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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2020 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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it was a bit of that. this is deja vu news a line from berlin and tensions escalate between washington and beijing u.s. officials entered the chinese consulate in houston texas after forcing it to close amid accusations of espionage china retaliates shutting down an american consulate in the western city of showing do. thousands demonstrate in good a passion for media freedom after dozens of journalists at a hungry as main news site resigned in protest at the sacking of the editor in chief. and berlin's temple of techno can't pack in the punters thinks of the
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pandemic so it's cleared the dance floor to make room for something a bit less boisterous. a micro local welcome to the program u.s. officials have entered the chinese consulate in houston texas after diplomatic staff there complied with an order from the trumpet ministration to shut down the u.s. says the consulate was a hub for espionage and intellectual property theft china denies the accusations and has retaliated by ordering the american consulate in the south western city of shanghai do to close a spat has brought already tense relations between the 2 countries to their lowest point in decades. a hasty exit in houston.
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chinese officials was seen king on friday they were forced to evacuate the consulate within 72 hours a deadline set by the trumpet ministration. holding documents into vehicles the exit was welcomed by anti communist party protest is. this a cell or cell when you're usually trying to monitor everyone's bank a meeting of the raising when you come here to watch. they're celebrating the i make sure. the u.s. says the consulate was a nest of spies trying to steal intellectual property including data from medical facilities in texas after the last diplomats departed the area was cordoned off and u.s. officials were seen forcing entry into the building. in
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a tit for tat move china has ordered the closure of the u.s. consulate in the southwestern city of chengdu. china's foreign ministry called the retaliation legitimate and necessary accusing u.s. stuff is of interfering in the country's internal affairs committee and the current situation in china u.s. relations just not what china wants and the u.s. is completely responsible for all of this. the cold war era style tension between the 2 countries has been rising for some time often sparring over trade technology and more recently the coronavirus usually very outspoken on china the u.s. president has yet to comment on this latest escalation. joining us now is tyson barker he's a researcher from the truman national security project here in berlin i'm going to start with the 1st obvious question tyson barker tensions between the u.s.
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and china over spying accusations are aren't new so why the closure of houston's consulate now. it's a great question i think there are a couple of reasons some are diplomatic some a political we did hear from the department of justice the unsealing of indictments related to chinese hackers who were aggressively probing research into vaccines for covert 19 this has been pretty systemic so that is kind of blogs that narrative clearly we have an escalation in and hong kong and change as well but the big reason we have to say or one of the big reasons have to be political the trumpet ministration is trying to draw a bright line between its. approach to china and the biden ministration potential biden in this region for to try to saying that biden would be a less more conciliatory more combination of chinese authoritarian. u.s.
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secretary of state my campaign called for a joint reaction to act over what he calls the threat of a new tyranny from china does he expect support from the european union. well clearly he expects support from the european union and it's one of the reasons he made this trip through europe this week he was very much trying to you know close ranks within the alliance the transatlantic alliance with the denmark is that a great britain of course not a member of the european union anymore but basically saying you know we need to approach this is the united front so yes that's the expectation but what have been the reactions here in the e.u. . well the e.u. has the reaction has been mixed and the truth is that there are a plurality of views you have countries that are more hawkish like sweden you have a country like the u.k. that has really evolved i would say in the past 6 months from a position that was much more accommodationist much more hawkish and then you have
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countries like germany and france which really have a broad span of equities related to china 1st and foremost the trade relationship which has really taken a hit because of coded that they really want to maintain so they are much more stability minded i would say the european commission itself brussels itself has issued a strategy last year a report last year which said that china is a strategic rival of the european union so there is movement to see china with a more more skepticism than in the past but that is not a consensus view within europe i think it's safe to say watch this space particularly with the united states entering its political season tyson barker's thank you so much. thank you thousands of protesters have marched through central budapest in support of journalist and hungry most read news site index dozens of journalists have now resigned over the
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sacking of its editor in chief earlier this week his dismissal has raised concern that prime minister viktor orban snatch alist government is intensifying its effort to muzzle critical voices. a sea of solidarity lighting up central budapest thousands of hungry and standing up for press freedom which many fear is disappearing under the rule of right wing prime minister viktor orban the latest victim hungary's most retinue site. you seen as one of the country's last independent media that's made it a frequent target of the prime minister who once called it a fake news factory but its independence has come under threat after an ally bought control of the sites at sales. the final straw came a few days ago when the site's editor in chief was fired prompting more than 80 staff to resign on friday. the 1st said. our editor in chief was
