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tv   Business - Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2020 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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catalonia in 1941 after hitting a mine the operations organizers say millions of animals die after becoming ensnared in nylon nets each year and that's will be recycled and used to produce swimwear and cart but. it's tough all right thank you so much for watching we'll be back at the top the hour with the headline. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona updates. from the covert 19 special next on d w i actually want busters from nigeria you know that's what money would sponsor. me. centric.
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for and successful beyond belief. this is the way we're doing. it would start aug 7th on d w. goodbye to carefree long summer days 1000 cases are climbing in germany and beyond the attempt to return to normalcy has thwarted social distancing measures and now germany center for disease control has a warning. the latest developments in view of the number of covert 1000 cases is worrying for me and everyone at the robert cork institute. the holidaymakers will bring the virus with them so there are now tested in
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airports to help curb that risk no one wants a 2nd wave of the corona virus or another wave of lockdowns but no one can rule them out if the number of cases continues to rise. welcome to your special here on the news i want to get jones in berlin as always good to have you with us and normally a virus infections like the flu thrive in the cold of winter but sars cove 2 is different this virus seems to actually enjoy the summer season is the 2nd wave perhaps closer than we think. every 2 meters sunbathing and social distancing the beaches in southern spain are giving credit 19 in fiction only the slimmest of genesis. catalonia is something else young spaniards party on the beach now they're faced
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with fines of up to 15000 euros. today of what a judge or a party is not a party it's an act of in solidarity if you're not given surely. those who get infected out partying will carry the virus home to their families it's common knowledge spain has been one of europe's hardest hit countries in the corona pandemic it took months for the country to bring the virus under control and now it's on the rise again out i mean when i get the most right now in spain we have a higher incidence than 3 or 4 weeks ago that's clear it cannot be hidden because all the data is given with all possible transparency. now many european countries are warning against taking holidays in northern spain in the u.k. people returning from spain are forced to go into 2 weeks quarantine we can see that there's a 2nd wave that's coming across europe and parts of europe where we can see the
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number of cases rising sharply we want to prevent that from happening here and so we're prepared to take action sometimes quite quickly as we had to sadly with people who are in spain in terms of quarantine in france to anxiety over a 2nd wave is rising infection numbers are on the way up here too though not as sharply as in spain the government is concerned nonetheless. around us in catalonia 10 days ago you would have said that there was not going to be a 2nd wave but now cuts alone years in difficulty and this is also the case for certain english towns it's the case in belgium and in germany in certain german territories so we see that there's a virus emergency that must be avoided at all costs so we don't end up with a new pandemic in one of europe's new virus hotspots the belgian city of and in the last few days more than 500 new infections have been detected authorities have now
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introduced a curfew between 1130 at night and 6 o'clock in the morning if numbers continue to rise the city will go into lockdown and free up is doing everything it can to stop the 2nd wave. and for more i'm joined by to b.s. quote he is professor of public health and epidemiology and is the director of the institute of public health at the sheraton hospital here in berlin good to have you with us as a clearly case numbers are rising again is this already the much talked about 2nd wave that's correct at the numbers are rising over the last couple of days whether this is the start of the so-called 2nd wave is unclear it could be but we can also hope that the numbers are declining over the next though so it's a little bit too early to talk about a 2nd wave or it's good to hear an epidemiologist mentioning the word hope we all of those really hope that things are getting better but when we talk about this 2nd
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wave what exactly is it how do you define a 2nd wave. well i think there's no clear definition of always so pretty much you see a wave when you plot the rates of infection over time so clearly there was a 1st wave numbers were declining as a larger numbers are rising again whether this is done in the end the wave can only be seen retrospectively so when we look back we see that there was a 2nd wave and it's always difficult in the beginning to to say whether this is the start of a 2nd wave who or if the numbers are actually going down again in the next days of course i mean we've had pandemics before and there are studies and there were studies made also about like the spanish flu there is a fairly recent study the so-called sea drop report and that has hypothesized 3 possible scenarios for 2nd wave we see here the 1st one peaks and valleys after the 1st spike there's a series of smaller recurring waves every few months for the next couple of years
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the 2nd scenario is called fall peak so there's a fall during the summer season but $1000.00 would then come back with a vengeance in autumn and winter with smaller spikes continuing well into 2021 and finally the 3rd scenario is called slow burn so there would be no 2nd wave and even though the virus is still here it could be kept under control i think i like the 3rd scenario best but obviously i can choose from what we know and from what we observe which one of these is the most likely scenario for covert 19. what one has to understand is that these are all hypothetical scenarios and if you go back in february and march when these projection models have been proposed 1st many of those were incorrect so now we have several scenarios that are plausible but which one is the most likely is difficult to say i also hope for the 3rd one
