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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2020 7:00am-7:30am CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin homeless once more europe scrambles to help the thousands of migrants of moriah more than 12000 are without shelter and hungry after a fire destroyed greece's largest refugee camp the greek government is sending help but what about the rest of the european union also coming up. record wildfires sweep across large parts of western united states hundreds of thousands are evacuated as the blazes threaten mountain communities. and water levels are
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rising in kenya's great rift valley now their fears to swollen lakes could merge threatening hundreds of wildlife species. i'm tony all logic welcome european governments are racing against the clock and the weather to find shelter for thousands of displaced migrants from greece's morea camp a massive fire destroyed the camp on tuesday night leaving some 12000 people homeless greece has provided a ferry to house thousands of refugees to more ships will be sent in the coming days for the past 3 nights most have slept in the open on a struggling to get enough food and water. the 3rd night in the open in the parking lot of a supermarket people who thought they had nothing left to lose have lost what
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little remained. some bear the injuries sustained in trying to rescue their meager possessions from the flames and now autumn is coming and the nights are getting colder. one that really had big problems no water no food it's sunny in the morning but at night it's very cold we have big problems here. as bad as conditions were inside the cramped refugee compound the situation for the 13000 former residents of moria is now even worse. this cannot be. late we cannot be sleeping peacefully as like this. 400 miners have been evacuated to the mainland. some of them may find a new home in germany. day 30 how they think that the same time i asked the greek prime minister how we can help in the and his requests is
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that we in particular will take the miners and who have now been brought to the greek mainland we have contacted france and we will work together on this i hope that some other e.u. states will do this also. a passenger ferry has been pressed into service says temporary accommodation while the united nations rushes tents and sleeping bags to the island the emergency aid should arrive later on friday. you doubly correspondent alexandra phenomenon is close to the remains of the morea refugee camp on the greek island of less was earlier we asked her to describe what's happening there. tired tense traumatized thousands of people are stranded here along the streets leading to what used to be their camp of moriah many of them are families with small kids and babies some of them told me there are
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sick and needs medical assistance the greek government has promised to provide them with housing but that might take days or even weeks the situation unbearable for them as well as for the local population on les pauls. more than 14000 firefighters are battling 28 major blazes across the u.s. state of california high speed winds of whipped up wildfires that are consuming homes in a mountain community the wildfires have no respect for state lines as they range up and down the west coast burning into neighboring states washington and oregon hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated in the region and at least 7 people have died but officials expect that number to rise some areas are still impossible to reach. california fire fights a riot weddle has been relentlessly battling blazes and saving lives in the angeles national forest for more than
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a week he spoke to you about his experiences with this the worst wildfire in modern history barrett. there's more fires than there are resources here and right now. the government agencies are doing their best to get more resources from other states. and what we have done is a lot of us were up and down the street in the last couple weeks we just came back from northern california 2 weeks ago and were based here in this in the southern california los angeles county area and we've been here since the beginning of the week that was ron bledel talking to our correspondents all of a salad and the angeles national forest and all of us sends us this update on the huge wildfire. this wildfire in the endless national forest began burning just on sunday it remains fully uncontained like many throughout the state of california and all the clouds of smoke that are covering the sky here are even visible in los
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angeles which is only 25 miles away there are ashes in the air on the ground covering even parked cars there miter all of just say that we are witnessing the biggest wildfire in recorded history and they also fear that the extremely hot dry conditions additionally strong winds could push the fires further south and that will threaten some foothill communities and the citizens living they are in constant fear of losing their houses and livelihoods that's of a look now at some of the stories making news around the world. files broken out in the beirut ports a little over a month after a massive explosion devastated the lebanese capital the army says oil and tires in storage a burning explosion lasted the explosion last month killed more than 190 people and left 300000 homeless. jordan says a series of large explosions that rocked the city of zakah was caused by an
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electrical short circuit at an army depo that stored mortars there were no reports of casualties from the explosions. at least 7 people are dead and hundreds injured after violent protests erupted in the colombian capital bogota the arrest follows the death of a man in police custody a video of officers holding down and tasing the man went viral on social media. the world wildlife fund says wildlife populations of shrunk by 2 thirds since 1970 due to forests being cleared for food the group's living planet report warns that continued natural habitat loss increases the risk of more pandemics as humans expand their presence closer to wild animals. a new exhibition featuring the anonymous street artist banksy has opened a rome it showcases more than 90 office prova over his provocative works including
