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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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you want to know their story for migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin. president signals he may be open to new elections russian state media are reporting that alexander lukashenko could hand over power after a constitutional referendum that says his disputed election victory continues to fuel anger and unpressed also coming up precedented online kind of file case comes
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to trial here in germany alongside the defendant more than $150.00 suspects have been identified prosecutors say they're following thousands of data trips plus a heat wave in the arctic these visits to the siberian town is very foundations are threatened by never hotter and longer some. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin in vienna roast where there are reports indicating that president alexander lukashenko is ready to hold new elections russian state news agency is reporting that lucas franco could hand over power after a constitutional referendum that would mark a reversal for the long ruling lucas echo who has consistently rejected any calls to step down those calls have. been growing louder ever since he was returned to
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office or week ago at a controversial election. the bread and white flag of the opposition has once more been raised on the streets of minsk. this time by the black is a bell or worse who gathered outside factories and the state television headquarters. going away they chanted directly to president alexander lukashenko who had come to win them over. a period unconcerned just 6 thought the new portrait that if someone doesn't want to work and wants to leave nobody will bully anyone nobody will push anyone please go ahead the doors are open to see what those the sewage national water or the of. the protests have been fueled by new promises from the opposition leader. i'm prepared to take responsibility and act as the nation's leader during this period so the country settles down and gets back to normality so that we can release all political
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prisoners and prepare the legal framework and conditions to hold another round of presidential elections in the shortest time possible. although. the exiled opposition leader made her address from lithuania just one day after calling for the biggest protests in belarus yet estimated 200000 people called on the president to step down on sunday claiming the national election he won was great but. as the internal pressure grows so does international concern. the e.u. has announced it will hold an emergency summit about delivers on wednesday because of a humble and should we have already agreed on sanctions against those responsible for these human rights violations which is how these sanctions will be designed and what the further restrictive measures will be taken in the future behavior of the.
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bellary see an authority for them for us because we are also considering the possibility of extending sanctions to other leading figures to the fun to watch it because it wouldn't. until then on day 9 of taking to the streets the protesters show no sign of relenting. or for the very latest let's bring in our moscow correspondent yury rachet yuri what do you make of this russian report that it was prepared to hold a new election well obviously as always plays his role as a buy to go which is in. kind of donation that he who casts about his children about he is about his nation that role he has been playing for the last 26 years now he's obviously looking for ways in actual fact to plates for time and cold with the protests. today he said that the new elections in belarus can still take place but
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only after the adoption of a new constitution look i think i said today that to work on the 3rd to draft on the all of the new constitution is already underway he rejected that the 2 previous ones speaking about the timing of the referendum on the changes of the constitutional question was set to maybe in a year or 2 it depends on you and he addressed his words to the war press and one of the biggest and most important the factory in minsk the capital at the same time he doesn't intend to voluntarily resign until you kill me he sat there will be no other elections ok so this does not sound like an entire about face and better route yuri rasha to our correspondent moscow thank you so much. for the latest from brussels let's get bent we get in now bet has there been any reaction in brussels to that russian report that lucas is prepared to hold new elections.