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fired this year and while i don't want to speak on behalf of all of us to me this was the red line and i can't walk that anymore. for my diplomat the. shortly after south of protesters flooded the streets when they want to frame a showed real news and it's getting more and more difficult almost impossible to get that in hungry now we don't know what's happening around us because the state media isn't telling the truth. and i'm pretty much. honestly regardless of the website the reason why it came to demonstrate is that another independent news portal has fallen victim to the government i really don't like and that's why i came i don't think there's any free press. hungary's foreign secretary denies the government poses a threat to press freedom the show me a concrete case when it was
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a journalist in hungary not allowed to write what they thought. index is just the latest of several hunger news outlets to fall under control of government allies raising fears here that it won't be the last. for more on that i'm joined now by veronica who you just saw in that report she's one of the editors in chief of index veronica we appreciate you making the time you say in the report you decided to walk out because of a red line was being crossed can you tell us a little bit more about that. well i have been working in the last 18 years and this week when our editor in chief of us fired this really red line for me and and i swear that i can no longer work in this company for years we've been saying that there are 2 conditions for the
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independent operation of that there is there cannot be external influence on the public and there cannot be external influence on the structure of our stop and firing. i think has violated our 2nd condition a clear red one maybe maybe several there we saw of course protests last night in budapest how do you feel emotionally about the public support and frankly whether it's going to make any difference. i wasn't there i didn't go to the protest so personally i haven't. i didn't. believe it through i followed the news and i so that thousands of people marching down the street supporting us really i was crying.
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and it was really really emotional. and for your 2nd question i really do not see the future a pretty good lead because it's really new it just happened yesterday so we still have to know the technical details regarding the term of our employment at the next because we couldn't meet personally. depressing and of the board of index because he promised that he would be in his office on friday but he wasn't there so on monday morning hopefully we can meet him and we can and the story technically. and then. we can start to think about the future and but can happen next because we would like to stay together and be able to like to follow these days but we have been doing in the last 20 years well
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speaking of the future we wish you luck in your future endeavors ronak among thanks so much thank you very much now to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of anti kremlin protesters have rallied in the far eastern russian city of coverups in support of popular governor sergei for god who he was detained on murder charges this month his supporters say he is being belatedly punished for his $28000.00 defeat of a candidate from the ruling pro putin united russia party. the u.s. has recorded another 1000 deaths from 19 for the 4th day in a row driven by a spike in infections in arizona florida and other states but a top white house health advisor on the pandemic says the states are past the worst and has spurred schools to reopen. now berlin is
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a city renowned for its nightlife with packed nightclubs providing a raucous party atmosphere that came to a stop with the pandemic and with many clubs now fearing for their future one of the best known is finding new uses for its dance fans. the bear kind of berlin's legendary techno club is venturing into new territory the now got it in sunlit boiler room it's hosting a sound installation. it was created by austrian artists hans strobel and. is it with this place is full of energy this place is part of a city's cultural history and we're trying to communicate with a cultural history community. and the club is housed in a former power plant. since 2004 electronic music fans from across the
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world have been flocking here to party around the clock. i think it's. space to be completely free. it's almost like. a prayer space a modern prayer space because you're listening to music as a group and you're experiencing it together and it's a place that you don't find anywhere else in the world because you have a mix of gay people straight people you know people for any kind of you know sexual preference or partying together you know so i think it's very interesting you would find this anywhere else in the world did a song. every song features a different way that the spice interacts with the sound down into acute senses. and this is going to go to show that it was and that's the beauty of this installation is trying to reveal that listening by itself tells a different history of the world and seeing.
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it for listening not for dancing and new experience for the bare kinds patrons. at a time when the future of music clubs is less than certain that their kind is finding new ways to draw in the crowds. you're watching t.v. news will have more headlines as always at the top of the out. free to any list of prizes. all out. some tips going to get in the footsteps of the great korean. in your. town the place. 3 times you want to still marry much alike.


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