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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2020 4:45am-5:16am CEST

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doesn't make you happy in the long run. if you suddenly found yourself a 1000000 euros richer what would you do with the money buy an expensive watch dine on champagne and caviar many equate wealth with luxury but what is luxury it's not such a clear concept and it doesn't mean the same things to all people luxury goods and luxury don't have to go handed and showing off in a fancy car is not the same as reveling in something exquisite that some of you is what luxury is all about. snazzy cars fancy leather goods heaps of silver on the dining table that's not necessarily what luxury is really about. for me luxury means slowing down. looks like you're using enjoying the moment and not thinking about anything else
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looking luxury has to do with quality of life that's issue this is luxury holiday sunshine the heat. at this campsite everybody appears to be having a good time. but i want to quiz a philosophy professor who's written a book about the elusive concept number of using is this luxury for example. just. in everyday speech one might well apply the terms comfort or luxury to the experience of camping it's relaxing it feels good to be out in nature it might be a kind of luxury but i think that involves a blurring of concepts a loss of specificity that's not a crime we understand what's meant. pleasure or enjoyment is not the same as luxury . and luxury doesn't have to involve luxury goods which are extremely big business . big industry was growing rapidly at least until the pandemic hit. last year
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global revenues are estimated to have been 280000000000 euros. l v m h is the world's biggest luxury goods group by far with revenues of more than 53000000000 euros in 2019 there are a lot of rich people out there able and often willing to spend a fortune there are more than 2600 billionaires most of the world's super rich are from europe the united states and asia. and some like to flaunt their wealth. doesn't. that's what we. all showing all that you drive your flashy car in order to demonstrate your social standing you cruise around to let others see you cruising around it's a way of presenting yourself to the world which is what. is it just about showing off or is there more to it what is a luxury to wristband a curated an exhibition devoted to the history of luxury in post-war germany. looks
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like stuff on to the bounce house and i'm asking luxury something very personal and individual everybody sees it differently yes but it does have to do with excess and exorbitant and in that regard it also has a lot to do with society because every society defines and redefines the boundaries of what counts as excessive all the time i don't know why also and that involves historical and social conditions. because a shaft of. this coat is made of zillions of swan down feathers marlena dietrich 1st wore it in 1957 it took an incredible amount of work to make that says he is what luxury is about. even the luxuries when there's been an exorbitant effort undertaken in the knowledge that it is indeed exorbitant but it's a distinct phenomenon knowingly wanting to beyond reasonable price $106.00. a gifted experience bonded mixes
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a drink. and. a cocktail is a very good example. you can enjoy it simply because it tastes good but you can also drink it precisely because it took a lot of effort because of the subtlety of the composition. and out of bounds knowledge judgment appreciation would lovers of luxury are often connoisseurs. could muster up. whether or not the contented people are chilling at the campsite or connoisseurs who knows for some a clean. this is the lap of luxury. for a committed artist creating is not a luxury but a necessity centuries ago artists were heavily dependent on wealthy patrons nowadays most artists or for themselves by kenyan photographer were to imitate the restrictions of movement imposed on nairobi left him with 2 choices stop working or
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adapt it chose the latter and has created gripping new pictures without even leaving the house. when working from home it's important to not get distracted by the background noise. photographer and father of 2 moved to america has perfected this and it's not the only thing he has had to adapt to since because he turned to me i used to be able to go out shoot get the motives that they needed think up ideas good just to do or whatever and just then we got home and they realize now what do i do i'm just home i didn't do anything for 3 weeks because i didn't want to then i found that i think it's about time that i just started shooting myself. in the place that i am but being a one man team and working in a limited space is not easy. yes. yet this force
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seclusion is what has inspired me becca's latest series creating isolation you can be somewhere big but with a limited imagination you still. do work that he's takes like 2 meters grid or you can be in a tour just great books but your imagination makes it feel like you're creating from everywhere in the world for 7 days of creating i limited myself to treat him in the bathroom for me and this was also a challenge legacy what can i do in the bathroom and it just keeps creating from the bottom and i meant i was able to make 7 pieces. kenya has enforced strict measures since the 1st case of covert 1000 was detected in the country young creatives and business owners have been the worst affected economically and while the government has channelled money to creatives it simply hasn't been enough.
