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tv   Druckfrisch  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2020 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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steve. so many different walks of life. some are. awfully trying but all of them come straight from the heart of stone or see it even when there's no more delusion the mush will. come. from their 1st glimpse of the long road to their final resting place the russians r t w documentary. and . my destination today verts burke the city is located in the burial more precisely
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in the franconia region. my 1st stop is the old mine bridge the landmark my 1st book. it was built from 14th $76.00 and for a long time it was the only river crossing between the old town and the mouth fortress. well statues of saints lined the bridge. this is st bernard church the 1st bishop of verts burke well due to the growing of iris with a mask and this is saying bruno here bill gertz for cathedral. and here we have the canonized ampara charlemagne. the bridge is one of the oldest stone bridges in germany no cars allowed. the old mine bridge is the perfect starting point for discovering verts birth from here you can see many of the important sites and i'll be checking out those spots and on top of that i'll do
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some wine tasting because this region here is known for its about the culture. we follow the romantic road from verts birth to fish and. explore cusco and much of picchu in peru with a local. and our v mail takes you to the all gulf in lisbon in portugal. but. first i want to get an overview and start with a short tour through verts burke's old town. the town hall is only a few steps away from the old mine bridge it has many buildings and faces that is the direct building and that's the so-called off make out and here we have the main facade. then it's off to the market you can
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wander from stand to stand under this modern glass roof fall. here and you will also find the gothic couple of the church that was financed by the citizens of fritz burke and that was a thorn in the side of the bishop which is why he did not appoint a priest and for this reason the church is still called capella or chapel. next it is the falcon house with a rock a cool façade today the city library and tourist information our house here in the past the building was a small to tell it. this is the most beautiful house inverts. my next stop is square between st killian's cathedral and mormons to collegiate church there's a hidden gem here they lose some gaps like a small courtyard with the great monument off by toughened up for bid by one of the
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most famous mediæval minstrels he died in verse broke in 12th urging anyone who puts a flower on the memorial stone should experience relief from love sick it's not that i need it. now to the highlight of the city. verts berkus not a particularly big city by today's standards but it used to be a center of power for influential bishops and bailiff in this building diverse burke residence the palace and its gardens are unesco world heritage site. the spork residence splendor and majesty in the heart of the city it was the palace of the prince bishops bishops who ruled as if they were princes and their residents to it as a symbol of their wealth and influence today's palace was built in the 18th century to plans by architect. its i'm
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a large of french palace design the. and italian architectural art. a total of 40 rooms are open for viewing among the most impressive parts is the staircase with the world's largest ceiling fresco painted by giovanni battista. it's nothing short of a miracle that the vast artwork survived the 2nd world war on damaged while most of the rest of the palace was bombed. the grand white hall had to be restored. the mirror cabinet was totally destroyed but later rebuilt it may well be the costliest room in the residence. then comes the imperial hall the palaces tour de force banquets with hundreds of guests were held here. on a visit to the it's book napoleon bonaparte is said to have remarked have sarcastically
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have deferentially that the residence was europe's most splendid vigor it. for its birth is not only known for its residence but also for its wife the brush the tallest one of the largest one recent germany can be visited with guided tourists and that's exactly what i do winery manager 1st shows me the wine press all. here the grapes are delivered full after the harvest been processed into one. which is stuart one floor below. there in our wooden barrel cellar. we have a 160 big wooden chest here in this cellar easy just for show. you off. best wines here right in the castle controlling the temperature because we want to
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see the last scene as it were great in the book i should be tall as a wine estate with 120 hector's and produces up to $1000000.00 bottles of wine a year unlike other wineries it's also foundation ringback with the proceeds from wine sales. to find in social services inverts burke. one from this region is easily recognizable by the bulbous shape of its bottle. this is bottle shape here is called a box or to the why is that. off if. one was 1st bottled in the box here in the in 726 if it was a ship that was unknown until then it was very difficult to produce in terms of the structure. he wanted to meet the special bottle symbol of the high quality books white. tile itself is even older
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dating back over 700 years and speaking of great age this also applies to special treasure in the wine cellar. this is our most precious jewel. in the simon family in london formula these are very very old wines or and among them is the world's authentic bottle of wine the out is it again vineyard wine 40 s. the food for. their wine is almost 500 years old can you still drink it. through there's a new church from a prominent wine critic hugh johnson had the opportunity to taste the 2nd bottle you see here left of the center 961 that's 59 years ago hugh johnson confirmed in several interviews that it was the wine of his life. with.
