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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2020 11:15am-11:31am CEST

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of course watching news live from berlin up next is shift living in the digital age and it looks at how streaming is changing. don't forget you can get all the latest news around the clock or website dot com unexpired term thanks for watching. most muslim women choose between their city and self-determination. i don't want anyone to tell me what the twisted stuff or no color women are striving to reform their islam. traditional prejudices. in islam start september 24th on t.w. . the brain is over the new zealand is kicking off in the most. summer break i'm disputing history. is history and
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like the way. this. probably came back normal. the slave started to temper the team on g.w. . the internet has revolutionized the way becomes you music sign up to a streaming service and you can listen to all your favorite tunes on the go wherever you are many artists have even begun playing shows in computer games or staging virtual concerts how is all this changing the music industry today on shipped. almost $300000000.00 people stream music via spotify each month that gives the market leader a detailed picture of uses listening habits today music lovers can also enjoy
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streaming music videos and concerts in their homes and on their mobile devices and these services are rapidly growing in popularity puter game developers are giving a platform to others as well in spring u.s. rep a travesty showcase the brand new trek live in for a hugely popular multiplayer game. is the big moment given recent hip hop fans have been waiting for you wouldn't virtual travis scott says it's a multiplayer game for it to perform live in front of the more than 12000000 players some are just quit ever to attend a virtual concert like this. the gaming and music industries and burgeoning crossover the tracks to try to get groups in one many games now feature cool certain tracks unique dance moves and virtual in game concerts because china i'm just someone with.
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streaming platforms like apple music these and spotify dominate the music market today raking in huge sums of money and only a tiny fraction of that goes to the artists on some platforms they earn less than $1.00 cent per stream to make a decent living they need hundreds of thousands of place for exams. an artist would be $80000.00 plays on the napster streaming path from just to the u.s. national minimum wage roughly $1400.00 u.s. $1.20 place would be needed on apple music and over 300001 spotify and amazon. can use initials make a living learn about that stuff but it's not all black and white view that we met up with. who say despite the downsides there are benefits to spotify.
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and ethnic have been with folk pop. for 11 years their albums feature german english and arabic lyrics and have made it into german charts at 1st they didn't want them his accounts possible. but if i use them come up with spotify definitely exploits musicians and if you have an almost nothing through streams. it's not even enough for major artists to go by. making an album is a lot of work and costs a lot to record. it 1st we didn't really like the idea of making your music available for free and people like to. write. i have played all over europe winning them and loyal fan base today their music is on spotify after all with success their latest single happy from the new album has
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already been streamed half a 1000000 times about 250000 fans listen to their chins each month class users can discover your music on spotify even if you don't belong to a record label. and if your music gets streamed a lot and recommended to other people then you might feature like playlist that's what swayed their opinion from the market and. their cars music is available on other streaming platforms too but 90 percent of their listeners come from spotify since signing up in 2015 hours music has been streamed about 25000000 times in 78 different countries streaming platform. meanwhile also changing the way artists create music. and keep them from us an overwhelming choice of music now if you get bored of the song you skip it i guess that the scriptures are just for producing elaborate 10 minute tracks with 3 minutes solos and long intros so yeah people are
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adapting to that. on average songs have become shorter over the years in 2000 the u.s. top 100 singles tended to be over 4 minutes long but in 2018 the average length for just 3 and a half minutes why in part because of the 32nd rule applied by spotify and other streaming platforms it means artists only receive money if their song has been streamed half a minute or more this is changing how artists crafts songs long gone are the days when songs that long winded intros for example but more on that here's chris of a blast of burning school of popular. hard to get on my over one hits today from the with a different formula from take justin bieber's love yourself the song jumps right in with lyrics from the get go. physical target and the listener knows exactly what the tracks about. the same time for an intro.
