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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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2 this is. from berlin tonight the u.s. announcing a partial military withdrawal from germany a 3rd of its troops are being ordered to leave 12000 soldiers will either be posted elsewhere in europe or head back to the u.s. a plan of retribution. accuses germany of being a free lead nato and not paying its bills also coming out turkey tightening its control over social media activists say a new law will help the government expand censorship and erode the political
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opposition's access to the public. they are the nightmare of every swimmer and surfer but new research on shark behavior tells us. does not have. on their menu. i'm off it's good to have you with us the united states has unveiled plans to withdraw nearly 12000 troops from germany a 3rd of its military footprint in the country president justifying the move today saying that germany has not been paying enough for its defense and he says the u.s. quote doesn't want to be suckers anymore german leaders have expressed regret over the decision. a historic reduction in the number of american troops stationed in
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germany even more will be leaving than expected. the u.s. secretary of defense mark asper announced the withdrawal downplaying its significance it is important to note that in nato is 71 year history the size composition and disposition of u.s. forces in europe has changed many times but u.s. president donald trump said the move is meant to send a message to germany where the forward with. the link but it's not that simple while it's true that the u.s. pays more toward the nato budget than germany the german government has promised to match u.s. contributions beginning next year at 16 percent of the total nato budget. trump often points out that germany does not meet a nato guideline that all members should spend 2 percent of their economic output on defense germany only spends 1.4 percent but that guideline refers to spending on each country's own military not directly to nato medo members are now seeking
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answers as to how the new u.s. plan will be carried out and what it will mean for the future of european security there has been pushback from the u.s. congress and analysts say even the pentagon was reluctant to carry out trumps demand for troop withdrawal you can imagine the arguments and the discussions and disagreements that would have been going on back in washington inside the pentagon and with the white house but at the end of the day the president says we're going to do this and so the department of defense it was ok well here's here's how we're going to do it there are about 24000 u.s. troops will remain in germany but some observers worry trumps costly message to its nato allies could weaken the whole alliance. now to the pandemic swelling numbers of corona virus infections have forced some european governments to reimpose restrictions and that in the middle of summer as countries where you open their tourism hubs to vacation. in
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a normal year the british city of bath welcomes around $6000000.00 visitors bringing in half a 1000000000 euros this year of course things are much quieter that means british tourists are the focus at this international destination we know about that they have come this week not just one or france but everything following you start to see the. hotels the social distancing so only know what to feel comfortable to to travel. so well domestic travelers can enjoy this year's tranquility authorities are putting the brakes on international holiday making britain rheem posed a forced quarantine. on travelers from spain after a reported cases there rose dramatically on monday at london's heathrow airport they were not happy about the news will cooling or a double test once on the arrival of the 2nd often 5 days or 8 states where people
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would stay in quarantine until they had to a test to show that they didn't have the disease and then they would be allowed out only then would otherwise the carrots. to flatten the newly rising curve madrid has now made mass wearing mandatory and public residents seem happy to comply. it's fine because in this way we're protected and we're more responsible that's how it should have been from the beginning it is for them to disappear. belgium is also struggling with a new spike in cases the city of on twerp reinstated a curfew no one is allowed outside between 11 30 pm and 6 am except for essential workers. germany is worried about imported infections so it's requiring travellers from high risk areas to take a covert 19 test upon arrival while many were probably hoping to forget all about
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the coronavirus during their holidays the virus has certainly not forgotten about them. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world iran's revolutionary guard has tested launching ballistic missiles from underground sites for the very 1st time it's part of a series of military exercises which also included targeting a dummy aircraft american aircraft carrier in the strategic strait of hormuz emergency crews are tackling a large fire in the u.s. state of arizona after a freight train derailed crossing a bridge the bridge at tempe tell make partially collapsed one person has been reported suffering from smoke inhalation. to turkey lawmakers there have passed a controversial bill that will impose strict new regulations on social media regulations that many companies could well find impossible to comply with critics say the bill will increase censorship and help authorities silence dissent turkey's
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president richard tie affair to one has often criticized social media platforms. laurie's slumber attacks on personal rights characters are so many issues these platforms a full of these kinds of things and they must be brought under control. my colleague g.w. reporter rebecca rivers has been following the story she joins me now here. so let's talk about this rebecca about the new regulations versus the impact that they're going to have well brant this law which will come into effect in october requires social media companies the big ones the ones that have more than a 1000000 turkish daily uses such as facebook twitter you tube and the like it will . it will mean that they have to set up local offices to comply with requests to take content down basically content requests from the government i use it out of also have to be stored on servers in turkey making it much easier to access that
