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from the smell of their sweat sniffer dogs trained to find explosives or drugs have been used to detect diseases like cancer and diabetes the hope is that these canine helpers can be especially useful in countries with limited access to lab based testing. well that's our news update at this hour and don't forget you can always get all the latest on our web site at g.w. dot com i'm claire richards and buy land from me and the whole scene thanks for watching. more coasters from nigeria you know that's what nollywood stands for the unique. authentic. and successful beyond belief
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7. ali would start aug 7th d.w. . current. currently the 1st.
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local reason to reach agra. cultural province in central tight. tight and is one of the world's leading rice producers and exporters. fire.
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but this is only been possible with the extensive usage of agricultural chemicals be it herbicide pesticides or fertilizer. this has led to environmental economical and health problems affecting both farmers and consumers. who knew. that my name is so not true sunny i'm 74 years old 60 years ago thai people were very healthy our rice was number one in the world back then we never used chemicals to farm but farmers were later misled by agro chemical advertisement and started i was in that year and that saddam had a lot of heart yeah. all the 18000000 rice farmers in thailand so mark is among the few who refuses to use chemicals involving. he has
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his simple and interesting way of growing chemical free rice. in the fields got started in the mid ninety's the population of apples now's exploded i can't up my wife was secretly using pesticides i didn't agree and bought my docs instead. these are some looks a.v.'s. was. very existence can be of tremendous. benefit to mankind and the environment. they are across greece between natives and copy campbell docs. the need to
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breed gives them a strong immune system and the cocky campbell breed means they can play lots of eggs. their future is determined by gender. these workers are checking the gender of the ducklings. there's a hot spot in the rear end of male ducklings and only ex-pats can feed the. male bucking he says older to keep the price will be raised for me. females are more expensive and will be raised.
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doubts are raised in both closed environments and free range in the fields. i need how old are the docks. almost 3 months. today so he's visiting the duck farm to reserve 3000 female docs he'll pick them up when they're 5 months old which is the perfect age for training. so i look is discussing the new school year of the academy with his son and wife.
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it's a family business which needs all hands on deck. the previous class of duck academy has retired and this is a boarding academy. and his helpers are preparing the dormitory for his new group of students. you're going to need to put in a poem for the road. just tie it to that wouldn't post the road she got here. the most necessary feature of this academy is the school bus. designed it himself using his 20 years of experience in transporting ducks. it has 7 levels and can carry up to 3000 ducks what makes it different from other trucks the
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adjustable ramps which enable ducks to move up and down each level by themselves. today is a big day. so he's going back to the farm to recruit his 1st group of students. taking out 99 docs today how about i want to test out the storm. and let the dogs get used to that my. i. i the docs son though 5 months so.
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high time docs. have got 99 is a lucky number of people. in these days friday which thai people believe is no suspicious day. friday is the best day of the week to hold a ceremony according to tradition. but. i am going out there. i know. let's go.
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home come on hurry up. i. i echo great i'm gonna get a few smaller 2 of these are all nice healthy signs i saw plans to train the 1st group of dogs to be leaders for the big group that will come later i doubt it's too long familiar but they'll soon find their way around i think there are times i go back and forth exploring. tara the property leading the way out
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cracking loudly she could make a good leader. see the ducks go up. learn to use the ramps to get up to the top level. i'm teaching them how to get on and off the truck they're still having trouble with their corners but they'll learn eventually to use both levels. the flow for. my
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last time i picked up the docks and lucky number today i'm getting out of 2900. count them and take them on board. oh yeah i want them on different bubbles when you. go out by themselves. no way these are new ducks they won't know how to do that yet. they will. each dock cost around $3.00. very. damning. once already made it stick together docks you don't need to do this every
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day catch them and put them up there. over 2000 already. will. i. was.
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of the academy as officially open. to me as 3 simple lessons. lesson one being the truck. this lesson 3000. 700. 30 minutes.
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past. the 1st time they've ever done that at. any one and eventually. yes. teach themselves.
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takes his 3000 students to feed in the rice field every day. normally you have to pay around $200.00 u.s. dollars per day to feed them. taking them to the field is 4 times cheaper. he takes them to his own fields as well as to his neighbors. i. they finally arrive at the destination. meet canteen and the playground the wait. but the students must 1st learn the 2nd lesson. lesson to getting off the truck. for $3000.00 to get off the truck within 15 minutes.
