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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is the w.'s live from berlin keeping up the pressure tens of thousands defy a ban on demonstrations in belo rose to demand the resignation of president alexander lukashenko he warns he could use the military to break up the protests also coming up of course in new zealand here's testimony from the families of the victims of branson tyrant the white supremacist who killed 51 people in mosques in new zealand.
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5 unit players celebrate a 6th european crown after beating french rivals. a historic season travel. i'm going to have as well come to the show huge crowds took to the streets in belarus on another day of demonstrations calling for the resignation of president alexander lukashenko opponents accuse him of rigging the result of the presidential election 2 weeks ago the authoritarian leader has responded with a show of defiance and threatens further crackdowns to restore order. all hardy go away a rallying cry sustained for over 2 weeks amplified by one of the biggest crowds minsk has ever seen. demonstrators repeated their
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demand for new elections angry at thousands of arrests many bloody beatings and several deaths. yet and yet i'm shocked by these lies and violence that reign in our country i have 3 children and 3 grandchildren i want them to live in a free country to have freedom to express their opinions and have great life prospects. the opposition coordination council is demanding a peaceful transition of power. not supposed to be all of our resistance is a marathon the regime cannot deal with this marathon but we can we have the will strength and the support of each other. stuff that we're going to play up here with appeal to the belorussian high court to recognize the numerous violations in the sham election and we hope no we demand that the high court makes
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a legal ruling i want to assure you. security forces held back on sunday but the army has been mobilized supposedly to protect national monuments. hovering over the crowds the man who says he's above all criticism president alexander lukashenko shows no sign he's moved by the sight of his people. once on the ground go brandishes a gun he says he's ready to trigger another crackdown if opponents refuse to accept his victory. across the border lithuanians show their solidarity with the protesters forming a human chain just as they did more than 30 years ago during their own baltic revolution many by the russians are now hoping for a similar peaceful and democratic outcome. of your correspondent nick calmly is
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in minsk he has covered yesterday's huge demonstration and joins us now on the phone nic a 2nd weekend of massive protests and we're hearing that to a position leaders have now been arrested what can you tell us. well exactly there had been fears that people would simply get tired of this process the people wouldn't turn out in numbers as big as the previous weekend which saw the biggest demonstration in modern belorussian history but indeed they did and it looks likely that there were more people here than even the weekend before any sort of happens who also people seem not afraid of through all those government threats to arrest people demonstrations people turning out with their pets with bringing small children and prams. kind of extraordinary scenes against the backdrop of that for the bottom from. him flying a. mention that. he was even quoted as saying the rights of he didn't because when he was looking at his helicopter he thought that the numbers were low until today's
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arrests well we have heard that crucially the leader of the strike at the news track actually one of the biggest businesses here in belarus has been detained as has someone from the opposition helpful this has been promised. that the weekend would be given to protests to have a think about their position and as of today because more would show who's in charge and bring consequences for people who are still. defying government. yesterday was brandishing a gun when he got out of his his helicopter trying to. talk saying attempted showing strength but it seems to have backfired i was on the street when . people were just laughing at. the ridges emerge and they will release by the government press him sitting in a kind of emergency room with his press secretary and his 15 year old son wearing a flak jacket and then there were further images of him thanking the right police
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for protecting his. office his palace presidential palace all of this might work for people who are away from him. oh mark just to the people here in the capital it's all kind of you know crashing after everyone is going to look like what you think you can achieve with this kind of rhetoric. meanwhile opposition leaders from london to an oscar is due to meet u.s. deputy secretary of state stephen begin in lithuania what do we expect from that meeting briefly if please. i think it's unclear what concrete steps can be taken now and the recipient of sanctions time and time again and haven't thought about change but i think the important symbolically to show that the outside world is getting attention and is supporting these protests or these protests among for their election i think people here and that is the crucial thing that the that the world hasn't got 100. in minsk thank you.