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paintings sculptures and prints the exhibition titled a visual protest stays open until next april. in a prominent opposition leader has accused of origins of threatening to kill her if she refused to leave the country maria kolesnik over who is behind bars has filed a criminal complaint against security agents who told her they would expel her quote alive or in pieces the threats of part of a widening crackdown on opposition activists who have been leading protests against authoritarian president alexander lukashenko. this is the moment masked men broke into the offices of jailed opposition politician viktor baba rico. the belorussian banker was put in police custody last month and banned from participating in recent elections. he's not the only opposition leader in detention. maria callas nichol of a scene here at anti-government protests earlier this month was abducted and almost
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forcibly expelled from belarus. sure mainz in jail in minsk kolesnikov a claim security operatives threatened her life changing be sent over the border in pieces if she didn't agree to leave. protesters are taking to the streets on masses last month's election which saw president alexander lukashenko reelected in a landslide for a 6th term. opposition leaders and their international allies insist the vote was likely rigged. in a recent interview appeared to offer an olive branch to demonstrators. it's at the school lunch stop book but i am inclined to conduct an early presidential election i'm not really in the sound of. what the gesture was likely just for show. recently urge state prosecutors to expand their crackdown on the fledgling opposition. our correspondent nick connolly is following the story in bellows capital minsk and he
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sent us this assessment. sometimes there's no time to follow the law that was alexander lukashenko message to his own security services today the protests he said were inspired and orchestrated from abroad only harsh measures would do in effect has now given all thought is called laws to use whatever forms of oppression it takes to end these protests in recent weeks we've already seen mass arrests beatings and disappearances. for now at least these attempts to scare people back into keeping quiet don't seem to be working on sunday demonstrators running away from plainclothes police coming to arrest them jumped into the lake behind me. the life guards on duty who came to rescue the protesters were later themselves arrested and spent several days in jail simply for doing their job in the lifeguards left jail today they were met by a crowd of volunteers offering them food and water as well as legal and psychological support offers of new jobs followed. the more the government polls on
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the pressure the closer it's pushing women belorussians to one another forcing for new and different ways supporting each other. rising water levels and lakes along kenya's great rift valley have forced thousands of people from their homes now one of the lakes filled with unhealthy salty water swirling so much if threatens to contaminate a freshwater lake nearby lake baringo and lake gloria used to be 20 kilometers apart but now they are so close they could merge posing a further threat to wildlife and residence for local businesses and farming communities the rising water levels have been devastating. once a thriving holiday destination this hotel is now submerged under water. memories over to left for talia james i will whose business has been all but destroyed event of the day this is all gone so. we don't
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have so much but actually i have to say it is painful to see the properties and. it's not just the buildings suffering from the rising water levels. thousands of people have been displaced promise of being forced to fairland and losing their livelihoods. you know i met him when i go there when the rain started we did not expect the water to rise this much and get to our phones i've lost my grass farm which was my main source of income and i've lost my homestead too i now have to start all over again at new grounds for now i live with my son close by but even that we think the water will get to us conservationists a heavy rains have caused the lakes in the area to swell but they're also filling up with soil washing into the water from the nearby hills where deforestation has caused a rotation. like the ring guy provides drinking water and eric gates' land for tens
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of thousands of people it's expanded by 60 percent in the last 7 years and now it could be contaminated by the alkaline waters of nearby lake but gloria it's a particular threat for the wide variety of wildlife with bats fish and crocodiles living here but local charity workers believe they could have announcer we do have a solution because to the north of us there is a low point and in the geographic structure which could easily. be covered cannot cut through and release some of this excess water which would in fact be a very good thing for the people down. downstream as it were because they have no water. it's not clear if there's the time money or will to make that work in the meantime the water continues to rise. british actress
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diana rigg has died aged 82 she gained fame in the spy series the avengers in the 1960 s. and the recent game of thrones wriggles who starred in the 1969 james bond thriller how much the majesty secret service as tracey diva chan's of the only woman to marry agent double 07 she won any tony and bafta awards during her lengthy career on both sides of the atlantic. to the extreme sport of big wave surfing now where a brazilian woman has claimed a new guinness world record it happened off the coast of portugal. took on a 22.4 meter behemoth of a wave in february and conquered it the world certainly got oceanographers and engineers to certified size and sure enough to barrow broke her own women's world record by almost 2 meters and she really did conquer it now if you look at the
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rides of the screen you can see her still on her board. remarkable you're watching news coming up next the documentary about a world champion athletes i'm told me a lot of will thanks for joining us. of our meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of on the grid search of the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interviews with experts about one question how do we change our. morning edition.