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there then no immediate reactions but the you is more or less demanding new elections the e.u. president bashar michel invited the leaders for and you summit wednesday and he said today that the people of better roads have every right to elect their leadership freely and the that there should be no violence again protestors or demonstrations so this is a clear sign that most of the you want you elections but they stopped short of demanding the immediate resignation of an extended ricocheting with the president of the biller rues the you also could enlarge and widen the blacklist for possible sanctions against the people responsible in belarus for the violence but it's not good clear if alexander lukashenko would be included on that list this is a very volatile situation there in belarus nato secretary general against bolton
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bagus been speaking about it what did he have to say. but alexander lukashenko the president of better was said that nato is putting troops together in poland lithuania and latvia the bordering countries to belarus and to insult back the nato secretary general said this is nonsense the nato agreement remains vigilant and for the defend its territory of course but there is no military action planned whatsoever against. others in that region and this is from the playbook of full populist you say you have an outside enemy you have to fend him from him and this is what's happening right now and this vote makes is says remain calm and the e.u. and nato are hoping that they will not give russia any reason to to act militarily or to to to claim that the u.s. nato are interfering from the outside in the numbers ben thank you very much that
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was the deadliest and we get in brussels. now a look at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour firefighters in california are working to contain a wildfire threatening thousands of homes north of los angeles the blaze has already destroyed more than 15000 acres as it rages through brush covered mountains california is currently experiencing a heat wave that's fueling a time. in the united states house speaker nancy pelosi says she'll call back u.s. lawmakers early from the summer recess to deal with the crisis u.s. postal service president trump who has admitted to holding back funding for the surface has repeatedly claimed that a surge in mail in voting would lead to voter fraud in of every election. that in central india men stranded in rapid waters at a pleasant down has been rescued in a dramatic helicopter airlift the indian air force was called in after several
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failed rescue attempts the flooding was triggered by them on soon. now the trial has started today of the main suspect in a child sex abuse case here in germany it's thought to be the country's largest ever case involving an online paedophile net for a man is accused of sexually assaulting his daughter in 61 cases for a very young age he said to have filmed the abuse and then share the videos in chat groups more than 150 suspects are also being investigated in connection with the online network critics say germany isn't doing enough to tackle sex crimes against children on the internet. or for some analysis let's bring in dorothy char net she she's head of that pot germany that's part of an international network fighting to end child prostitution child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes thanks for being with us let me start by asking you this is what's being
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called germany's largest sex trial abuse sex abuse trial ever what are you expecting from. well we expect a clear sign 1st of all because it might be the largest network that's popped up but for sure it's not the only one so we expect. the justice system to react appropriately and we expect high sentences for this and after this we need all of connected to this case we need that particular shift to understand that it's not an individual case it's everyone. initially says when subs cases come tonight but it's an organized crime that we're talking about which well the number of people who allegedly participated in this child sex abuse ring is staggering police say up to 30000 suspects were part of the online paedophile
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network we'll talk more about that in just a moment but 1st let's look at one survivor of abuse who is dealing with that experience. as a child marcus dyckman was sexually abused for almost 10 years by 3 different perpetrators and his home town of cotton. today he's returned to the scene of the 1st crime. this is where a shooting gallery owner funfair lured him into a caravan and raped him. but. i have this movie playing in my head that i haven't been able to start since the trauma how do you work i'm lying here as a little boy 5 years old with a shoulder length blonde hair make it on a bed with creased white sheets. the shooting gallery owner was lying naked next to him for 4 decades microstate man repressed what had happened today he drives his motor home through germany and fights for justice for other victims. i've always
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had to somehow figure out for myself what's right and what's wrong because you don't believe anyone anymore you don't trust anyone. the under a huge victims in the back in case a probably going through something similar 130 investigators are now working on the case the largest no no bew scandal in german history so far they have identified more than 80 suspects but there are 30000 leads to other potential perpetrators suspected of exchanging child sex abuse photos and videos on chat forums. if you read the chats in particular you get the impression that by communicating with each other the participants reinforce each other at the believe that their child abuse is a socially accepted sexual preference for the nth many perpetrators have no sense
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of wrongdoing it's a case of appalling dimensions and goes far beyond germany according to the senior prosecutor marcus dyckman is still not free of his trauma with his group he supports other victims the group wants the statutes of limitations for sexual crimes to be eliminated as for the trial against the main suspect he has hopes that will extend beyond the baggage plot but case. a signal is now being sensed that perpetrators can no longer feel safe and that they will now be dealt with severely . markets. the man set off again to continue his mission of drawing attention to the fate of abuse victims it's become his life's work. not one that he chose for himself. just trying to hear what looking at this case this trial that's happening in cologne right now. can you tell us how cases involving children abused over so many years can happen without anyone knowing