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time now for a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world at least 10 people have died and dozens have been wounded in 2 explosions in the southern philippines the blasts struck the town of jolo on jolo island a stronghold of an extremist group allied to the so-called islamic state soldiers and civilians the dead. protestors were out on the streets in the u.s. city of cannot show was constant late on sunday after police shot and seriously injured a black man is the latest protest against police brutality and racism since the death of george floyd in may so it is said the officers involved in the shooting been placed on administrative leave. crews from all across the west of the united states have arrived in california to help fight 2 dozen major wildfires blazing across the state the worst of the fires are in the san francisco bay area tens of
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thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. the gunman who shot dead 51 people in 2 mosques in new zealand has come face to face with some of his victims families the bereaved and some of the injured gave accounts of the mud as last march ahead of sentencing which is expected to take place on thursday the gunman could face life in prison without parole brought in bound hand and foot by shackles offered a stern defiant look and heard muslim prayers well that the 7 men that he in up you know if he said he let me i'm wiped out the message in court from mothers daughters fathers and sons of terence victims you caused us pain but you white supremacist last year and you thought you can't break. your faith is what we became more determined to go try to see that. and i want to be loved ones i'm
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not king of. my son solomon's son was gunned down with 50 others in march of last year brandon terrence drove to a mosque and started shooting then moved on to another muslim house of worship to continue his rampage families indeed the entire nation mourned the murderous acts of a 29 year old australian man who prosecutors say planned every move for maximum carnage what i can say you said it is clear that this is one of new zealand's doc hissed days new zealanders today as then offered support for the families of the muslim victims often using the indigenous maori phrase here. you know start strong. winds along this far so likely that justice can come. here that we will be. back in
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court prayers for the victims and also for the perpetrator great sorrow and defiance. no words can describe what my biggest. fear is it is only going to. go. well you know. just. terror and faces life sentences for the murder and terrorism charges and the judge has the power to imprison him for the killings without the possibility of parole i'm now joined by our reporter myles tweedy in wellington who's following events for us there relatives of the victims and survivors have the opportunity to speak in court as we've seen how would you describe the atmosphere in that courtroom. well as we just saw an
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airport and they report they were turned into a courtroom heavily shackled his wrists and ankles and he was surrounded by police officers. when the session got underway there was a deeply emotional saints where 24 of the victims. had the opportunity to testify in front of court as to the effect of the attack it had on their lives and while most were defiant. there was obviously a lot of trauma still there amongst those who testified but the images that we've seen in our report that runs in town. hardly displayed any any emotions did he show any kind of remorse that whole well the gunman reportedly showed little emotion throughout throughout the day. however there was one moment where the mother of one man who was killed by the government she directed her attention
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to them directly and spoke to him directly and she said she forgave him for killing his son and she said she had no hate or desire for revenge now terence apparently reported the noted in response and then blinked heavily and then wiped his eye balling the exchange so there was some level of maybe possibly something that. he already has pleaded guilty and is facing a life sentence possibly without parole that will he speak in court. well the government dismissed his legal counsel earlier this year and he's chosen to represent himself which has. led many to speculate that he may try some point to try and grandstand or saying some kind of message out to who knows what. now authorities have taken steps to try and. avoid death or to prevent that from
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happening. limited the number of journalists and the courtroom and out in the quarter to 10 and there and they are allowed to report twice a day once at lunch time and i want to let all of the day. but there is definitely no absolute way of preventing him from signing that's saying something so. we'll just have to see what happens in the coming days i'll swear to that thank you very much thank you. thark a marco unstoppable storm laura for the caribbean and the gulf of mexico leaving massive destruction in that way at least 11 people have died in the dominican republic and haiti both storms are expected to hit the u.s. gulf coast soon for. storm moore has already left a deadly mark on the dominican republic in its wake flooding that's left homes
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inundated and up to a 1000000 people without power. residents have been trying to salvage whatever they can. in neighboring haiti torrents of flood water gushed through the streets in a similar picture of despair. most people here are unsafe this town is destroyed as you can see look at the people walking by the houses a condemned there are dead people traders have lost their goods one. afghan national southern cuba storm laura is now heading towards the u.s. coast coast and cueto rico in tandem with another potentially deadly storm system marco. u.s. president donald trump says emergency services are in place this is so water unprecedented the scope of the storms and also the fact that they come so quickly
