earlier this week his dismissal has raised concerns the prime minister viktor or bands nationalist government is intensifying its efforts to muzzle critical voices. the new site trusted by millions of hungary and is no more so thousands marched to the prime minister's office with this message what would you rather we are together we believe in free press. we've reached a point now where getting access to real information is in real danger as well as its very existence. in court about the overall you passion of all of. them honestly regardless of the website the reason why i came to demonstrate is that another independent news portal has fallen victim to the government but i really don't like that and that's why i came i don't think there's any free press left. the protests followed an early
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a walkout on friday when more than 80 journalists the vast majority of the newsroom quit index. to take the 1st step this to. our editor in chief was fired this week and while i don't want to speak on behalf of all of us for me this was the red line i cannot work there anymore. from the point about the phone. before he got sacked editor in chief settled stall had warned the site was in grave danger after a pro businessman purchase control of the site's ad sales hungary's foreign sex trade denies the government poses a threat to press freedom as well tell me a concrete case when could it journalists in hungary not write what they thought. index is just the latest of several hunger area news outlets to fall under control
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of government allies raising fears here that it won't be the last. was the. chairman or forty's and now offering free coronavirus testing to incoming travelers on the spot testing will be available for people coming from covert 19 hotspots people traveling from lower risk areas will also be offered tests but at the bar trees away from the airports it's part of an effort to avoid a 2nd wave of infections. touched down in berlin after a summer holiday far fewer germans the normal yet taking their vacations abroad the joy of returning home is as strong as ever but can people be sure they haven't picked up the coronavirus on their travels. now the health or thora jews in germany have taken the decision to offer free virus testing. the amber to its cause and tighten the health ministers of the states together with the federal health
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minister have today greed that people returning from risk areas should be tested at airports we intend to establish testing facilities at relevant airports. secondly we have decided that we want to reach not only those from risk areas but also those coming from elsewhere so we agreed to pay the costs of the testing for travelers this cost the addon isn't in frankfurt germany is largest airport is already offering tests for a free under the new plan people arriving from the 130 countries seen as at risk can be tested directly on arrival checks will also be beefed up at sea ports and on land borders the tests will be voluntary at 1st and people from corona affected areas will continue to be asked to quarantine at home for 14 days germans love to travel and those starting to get the travel bug again but would these tourists
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arriving from the popular spanish island of new yorker be willing to take a test yes certainly personal safety reasons that would be the most important thing . we think sure i think so. if you had to go into quarantine. and now have to go. i wouldn't really want to people have responsibility for themselves and people are very careful about their behavior. and corona infection rates in germany remain low at the moment a big part of keeping it that way after the holiday season will be persuading travelers to take advantage of testing. and joining me from cologne airport is neil's cannot from the your home meter organization meals testing is now at no cost to the traveler since midnight tonight last night rather are people more people willing to be tested. good morning yes we could count more people it's
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which are coming to our station and make a corona screening test since we started. right and i must take quite some time to test nearly all those passages have you been dealing with delays of people how people coping with those delays. are it's a moment it's a real exit our station proximately $100.00 person we're testing that's a day and so we can handle all the pupils and the amount of testings do you think that delays will be inevitable though do you think people are going to therefore deny taking the tests on not be willing to take them if they feel they have to wait around for a long time yes i think. the next planes which tom bissell writes the terminal most of them or people will know about the test and that they are now free of charge and. there will come more test to us and more
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people who quote awards with this test 14 days parenting right and so basically without the test people will have to take 14 days of quarantine how likely is that the people we sticking to that guideline. most of them they are. all they're really friendly and the accept and respect this decision that they have to go to parenting but they also want to avoid them you also mentioned it and that's why they came to us and we also. told them that they have to do it karen change. the results of that screening and they are willing to do this and yes there were frankly and due to this current taint. and that's good to hear now the government is obviously picking up the cost of this testing it can't be changed they must think it's worth it. well.
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it's a moment. it's a moment cause which. the concert because of the test were covered by the government that's right and we are asking the people who come to us if they come from a from a country which. is a reason and so they get free of charge all right niels kind of from the yani to organization thanks very much thank you let's turn now to some other stories making news around the world the u.s. has recorded and of a 1000 deaths from covert 19 for the 4th day in a row driven by a spike in infections in arizona florida and other states but a top white house health advisor on the pandemic says the states are past the worst and as schools to reopen. the regional government of catalonia and spain has ordered the closure of all night clubs discos and event all across the north
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eastern region following a surge in cases of coronavirus barely a month after spain ended its month long state of emergency the new order will come into effect today and remain in force for 2 weeks. $83.00 migrants from camps in brace for arrived in germany a flight carrying families including 18 sick children landed in the german city of castle a trance for transfer is part of a bigger plan to bring vulnerable children from overcrowded camps on the great islands to other states. a hate wave in siberia has faith fanning devastating fire is pushing them north of the aphex circle the one where the agency is warned that temperatures in the russian region what 10 degrees celsius above average last month the hate wave has also contributed to rafa deflation of say eyes of rigi. and the u.n. is warning that a rusting oil tanker in the red sea is threatening to become an environmental
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disaster a 45 year old vessel is stocked with more than a 1000000 barrels of crude oil and is floating off the coast of yemen the ship is deteriorating and experts are warning of a potentially catastrophic oil spill yemen's ongoing civil war is complicating efforts to extract the oil from the ship. a cruellest ship with explosive cargo is docked off the coast of yemen this is the only current image of the ailing tanker at any moment it could fall apart potentially spilling $1200000.00 barrels of oil into the red sea. that would cause a natural disaster according to u.n. coordinator lisa grande and it would destroy the fishing capacities in the fishing villages. and. the environment of the red sea something. many years. if as it was safer has not
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been properly maintained since the beginning of the war in yemen 5 years ago the bow cables and valves are rusted and the tanker is leaking for the past 2 years the united nations has asked for a team of experts to be allowed to go on board but permission from the warring parties is pending they are arguing over who gets the profits after the oil on board is sold the north of yemen is controlled by the who the rebels and this tanker lies within the region they control the oil minister blames an alliance led by saudi arabia for the blockade. at the mouth of the how do you know if our maintenance team's attempt to reach the tanker fighter jets will fly over them an attack that's a big problem. an oil spill would also wash up on the shores of who died in a port which is the lifeline for millions of people in northern yemen who are suffering hardship and hunger and are in urgent need of aid you know watching data being used his reminder of the top story we're following for you china has
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ordered the u.s. to close its consulate in the western city of chengdu and make comes after washington told beijing to ease operations into its consulate in houston texas earlier this week further escalating tensions between the 2 countries. will have to be have on the top of the hour until then you can stay up to date on our website at state of dot com don't forget to follow us on twitter and instagram as well he said. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our corona update. from the covert 19 special next on d w.


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