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well you know we often hear the sentence i wouldn't have believed that he sent a friend over that he said abuse and this is something very kind of touristic for such cases or cases of child sexual violence itself because perpetrators disguise themselves behind normal jobs also when you see the offender the potential offender in this case now. he had he was like a normal family man he had a job and often just often choose junk jobs that allow them to have access to children then the 2nd factor is that sexual violence happens most often in the circle of trust so the stakes are very high and this sets a very high barrier for anyone from the outside to notice specifically also because children and we're talking about very small children it becomes more difficult we
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don't sense this civic signs that indicate child sexual abuse but you have indicators from. many different things but nothing specifically of sexual abuse and then you know the fact is that sexual violence in germany student is such a bore so many people don't really. want to report their reluctance to reporting that afraid to accuse someone forcefully so there's a very thin boundary between doing too much too early and too late and too little. what about the children who are victims of sexual abuse what kind of support do they need to help them recover what you need of course the very focused and very strong support for the child in floor defend mentally the mother who was not part of the abuse for instance or if she was or the other
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adults around this child to meet the foster care and then also that support for the force the families and we have a quick good support system for cases of child sexual violence in germany but what's new also to the professionals working there is that now we're talking not only about 6 or 6 the abuse of children. but also about the production and distribution of own night of use in the t.v. and this is not the impact on the child lives show nikki thank you very much for talking with us that was daughter tantra nikki had a ecpat germany. the number of migrants arriving in italy by boat has already surpassed the total for last year according to the u.n. refugee agency so far there's been more than $15000.00 sea arrivals with many people rescued by coast guards in italian waters that's up almost $4000.00 on last year islands off southern italy like lampedusa cicely attractor the majority with
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more than 40 percent of migrants arriving from tunisia and north africa our correspondent max sunda reports now from a sicilian town of qahtani said gee where authorities say they are struggling to cope. the coronavirus pandemic has made life even more challenging for some of the most vulnerable people here in the south as sicily. there is no justice for migrants no justice each month they should pay bills how can i possibly do this. this man from somalia tells us he is stuck here without work or a place to sleep authorities at the migration center promised to return his passport last december but he still hasn't received any papers people who showed up for their appointments this morning tell us the pandemic has delayed processes here not having the necessary paperwork can affect their legal status in the country and ability to work life underneath the bridge is the only option for some of those lacking their paperwork 8 people have been sleeping in this wall that can for the
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past 25 days one of them tells us with no money or support they are holding out until their cases can be heard incidents like this have managed to stir up public opinion against migrants and refugees a few dozen new arrivals escaped from an overcrowded current 100 facility in the city of 2 weeks ago most were found by police none tested positive for the coronavirus not fear but seeing the good in people is what migrants and refugees need during the pandemic omar suleiman knows this from his own experience the 31 year old gandhian works in a center that houses migrants and refugees and helps them prepare for their life in italian society when saloon arrived in italy in 2014 he was initially presented with limited opportunities to help him integrate felt because people kept from morning to night and to. sleep. so that. you can. it's like something that is killing you intimately so.
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because most of the people who will be sent that's something that in this country after finally coming to this center so will got lucky he was able to find work here is a cultural mediator helping minors living at the facility with her asylum cases and everyday needs many migrants in sicily are forced to make a living here in the countryside as daily breeze in the greenhouses they earn as little as 30 euros a day medical doctor. looks after my twin workers many of them undocumented she has been treating back injuries and the forces in her mobile clinic free of charge and anonymously she says precarious working conditions make migrants more vulnerable to coronavirus but they're also being stigmatized is not a bit of. the mungana i am worried because these people still continue to be invisible this is a big problem for all of italy especially if these people are seen only as people
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who are sick and spread the virus so. jaring the interview a patient shows up he says he escaped the cornered facility and is now showing symptoms of code 900 the team are 1st into a hospital for testing the wood is unlikely the tunisian national will go there out of fear of being deported. migration was a divisive issue in sicily long before coronavirus far right leaders have been using the issue for political gain claiming migrants are bringing the virus to the islands says the mayor of port and. she's been trying to drum up support for a tangible solution new arrivals would need to be distributed across sicily and the whole of italy reducing the numbers of people in the cilia reception centers and limiting the spread of coronavirus there the nice thing that. we mayors of the area asked the government to use the same health care particles we have for italian citizens for migrants and recently our party leader the myer the clear that the
