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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin elections in hong kong are postponed for a year. says the surgeon coronavirus cases is the reason the decision deals another blow to the territory's pro-democracy movement. also coming up it's beyond his authority but that hasn't stopped president onil trump from suggesting a delay to the u.s.
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election in november what's trump's moat. plus the coronavirus mutes festivities as muslims around the world mark the start of the pandemic precautions are changing centuries old traditions for the face. of god as welcome to the program hong kong has just announced that september's legislative council elections will be postponed by one year the vote would have been hong kong's 1st since a controversial security law was brought into effect at a press conference earlier today leader kerry lam cited the spike in coronavirus cases as the reason for the delay basile position lawmakers accuse the government of using the outbreak to slow their pro-democracy movement which is what lam had to say at the press conference. we are going to invoke emergency
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regulations all dinner and this is in. 3 d. laid off the elections and the certainty of course the main content off to. do. justice to somebody to a greater unknown foreign only we have the support of the central government in making this decision. or correspondent t.v. kong is full of events in. and joins us now from there. has just announced that the coming elections are being delayed what are the reactions to the. well for the opposition can they come the government's decision to postpone the election for the post time the one calls history they criticized as like creating a constitutional crisis like from that perspective they think the government is making use of the epidemic to stop them from going because part majority in the
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parliament which is what they have been aiming for for upcoming election ovation only so they want to gain over the half of the seats in the parliament but that would be postponed right now also and also given the fact that many of them have been disqualified from the elections so i think this is and i climbed out on the opposition movement but on the other hand their rivals the pope beijing and pro-government politicians and can this well be the government has sessions where they have been lobbying for the delay late because by citing qualifiers academic reasons and this is like a kind of a piece of palace for them because many of their voters are elderly and the elder people who may not be able to come out of votes so this is what they like actually yearn for is the this uptick in corona virus infections really enough to justify moving an election back one year.
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well this time caroline is info came to colonial emotions the lawyer to postpone the reactions so he's saying she's saying that this is out of. consideration of the safeguarding the public health and to their with their public safety crisis and the emergency laws so this is controversial because this is like lawyers so is a piece of controversial legislation when it has been used by back to protest last year but now the government is using it again to postpone the election and also the whole government is now seeking their active from the beijing's pulp legislature that they were asked they have beijing cop legislature to step in to define how the of how the months will be running in the coming year before the election they saw the eyes in 2021 so this will spark and the other political and legal controversy
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of. troll protests as a possible criticism of life and other beijing state intervention into hong kong's local affairs it has gone from hong kong thank you to the u.s. now where president donald trump has drawn cross party criticism after suggesting a possible delay to this year's presidential election trump who currently trails democrat joe biden in opinion polls has no authority to change the date which is set by law trump later backtracked continues to push claims that any increase in mail in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic would result in fraud even for president trump it was a rep and you turned to floating the idea of delaying november's election only and it was later he was walking it back i don't want to delay i want to have the election but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that
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the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything. earlier on thursday trump tweeted that universal miley in voting would make the 2020 elections the most inaccurate and fraudulent in history he called for the election to be postponed until people can vote securely and safely the suggestion was soundly rejected on both sides of politics democratic speaker of the house nancy pelosi quoted the constitution which gives congress the sole power to set election dates even leading republicans distance themselves. never in the history of the federal elections have we ever not held an election and we should go forward with our election but we should we should have absentee voting but as mass just yelling out ballots without having any checks and balances without people requesting really brings concern in there but no way should we ever not hold an election on the day that we have. as the coronavirus surges in the us donald trump is doubling down on
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his attacks on 1000000 voting despite a lack of evidence to support his claims critics say he merely wants to distract from the pandemic and the economic crisis hurting his bid to stay in the white house. well for more of the story i'm joined by my colleague michele stockman from the u.s. elections republicans have supported a lot of things but delaying the election will the will they go that far that is a bridge too far to your hard and top republicans in congress have said that they join democrats and completely rejecting this idea but you know trump is no dummy in fact many people consider him to be a messaging genius so you look at this idea that he's floating what happened after his election it was immediately called into question there were allegations of foreign interference and he may just be tweaking the media who are of course going to glom onto this and that could appeal to his voter base just just to keep the