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which one has been lucky his digital series on social media has opened up new avenues of work for him. that the president make this period what's different today for different people different people only expected to be and what was all but there's a lot of but there's a lot to be better and i'm really grateful for just the people of the military did i don't think i did this so that you become a new income by the instrument but somehow it's to ended up being a new direction and a new way to make money. before the pandemic were to a made all his work from his studio. this is the 1st time he's back since february . came back. here for more. things so if you wish. to argue with. me to see him. do this.
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especially. now in whatever you want to our. mind you walk where. it's like our country. because. i would see just in this solution. but i'm still tired i don't think i went under it. was work before called it was primarily focused on capturing african cities. but for now he must contend with working from this corner of his house where he continues to make thought provoking work work which captures the duality and certainty and spirit of our time. also thing about not leaving home it was easy journey not down to get used to wearing track pants or not even getting out of my pajamas. but don't tell this
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is very own style guru insists it's vital to maintain a sense of decorum at all times. when thinking about legs recently then slaves to having. the sun's out here and it's getting warmer and more and more men seem to be partial to shorts let me show you what i mean a word of warning though sensitive viewers might find the following pictures upsetting. even in my own department d w business. shorts can be very comfy and airy and look quite sporty when you're on holiday. but in professional circumstances in the office on the job not allowed for boarding
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and no not even for you guys in the i t department i'm sorry let me show you why. corporate assets to the c.e.o. of $60000000000.00 euros a month since the start of that program in october 24th it's been more than $1.00 trillion euros money have you actually listened to what i was saying are you taking me seriously see what i mean there are exceptions. but that is chris a he's from the sports department completely different set of rules that. can be he's creds he can pull it off. but you and i are most definitely not creds you know. so if you want to avoid clothes that make you sweat in something go for some light wool all linen for example about to stay cool and still show you mean business so the long and short of it go short on shorts.
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long johns in the winter. and see you again very soon.
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enter the conflicts confronting the powerful 4 months to go chill the presidential elections in america. it was sinking in the polls and now is full of a national security adviser says he isn't fit to be president anyway joe balls of is my guest this week from washington how much damage has trumped both done to
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america and the rest of the ethical life. conflicts of. 30 minutes till he. 'd was sentenced they gave hold. yourself and that's the same name and family fled syria 5 years ago and came to germany. you caught up with them. how are they doing today. was that hopeful promise fulfilled. focus on europe. 90 minutes d.w. . a meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of only 2 friends on the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interviews with experts about one question how do we change the focus of only the sense of.
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. considered through the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and the information on the clone a virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com slash science . frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self road and trail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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frankfurt airport city managed by for. the fact that. this is. live from berlin the white house helps mobilize the national guard in wisconsin 1000 troops are being deployed to help local police in can no shop the city is bracing for another night of demonstrations over the police shooting of a black man also coming up. with an interim service. where joe biden sees american darkness we see american greatness u.s.