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use adata if the companies refuse they face hefty fines and also datta speed cuts which obviously makes their platforms unusable and the impact is going to be huge on ordinary turkish citizens and journalists a lie. the internet has become the primary the primary platform for critics of the government for dissenting voices and when i wanted to be critical alternative news organizations now human rights of obviously come out saying that the law will greatly increase censorship we have something i can bring out for you they came out this week saying that the new law will enable the government to control social media to get content removed at will and arbitrarily target individual uses social media is a lifeline for many people who use it to access news so this law signals a new era of online censorship some pretty strong language there now many other rights groups and local journalists are occurring echoing that sentiment. now that
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laura side thousands of people are detained in turkey every year for the social media use already so now critics are saying it's going to read. to the companies as another way of censoring we know we've been seeing for the past several years a crackdown on dissent media social social media why is the government doing this now well that's right i mean as you say the government often complains about stuff on platforms now according to a guardian report that they did they said that twitter received more than 6000 requests from the turkish government for content to be removed. complied only with 5 percent of the requests and it's that ability to make that independent those independent decisions about what they will and won't take down that that critics say is what they had on government is trying to remove by introducing this law now the why is an interesting question why now. it's possibly something quite personal . earlier this month the foreign minister and who is married to his daughter on
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land off they had a child they posted about the child on twitter and got some negative remarks back people asking about the paternity of the child now valid to crack down cold and well we know that the president would not like those kinds of questions nestle in any form and that's for sure rebecca as always thank you. or best of all no the n.b.a. season restarts in the u.s. on thursday after being suspended due to the pandemic but the return will be very different from other sports 22 teams will be competing in a secure bubble without fans on the grounds of the walt disney resort in florida big names such as le bron james will be there and the super storm self he's admitting that bubble wife well it's taking time to get used to. walt disney world is the venue for the n.b.a.'s comeback but like the theme park new hygiene
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rules have been introduced to keep the coronavirus away basketball fans watching on t.v. could be in for a wild ride over the coming weeks with the season completely reach organized le bron james of the l.a. lakers is ready to outshine the usual stars of disney but the bio secure environment takes a bit of getting used to. your back now is the ball once it is 20 point you know everything is different and you have to be able to adjust but i will reach our my phones all during his run i can't afford to have to continue to check in or my family. you know every single day. making sure you know everything is there was a rescue and the uncertainty of what he had was all it was a hotline has been set up for players to snitch on anyone leaving the bubble james has been sticking to the rules and is ready to go. i'm done a good job of trying to just get myself best shape darn records in at home. you
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know and just to prevent anything anything was to happen down. the n.b.a.'s return will also address social issues the new orleans pelicans and utah jazz planted neal in a black lives matter protest during the national anthem on thursday's opener the los angeles lakers among the title favorites could be missing one of their stars antonio davis when the season tips off face of the league le bron james chasing his 4th title in 1st with los angeles might be left carrying the load alone the season concludes in october it might not be a fairytale season given the of he will cause by kobe 19 but the n.b.a. hopes its disney adventure can finish in style. well from the bubble into the water anyone who's been swimming in the ocean those that uneasy feeling. that
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a shark might not be far away but even if one is nearby he says the shark wants to each how does the shark feel about you anyway and that's what researchers in southern california are trying to find out. it is one of the most feared creatures on earth the great white shark seen as a fierce predator and perceived as a dangerous threat to beach goers but researchers in southern california are trying to find out the actual risk they posed to humans by better understanding the sharks behavior they're using drones underwater robots and boats to track and follow the sharks the city how they interact with people. we have some of the most populated busy beaches in the entire world and california is one of the few places where people are using the ocean here around millions and millions of people are out sharing the water with the sharks so how they're sharks behaving in proximity to
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people and out of people behaving possibly sharks. scientists 1st use drones to find the sharks once they have the tech to the animals boats head out to reach the sharks and try to get as close as possible the venue's a repurposed spear to insert a tag into the dorsal muscles of the sharks so that they can follow their movements and reactions from afar. what they are finding is that sharks are not that interested in humans after all. despite the fact that shark populations are going up and more people are using the water than ever before we're not really seeing more people actually being bitten by sharks in fact in some years the rate has gone down so what that tells us as a scientist is that we are not on their menu at all but occasionally accidents happen. the researchers want to provide the public with the right information to understand the risks posed by sharks but also to give lifeguards important tools to
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better protect beachgoers from the rare shark attack. stay off the menu this is. as objects within the business stick around for that should be about. i'm secure in the they were not hard and in the end is a me you are not a lot of the and more rules and you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with minds of the know.


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