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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2020 7:45pm-8:00pm CEST

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silence of the flies zeke reed lends money for teachers. but we begin in the theater world which has been devastated by the corona pandemic and this week a look at 3 cultural capitals and how they're coping with this crisis we begin in new york where broadway has never been so silent one of the most unfortunate stories is of a new musical called go from the north country timing wasn't this musicals best friend opening as it did at the beginning of march. these days mezzo soprano trying to launch mainly views manhattan from a distance like the city her job went on lockdown at 19. just before the pandemic hit the city she got her big break a role in the new broadway musical girl from the north country. it
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opened march 5th a week later the virus shut things down in a hurry. they left in a hurry it was the middle of rehearsal we had a coffee cup on the table you know everything was still there. critics love the production which features the music of bob dylan in a story set in the great depression of the 1930 s. but the audience gets to see it again the themes may feel more relevant than ever. i think about getting through some really tough times so i think that the play will resonate resonate very well after everything we've been through. the city that never sleeps has never been so quiet the current plan is to reopen theaters in january 2021 which would mean 9 months of a new york without live musicals operas or plays. the city's normally buzzing
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cultural district now resembles a ghost town. even. of a lockdown has been lifted new york is traumatized by what it's gone through not long ago this was the u.s. epicenter for 19 there still worrying news from the rest of the country where the number of cases continues to rise more empty streets and closed doors in manhattan's gallery district in chelsea locals who could afford it fled the city weeks ago those who stayed have bigger things to worry about than going to an art show. these are closed for business with no plans to reopen anytime soon. artists have been hardest hit by the crisis many face the prospect of months or even years with low or no income. there isn't much help from the state of nonprofits which often support artistic projects have set up an artist relief initiative giving out grants of $5000.00 to those who need it most. creative
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capital is one of the organizations providing support. i don't think people realize that in this country just 2400000 artists working full time there's an additional 1200000 working part time how did contribute to the sector the loss that we have experienced because of covert at just to destroy this state is over $50000000000.00 that's what the creative sector contributes to the united states but when we were talking about relief efforts for federal standpoint there are sort out included and far below none of the artists. 95 percent of the country's artists report losing at least part of their income due to cohabit 19. 62 percent are no longer earning a living from their. new york museums are also
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suffering the metropolitan one of the most famous in the world is. includes $150000000.00 by the end of the year. the net has a $3500000000.00 endowment but there are restrictions as to how the funds could be spent it's the donors and sponsors who decide. that was supposed to be celebrating its 150th anniversary this year before kovan $1000.00 shut it down it's set to reopen at the end of august but it's doubtful the usual crowd of 7400000 annual visitors will be coming back anytime soon. that is very true however as bad as it is for the museums it's even worse for live performances and just briefly returning to that problem in new york one of the leading dance companies there the alvin ailey american dance theater as being unable to stage shows like this in mono so you've gone online of course this is
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a company of african-american dumps and so they're very keen to express themselves concerning the black rives matzoh movement which is very prevalent right now and there choreographer hope boykin has created this online show that you see now with her dance is performing from hard. now it's time for 100 german must reads the best german literature available in the english language later on in his career the novelist zeke freed lentz started writing the book a minute's silence and sadly his wife of 56 years died grief stricken he was unable to continue and for a time suffered from serious writer's block eventually though he was able to finish this book a tragic love story of youthful passion. till death do us part sounds romantic right but not when that's how you lose your 1st love.
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when an 18 year old boy has a secret love affair with his 30 year old teacher neither one knows it will end in tragedy a minute's silence by the lens brings us into the thick of it a memorial ceremony for teacher of stella peterson killed in a boating act all her colleagues all her students are gathered in the school's auditorium to pay their last respects but 18 year old knew his teacher better than his classmates to he remembers the summer of love and spectacle. you leaned her head against my shoulder i dared not move i let you take my hand and lift it to your cheek and you left it there for a moment. stella becomes fascinated with coast john when she sees him helping his father pull up boulders from the bottom of the baltic sea so ships can pass we can feel how the 2 of them are growing closer the same way we can smell the salty air
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their love is taboo but lentz writes the story with such care and tenderness that it doesn't seem to matter think free lance was one of west germany's top authors alongside us he made a name for himself with works that tackle german history and german guilt and then at age 82 he came out with this book if you've never read lance then this novella about love and grief is a wonderful introduction to one of germany's greats. the british artist rebecca louise law works exclusively with dried flowers but she's not pressing delicate blossoms. to books to preserve them she works on an almost industrial scale it is an exhibition currently in power in italy which is that
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country's capital of culture this year by the way where she is assembled over 200000 dr flowers in a beautiful baroque church to create a wonderful fantasy world. thousands of dried blossoms combine to create an expansive art installation in a former monastery chapel in parma north and it'll. be artist rebecca louise law lives on a country estate in wales. she's worked primarily with dry blossoms for about 12 years now. i. was the power there. i dry them.
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nothing ever goes in the bin. what is the floor way my. karma is the italian capital of culture for 2020 among the many events this year is rebecca louise laws installation titled for a legit deal. it was set up in february it only took her back to louise law one week to complete her sculpture out of some 200000 dried blossoms. but then the opening had to be postponed for several months because of the coronavirus pandemic. at one time the 16th century chapel was a horrible pharmacy for the poor and sick to work a floral art is also a tribute to the exhibition space itself. he. had to be individually attached to this then copper wire.
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artist to prepare the composition at home in her studio and sent it to italy. then we worked together with her to hang up the various sprays of flowers on the steel framework of the lake attic we need to. use last floral art is in demand international she possesses a collection of over $1000000.00 dried blossoms parts of which over and over. as in berlin in 2016. and 2 years later and told we don't ohio. that's her sculptures to the different locations most often public spaces. for $29000.00 installation the room was displayed in a community center in michigan. bringing me. to places where. maybe people have lost connection with.
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and they need i remind. the people of parma have become part of the work in the autumn rebecca louise law plans to expand the sculpture with dried violets that people have collected especially for her. and finally one intrepid offer house in britain staged open air performances over the weekend. opera has the advantage of being in a beautiful part of the south an english countryside indeed it is famous for its rural setting my audiences picnic on the lawns of this country house in the interval but this year climbable is staging operettas like yeah often box made up in their gardens whilst the audience sits where they normally would picnic of course with special distance. oh that brings back memories i worked there was a stage hand when i was a very very young man those measures at the line voltage that only temporary and of
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course depend on the fickle british weather. that's all for this edition of culture stories of course all the web sites to feed up and call the splash culture all facebook and all join us again essential for now though. the fun. things.
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the state of the news live from berlin 11 on government resigns after last week's devastating explosions in beirut announcing his resignation prime minister haasan of the lanes and demick corruption for the blast that killed scores and flats much of beirut he stepping down amid days of angry protests against the government negligent i'll go live to the lebanese capital for the latest from.


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