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thank. you i. thank. you. getting off the truck might be simple for students in the lower levels yet they had to bring me the stick i'm now an evel fast. but is not a simple for those on the upper decks i. close the ramp 1st all the back up. chase them down to. that we have. i. so much as to use the emergency slide on the 1st day
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i. like skydiving i haven't got all. i want to use the adjustable able to move down by them so i just need more time. for. the grain which the ducks are feeding those of spillage rights from the last growing season. the ducks get rid of these grains and prevent them from growing and mixing with next infant school. prepping the field is only one of the many duties the ducks have to help someone grow his rice. and there's
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always spend at least one or 2 bucket phones paragraph. students enjoy the field for around 8 hours. collecting the ducks from the field it's duck academy's most difficult lesson. lesson 3. obeying the whistle. have to return to the truck at the sound.
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however. getting 3000 students to stop playing is no easy task. it is easy to recognize. if it's time to go home or out to the field. but it takes months of training. i'm trying to use my voice and i caught a cold and my voice wouldn't work properly but the whistle always sounds the same. to. some people call me crazy yeah blowing my whistle like
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i'm a soldier that banks don't understand. but i do. i just do things my way . because so much stuff so female. they will do x. which will give them a break. now in the equivalent of their team. they enjoy having fun. and certainly even take it a step further. their
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performance is improving day by day. and the 1st day it took nearly 2 hours to get them out of the truck it was chaos. and maybe they've improved
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a lot they've learned to use the ramps and better going around the corner i . know when i need to be gentle when your training and you can shout at them or be aggressive they have feelings i. mean it's their instinct to react all day and watch when they go into the field thanks start searching with for something to eat straightaway oh look there are a team snails i am and if there's no food in one spot they move to another there. is no stopping. i the field grazing of ducks says chinese for. wisdom that was brought to thailand 100 years ago. currently there are around me in the field grazing ducks in the country. to.
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take his dogs home every day but most field grazing duck overs take up to feed in different rice we found that the ducks sneak out and about. between probably. the fields grazing raise them for meat and eggs. to raise ducks. to use of chemicals. some of it has around 40 acres of rice fields. this is a. lot. i'm checking out the rice plots. these ones are about 14 days out. i'm also checking facts. because i don't use chemical pesticides on my you know they normally come out to feed in the mornings indeed or in light
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rain the plant sprouting after 2 days if it ran short and after that the snails will eat everything like little. i have to take extra care until the rice is a month or. golden apple snails were imported as a food source from japan and taiwan. however they brid with native snails resulting in apples snails which quickly spread and became the worst enemy for young rice plants this is one of the main reasons for the increase in a group called use. chemical usage in farming was started in thailand around 50 years ago it was the result of the post world war 2 the revolution. they could. have that there were several
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changes one of them was the introduction of new types of rice the native varieties are abandoned in favor of the new west that had a higher yield and shorter stocks or they require the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. that there has been a drastic increase in agro chemical imports in 2000 puting thailand imported around 80000 tonnes but recently this amount is increased by well 100 percent to almost 200000 tons. of forest carry out regular studies an occupational diseases and they show that a 3rd of thai farmers have abnormally high levels of chemicals in our blood. good luck apartment. i'm a hindu i oppose the use of chemical pesticides in addition to snails the substances are so kill eels fish and crabs they don't target the right side way.
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grazing his ducks in other people's fields has potential dangers. it's all it needs to be extra careful. how i ask people if they use chemicals on their fields i need to know in advance because if they've recently sprayed their fields the chemicals could harm the ducks and they've done that. they just harvested the rice you know there's a lot of spillage for ducks. now and you know. when you don't spray the field it's. ok to put it with you days ago right. the owner always does it himself. pop them off. to get their snail shells
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birds have come here to feed there's lots of rice village and they're. young while some look ducks are popular among his neighbors he must check that the field is free of chemicals and that there is enough food for his ducks. for very snails here. taking the dogs to graze in the neighbor's fields provides mutual benefits. it's a free service to clean up the field while so much ducks get a free meal. was . i i i i i. i.
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thank. god i talk so much better at getting in and out of the truck now than 40 percent faster than they were on the 1st day. was a hey i. i.
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thank you. thanks. when you. i i i. i come down faster. i doubt i mean the guy down my. next guns want to get out too i was going to do you know maybe you my move to the left i get the
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job round of applause. i got to slowly getting the hang of it. i don't have to use the emergency slide that i have really improved i just have to keep training them mind this and they'll be even better by the by i getting more used to it at a month from now they'll be petrified that i feel i. like that my neighbor called and said a few docs are still out and about so i need to come pick them up.
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thank you so much over there. values every student. even though only a few get lost he puts all his effort into bringing them home. don't start laying eggs when they are around 6 months old.