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conversation going and try to do which in my eyes whatever may be the outcome but he has trump has repeatedly suggested that mail in ballots somehow increases the risk of election fraud we what do you make of that argument ok mail in voting is nothing new in the united states state officials are completely. used to doing this their system set up so to call this a reason to call the election into question is kind of ludicrous and you have to look at other ways that voting is the process i reported on the romney campaign back in 2012 and there i met people united states who could not vote because they didn't have driver's license or they didn't have the right documentation and states passed laws that make it difficult for people generally people who are poor or. don't have don't have easy access to some of these official channels to get the right documents to vote so it's this is completely besides the point. critics say
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that trump is deliberately trying to undermine confidence in the elections process and in the democratic process the system in the united states. states how robust you say you think is is that. you know i wish i could be completely optimistic but these are unprecedented times i am talking to americans back home who have never lived through an experience like this right now we can expect the election to go forward where we have the results that night likely not and that would be something that could really shake a lot of people's confidence let's see what happens joe storm of all us elections we thank you. turn of a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world right now in the belorussian capital minsk tens of thousands of people have turned out to support opposition leaders but lana cannot stay in presidential elections there are
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only just over a week away the 37 year old is challenging the decades long rule of xander look at schenkel he accuses the opposition of trying to topple him with foreign assistance . zimbabwe's government is to pay $3.00 and a half $1000000000.00 to white farmers whose land was seized over 20 years ago unless say the seizures reach havoc on the agriculture sector it's unclear other cash strapped country will be able to afford their compensation. tropical storm assayas has made landfall in puerto rico high winds and torrential rain knocked out power and triggered small landslides across both put rico and the dominican republic forecasters are predicting the storm will strengthen into a hurricane while moving towards the bahamas and the u.s. east coast. through germany is a handful of countries worldwide praised as leaders in coronavirus containments on thursday $902.00 new cases were reported that's the highest daily total since may
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the rises yes to trigger a 2nd wave of people still taking taking precautions seriously dude are you hit the streets of berlin to find out and then why we are wearing masks so actually it's because i'm in german now i have a mask on. but i think it's it's a major problem for the world it's a panda me so we have to be wary of people just don't want to hear about it anymore and think they can negotiate with the virus but you can't. make fish i understand the young people they want to have fun and party but the threat is that. you're part of. it because when there's a real threat i've all for. protection but i don't see a real threat to my why don't we just let this flu have happened and see what happens like in sweden we're doing i'm trying to think sadly and we just believe that coronaviruses have always been around and now something that used to be
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perfectly normal is being blown up and so my it up on is what i often am for because as i told us from the start it was a marathon and as soon as you know somebody who's affected and i know somebody who died in latin america you wake up and understand that it's a psychological process that we're all going through together and not. political correspondent. joins know it's only those germs we've just heard say they're worried about the increasing cases is that the general view in the country and that is also reflected in polls as a new poll for example that revealed that 77 percent of germans believe that very soon there will be a 2nd wave a majority also in poll saying that people are acting unreasonably when it comes to taking precautions and this cat is in line with what health officials have said they said for example this week that germans are becoming complacent that they're not taking these measures to seriously or in other
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words that they should take them more seriously for example when it comes to keeping that distance or wearing masks on public spaces we also heard for example from berlin all 30 saying that in the last 3 weeks they found at least 30000 people not wearing masks on public transport when they should do so that gives you an idea of the level of concern among officials but also among people in berlin and in germany that that this could actually lead to a 2nd wave and that this could actually lead to more restrictions as well don as you mentioned the german authorities being very critical of people's behavior what are authorities doing to prevent those numbers from increasing even further so there are 2 specific areas of concern one is local or regional outbreaks we saw one for example this week in. in bavaria and that's up to regional and local authorities to deal with those local outbreaks for example by increasing the number of tests by taking further precautions on the 2nd issue which is now particularly
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worrying is that of returning holiday makers are not such one of the key discussions this week one of the key decisions as well is that holiday makers returning from countries or certain regions in particular those deemed very risky will have to undergo a compulsory coronavirus test as you can imagine here in germany this has been a very controversial issue germany has also placed 3 regions in spain on this high risk travel destination list what does that mean and how significant is this decision it is definitely significant these 3 regions catalonia are gone and are now not only on the public health list which basically complies all non european union countries or at least most non european union countries it's also now according to the german foreign ministry warnings or the german foreign ministry warning that people should not travel that's not no longer recommendation and as such people returning from those regions will either have to undergo
