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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin it's official now the coronavirus is decimating global economic growth the united states has just announced its worst traction of g.d.p. and that news comes on the heels of the release of figures showing a more than 10 percent plunge in europe's biggest economy germany years worth of growth wiped out across the world in a matter of months. and washington slashes u.s. military presence in germany the decision to cut its troops in the country bias that comes after president trying to peacefully said bellin was delinquent on its
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defense spending. bust nigeria's appetite for bush meat often puts endangered species on the butcher's bill w. follows one man's quest to save wild animals before entire species lives out. i for ignition to. nasa launches its newest a rover of perseverance into space for 7 months journey destination mogs its mission to look for signs of life on the surface of the red planet. us welcome to the program the u.s. economy shrank by a historic magnitude in the 2nd quarter of this year a massive. if 33 percent fall in quarter on quarter g.d.p.
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that's according to figures just released by the us government the huge quarterly contraction is the biggest since records began in 1907 it covers the months april to june when large parts of the u.s. economy read a standstill into pandemic lockdowns while weekly jobless claims have risen slightly suggesting any tentative for coverage will be slow. and let's go straight to our financial correspondent chelsea dillon who's standing by in frankfurt chelsea shocking figures there from the u.s. a drop in g.d.p. growth was expected but does this year's size of this economic contraction come as a surprise if it's a jaw dropping number we heard yesterday the chairman of the federal reserve say this is going to be the most severe recession of our lifetime and these numbers certainly confirm that a 33 percent contraction is enormous one thing that we really need to keep in mind
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we talk about this is that the u.s. sort of report reports g.d.p. and in a slightly strange way they take the contraction in this quarter and extrapolated over 4 quarters so they economy actually contracted by a 9.5 percent in this quarter so it's not as severe as 33 percent but clearly there are still millions of people without jobs in the united states businesses are going under so really a lot of a lot of economic damage there josie stay with us we come back to you in a moment because this news follows more record breaking economic figures from germany a german g.d.p. fell by more than 10 percent between april and june also the biggest drop in the country's modern history household spending business investment and exports all collapsed because of the coronavirus fun done a wiping out nearly 10 years of economic growth. north of the stock market crash nor the oil price shock managed what this tiny virus has done the fruits of 10 years of growth were wiped out within weeks the german economy collapsed in march
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but the federal statistics office says the full force of the crisis is only know being reflected in the numbers. a 10 point one percent decline in the 2nd quarter it is never been anything like it everything has suffered exports imports a services investment it's only thanks to a mess of intervention by the state that unemployment hasn't gone through the roof around $7000000.00 germans are currently on so-called short time would they work less and the state pays part of their wages they can all make observers divided some say the german economy is already on a recovery course others bracing for a tsunami of bankruptcies. which one is it let's go back to chelsea and find for chelsea how is the impact of this economic slump being felt in germany right now well it's been painful for for many many industries and many many people germany
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has gotten a lot of a lot of praise in europe and throughout the world for being quite aggressive with stimulus and really setting up a strong safety net to support workers but as you hear in that report there are still about 7000000 people who are on short time work schemes another 3000000 people are without jobs right now and a lot of these people won't find jobs we've already seen many many of you know germany's powerhouses volkswagen or joyce or bank saying that they're going to be cutting a lot of jobs so this clearly will have permanent damage for the economy so they have been announced of job cuts but are they also any signs of a possible coverage of the job. the economy is recovering slowly but surely we have you know over over the past several weeks over the past few months as things have reopened we've seen production get back up and running carmakers are saying they're seeing more orders again obviously retail sales are up
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again but it's going to take a long time for the economy to get back to where it was before or likely not before 20212022 so there's still a long way ahead sheltered in any of friendships thank you. and we continue with breaking news this time from the world of sports in the past few minutes public prosecutors in switzerland have announced that they will open criminal proceedings against fifo president john owen frontino the charges against him fronting the relates to a secret meeting seen help with the head of the swiss federal prosecutor's office meetings took place in 20162017 while fief was on the infamous investigation by the prosecutor's office or option in front tino was reelected as the president of football's international governing body just last year for you more details on this story as they emerge. united states has
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unveiled plans to withdraw nearly 12000 troops from germany a 3rd of its military footprint in the country defense officials say the cut is in line with addressing new threats from china and russia but president trump has tied the reduction to germany's reluctance to spend more on its military. it's the historic reduction in the number of american troops stationed in germany even more will be leaving than expected. the u.s. secretary of defense mark asper announced the withdrawal downplaying its significance it is important to note that in nato 71 year history the size composition and disposition of u.s. forces in europe has changed many times but u.s. president donald trump said the move is meant to send a message to germany. afford. this thing trump often points out that germany does not meet a nato guideline that all members should spend 2 percent of their economic output