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the 1st few bars of a song are crucial they determine whether the listener sticks with it also gets to the next the vast competition for music has given many listeners a short attention span and so the 1st 30 seconds. i need just 20 seconds to never listen to the whole song on. the music industry started making money from streaming services in 2510 years later screaming about phones we're already making 2600000000 euros in revenue and since 2018 streaming has become the biggest source of income for the music industry last year it made up 50. 6 percent of global music revenue that's why artists are under pressure to make their music available online play lists are also a crucial part of these major streaming platforms if an artist is featured on one it can seriously boost their streaming figures and revenue but who curates of these
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play lists. popular music on spotify is promoted on playlists drives that streaming thing is even though that. algorithms define who makes it as an artist today. so it's lists only contain popular songs this is based on certain metrics. a song will move up a playlist the more you can stream. but there are other play lists with the structure is more important songs are added in a way that it sheaves the rights musical art. companies have begun to help get those songs on to play lists to market them like. now owned by sound cloud musicians are now less dependent on music labels but even more so uncensored algorithms. this is something that pop professor marcus klein i criticize is. quite subtle fortunately these days producing music is less about creating and
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more about calculation because algorithms calculate how many people like what and when they listen. the it will music production is becoming much more of those numbers and less about cultivating a future for society because their shelf. is pop music no longer a revolutionary force well despite the criticism digitalisation is providing new scope for creativity like the video sharing app. some artists even have a global hit song because of tech thought if their song features on one of the popular to talk challenge or like them that's x. we're all told. with the get up off viral sensations. streaming services and social media platforms represent a great new way for fans and musicians to connect especially now during times of social distancing. we have
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a spring tour. with $26.00 or $27.00 concerts sort of in front of it like all buns the tour was cancelled because it's a shame because we've just finished recording our latest album that it's going to move looking forward to going on tour with it. instead to africa has band members staged a concert on a rooftop in cologne and live streamed it for all their fans 2 unfortunately there too been then band mates couldn't join them because of the knock down. the show most important that fans get to see bands in a live context even if it's online. so that anyone can you see it's all over social media rights now. streaming is a great way for artists to stay present during lockdown james blunt recently stream to show from hamburg's elbert philharmonic hall. and artists like benny eilish the rolling stones and green day's billie joe armstrong live stream
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performances from their own homes for the one who will together at home charity event on the health care workers. in addition to their live streaming the publish to music video made from 60 fan videos filmed at home in the clip has around 50000 hits on you tube. i don't want. the i think a military only way to stay in touch with fans these days is by live streaming concert life. after thinking for the past gigs available online you know come. to will now take place in him this year provided not down. i know that if not they'll just keep performing on 9. ok so digital platforms are great for musicians to connect with fans and for fans to stream as much music as they want
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whenever they want but there's a catch companies are collecting vast quantities of personal data professor in the cauldron of the london school of economics explains more. the way we sat or jumped in front of our record player was unknown to the record companies they were blind to that now they're not the vision of markets is today is a relation which is continuous as long as you are using the product the product will be tracking new. companies constantly analyze our music listening behavior to keep us on platforms for as long as possible platforms like french streaming site. continues its play they should in theory as only hear music that they want to hear for that's we need to establish an ongoing relationship with them we have to learn what music to enjoy in a monday morning for example but not on a friday evening. some artists have launched exclusive online events like us
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soul singer erykah badu one of my favorite artists who created an interactive concert series the idea is that fans pay a fee to watch and then have a say what happens like which song will be played next streaming has made it extremely easy for us to consume music but also harder for artists to make a living so it's on us to support musicians we care about for example by seeing their shots online or one day in real life. what do you think those now and you tube facebook and d w dot com that's it from us this week since you saw. me
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in the 77 percent. police brutality in south africa brutal tactics are awesome used to impose law and order how much it costs to the young people have in the justice system. killing innocent lives. the 77 percent. on. the passengers here are in. the drivers here need nerves of steel. while passengers here can get an eyeful along the way. taxis accommodate passengers all over the world. the drug dealers. read. in 16. dollars. in the light of climate change.
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for cars. what's in store. for their future. the biggest city. in sight. picture. hello and welcome to a new edison our best 77 percent my name is liz and i'm thrilled to have your company today. here's what's coming up in the next 30 minutes. we're talking about a pandemic within a pandemic police brutality in africa. leads to the top and calming influence sir's age town kids create from their room a neighborhood of nairobi. and prima ballerina in lagos can.


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