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a coronavirus test or go into quarantine on this particular but equally important given the fact that just a few weeks ago we were talking precisely about easing restrictions and making it possible for people to travel around europe so it is definitely a very important move here in germany and political correspondent thomas sparrow thank you terms here of the northern hemisphere holiday makers are normally seeking sun and adventure during this time of year but the corona virus has made this a summer like no other spawns around the world tell us how the pandemic has changed how people are spending their time off. in times of uncertainty because of covert 19 more than 70 percent of the french have decided to go on vacation in france some of them will stay here in paris where the town hall has allowed restaurants to extend their terraces the city will also be organizing a number of cultural events outside where the risk of contamination is limited due
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to flight restrictions the city is not as packed with international tourists as in previous years and parisians making the most of that one friend of mine told me that she would seize the opportunity and having lived here for more than 15 years would finally go and visit what's probably the capital's most famous landmark the eiffel tower for the 1st time. london's trafalgar square is normally teeming with tourists but not this summer london's attractions like the national gallery have behind the all slowly opening up again and yet londoners for the event have the tanners the ram bread and the golf mostly to themselves. an almost empty promise to pick a picture of the beach resort of this from a lot of people that cared for their troops and picked the right targets to write again a tragedy for the spanish economy almost 3000000 people are going through there's also a general obligation to wear a mask almost everywhere right now not
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a very pleasant thing. about 30 degrees. for many here in belgium holiday season means getting on a plane and leaving the country for sunnier climes but due to the coronavirus pandemic camping site like plan stands here in central belgium have been welcoming more locals and in a bid to boost emetic tourism the belgian government announced it would offer free train rides to belgian citizens but due to a recent increase of covert $1000.00 cases here in the country these plans had to be postponed and further measures implemented as of now belgian residents can only put 5 people outside of their own household this is likely going to get in the way of holiday friendships and also hurt the hospitality industry just as it was getting back on its feet. these guys seem to enjoy the global crisis the huge kruger national park all for themselves with hardly any tourists in sight since the end of march south africa's borders are closed international flights are not
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permitted even domestic travel is not allowed only a few davis from the province are allowed to enter the park at the moment this has a huge negative impact on hundreds of thousands of south africans working in the industry travelling with them in the country it is possible again you can have years after being allowed to operate a camp behind me is. point that people have to ask if they want to choose visit a particular in a city lake and. so there are still a lot of inconveniences for tourists and the numbers are considerably lower for many people you know where. the number of new coronavirus cases here in germany is slowly on the rise again a cause for concern for germany's public health is due to the robot institute they say the development is worrying and as a result of negligence many of the new cases have been traced back to family and friends gatherings but at the same time there are also concerns about people
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returning to germany from vacation in the meantime several voluntary test centers have been set up as several airports around the country and also several train stations that will soon be the case here in munich central train station. now here in berlin coronavirus restrictions have shut down the cities in the tourist the wild not live it's got some rave as well raving that define authorities and going on the ground 0 for all the outside no talk of us this report contains some flashing. merlins club scene is world famous but corona is threatening its existence. clubs like this one have been empty for months. a vaccine is the only hope for many owners. busy in we've already seen examples of brawn showing
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that it really doesn't work in south korea they thought they had the pandemic under control because they had hardly any new cases then they opened the clumps and they had their 1st case in a clump within the week which meant that the club's had to be closed down again. people are itching to dance again. the legal raves have been taking place weekly in berlin's has in hyde park. up to 5000 are thought to have attended one last saturday. laura was one of them she wanted to remain anonymous. just look around you at every football match there are at least 22 people on the field with substitutes you've got up to 30 or 40 people and they were very quick to allow that again. every day sure with restrictions but this categorical band ignores the needs of the party community and god and good. but receivers seem to