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on the fence germany only spends 1.4 percent but that guideline refers to spending on each country's own military not directly to nato medo members are now seeking answers as to how the new u.s. plan will be carried out and what it will mean for the future of european security there has been pushback from the u.s. congress and analysts say even the pentagon was reluctant to carry out trumps demand for troop withdrawal you can imagine the arguments and the discussions and disagreements that would have been going on back in washington inside the pentagon and with the white house but at the end of the day the president says we're going to do this and so the department of defense of us ok well here's here's how we're going to do it there are about 24000 u.s. troops will remain in germany but some observers worry trump's costly message to its nato allies could weaken the whole alliance. and out to some of the other stories making headlines around the world right now the u.s. administration has agreed to gradually withdraw federal police from the city of
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portland oregon off the weeks of clashes with protesters local authorities have criticised the agents presence saying it made matters worse washington's at the offices were needed to protect federal buildings. tens of thousands of people out also taken to the streets. in cities across a bug area again protesters are demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor is using the most suppressing free speech maintaining ties with the mafia and refusing to fight corruption there both areas largest anti-government protests and 7 gives. german police have ended their 2 day search of a garden a lot and used by the main suspect in the disappearance of which is toddler madeleine mccann in 2007 media reports suggest they found a hidden cellar on the site police have not commented on that or any other findings . police in hong kong have arrested 4 students for alleged offenses under the
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territory's new national security law the law makes up of hating for independence a punishable crime. hues of post organizing and inciting secession beijing also announced it has banned a dozen pro-democracy activists from running in september elections prominent activist joshua one who is among those bought all that the biggest ever crackdown on them. let's bring in our correspondent civi kong what more can you tell us about that ban on pro-democracy candidates. damascus qualification comes after the and president the arrests on add to this the new national security law so that while this qualified candidate they represent a wise that's from off the opposition i'm still not only believing that after events and sort of the grass at the site just how long will fans but also those relative the like moderates and democrats like it including several incumbents of
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lawmakers of fans from running for reelection this is this is the fussy home post history so no income of the lawmakers happy but banned from running for office again before so this is for. clearly sensitive law like the have already been rumors and reports of suggesting that the government may announce to postpone the station for at least a year citing coronavirus reasons but now the government like it's not like disqualifying it's also some kind of a a more are expected to come in the coming few days you will have the reactions been to the band of these pro-democracy trumpet. for the reasoning of the of this poll that the case is like highly controversial but you know possibly only if those independent supporters were banned for your reaction but now beijing appears to change is threshold like like like many are
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seeing this poll of 5 candidates were accused of posing the new national security law even though some of them simply disagree with the way our is and that's men but also lay some of the so-called improper behavior into the intention to talk up and proposals in parliament in order to achieve their political demands and also loving overseas to lie so-called so listen to foreign interference so all of that all of these behaviors are defined by the authorities just like not genuinely and truthfully uphold the city's month mini constitution so the opposition came think this is just clams out on the slit his wrists. and the electoral rights and political rights of the resistance but on the other hand the government has the night such as such accusation is saying that there's no political censorship. up respondents were boarding from hong kong thank you very much. the coronavirus
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pandemic has raised new concerns about the health risks of selling wildlife at markets for human consumption but in nigeria it's long been a common practice and pose a threat to endangered species laws on the books to block the trade but are rarely enforced our correspondent funny for china visit the major bush meat market in lagos she talked with a man there struggling to keep species from being wiped out. for. it doesn't matter what day it is this market stays open shortly after the april lockdown it was the 1st 2 are come its customers back. had 1st side this is just the fish market but if you look a little bit closer you will find this is one of the biggest markets for bush meat in africa the thing that you can buy here are not supposed to be on anyone's plate yet they are crocodiles penguins endangered species are openly saul's here
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available to anyone willing to pay the right price. this one is our business does not follow a crocodile goes for $30.00 to $75.00 a small penguin for $25.00 bush meat is pricey demand is high. and i want to look at because i don't know how they preserve. most of. it's not just seen as a delicacy among wealthy nigerians the country is an emerging transit hub for the illegal wildlife trade tons of penguin scales are shipped to asia every year. we are meeting china do more boy at this market he's a wildlife activist who says nigerians place little value on their own white life the feeling is sweeter it's tasty whatsoever but what you don't understand is that
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most of this animal that you have continued home to over time i really do you see in number very soon they will be gone i mean if you come here all you can see it any more even in real life so this is where culture more targets only limit. today illicit is on sale to chino who is trying to buy up animals that are still alive and save them before they are killed a race against the clock. if i don't buy them too for my purposes which is the feeling i believe people will come and buy them for food we've seen most of these animals becoming like this every day dead they are lost in nigeria to protect the species we're showing the pictures to a representative of a government agency that is supposed to enforce the law so why is this business floor shing them. away at all. try to just.
