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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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and successful beyond belief. this is the way we do it. would start. on d w. the novel coronavirus pandemic has taught us to appreciate all things locally who produces local trade those local food and home essential india's prime minister in the interim or d. has even asked the country to take the vocal about the local pledge this week we introduce you to the people and projects empowering recruit businesses to not only
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stand tall but also helping the involvement in the process how welcome to equal india. coming to you from my neighborhood in mumbai the human refugee agency has warned that climate change is already forcing of rapidly increasing number of people to leave their homes in such a situation supporting the locals to adapt to these consequences would help to slow down the process in india's apple state provision some apple follows up already working on the collaborative model to support each other and mitigate the effects of climate change. it's been 35 years since by don't sing it on us started drawing apples in him little a secluded village tucked away in the mountainous state of. apples
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were introduced to india by the british in the late 18th hundreds. have now taken over several slopes and this is a good logically fragile region. over the past 10 years follows like donna have started to witness some of the harshest effects of climate change. my ancestral orchard was planted by my paternal grandfather i've also put hard work into caring for the sample trees until 10 years ago i was able to harvest 600 cartons of apples now as a result of climate change and the experience of storms and the flowering season even gets colder out of season as a result our apple harvest has declined a lot of apples on the main cash crop in kashmir he much of the nation with that are kind but they are there and expensive fruit in india
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and farmers have a tough time to the to be in means that autos are often scattered and remote which makes the access to a direct market difficult. many also own small farms uncowed afford to invest in efficient packing materials or transportation. and one of the biggest disadvantages in the supply chain between farmers and consumers is that it is controlled by several middlemen who eat into the income. but rather wanted the community and him to stand together rather than individually navigate an already unpredictable market. he brought from neighboring villages together with the help of a local trust the most somebody. under the project as it is called small farmers are now joined of an end to end
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production system that includes collection procurement sorting grading packing transporting and marketing their produce. businesses and producers are from 2 different worlds and have to deal with different problems. for the producer access to market is an issue not just in india but in round the world and on the other hand the market needs volume our idea is to bring these jobs so they can benefit from each other if they come together it's a win win situation. grants and investments run the system which now includes access to a fully automatic controlled atmosphere storage that holds apples for up to
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a year. normal cold storage means apples can only be kept for 3 months but with oxygen and an increase carbon dioxide concentration level these apples will last longer they've also begun making and marketing other products from the food together to reduce waste. as the farmers own profits they begin paying back investors and the economic all of ship of the company gets transferred to the farmers. with diameters hope that the entire business will be 100 percent farmer owned. and it will. be used to israel assigned team picks up the fruit from the farmers and it does all the arrangements but it. won't go through given a good price by them you know accordance with that is market rate and all of this while sitting at home on the keyboard we're able to send our children to better schools and there were definitely changed of life if we have.
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the apple project has reached 7000 farmers across 90 villages in the traditional upper growing regions of the indian himalayas. together they now call on 43 percent of the venture slowly empowering an agrarian community that doesn't always get its do. called mining continues to destroy small towns and settlements in many parts of the world people were forced to leave their homes because the bigger the big holes were dug and what happened after the miners moved away most of the time nothing in brandenburg a biologist has found a way to bring the lost back to life. one step closer to extinction opencast mines in germany the 7 machines here in the east will stop extract in
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brown coal in 2023 for decades the digging in the garden and secure energy supplies in jobs but it's also a dirty business the main contributor to c o 2 missions and a blow to the landscape now blank and ripped off its by diversity and vegetation and homes christina plants. grew up in a village that was destroyed to make way for the shuttles. has been for one day i went to school with my brother in the morning everything was normal then when we came back in the afternoon and walks to our house at the end of the village they had already removed all the windows and doors of the houses demolition started on that day and for me it was very eerie and it was as if dead eyes were looking back at me and it still feels like it was only today. losing her home and seen nature vanish left a mark on her life today the biologist is giving the region's deserted landscape
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a new face by bringing back local flora duck to the green heart this meadow in the midst of the open mine is the core of a 1200 hectare big area for conservation giving regional and sconce much attention like fielkow weed a home. put as a boat in this i could cry when i'm here it just warms my heart because it is so beautiful 90 percent of the vegetation here on the red list of threatened species with the spirit of a ship a safe haven for the wild and read the green heart was the 1st part of the open mind to be restored in 2009 it's a team effort between the local coal company and kites with the know how about wild plants ecologists from all over the world visit to learn about this project. city back before i now see post mining landscapes as an opportunity for nature huge
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spacious that are solely reserved for nature with out settlements. in the future this concept will be applied to many more space is one example so the parks a hugely embedded in fields with only a little plan for writing but here especially blundered combination of regional flowers blossom and focus you know cats that's an important pillar for her business close to the open mind she and her team grow wild and raff laois for regional and e.u. conservation projects and it's also here on the company's farm where they're pretty use the sea mixes unlike cultivated plants the seed of wild ones are ripe for harvesting at different times and they are harvested by hand a tough job. for the great a nap we eat the fields need to be checked every day to not miss the moment before the wind carries away all the seeds. and if.