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after one another both storms have the potential of gathering strength before they make landfall and could cause significant damage so we're going to get basically a right hook from marco and then a left hook from 4 more. storm surges of up to 2 meters high and predicted for coastal areas in louisiana or mississippi. residents are doing all they can to prepare for the double punch heading their way in the coming hours. it was indeed up you news still to come a song for the champions of your. office sending fans into rapture it's the turn of buying munich's players to celebrate chief mint straight into football's history. the 1st new figures suggest that the country is suffering the middle east's biggest and deadliest outbreak of the corona virus with almost 360000 cases and more than
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20000 deaths the government says the outbreak is under control and that the economy has not been hit as hard as elsewhere but critics say the authorities are failing to give a true picture of the crisis. after every customer meet disinfects his taxi inside and out otherwise nobody will get in and neither will he business is very bad today the meat will drive us around to run all day finally a good assignment for him i'm going to go through the full year i also have a few customers who no longer leave the house because of coronavirus i go to the bank for them or go shopping in the supermarket. but i still only earn half as much as before the corona crisis. our 1st stop is the grand bazaar here you will understand why the numbers are going up again says sami. at the entrance he warns us to go no further. i don't go in here it's very narrow and there
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it's covered and it's way too crowded the risk of getting infected is too high you can see for yourself. most people here where musk's but hardly anyone observes social distancing rules. we have an appointment with dr an e.c.m. an immunologist and then advisor to the national coronavirus committee in just 6 days he built a covert 19 emergency clinic. a 2nd wave is rolling through iran the government is reporting more than 2000 new infections a day but anniston doubts the figures are accurate. to calculate. exactly but in my opinion 2000000 is real. the statistics. around 300
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patients are cared for every day in this clinic one in 10 is positive. they are put into quarantine or referred to hospitals 2 weeks ago medi tested positive for curvature 19 today he's come to pick up the results of the follow up tests. i'm no longer at risk myself but i can infect others i'm supposed to stay in quarantine for another 5 days the situation has gotten really intense a few days ago there was nothing going on here and today it's really full. out driver hammy is scared is skeptical about the government not taking tough and measures against the outbreak. and force a strict quarantine we would need enough money but we simply don't have that the government would have to support the population financially so that we can meet our daily needs but apparently it's not able to do that. in the evening how meat products his taxi in front of his house his 11 year old daughter is only
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allowed out with the facemask his wife hardly ever goes outside. or. normally i'd invite you in the team to come up to my apartment because of coronavirus and my wife is very particular about safety we better stay outside. hamid's parents live around the corner he hasn't visited them in months a friendly way from below or a few words exchanged at the window. with the word. my mother had cancer i watch out for her safety and often argue with my sister i tell her not to visit our parents but she still sometimes goes to help them someone has to do it. for them it's a struggle for survival that is tearing the country and its people apart. the other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president ronald trump has announced the emergency authorization of an experimental
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covert 900 treatment using block last night it is taken from patients who have recovered from the disease put pressure on the food and drug administration to speed up treatment approvals against the u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has met israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the start of a middle east tour after the recent normalization of ties between israel and the united arab emirates is expected to push other arab states to follow suit. officials in syria say an explosion at the major gas pipeline caused widespread power cuts on sunday night state t.v. quoted officials as saying the blast may have been caused by a militant attack that the government says has since been restored in several provinces and. the wife of the stricken kremlin critic how lives in a valley has visited him in hospital in berlin he's in critical condition following
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a suspected poisoning russian opposition leader was flown to germany after becoming seriously ill last week the german government says more facts are needed to establish whether the body was indeed poisoned. football now fans of buy in munich are celebrating after their team was crowned european champions for the 6th time the varians defeated spurs sunshine mountain one nil in lisbon after a tight 1st half kings the comment made the breakthrough heading home the only goal of the game with a victory by and complete the so-called treble of league title domestic cup and champions league. this is the moment that sent bind fans into ecstasy after 5 long minutes of overtime came the final whistle by in munich had won the champions league because of a coronavirus for fun in lisbon was played without
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a crowd but the risk of infection did not stop supporters from taking to the streets of munich. it's also that even if it is even if it is corona we are partying tonight till the end till the end in this case it's a big event you have to celebrate and if you add to the sense and the mask secretary now. those precautions went out the window as fans came together to celebrate the sick time for variants have won the comp. titian special praise was reserved for coach hanzi flick he revived the team's flagging fortunes after taking a bit of a break ins mid-season. god it's just great they deserve it after the season they've had it's thanks to a handy flick who wasn't even in charge for the whole season it's unbelievable. meanwhile long faces in paris p.s.g.