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around 70 percent of our ducks are laying in 3000 ducks should be producing 2500 eggs and will 2600 when the ducks are well fed. it depends on how much food there is in the fields. if there isn't enough the number of aches goes down. some look stuck a salaried high demand. they provide him with substantial extra income customers even come to buy direct whole place orders. 20 percent and i cover my costs at a 50 percent i make a nice profit. today is the most important day in the duck academy's had to make yeah. it's going to release his students into a new the grow rice field. the
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ducks are very good now and the past few days we needed 45 people to drive them down. no i only need 10 minutes i timed it. thursday it took hours. i make now it usually takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get back in. and there are a lot of doctors and i am no other farmers allowed ducks into the growing rice here for fear that the ducks were ruining their crops i put notes on the lips the dutch great news when the rice is just one month old they are these
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pest control is. passing through channels and caterpillars and they work the docks catch the insects in the air yeah yeah out here we have some lady bugs. yeah back then already pests are right and spit the taxi at them to yeah yeah yeah yeah i mean i can look these are apples now eggs. and i knew i additionally they provide free delivery of natural fertilizer. and the ducks excrement i fall into line since our fields docks digest snails quickly and a snail shell can stay intact for 10 years decomposes in the dark stomach and a half an hour i know their digestive system is a magazine thank rewrite
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. they also make just controllers i meant dad not me maybe i'm the doc's go into the fields they step on the way we had some fatten them up by but the rice is strong enough to survive and can then grow a mouse but that is. maybe by how well our farmers think i'm crazy for letting the ducks trample over the rice like that yeah but you'll see later that he knows better here because it's fact that. i. mean.
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the ducks have completed their mission in some looks field the rice now bears grain . it is a time farming tradition to conduct a rice blessing ceremony. that are coming up blessing ceremonies were passed down to us from our ancestors. the ceremony is to appease the qual the soul of the plants here. toskala time concow. when the 1st grains appear at the ceremony takes place on the 8th tens or 11th day of the growing
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movement back to ask the goddess of rice made for song for her blessing. now hold the thought that oh i have told her mother see proposed mother not dora but mother shot a will mother sees who shot me you stay with us here. today is the good day today is a good night we bring you sandal wood powder an aromatic oils but a shower you with them dress you comb your hair and put makeup on your face you're not just from the pregnant field we bring you fruits sour and sweet to our but no my straps aphids caterpillars or worms destroy our rights. to saddle some. maternal you are let's take a look in the mirror. how come your hair. sat.
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on. so mark and his wife still recall the incident from over 20 years ago which led some to come the path of raising field grazing ducks. everyone was spraying their fields with chemicals all the past came to us you know if i said we should try using chemicals on just one plot of land i would but he refused. i was worried that i have a service to our rice plants but he said that to me i'll leave once their fault you know i went home crying i didn't believe. my wife bought pesticide cause i went to the pharmacy on my motorbike to get some and i sprayed it on the sales. for him i noticed that he had snakes and other animals. i said did you pass to sockets.
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and i couldn't get all the snails by hand anymore so i stopped going to the fields . alphabet my 100 docs and release them on to off yours or out by. pardon me asked me to perform the blessing ceremony. i look to see how our rights transfer are doing and they were flourishing. our ancestors were right like. lake effect their children without using chemicals on my. current. plain.
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now if we get 30 packets of rice by growing our crops this way we don't make a loss how the farmers make a loss if they harvest less than 50 to 60 because their costs are too high. i mean provide people with quality from. 0 hour it's not harmful to customers or to the child i want to make up and it doesn't make people sick because i'm a no harmful resident ass i was. even if the whole world challenges me i will fight against the use of chemicals. the end of. her. her. her the growing season is there
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a way back. now with her the ducks mission that it was her her her her goal the doc to supply us with a. patriarchal leftover grains of rice and they get rid of the snails caterpillars welcomes and they get support out. of orbit and ducks are all saviors and we're most grateful to them for a few weeks now. that i can call home.
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for him writing is an act of liberation. 5 for a novelist it's a tremendously interesting that he has a in all of our lives in our characters was something going on and it's maybe obvious except if they don't notice the artist told them the irish writer
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an exclusive interview are 20000000. 30 minutes on d w. one of the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make city screeners how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas or mental series again global from tulsa on g.w. and on mine. in the other way of climate change. comes from the city. comes. from still. one of the years to the. to the future.
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dot com for. the. click. this is the w. news live from berlin a u.s. consulate closes in china u.s. marines lowering the american flag of the chain to consulate this comes just days after the shutdown of the chinese consulate use of the dod and its allegations of espionage also coming up. after spanish beaches reopened
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for some hungry turfs british travelers to spain are now facing a new 2 week quarantine back home.


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