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it's learning by doing and lucrative depending on size and harvesting technique seats can cost from 352-1600 euros per kilo by the end of the year cats and a group will have 4 tons of the valuable goods the business that once started with 2 employees in 2011 today keeps 25 scientists and workers. conservation role now requires that only regional seeds are used in such restoration projects and his company is one of the 1st to offer the east was also making expert analysis rescuing fracking plants for relocating ons so nothing gets lost its clients being every little thing in nature on this planet in this universe is somehow interconnected we belong together also humans belong to this and if i lose a part of it then i lose part of the whole thing and a bit of myself this is where my personal motivation comes from. and
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that's also why christina gets wants to go further. asked the baron lands around the open mind nearby are getting greener and the business is growing she's offering her knowledge abroad where there are still many open minds and spaces that could be revived with threatened regional plants next on the list for blossoming landscapes and by diversity could be australia. more and more people from google areas are moving to the cities across the world they hope to find work they don't earn enough money for themselves and their families but many a time they struggle to make ends meet an entrepreneur in mumbai is hoping artisans gain access to the global. place so that they can get a better price for their products and ensure a secure future. harvey is a means of finding at least it's asia's 2nd largest covering 2 square kilometers
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and is situated only a few minutes from mumbai is financial district it is also mumbai is largest manufacturing center. is a hive of activity here porters with roots in the state of gujarat who work and live alongside those early embroiders from out of rubbish garment makers and plastic recyclers crossed paths with metalsmiths rapido makers and planners in all there are more than 10000 skilled craftsmen here. it was this energy that drew entrepreneur made. 8 years ago this is a please very closely and if you give the mic was the liberty and access to go the one country will go. up does idea was to raise the heart of the market out of relative obscurity by setting up an online marketplace bed autism's can advertise their workshops and products now they can reach clients far beyond the potential is
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huge as part of these workshops and goods worth over $60000000000.00 rupees or about $800000000.00 euros each year. every little need is like a mini factory where you have. different shops producing different things and it's source self-sufficient. because they're not educated the oysters are not heard i believe by peeking by a launching a website for them and. putting their products and their will on line for the larger markets to see i am sort of giving them a wise. khans workshop makes leather goods and specializes in wallets before starting to send its product on the market dot com it had sales of about 130000 euros a year but me go toward the workshop could do better especially if it switched from
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animal hides to plant. agreed and now this company only uses artificial leather made from recycled paper it doesn't care is easy to work with and it's washable. we will do this eco friendly material to various trade fairs so that corporates can order in bulk and the whole idea is again to move toward sustainability. each product is photographed and uploaded to the website at the beginning make just 5 artisans on the side of the market dot com now it showcases more than 300 bookshops ads between 10 and 25 percent of the craftsman's prices depending on but this is a it is worth it and that their incomes have increased by 20 to 40 percent thanks to direct access to a much broader market. when muhammad got around shake 1st came to the
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harvey he had to leave his family behind and father will be hard. by 11 my family used to live in the village but now they live here with me the kids go to school i cannot afford the fees and the rent earlier i could order. a lot of the small walk shops and are we have signed up to make a porter it's of indeed yet book that has a much larger him to enhance the held ancestor animal development of the entire community.


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