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vice president mike pence stakes his case for another 4 years of president trump at the republican national convention. during corona some of the best soloist in the world contributions from a distance to the impossible orchestra and a vicious project to raise funds for victims of covert 19. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the show us national guard troops and federal aid. ins are on their way to the city of can no show wisconsin the white house says 1000 god-man and 200 federal law enforcement officers will be sent to can no ship to assist local authorities to know she is bracing for
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a 4th night of protest over the police shooting of jacob lake a black man the justice department says it has opened a civil rights investigation on sunday an officer shot the 29 year old several times from behind his family says he is now paralyzed. correspondent stephens iman's is in can osha 7 the white house says it's deployed almost 1000 national guard troops to konoha how's that being perceived where you are. well to tell you i don't think that's about to right what the white house says there because we heard here from the local from the governor here that it will be a total of about $750.00 national guard troops and if they are on their way or if they are already here guess what let me step out of the picture they have actually nothing to enforce or to protect tonight because so far one hour into the curfew there's just a little bit of protest bobbie cueing going on the majority of the protesters which we had together in here about an hour ago and that were only $150.00 people they
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are actually marching through uptown kenosha as we speak and i expect that probably to come back here at some point but days no law enforcement out here at the moment there's no enforcement of the curfew because well there is no activity militias activity by protesters whatsoever it's very peaceful as you see barbecuing. and so the issue of the shooting of jacob blake the world of sports is weighing in with the basketball and baseball authorities postponing games it seems the protests have reached a new level. yeah that's right this is a really really really big deal for the u.s. this is major league baseball and now major league soccer as well as of course the n.b.a. national basketball association postponing games because the teams are saying look there are things that are just more important more significant than playing
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basketball playing soccer or playing a game of baseball the teams are not just having the athletes their players. stepping foot on the brake so to speak and saying like no we're not playing because of what happened here in konoha it's the entire team management to it's the entire organization who's supporting this and this can't be underestimated even if you're not a sports fan no soccer fan or basketball fan or baseball fan that is really significant and it shows you that the problem which manifests itself right now we can only show which has manifested itself 3 months ago in minneapolis with the death of george floyd is a american a you knighted states of america problem which goes through all of society even sports ok stuff and sometimes thanks for bringing us up to speed from kenosha. the disturbances and unfolding against the backdrop of the republican national convention on the 3rd night vice president mike pence took center stage he made the
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case for another 4 years for president donald trump let's listen to what he had to say. in these challenging times our country needs a president who believes in america who believes in the boundless capacity of the american people. to meet any challenge defeat any phone and defend the freedoms we hold do america needs 4 more years of president donald trump. for more i'm joined by peter of the news u.s. analyst peter what have you made of my pence is speech right ahead of the speech was a lot of pressure on pay and there was even speculation that he would maybe be replaced on the ticket for another candidate maybe female candidate so a lot of pressure on pan's to deliver it wasn't the greatest most powerful speech
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he's not soaring was a soaring rhetoric but definitely a nuffin there to satisfy trump. he painted basically the democrats as you know where joe biden sees american darkness we see american greatness so the democrats as a incredibly negative vision of america where's trump. that was he may be an unconventional president but he gets things done. he painted a picture of america where trump has not just boosted the economy he's defeated he says expand the american military stood with our allies and also taken both steps to combat the corona crisis a lot of the claims in this speech critics you know there's a lot to unpack there we can't get through it all but certainly their handling of the corona virus has not been particularly convincing more than 180000 deaths you know millions infected. with regards his remarks of standing with the allies
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a lot right here in germany will ask themselves when you know how did that they move the embassy to the israeli embassy to jerusalem but what about the old allies such as germany where they're now withdrawing you know more than 10000 troops in what seems the jap at uncle americal over you know more personal vengeful reasons. cited so you know getting the job done shore. but. maybe not the most soaring speech that we've seen from mike pence ok. we'll have to leave it there for now thank you. right now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. a new zealand court has ordered the ma mosque shooter brenton tyrant to spend the rest of his life in prison the white supremacist pleaded guilty to killing 51 people during the 2019