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the shine is verts berg's best hillside location the wine from there is known to this day for its good taste in the book shop you can taste various wines with delicious snacks. so now it is deep. to get better acquainted with this and i'll explain it a bit more of the thing it is especially well the lame students here one of many i pointed you mean try it well then here's. to be honest i'm not a great wine connoisseur and so i can't describe the taste exactly but i can say one thing it tastes good the next there are 2 wines for comparison i sip from the 1st class and try to describe it even thought i'd say
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a dry soil steep slopes and lots of fields on the yes that's a good starting position we've got that everywhere. and the 2nd wind. is a difference this one's a little lighter. in the words of a professional. will i see the one on the left as a bit more yellowtail more peer in a somewhat more charming bitchy one of the right is more complex multilayered. has a rather field component also minty an edge i'm a long way away from that kind of fine palette but i can still learn. vertebrata surrounded by vignettes that are known for their good quality and they not only provide a delicious why they're all to set in a beautiful landscape take a look at that. hardly anything
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characterizes forsberg as much as it's one of the city lines in the main valley a region blast with a mild climate very steep terrain yards and soils of shell limestone red sandstone and quite are all conditions ideal for growing wine. it began about a 1000 years ago and has shaped both culture and countryside to the present day. all along the steep hillside such as the voids book stein estate world class wines thrive today they've become an essential item on wine lists of top restaurants everywhere in a letter to his wife christiana gerta wrote about the words book shine no other wine pleases me and i grow sullen when my favorite beverage is withheld. the wineries also attract many tourists in bad times of order book visitors can
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even help out with a great power based lodging drinks and abundant information on wine growing up provided for a day. with old wine grow up frank ice and his team stand at the ready with instructions helping hands and occasionally even a 1st aid kit. and they start cutting each other up and they all try to cut their own the famous great they slash will every which way before you know it somebody is bleeding in the screens get low so we bring everything we need along with as we watch to make sure they stand right in that very little space but now many wine growers are making similar offers guests come here from all over germany and even from abroad. that's my moment to make come to be in nature and learn how wine is grown by next so you see how much work but also how much cash in the individual langrune put into it.
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was topping off a hard day in the venue is a barbecue with fate of myself oppressed great mast that's only for mended enough to be fizzy. but. you can take a wonderful stroll through the vineyards around for it's burke. even if you want to go up to my back fortress the prince bishops lived here before the residence was built. hello good afternoon. to the in the outer courtyard i meet the guide georgia. she takes me on a tour. this is where the horses live. here in this courtyard yes in this area. here on the south side of the yacht. you see the little
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gates that with the entrances to the stables. one of them the many rings on the wall and that's where they tied up the horses. in the center of the courtyard is the horse trough where the horses were washed. we continued to the oldest gate of the fortress from 1482 it shows the 3 monks. coleman and thought no 3 stars are for it's burke. i don't know why are they so important and why do they have these funny names they came from our islands and they were irish scottish months and christianized this area and unfortunately they died a martyr's death here before the inner courtyard is behind the gate. most of the buildings date from the renaissance. and i'll show you the very oldest part of the fortress that you can still see that's because. the fortified tower
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from the middle ages would serve the ruling family as a refuge if attackers happened to breach the main gate. today the tower has 2 entrances. they weren't there in the middle ages of course you could only get in through one door about 10 meters up from here. that i make that you resisted by a ladder that could be pooled up. and what did they do with the 1st 10 me to. snatch was a dungeon. it was a bottle dungeon the prisoners were let down through a hole on a rope letter with an expected difficulties. he was a bit chubby and. this is where they had to remove some of the edge stones to throw him down there in. my bar after 6 weeks
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imprisonment he came out looking like he was in his best years no fat and actually quite handsome. the fortress now houses the museum for function one part is devoted to the works of the famous verts progress sculpture. another part gives an impression of how the prince bishops once lived. here where on the eastern side here. the sun rises over their. so when people gathered here the prince bishop very probably had his back to the east. and the sun rose on him and that was the sun king. the tour concludes at the brock prince's garden. the romantic road begins here inverts park it is the most famous holiday route in
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germany 460 kilometers long and it takes you to 1st at the edge of the alps. the room mantic route begins in and lead to 2000 and noise castle. is ideal for nature lovers i cures and by creators. the famous theme groups is 1st played out in 1950 odd who gets whittled down charged and doesn't see segments in the 50 millions of hits from the hanson to seen it in the shop it could not increase and productions show had time to just. stop the northern the video's fame. is obligatory. he will tell you that it's historic buildings and squares are favorite subjects and chairs visitors. and the romantic route continues on to. take