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really know what is happening so you can adjust pounce on people who have to kill the people 1st saw. and then of course then the 1st one to follow lead to. the agency rita raids how important it is to safe why life does not have any sanctions in place for those who breach them all or policies to shut down wildlife markets altogether this takes time we are told. she had to say as nigeria has a lot of problems and wildlife is not the priority we meet him again at a sanctuary he created to raise animals and teach children about wildlife we have to prepare coming up in the future should i become when we get. proper food decisions policies that affect wildlife positively no one knows how much wildlife will still be left in nigeria by the time this next generation is able to act.
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let's have a look at some of the other news in the world mexico's supreme court has rejected a case which sought to decriminalize abortion in local areas the judgment means anti-abortion laws in the state of veracruz will remain in place religious groups celebrated the decision in front of the horse. firefighters in brazil battling blazes in pounds and now the world's largest tropical wetlands the number of fires in the region has more than doubled so far this year compared to 2019 in response the regional government has declared a state of emergency. u.s. lawmakers have accused apple facebook google and amazon of using harmful practices to stifle their competitors the c.e.o.'s of the tech giants were testifying at a trust hearing a congressional panel is weighing whether to regulate the company's more heavily. as for the prove how badly the pandemic has hit economies across the globe europe's
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app us troops says it incurred nearly 2000000000 euros in 2nd quarter losses companies looking for ways to stem the bleeding 5000 jobs and expects to keep output down by nearly half of months with global air traffic out of the a standstill fighting to stay aloft and not looking to buy new planes. for residents of the tiny town of levine you need to lose it's a familiar event and the 3 huge years on the way. whenever one of the aircraft is assembled in the nearby factories part of the fusion which has to squeeze through the tons narrow street this time it's for plane to 70 to last the giant airbus a 380 has been discontinued after just 15 years in production i think that people would have loved to have the sec raf you know being produce for a longer period of time anyway again i think that everybody is very proud about the
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aircraft and what it means to albert's the know how the skills that we developed along those is very important then to pave the way for the future innovation. up to $850.00 passengers on a $380.00 s. today but times have changed airlines around the world a new long are looking for maximum capacity the want their aircraft to be cost effective and flexible the end of the a $380.00 couldn't come at a wash time for us they've barely recovered research and development costs and at the same time the company is dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. is in charge of cabin design but today he's in charge of delivering a long haul aircraft of the new ether the 50 type to lift tons of. the pandemic he says has picked airlines around the world in a precarious position here boston is feeling the knock on effect isn't easy in 911
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. we've seen crises in the past 911 the sars virus those were just small dangers that didn't affect our long term a group best time the losses are big and they're going to last much longer that means we have to think in terms of years before things get better. around the globe airlines are struggling with insolvency and cancelled orders airbus has had to cut production by 40 percent since the beginning of the pandemic employees like pilot thomas wilhelm see each delivery that takes place on shared you as a glimmer of hope. that once is restricted. it's important for us to keep our production stable even if it is a tumble and level and it's a very good feeling and a positive sign that we're delivering big planes like that and so was this group for enough to follow through for. the fresh flight of the new a 350 was
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a success but stuff from worried airbus has announced plans to cut 15000 jobs from its worldwide workforce. and now to some news from out of this world nasa has just launched a new mission to moscow search for signs of life an atlas 5 rocket blasted off from cape canaveral florida just moments ago on orders perseverance new rover that will take rock samples and help scientists study the martian surface like never before with the most complex were bought 6 system nasa has ever developed. excitement is growing mission control let's bring in mitchell t. he is a program scientist with the mass 2020 exploration program at nasa headquarters in washington and joins us now from their midst they have been rovers on mars before what is the big difference of the spot. the very big difference is that we've finally designed instruments to really look in detail at the rock record to see on
