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tv   REV - Special  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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i don't know if. you need to do to get. discovered. the i. subscribe to the documentary to. lead. in its time this balance car was nothing short of a sensation with
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a top speed double that of almost everything else on the road to play its construction wound to motor sports fans well it's just wrong movie divas and playboys alike. even if it left something to be desired on the comfort front the legendary reputation of this car opened the doors for the flamboyant to go in construction. today the cars a highly coveted rarity each model is worth a fortune play . on. the village appalling in southern germany is a kind of the ultimate sign for those fascinated by the mercedes 300 s.l. .
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khans leisel runs a specialized workshop on the grounds of a former monastery he restores and services $300.00 s. cells for the wealthy owners from around the world. for klein so it's a labor of love he's restored more cells than anyone else. when the car 1st hit the market in 954 there was simply nothing like it over and then the car was from a different planet in 954 a v.w. bug could only just hit the 100 kilometers per hour and opel maybe $110.00 a porsche $160.00 and this carded $25050.00. spectacular door design earns a 300 s.l. the nickname of gold wing. just 1400 units were produced with the signature doors they were followed by more than
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1800 s.l. mode stories the convertible version. has the make up of the 5 always been fascinated by the contouring on the design i still remember the 1st time i saw one but something happened to me that defined my later life. doesn't invest them to. intriguingly the gullwing doors were not the result of some ingenious futuristic design concept they were actually more of a stopgap solution in order to allow the racing chassis to be used for a sports car. as it is it to these doors were born out of necessity this body part here is so high because it has a very special lightweight frame construction on grid in order to allow people to
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get in and out relatively comfortably the door opening had to be enlarged all the way up to the roof with them and this is this so it wasn't a design idea as such but a constructional necessity. to think. the greatest the car may luck getting into it requires some minor feat of acrobatics that only those in the know have mastered. the 1st to sit on the sill. then you put one leg a in and then the other. for men it's kind of doable for women it can be difficult for all that of. the cars are now around 70 years old they're in such demands that their market value increases on an average by 500 euros a day. the specialists workshop to do everything they can to preserve the unique aura of the stunning sports cars. so how did it all begin.
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the story behind mercedes decision to design such a futuristic model in the 1950 s. can be pieced together at the car makers archives in felt not far from company headquarters synched a card. installed. before the 300 s.l. went into production there were a series of prototypes racing cars that over 70 years ago dominated motor sports events all over the world refining the tradition of the mercedes silver arabs very important quickly build up a legendary reputation as our kind of director your convict man explains. they are in for the reputation was founded in the early fifty's especially in 1952 by the prototypes. they clocked up a series of big wins at le mans for example and the career of pan americana in mexico. and of course there was plenty of media coverage obama's replied in the
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media believed to. believe they got a 3rd career a pan americana the road race that takes place all across mexico in 8 stages over 5 days they've been taking part in this challenging race for the 1st time with its new 300 f.l. . drivers have to draw on all their skills on these mountain road given the continental tires are subjected to extremely demanding test. it burn rate 100 after compete with incredible persuasion here cooling races around the back of. the german wonder cars are now that center of attention. now calling an am on long score a wonderful double victory for germany and for mercedes benz kling is the celebrated victor of the 3rd corrupt an americano across mexico mexico. it was
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a victory that ignited enthusiasm for mercedes racing cars in the u.s. and led to a completely new kind of production car. as though it would receive these draft its 1st plans for the $300.00 s. sound including a construction drawing on a $1.00 to $1.00 scale. the original blueprint for the design of the body against the detail was developed above all for the u.s. market will. soon polluted. the new york based car importer names max hoffman had urged mercedes to prepare the car for volume production it returned home from an promise to purchase at least 1000 units for the american market. it was in time so when did you know your going to go more or less convinced the management to get on the presentation at the motor show in new york took care of the rest. it was simply an
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ingenious blueprint it had such an aura that it stood out from everything else on the market at the time while i was a result most of the $300.00 s. ounds ended up in the us the bald styling was a sensation as was the construction team through their space being held the car together on the inside just as anywhere else in car. it was this frame that gave the current designation s.l. . this chaotic looking at family is actually a carefully thought out and practical construction the frame of the sports car frame welded together from then wall steel tubing which translates into low weight and high stability. the production $300.00 s.l. is based on the same principle it bears the hallmarks of its bigger and faster brother its gullet and weighs just 80 kilos.
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back to restoration workshop the mechanics roll out one such skeleton chassis. the team of more than 30 specialists have repaired or rebuilt almost every part of the car. some jobs can take several months even gears much of the objective is to restore each car to wood's original condition as accurately as possible. this one was in pretty bad shape. we had to replace 3 quarters of the bodywork it now has a new outer door panel and a new fender. the more parts you replace the tougher it becomes to get everything to fit together smoothly. full feather to spend on this i love. them all with a roadster it's vital that the roof connects exactly with the window frame without any gaps so the show i was on passed. and getting at the $300.00 s.l.