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obviously there are we all to control the spread of the virus and the rate of infection but it's very difficult to say and also if we do have medication or vaccination available that will certainly also change the development of these curves important is that we are prepared for each of these scenarios so that we have a plan what if one of these are the areas appears to be. the most likely one and that's something we have to judge daily. with 19 pandemic is a very dynamic situation so it's very difficult to say which one of these is right and we all can help to achieve that the 3rd one is the most likely scenario it could be a 4th or 5th scenario exhaust close to has been surprising in many ways before so could there be something completely different happening yes there could be something completely different happening and that we don't expect and several things have been completely new so while you're right that we have pandemics before
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about each pandemic has their speciality so to say so yes there could be something completely different all right but let's hope that we'll be prepared for for whatever comes along professor to be as quote from a berlin sherry take thank you so much for your time and your expertise and to stay healthy thank you for having me. well time for more of your questions now and it's over to our science correspondent williams. could immunosuppressive measures help prevent serious cases from becoming critical . many of the deaths caused by code 19 are due directly to the infection but instead to to an immune response that goes berserk and starts also attacking the body's healthy tissues since the start of this pandemic doctors have gotten a lot better at treating that aspect of the disease but physicians have to walk
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a tight rope when it comes to suppressing the immune system if they do it too early the virus has the opportunity to retrench if they do it too late it could be too late to save the patient's life that's why for example the immunosuppressant deck cement is own is helping people survive in late stage critical disease but is not recommended for less severe cases because in them they can do more harm than good a new study has indicated that a yardstick for measuring when to administer dex about the zone or other immunosuppressant drugs might be levels of a certain protein that's produced in the liver in response to inflammation but those findings still have yet to be confirmed.
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what about cambodia's research on mosquito saliva could it help against kobe at 19 . i have to admit that i decided answer this question just because it caught my eye i thought could researchers really be looking into miskito spit in connection with covert 19 well not directly but we live in an age of pandemics so. it's it's really still pertinent to talk about it if we want to look down the road to the next potentially dangerous pathogen which which i'm like sars co 2 might easily be transmitted by mosquitoes like the light the zico virus was for example it turns out the saliva that a mosquito injects when it bites you doesn't just have a knowing effect and it doesn't just contain an anti clotting agent that keeps the blood flowing and and transmitting pathogen straight to your bloodstream that saliva also seems to give those pathogens
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a helping hand in sneaking past your immune system in an early critical phase of the infection so so what the work in cambodia is looking at is using proteins found in the insects alive to create a kind of universal vaccine against all of the diseases carried by mosquitoes because your immune system would react fast when it detects mosquitoes spread its super super interesting research and the early results look promising but that might help one day against a disease that's transmitted this way a lot like this week about us i don't see it having any direct benefit in covert 19 research. and that brings us to the end of this program just one more thing ahead of the weekend why not spare a thought for the seconds industry in these trying times 200 year old circus cries i was booked out until 2022 and then came the coronavirus physical distance only in
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less space for an audience and less ticket sales a show must go on. let's hope the 2nd one tough to close the curtain for good we all need a bit of entertainment now more than ever. can inspire big changes in the people making them a small body go out for interesting right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. sunstein all but spinning it good enough for good. next d.w. . it's smelly business feeding the world's ever growing population.
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agricultural multinationals are appeasing global hunger with cheap meat. impoverished small farmers decimated ecological systems and an economy dominated by monopolies are the devastating consequences of industrial farming soil islam. in 45 minutes on d w. i'm not proud of it they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made from mines. i mean nothing at the germans because sometimes i am but most and
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nothing with the 10 people to have anything deep into the german culture of. new jersey will take this grandma down to you because it's all that they know i'm right oh join me for me to get funky help host. when people hear the word back they usually think of money but today we want to talk about a different kind of back one for things like beans bananas and barley here what's being stored and saved feed but right.


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