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the level of microorganisms which is what we think life might be the kind of life that might have existed on mars so we'll be finally be able to see things in the detail that we need really to tease apart whether this landing site in these rocks where he was habitable and whether it left behind evidence that life might have been there. if you indeed find microbial life on mas what kind of impact will that have why should i care. well so we really don't understand how life started on earth and so just finding another example of life somewhere beyond earth would be a really big deal because it will tell us that there is something fundamental about life that it sort of wants to start to be clear we're looking for evidence in the ancient rock record on mars that life might have left behind deposits we're not looking for current life on mars but we do see that mars and earth are similar geologically and so this would mean if we find evidence for life on mars this would
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mean that there are a set of conditions that could be sort of universal that allow life and in fact sort of make life form but if we're looking into the future this seems to be a race to moscow right now why is it so important for us to something about a planet that when i would have so much trouble to live on. well so one of the things that makes it hard to live on is that has a very thin atmosphere so it's not able to trap heat from the sun to keep it warm one of the things that we know about life on earth is that wherever there is liquid water within certain limits of temperature for example we find things alive in that water here on earth and so we can take lessons from studying mars that help us understand what conditions are necessary for life and what can happen to a planet when conditions and environmental factors change. so one of the
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questions that is on everybody's mind of course all the time when do you think that the 1st human mission to moscow will be on its way we're working on sending people back to the moon 1st sort of as a base for getting to mars eventually and we're planning to do that by the middle of the coming decade and so after that we'll probably you know it'll take a little while for us to to scale things up to be able to get out to mars so it'll probably be a few a couple decades further down the road and so it's about one thank you very much mitch shelton who program scientists at nasa. thank you. in the us the basketball season restarts on thursday after being suspended due to the pandemic but the return of the n.b.a. will be very different from other sports 22 teams will be competing in a by a secure bubble without fans. walt disney world is the venue for the n.b.a.'s
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comeback but like the theme park new hygiene rules have been introduced to keep the coronavirus away basketball fans watching on t.v. could be in for a wild ride over the coming weeks with the season completely rita organized le bron james of the l.a. lakers is ready to outshine the usual stars of disney but the bio secure environment takes a bit of getting used to. your back now the bubble as it is 20 point you know everything is different and you have to be able to adjust but i will be sorry my phones off during his run i can't afford to have to consider checking or my family . you know every single day. making sure you know everything there was and uncertainty when he told me i was all of the n.b.a.'s return will also address social issues to new orleans pelicans and utah jazz plants and kneel in a black lives matter protest during the national anthem on thursday's opener. the
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los angeles lakers among the title favorites could be missing one of their stars antonio davis when the season tips off face of the league le bron james chasing his 4th title and 1st with los angeles might be left carrying the load alone the season concludes in october it might not be a fairytale season given the of he will cause by kobe 19 but the n.b.a. hopes its disney adventure can finish in style. is the w. news here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you the latest figures show that the coronavirus pandemic is decimating global economic growth the united states. cami shrank by 33 percent in the 2nd quarter of the year while the german economy contracted by 10 percent. and public prosecutors in switzerland have announced that they also open criminal proceedings against female presidents jonell johnny infantino the charges against him from sooner or later
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a secret meeting with the swiss chinese general in 2016th on 20 so. that's it from me on the street from i love update for you at the top the hour state of the news from but it is for saddam. to. the commission.
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how will i pay my rand more money. than ever more people are facing this reality around the world the code of 19 pandemic is shot. millions of lines have been released. in germany the government is reducing the flow but how are things in places where people are struggling to survive made in germany. next on d w. are
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they friends like me. or are they and it means i don't have a word for raja. donald trump and the bloody near prove our 2 part documentary analyzers difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world's. bosom bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. our planet is burning. places for more stuff for. the flames that consumed forests and entire residential areas cut. rising temperatures water shortages land
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clearance there's an abundance of flammable material one sickening to see no stopping the fires mum someone going up and smoke. global conflagration the world on fire starts aug 12th on t.w. . the coronavirus pandey make is not only a threat to our health for many it's a threat to their life a hoods and it doesn't matter whether you live in europe in the united states.


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