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restored can easily cost several 100000 euros and we could but it's an investment that usually pays off seeing that well restored models are worth a 1000000 or more but to cases where the majority of the original parts have been retained the value is well beyond that. can you just tell us we can replace any part we're missing in the past we've had jobs where the body was completely burnt out and no longer usable it was wrong with them was more than the way in those cases you have to construct a new body but then you're obliged to tell a potential buyer that the car has largely been rebuilt. both just. the work is done by hand often using hard to find materials. the upholstery work alone can be extremely complicated.
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it's why 200 hours or more. after all that work is done the car will look like the original version again. the 300 s.l. gold wing was built from 1954 to 57 in this intell thing in the cart then between 57 and 63 the roadster was produced in both models the steering wheel could tilt to make getting out of the cockpit easier. many of the 3. 100 s cells from this era have been restored to pristine condition and hardly any have been left to rust away. but sometimes just sometimes. is alerted to such a fine. hold up and was told to want to be standing around in
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a scrap yard in the us for the last 45 years i got in touch immediately booked my plane ticket and went over there and it was a pretty bizarre place to get. the so-called scrap yard was in fact run by artists who built sculptures and recreational vehicles from old car parts. of his the shastri of a 300 s.l. i'm behind it all the artists who have no appreciation of what they actually have their. tools closely and bought the chassis for $450.00. you can see parts of the body that are still attached this is the bulkhead they cut away the rest and threw it away because they wanted to turn it into a hall. but those plans were soon forgotten when klein still paid more than
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$300000.00 to the bewildered seller and took the chassis home. they can use the money to buy a house or fulfill a lifelong dream so everybody's happy. in addition to restoring $300.00 s. ounds comes close also buys sells them and provides a garage for his clientele when billionaires come to munich he takes their car out of this hall and brings it to the airport ready to drive and in mint condition. in the 1950s it didn't take long for the rich and famous to discover that 300 s.l. . movie stars for example the $300.00 s. i was considered one of the top cars of its time which is why so many celebrities wanted to have one sophia loren had her own gullwing edition and there are lots of
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nice photos of her with it. but then we have an asia at bergen rome while she was shooting not dog shave rita. this is jewel bryna problem for carson who had one of the cars despite not having a driver's license filled us in the inland. and then there was for feeding old to be homeless on a diplomat i'm one of europe's best known playboys of the 50s he was married several times including to the woman worth an heiress barbara hutton. but he also enjoyed the company of the likes of zsa zsa gabor and marilyn monroe. who some compared to james bond also loved fast cars and was the owner of this $300.00 s.l. . a 6 cylinder 215 horsepower engine made in 300 s.l.
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extremely fast and thirsty its fuel consumption was more than 20 leaders for 100 kilometers. not an environmental concerns were given much thought back then but it did have fuel injection which at the time was quite a sensation. there more toward the fuel is bad for the transfer into the injection from there it is distributed evenly and injected directly into the individual cylinder. and then. either with every $300.00 s.l. engine is subjected to hours of testing its torque and output are measured across a range of engines commit. even by today's standards it's an ingeniously designed and robust unit says the maya in the engine workshop. although 70 years do take
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a toll overhauling one of these engines can mean up to 160 hours of work. one of the more time consuming tasks involves boring intoning on 6 cylinders of the 3 liter engine. for many parts spares are no longer available. these components have to be manufactured according to the original designs. the team's ambition is to deliver a car that will run for another 70 years. and these engines produce such a lovely sound i've always been fascinated by the car although sadly i don't have one myself that always carry. this mercedes workshop also restores vintage cars in meticulous detail for museums and wealthy private clients they're joined by a modern classic which looks like a reinvention of the old 300 s.l.
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. the mercedes and seles m g that's gone window is this edition boasts almost 600 horsepower. and awesome automobile but in terms of charisma miles behind its predecessor from the 1950s. former racing driver hans hammond followed the development of the 300 s.l. 1st hand from behind the wheel lock up will she go through the door of the field to be at least fascinated by the classic car in all its restored glory and he'd just love to take it back out on the road again even in his ninety's for him it's a unique creation you know it will be live in the future in a blue moon 70 years ago mercedes dominated motor sports worldwide with the racing versions of the 300 s.l.