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3 years ago i came from germany to what make merry at that time the only thing i knew about the place was that it is the biggest industrial project and the 3rd
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largest oil reserves on the planet. all the major oil companies i hear. people from all over the world cliff and american fought mcnairy to extract the oil from the sand. i came to this place to understand who these people were and why they had decided to be here. thank you in the sixty's what mary was a sleepy place with a population of just 2000 people thank you and when 50 years later it had grown 280-0000. coming it was a very lonely place. thanks to. the heart of the
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city is in your minds but everyone works 12 hour shifts and returns home only for eating and sleeping. why do people stay so long here. the air smells like chemicals and on some days it can take your breath 'd 'd. i stayed because i met michael who worked for the theatre he was different from the other people i met here michael thought i was a crazy german who wanted to make an impossible film about the oil industry. he was convinced that i would be fort mcmurray soon that i would leave him soon.
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back then i never would have thought that i would decide to stay in fort mcmurray. and that the fire would end my time here. my family or my ancestors were one of the 1st people here.
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those animals are coming like well here are a lot of the rabbit tracks your tracks has all the animals. but. they're not 50. when you go hunting you feel lucky if you get one most other 10 moves that's not diseased. the insides of them are just totally poison or you can even cook it like it's not you can even cut it off i guess not weed it's just cancer like big warts and big cysts and anything. well the water runs and then i'm a straight all the water and afghan was our disease than people that humans will get disease theory. it's just a cycle of. my name is robbie picard
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and i run the i love oil sands campaign i believe that the all signs are the best and has ever happened to aboriginal people albertans canadians to potentially for everyone in the world a bit of fort mcmurray for 13 years i have 2 wonderful dogs boston and shada and i'm awesome.
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i change filters on ferguson's. 2008 saw the massive global economic collapse it was getting difficult to feed myself in ontario my roommate and i found at one point that it was cheaper to not pay our gas bill so we have no hot water in our apartment but it was cheaper to get a membership at the gym. and go shower and shave at the gym than to pay our
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gas bill. that's my justification for being out here because while ideas are all well and good they don't put food on the table. hydrogen sulfide is an immensely dangerous gas. these companies take extreme measures to always be monitoring the levels sulfide in the air if you prefer hydrogen sulfide that would almost immediately in capacity you. mean you would suffer from home an area of your lungs so with water you probably slip into unconsciousness and die within minutes.
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smell it it's also like rotten eggs and you smell it on site because you can. you can inhale a very small amount of it up to about 10 parts per 1000000 there's an occupational standard that says workers are allowed to be exposed up to something about 10 parts per 1000000. and you smell it on site and you become very aware. of its presence and you have to always respect. that it is a very scary prospect.
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sandy it doesn't work as well as i know it meant i would think he's against me out of us or i'm going to show nor does he also doing the news i'm going to address an issue that's an issue i'm for mention. nobody wanted to know what we were breathing in but on a fast mosquita t.i. price could drop. when it suddenly found from $97.00 to $26.00 a barrel i realized at the aisle that michael and i to decide he made cats to do theater patchett thank god he gets.
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this you know he's a year. or more men believe just doesn't reflect well thank you. plus i'm going to. do just annoyed again. we me out. i said or we have competitive to the right. one thing doesn't cost and so fond most diden i was what i wanted to know all safety zeitung but it's i can include all of them all. of them once he does long to. things on the facts and even you dusty and shop for you at all nor did he mind can fly. i think sneaky country but i wouldn't you know it kind of you don't wanna sing you know dad's mechanic i like night that's nice of 50 i mean it's it's new. justice league. i.
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got those us west of us does a through amount of nothing to cold from you and she. was no more and he called me an old doesn't see it isn't a choice banging noise and he puts on oh i was good night good sign good to know and i was also in demand on all sides. to guys is cold and numbers do not want that i told you not even noisy humphrey's fun. only because it's infancy. but all of the normal.
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i was married. everybody i knew and fought make merry must get losing their jobs or homes and i caught myself wishing for everything to return to how it was. one mistake i'm fired i know that you don't have any chance.
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thank. thanks everyone england where i'm scared. tomorrow's same thing. 12 hours work you use here. it was so scared working morning. was going up and see what's going to happen and what they can say or they're looking for. and. it's not a wonder it's not 2 days see you're still going to get in your.


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