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problem is not migration now the problem is the health care issue the outbreak of corona virus not an image and not vehicles. sicily is currently experiencing a rise in covert $1000.00 cases after the peak of the holiday season containing the virus is likely to remain a challenge here throughout the islands and tire population. temperatures across the arctic have been increasing at a rate that's about twice the global average causing a record heat wave in siberia this year a small remote town of the arctic circle in the russian region of yakutia saw temperatures that were nearly 20 degrees higher than the average scientists now fear that the heat is causing the permafrost to thaw spelling test free for both the environment and for the people who live here you know use only sure when reports from there how young. you can see the heat shimmer
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even now at the end of summer a few weeks ago they had set a new record 38 degrees celsius that's the highest temperature ever recorded within the arctic circle people here are usually proud of a different take stream their town is one of 2 places that claim to be the coldest on earth. we're used to the cold people here can't handle that sort of heat everyone bought electric fans they were totally sold out here people had ice cream and cold drinks we aren't prepared for these conditions. and i we swam and worked it was fine even in the winter when it's minus 60 degrees centigrade here we eat ice cream so working when it was 38 degrees wasn't a problem either most. of them. but the climate is changing every year and the ice is slowly melting people say the winters have gotten a bit warmer and the summer has moved by
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a whole month it's longer now. with the with. the buildings in very. it's designed to drive down into the permafrost and give them a solid base the pillars also keep the houses raised so they don't melt the ground underneath but rising temperatures could threaten the very foundations of this town . because the permafrost is melting houses here could collapse because they're built on pillars our public utilities are built on supports which have their foundations in the ground if they move there could be accidents there will be all sorts of problems if global warming intense allies who she. rushes arctic has already felt the effects of unstable foundations in late may a fuel reservoir near no real sq collapsed and 21000 tons of diesel spilled into
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surrounding rivers and subsoil the russian metals company in charge said the thawing permafrost was to blame scientists hope the environmental catastrophe in a real scheme will be a wake up call for all thora to use. the word. and you might until this happens no one paid attention to the issue of permafrost the 1st thing that contributes to its thaw it is the climate and the summer temperature is the sum of summer temperatures here in central europe so in the taiga forest has increased by 10 to 12 percent since the year 2000. this year's summer may have been a novelty for people invent high yeah but it could spell an unstable future for russia's arctic. course the arctic is not the only place affected by rising temperatures thousands of miles away in california's death valley researchers have just recorded the highest global temperature in over
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a century the u.s. weather service confirms the record heat of 54.4 degrees. celsius on sunday afternoon if that record is confirmed in a formal review it will be the hottest temperature witnessed on our planet surface since 1913. now to south africa were restrictions on economic activity will be eased from tuesday on after president cyril ramaphosa said cut in 1000 infections had peaked with more than half a 1000000 confirmed cases south africa has been hit hard by the pandemic the country implemented strict measures to curb the spread of the virus including a ban on alcohol and cigarettes sales but it's locked down has crushed businesses and livelihoods. here people are helping themselves women from this area are in cape town and cooking for their neighbors who are even worse off than they are nearly 5 months of lockdown has pushed many into deeper poverty than they
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were before. my daughter can only work 2 or 3 days a week without the people from the soup kitchen i don't know what our children would be. the women at the soup kitchen buy the ingredients for donations but like many other volunteer groups collecting enough money is getting tough. july july in a sense have ever have declined we've been struggling a lot. up until today we haven't had any assistance from the state demonstrators clash with police or to protest for better living standards there was sometimes violence like this before the pandemic but now it's getting worse aid organizations are predicting more unrest as millions of jobs are lost forever and the support offered by the state is not enough. there is some positive news increasing covert 19 cases is slowing and some lockdown measures are being loosened
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. but not for the international tourists who are crucial for the economy and restrictions on international travel will remain in place. no gatherings of more than 50 people will be permitted. the women from the soup kitchen to expect the pandemic to go away quickly they are starting to grow their own vegetables to make sure that there will always be enough ingredients for the soup. thanks for watching.
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what do moment in a choir have to do with coronaviruses a lot because mom let's have a few of the bodies back in my recent. experience of experience with the fiery meal that she falls but much more than simply a sweet. gentle mom i know choirs face the world.
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tomorrow to do. next d. w. . beethoven just did a deep doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. doo is it is a god of 60. my g.p. the truth came out of iraq. so many rubber bands of stolen beethoven. and with of course the subconscious always one thing is clear. he told his wildly popular.
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