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be ignoring the threat of the coronavirus. i think the problem with a lot of people is that they can't understand why open air options are not being made available and they can offer it's a buzz they don't see an infection risk because there have been numerous large events such as demonstrations with no infections because the not discovered if you look it would appear that there is little danger of infection. so i guess people say why not make it legal and if it's not made legal they do it illegally. legal. on these and for so. many club owners have asked district authorities to allow open air events they've been waiting months for a decision. for they can't be that hard to just make green spaces available where it's possible to set up a security cordon and some portable toilets people are doing it anyway month fought on myself one on since i've been i think most of us would cooperate if there were
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an official location that's cordoned off with a limit of say 50 or 100 people and you'd have to wear a mask. not with fall and cooler weather fast approaching the window of opportunity for open air events is closing and with it possibly many of the city's beloved clubs. and another corona related news british prime minister boris johnson has postponed relaxing some coronavirus lockdown rules for at least 2 weeks it follows an increase in cases of bird johnson also said a rule requiring requiring face coverings to be worn in shops and on public transport would be extended to other indoor areas. european economies have been battered by the coronavirus pandemic data from across the euro zone shows regional g.d.p. plunged more than 12 percent during the 2nd quarter spain was the hardest hit by
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coronavirus lockdowns its economy contracted by more than 18 percent. brazil's 1st lady michelle both scenario has tested positive for corona virus president. spent 2 weeks important enough to earlier diagnosis also has faced criticism for his handling of the pandemic brazil has the world's 2nd highest hope of 19 infection and death rate in the world. muslims are on the other celebrating the start of all the feast of sacrifice spot for many facilities have been massively scaled back over coronavirus concerns separate rites marking the end of ramadan saudi arabia's holy city of mecca well so muted only a select few have taken part compared to the millions who usually flock every year . this is what mecca looks like now no sea of pilgrims instead only up to $10000.00 people already residing in the kingdom
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were allowed to participate in this year's hodge an annual pilgrimage for muslims that last year saw about 2 and a half 1000000 people gathered here from around the world. the coronavirus pandemic has also curtailed this year's eve celebrations on the 1st day of the 3 day festival worshippers in the world's most populated muslim country indonesia were advised to wear masks and maintain social distancing the country's religious ministry also advised mosques to shorten prayer ceremonies and i think we do and have only this year's eve is very different from the previous years because we need to follow health protocols when we perform prayers like maintaining social distancing and we can stand close to each other or greet people another measure which i think is good is that we have to bring our own prayer materials so this is definitely different and there are fewer worshippers but i'm not up there much of
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a hole in the turkish capital istanbul the celebration also took place in the haga so fia for the 1st time in decades that after the turkish government recently reconverted the former historical cathedral and museum back into a mosque. and in afghanistan a 3 day truce has been called between the government and the taliban just before the truce went into effect a car bomb killed at least 17 people the taliban denies any responsibility the truce is only the 3rd to take place in the last 1000 years and will last until the end of the muslim holiday. he spent his entire life fighting for civil rights in the united states on thursday representative john lewis was mourned and celebrated at his role in the presence of no fewer than 3 former u.s. presidents the former i can off the civil rights movements died earlier this month aged 80 here are some of the impressions from the ceremony in the even as a baptist church in atlanta georgia. john lewis
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believed in the lord he believed in humanity and he believed in america. he got into a lot of good trouble along the way but let's not forget he also developed an absolutely uncanny ability to heal troubled waters i've come here today because like so many americans or great debt to john lewis and his forceful vision. of freedom.
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watching the news here's a reminder off the top story we're following for you today on homes chief executive kerry has delayed elections planned for september for 1 year time said the reason was a spike in coronavirus case says the decision comes as a blow to the city's prolife democracy movement. that's it from me and the news stream mob makes us focus on europe but looking at the future of venice thank you very much for watching.
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carians who had enough. for years there forced their government sink into the swamp the corruption. guards command themselves privileges while law enforcement officers oppress the citizens. now there are daily demonstrations and
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the demands produce a government of some goes on in europe the next d.w. . what secrets lie behind us was going to discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage $360.00 get the map now. globalize us is on its way to bring you more conservation law on how to make signals greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas fundamental syriza can google some 1000 on g.w. and online. a
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mail company called complete 2nd season on the french system about the environment and still about society it's still about us with all the planets on the brain responsible leaders that's close enough and found to challenge the trust of only brings us the flock. my. my fellow and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm liable oh it's nice to be back it's the most corrupt country in the e.u. for years belgariad has been rated last by transparency international for
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corruption and press freedom in the european union and many blame one man in particular prime minister boyko borisov balgair.


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