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shooting attack tarrant is the 1st person in new zealand to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. police in bellerose have detained dozens of protesters rallying in central minsk it's part of a widening government crackdown on demonstrations in the aftermath of the country's disputed presidential election the august 9th poll so president alexander lukashenko win a 6th term in office protesters say the result was rigged. e.u. trade commissioner phil hogan is resigning amid allegations he breached lockdown restrictions in ireland a week ago attended a golf dinner with over 800 people sparking a national outcry the irish government says his actions undermined public confidence. in the greek coast guard says it has rescued $96.00 migrants off the island of hockey in the eastern agency they had been travelling in
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a yacht that was part found partially sunk most of not been transported to the nearby island of rhodes. hurricane laura is rapidly gaining strength as it barrels towards the u.s. states of texas and louisiana meteorologists say it will continue to grow before it makes landfall in the coming hours officials are warning of an unsolvable 7 meter high storm surge that could see large sections of texas flooded and they're urging locals to obey evacuation orders but fears about the spread of covert 19 may be driving some to put their lives at risk by sheltering in place as hurricane lure barrels toward the texas and louisiana coast meteorologists aren't mincing their words we're going to take a look at the storm surge some of the revised information that we're looking at this is a dangerous. dangerous storm for folks this is not survivable. many
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like these homeowners in the easy are heeding the warnings securing their property as they prepare to join the more than half a 1000000 people who have already evacuated when speeds have nearly topped 180 kilometers per hour and the storm is expected to continue to strengthen as it approaches the u.s. coast 5. thousands of locals are making their way to crowded evacuation centers but fears of a different kind of disaster may be causing some to ignore official warnings. hope . that mean the people who live here and there are working here. because it would go serve everybody right you know if. this louisiana resident is one of those defying the evacuation order. we're just saying that a generator will lock up on stock up on plenty of food so we don't plan on leaving he said unless it stalls and he's already got more to come in and then he'll go back to his boats in the backyard if we have to leave we have another option but.
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as the storm continues its march to the sure officials are imploring residents to heed of activation orders saying their lives could very well depend on the decisions they make now. rescue teams are searching for survivors and bodies after flooding in northern afghanistan torrential rain caused flash floods in pa one province washing away thousands of homes local officials say at least 100 people are confirmed dead but the final death toll is likely to be much higher. they say it could take weeks to determine the number of casualties. time was of the essence for many families in power one province getting the injured to hospital was their highest priority their coup was a scarce hand a few ambulances in high demand and desperation people carried loved ones in there . those able to get treatment through with worry about their families i cut through
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barbed wire to get to the roof of my neighbor's house and i wanted to get my family on to the rooftop as the water approach to save their lives but suddenly the floodwaters swept everything away 7 members of my family a missing. torrents of water and debra rushed through the city of sharon destroying homes burying people in the rubble many were asleep when the deluge struck. the wall collapsed and water poured into the house and managed to rescue 7 members of my family but i couldn't save my mother. rescue teams are using heavy machinery to dig through the mud searching for bodies hoping against hope to find survivors floods are no rarity in northern and eastern afghanistan they leave hundreds dead every year. when the coronavirus locked on heads in their best back in march mexican conductor along. came up with an idea to bring musicians
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together even from a distance she decided to form the impossible orchestra and ambitious project together from a thaw some of the world's best soloists to perform mexican music a goal is to raise a goal is to raise funds from women and children in mexico affected by covert 19. i was at home. and i personally couldn't conduct so what could i do. i was imagining what it would be an artist trying to have an artist to have the words for some of us. call my friends 1st i called all the people that i had their phone numbers and had i had worked with. dates occur on a project obviously it would have never happened if it wasn't for the situation.
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it's the impossible orchestra because in a normal situation if i had to call them up they would say that sounds great but i have this concert and that concert and we can plan it for 2024 and so on that would have not been possible without a doubt but suddenly everyone with 3. possible orchestra aims to raise awareness and raise funds to help from the asians in mexico who help women and children in many aspects. it had to be a mexican piece for this project of course. the last play of the marcos well because it's an amazing piece of music that moves people.
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you're watching. the game over here but today from our website b.w. dot com follows on twitter and on instagram. told me a lot of the exorcist. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. covert 19 special next on d w they've been robbed of their soul that's what
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a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were through.


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