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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2020 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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as far as. is for clegg. the 250th anniversary. oh you haven't. made it. very. well. all right we missed the guest stars it's go time time to warm up for the champions league which kicks off this week byron york. and flashback all ran out
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of 1000000 hoping to head into their upcoming european tussles in top form. robert lewandowski inspired. this time i went toe to toe with bielefeld newcomer is a relative unknown but good luck playing a surprise i'm tired of trying to get. mad who knows and dortmund that it's a hockenheim no simple task as hoffenheim have been a shock born into inside in recent years. it's gone. now it's not. like fish didn't have an easy either with union not muslims outfit playing away a surprise 2nd place side out in the match days unlikely talking feeling. as for flattop marcus to a romp they hosted will square to continue to prove themselves one of the league's top decides to play against. champions league kobold and all the
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rest it's match day full work on kick off. outspoken playing host to the bundesliga match. this unlikely scenario came down to the bavarian strongest ever league start 7 points from 3 games still coach heiko hellacious who just returned from a long operation wasn't letting the swelling chorus of praise sway him. up young and you might have never seen a marathon runner start celebrating in the 3rd or 4th kilometer we want to put in a strong performance push ourselves to the limit and see what happens and of course we want to hold on to as many points here as possible which will miss a few point to be made here by. daniel caligiuri has helped build outspoken early success as the club's top scorer he represents outspoken clever offseason transfer
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policy but the club consolidated their squad and brought in affordable players with bundesliga experience. against light seek out spoiled focused on remaining compact and shutting down the visitors pacey attacking play leipsic had plenty of the ball early on but despite near constant possession that defenders were forced to have a kickabout amongst themselves. outs will keep geeky beach was really cool just serious action arriving this offseason on a free transfer like caligiuri he's also had an instant impact conceding just one goal in his 1st 3 games. but just before the break the visitors probing finally broke down outspoken defense taking the lead thanks to. 5 angelina. towering half over 1.7 meters tall this is angelina's 2nd headed goal already this
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season the combination play with fellow spaniard danny elmo was planned to the t o i something that we spoke during the week and he knows that i will run the back post so. he knew that i would be there in the us looking and i got in. the opening goal put wind in like 6 sail. they kept attacking off to the huff the only thing preventing dialed connor from doubling like 6 lead on the alamar was some last ditch defending from us pedrosa. was 5. but a couple of minutes later on came yusuf paulsen. 5 that he needed just 33 seconds to find the net with his 1st touch of the bull to nail in the 66 minutes pulses when the strike was also set up by obama.
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at the beginning of this i was a bit angry because tony blair devoted 1st touch and was a. crazy pass to see who was not that. clever to lead a ball into space but at the end you'll see that a very well great shot great finish i think perfect. it took a perfect goal to cement the 1st defeat of the season putting the brakes on their high flying stocks. fall like see it was a smooth warm up for them midweek champions league match against turkish charm special action here and the club record breaking one at that they've now got 9 away matches undefeated in competitions. fellow champions league participants could only have dreamt of this away form ahead of match day full. here we go again poor old dortmund had to travel to their bogey team hoffenheim
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picks hasn't been the happiest of hunting grounds for the visitors in quite a while their last win here was in 2012 and they have failed to win the last 5 encounters the fact that hockenheim last home game was a resoundingly 41 win against klein wasn't exactly a confidence boost eat there. i'm surprised the 1st chance of the game fell to hoffenheim me that she no bitch gave it to him in defense quite the scare and the game was only 4 minutes old. short when we believe that it was andre from march on the ball the host top goalscorer missed the game with a corona virus infection. in stops for it wasn't on the pitch either erlang holland was being rested and watched on as his side created their 1st memorable chance on the half hour mark.
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probert still deny gio raina. minutes later thomas mooney hit the crossbar. dortmund seemed afraid of leaving hockenheim empty handed yet again lucien fatah had to react at half time and made to fight all changes 1st becoming more aggressive. and possibly even more important bringing on game changing substitutes in the form of marco voice and holland which paid off almost instantly the 2 combined in the 76 minute to finally get a hand over there from. the mental block was finally overcome dortmund were ahead and. mark the roy's was off the mark with his 1st goal since the beginning of february.
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the players and their captain knew how important this goal was for their side. the atmosphere and we knew if we school the 1st we'd have a good chance of winning that's what happened and of course we're very happy that will come and young threesome is a full. one could argue that the. should have done more to put any fear of losing their lead in hop in time beyond doubt. that. is special when hoffenheim substitute christophe baumgartner keep the pressure on the visitors moppets was the only one capable of keeping dortmund's lead intact. busy. something to believe in we remain fully focused and via. data to defend we did launch small sometimes they pushed us through but we wanted to play hard and we
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pressed well on several occasions fulvio a feeling we took risks yes but i think it's important that we do that because this is the stick that's the. dortmund hockenheim curse is over they finally and deservingly take home all 3 points thanks to a value for mentioning this to well expect to see them start against last year in a champions league game. with. royce dorman's match without and our man of the match day he couldn't have done it on his own so he's sharing the limelight with another top one stop this week. early holland's cats in monterrey roy's ready to come on to potential game changers for goldman's. 5 but not as long as he had been hoping for or slick tell us how to define.