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had invited several 1000 fans to watch a game on a giant street in its stadium when it was disappointed supporters spilled out onto the streets they vented bashed a stray sion with flares and fireworks requiring the intervention of the paris police. but i'm pretty hard from did i view sports joins me in the studio actually it's fair to say that wasn't the shootout that many had anticipated no but since a renowned for their attacking prowess but this was a typically tense affair there's no crowd there but you still got the sense of the occasion and straight away after maybe after 5 minutes or so this is going to be about a handful of moments and those handful of the moment they belonged to beyond the 1st one you think of as kingsley come on their only goal scorer in the match interestingly he's born in paris and pretty much right he's been a footballing sense in the p.s.g. academy it was his goal that was the difference that was one of those moments obviously hansie flix his moment was deciding to pick a man who wasn't in the team and his rationale was well he used to play for p.s.g.
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so he might be axed from out about it's a very retro grade a decision that he made there in some sense mental noise a couple of the moments belong to him as well in goal he was absolutely incredible 2 big saves and he's very much the reason that buying can go forward with such aggression and confidence because i know they've got a colossus behind a little bit of life insurance absolutely batman's so you mentioned a couple who are what was by a single secret ingredient can you put your finger on the mount rushmore the. created maybe men will know it has to be one of them that you put up there kingsley come on naturally thomas modification lumps out of one law that was a crucial job loss not but i think if you put want to head of all the others it's hansie flick is the man who when he was announced as buying coach the they announced it and the narrative was strider wife for good reason or this is just a replacement this is just a temporary appointment until they get the real one their big 9 and so behind start winning through december and i roll on on this momentum just rolls on and then the
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board finally realizes this is this is our guy and his 1st trick that he pulled was that he had to get people like noir like mullah to find a cutting edge again that had sung much success world cups champions league already and save in domestic totals how do you give them their age and so he was able to reinvigorate those players and he did something really special that the board loved as he's gone and want to talk to without putting the checkbook you manages the frames by not asking for money he's not going to the board enough for money and he's gone with existing resources and he's pulled off something historic so by an incredibly successful club in german football how big of an achievement is this trouble. brings you among the a late you know it's a footballing act of immortality to win the treble champions league you know carries that top of white anyway but to come from way they've come from to do it it's about being 4th in november 2nd the coach appointing
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a new one and then rolling on and on and on and going on the fate of the 6 months and the champions league is such a perfect crowning moment for this team that was able to regenerate and i play the big months we'll i'm in for german football it's people from outside look inside well they've won i league titles in a row the league kompany good but it's just about how good these guys are not what's lacking in dortmund and shell corps and everyone else they're an incredible side but they're an incredible club because every time the moment comes there's something inside of these players when i play for this thing to think that the best at the right moments and then how do you know useful thank you. you're watching the news here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you today tens of thousands of defy the ban on demonstrations in fellow rose to demand the resignation of hardline president alexander look sankoh gains want any could use the military to break up the protests. and that's it from me and the news team for now up next business news
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with monika swimmy you all can always get all the latest news on a website that's d.w. talk all about all for us in berlin i'll be back in 30 minutes with an update on sports.
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