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and hunt him and was lucky enough to be a part of it all in trouble if. you put it all began with a call from mercedes racing manager alfred nor about inviting him on to take a test drive. while the other do. all of us involved were established stars had none was a 19 year old rookie. that are more. knowing bauer said they would be going to the new ball gring with 3 other drivers as well for the quickest of the 4 would get a place on the team. i was speechless. he then shouted down the phone in this characteristic manner so are you in or not of course i said and one week later we were at the newer board ring i was the quickest driver and was then recruited to the team uses and you were dropped. for hans ham on it would be the beginning of a new york rise in the motor sports world. and
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he clearly still has what it takes behind the wheel. instead of the norm boyd thing or in the mall here he's maneuvering the $300.00 s.l. around winding country roads out such to start just plenty of fun even at moderate speeds. he calls how the car turned heads back in the 1950 s. . from i'll be at home to know you have been sick people gave you funny looks at traffic lights i think perhaps they were envious. of yours in the italian italy they chop ok bad luck you know. what a beautiful car they were just delighted. at the mercedes museum and start to
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cart the $300.00 s. alice are still very much stars of the show. and there also why thomas paul mark visits the museum. he co-wrote a book about the man who dreamt up the now legendary gullwing to car hold all full and how to engineer and designer at mercedes it was women house who incorporated the special skeleton and the 2 filler frames from an aircraft construction into the 300 s. south. pole want was especially struck by one exhibit here lou in how to play one of 2 cars created by the visionary designer in 1955. both are now owned by
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mercedes. to live how to pay is insured for a princely 30000000 euros. sot so it is. this what makes this automobile special is that to lay people it looks like a gold wing. but its heart is an unadulterated racing engine and it was taken from a formula one car from 1954 modified to result in a road going version with a slightly larger displacement and reduced engine speed it looks like a production car but it's really a thoroughbred racing car. the rule in college was the mild mannered head of mercedes car testing department but out on the track he took on aces like hans harriman and he used both well and how to pace for company and family business. team a translucence restoration workshop tough to take
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a car to out of the showroom there's always moved into this market. so let's say 1st if those are years the $300.00 s.l. has been in huge demand plus all those fires and sellers all over the world and is in constant contact with many of them with the public to have a look at the car he has photos and precise facts on practically every surviving model of the sports page. he's taken the only production data from mercedes and continually updated it over the decades after all he has personally overhauled hundreds of the cars. nothing much happens in the gulf wing officiant out of scene that khan's class will doesn't get wind of. this so now this is a delivery document that you get from a sadie's for every vehicle it includes the vehicle identification number plus the
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original color the equipment line and the optional extras which of course comes in handy. for its inverse here it says delivery destination madagascar we restored that 110 years ago 3 of these days you see a lot of swindlers trying their luck on the vintage market they claim to have found a car in europe who are indonesia with an extremely cheap price but they offer $10000.00 euro's in advance to reserve it. this group is almost gone and sadly people keep falling for it. was. but some give me a call and when i look i can see that the car is not in europe why but in my gary joran a customer's. now non-customers part by with less dramatic problems if i can break lights or lose contact for a little nick at the costly paint job i'm going to be. fun thinking stein is
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a cosmetic surgeon who lives close by he loves his 300 s.l. and naturally he expects it to be an flawless condition. this new service in the river this pipe. just don't do it and he doesn't just use the car for vintage rallies but. when i drive it to work as well. these cars were built to be driven they shouldn't be an exhibition is waiting to be polished you know it's. time for the good news i love the thrill that these cars exude. and barely a day goes by when i don't enjoy it kind woman which doesn't have to come although one of the mechanics minor problems like those with front finkelstein's car are a welcome change from regular restoration work. on thinking style and bought his roadster 10 years ago for a quarter of a 1000000 euro as its market value has since increased 5 fold prices for 300 s l's
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have skyrocketed in recent years mirroring the inflation in the fine art world. and it. has to be said that even the people who see it more as an investment enjoy driving cars like this and do drive. there aren't many people who just park it somewhere and wait for its market price to increase. i never bought it as an investment although it has given me a better dividend than any shares i've ever bought. what i wanted was to have fun as he did some. of the. former professional restorer hans plus some but trill never weigh in. the least. he still revels in the privilege of coasting along the country roads at the
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wheel of his $300.00 s.l. to his is a father special law be the original a belong to a certain color he won't be able saw the iconic playboy who drove an iconic car in an iconic arab league. observers.
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prussia's kings used to come here to chill. out stuff as being beautiful a restored the town is really looking its best loved since germany's rena if occasion konstam hasn't aged a bit quite the contrary. a day full of beautiful palaces history
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other surprises checking the path up and get our. 30 minutes on d w. bust up peaceful resolution of them. our strong good german reunification the 2 plus 4 talks between the 2 german states in the form occupying powers. behind the scenes the cold war continues to how close to unification come to failing. in 75 minutes on t w. this is some joke story about a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem. is crew go no chemicals. and his turn was. good. don't stand
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a chance. training successful. duck academy starts october 15th d.w. . the funny seconds the coronavirus pandemic. where does science stand. and what new findings have researchers named. information and background into. the qur'an up to. code 19 special. monday to friday on t w. good news crime fighters are back africa's most successful in radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and sustainable production. all of the sos are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page
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and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. this is a line from donald trump sends a message of thanks to well wishers as he begins treatment for covert 19. the u.s. president has been transferred to a military hospital after showing symptoms of the disease also coming up germany marks the 30th anniversary of. 3 decades have
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a lot of progress but divisions between east and west remain.


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