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a look at albert is one of germany's best preserved medieval town. another stop on the romantic route is. one of germany's cities. that druids and sounds noise. but the think the 2nd had it built. in the one sick note the journey is its own reward. verts burke is the city of churches about 60 of them packed together and especially beautiful one purchase on the nichols back the local people call this pilgrimage church the capital a pilgrimage route with 14 stations of the cross leads up the mountain. in the
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past some believers made the journey on their knees i find it exhausting even on foot. once at the top you'll be rewarded with a wonderful view of for its perk. the capital it was built around $750.00 insight the splendor of the late brock awaits you. now we leave work broke for a moment and we had to peru before the crisis we met city guy and he showed us cause school and the famous ruined city of much a preacher. or
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like hello i'm so or welcome to cusco vientiane capital of the incan empire now in a closet i amas one of the most beautiful places in south america here we have a statue of patrick who was the most popular incan ruler and behind us the cathedral the most important church in costco. this is the neighborhood of some black sits really unique with lots of arty sounds at the weekend markets you can enjoy their work and perhaps buy something you like .
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was that this is the sampan drug market if you'd like to try a fresh fruit. with banana or other exotic fruit this is the place to do it where you can also get delicious coffee and browse different products from the region. good afternoon juice with. in the language of the bankers costco was called costco which means the center of the universe. yet here we have the most important in contempt in the region called according can china or golden temple. we can see 2 different kinds of architectural styles incan and colonial spanish came to the incan empire in 1532
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and destroyed many temples and palaces. the kind of country is a clear example of this part of history but. it is perfectly exploring the streets of course co it's time for a delicious lunch this is the famous dish of course guinea pig and it was delicious let's try it. this was a visiting cuzco you have to visit match a picture which means old mountain it was the most spiritual and sacred place for the incas. in all of these they get to come very early to avoid the crowds and get the best views while walking around the ancient city. of that is that i see that they are.
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here that yanks are joining me to. you'll always be welcome in peru cusco picture now i'm off to explore. back inverts burke i want to look at the old train. the rock harbor crane was built in 773 and was a technical masterpiece for the time it was able to lift loads of up to 2 tons from the ships to the higher lying warehouse floor in theory the crane can still be used but of course it is only a monument. we continue with our weekly v mail from constance was in portugal with his family and
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he filmed a lot in those been and on the all gulf coast thank you for the video and you guys have fun watching. the flame . of the film.
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it is even inverts i had back towards the old mine bridge. many people come here for the shop and in other words drink a glass of franconian wine on the bridge and soak up the atmosphere there is a lot going on too much perhaps in corona times. so i prefer to keep my distance at a table alone. due to increasing numbers of cases the city of hertzberg has temporarily banned the serving of alcohol at the weekend from 4 pm but once you come here it will hopefully be possible again to enjoy wine on the bridge and then you shouldn't miss it.
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i had a great time inverts burg here you can go sightseeing take a walk taste some really good wine and just relax cheers. and see you next time.
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these are not the mountains of the georgian it's garbage everywhere. seen ali says enough already the environmental activist and her fellow campaigners are traveling around the archipelago educating and advising the boy and me to clean
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up because they are fighting back the tide of trash. in 30 minutes on the d w. r i i. mean. the sound of the alps and now open your eyes what do you. have talents and tedham out. welcomes what may be the most unusual event of the era the high rise concert of the dresden symphony orchestra where. 19 or more you know. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree.
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and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360. get the map now. did beethoven invent jazz did you did do. did is it does a dotted 16 might be to. sell many romance of stolen beethoven. to include of course the subconscious always one thing is clear. they took just one of the popular. and she assured her. i feel sure. with the words around with the biggest composer of all time i can't you can begin to imagine a world class horn player singer willis on a musical journey of discovery. without being
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told in. this week long t.w. . this is state of the news life from both the artist as in thailand send a message to the monarchy if instead of clockwise to the grand palace inscribed with the message that thailand belongs to the people thousands have fane on the monster present day demands to the kids also coming up. tributes of paid to the late us supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg.


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