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the. stick to find the opening goal. that was let him sit beside me but the flood stage. getting his 1st goal of the super sub in the book that he got since march 24th if i'm holding to provide junkie thinking freiburg. like i said. i think that over the last weeks or months he's showed us all that he's incredibly skilled people and for that almost impossible to stop when he gets going it's just so explosive and fosamax was i just had to keep up and he saw me as a fraud as i'm a messiah but on the middle that's a partisan i. really hold and provided the heroics the bank has to keep me when i make good clean sheets of the season.
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thanks. to. mine with 0 points based labor couzin who had 0 winds. at 38 minutes corner delivered the matches only golson lucas ilario and interesting tech they can live in who isn't with most of their players trying to pender's away from goal. play because in find they get a win well minds are still searching for different points of. discussion between coach john morse liston and a few fans in the stadium which he did but at least they're talking to each other. the atmosphere was barely better in cologne another team seeking their 1st point and the businesses went ahead here as well i believe silva's penalty made up one
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mil to frank 1st in 1st top stoppage time. allowed to look great but still managed to equalize early in the 2nd tough new signing on they do the loss of home his 1st goal in a close. want to draw the 1st point of the season a massive relief poker load on the fire coach mark askew stole lives off to fight another day. shelled a club where absolutely nobody is happy and nothing's going right no fans in attendance no money no points their dismal start to the season and minus 14 goal differential is a boon as the gulf record they've already replaced their trainer with mandelbaum facing
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the difficult task of writing a rapidly sinking ship not an easy task given shelties leaky defense only on brylin more deservedly had after 55 minutes. of glancing header for martin 3 drish looked up to the hosts. but instead of folding as in weeks past chavez actually responded 1st stephen scripts he forced this save from the union's keeper andrea saluted. the ensuing corner something solid past you can see i cannot for the equaliser why no one. shot the goals are greater specimen this is only their 2nd this season it was enough to earn them their 1st point as well though they still carry the burden of a 20 match winning streak.
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pulled hard defender philip klein hard grab the headlines in their match against braman he scored his 1st league goal in his 51st bundesliga match those live oaks league only lasted 10. because lining up to live in some catastrophic costs forcing a foul on the court. penalty for braman. back home handily buying new clothes food clothes is full of the season. one all have the final whistle in a match for the blind hope one forget anytime soon. are in the champions league this season but they haven't been conforming like it in the bundesliga so far they need help where they can get. things to live stream sounds like one take on it. cause chaos look. at the penalty.
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man stepped up with a quarter of an hour to go. no sign that champions league form however especially not at the back about their course nuclear equaliser before the final whistle. outline i'll just come to wall street is cooler they'll have to do a lot better than your competition this week. spent head of the season only buying them from splash more cash club's fortunes were meant to be on the up but. other writers. with just 9 minutes on the clock. on the backend took advantage of a sleepy berlin defense for the late. how.
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often that happens to have the best a chunk of possession but that meant very little. almost all of the challenges. while lying on the ground. to the businesses. gonzalo castro singling the victory in the 68th minute for the promoted signed. it seems there won't be any change in courtrooms for her anytime soon the club's hierarchy had wanted to see them in the champions league after a 3rd defeat to cool for bring a lot of the a side that seems increasingly unlikely but he still loves the beautiful game. sometimes claims that one person space is enough to tell you everything that happened in a football match. in this case it's happened i believe
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in coach bruno labadee. frustration for lavandero. that video was disappointed personified this weekend. relents big city club with the blues. but to some very is still love. and if you love football you can find beauty in the tragic. it's a kind of the game after all. frustrating the world beating by an. even bringing them to their means. and maybe even beating them it's something
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even a small club like b. the field could pull off if they're brave enough as it's meant to dish on quality of course there's a difference in quality when you compare the squads but we still got a good tamed off and we started the season well and it's not like we're shaking in absolutes and asking the ref to end the game as quickly as possible. but a 5. you've got to be really pumped up for these games. and you concho client too much respect so especially true to play against byron but . i think. also you just human being. while on the pitch they might be a bit more than human though even manuel neuer looked a bit shaky during the warm up. and. fall his opposite stefan all to go was all greatest concentration and who needs robert levin when you've got
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a 2nd book this league of top scorer in your ranks probably influenced was in a goal scoring mood before kick off. times he had to be the fells 1st big chunks of the match it looked like this could really be a game. done then by feel like we want to be ready as line underestimate us or 10 take us completely seriously in top form on the dials on. bielefeld have no reason to hide they've been undefeated at home for nearly half a year and you could see why. by and took a rather casual approach to finishing. and when they did get their shots on target the famous stefan alter ego was standing strong.
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and better yet buy ins colin told police also are bred for this challenge bealefeld were a man up and 15 minutes prior that japanese midfielder rizzuto on put away this beauty for a 1st ever going to see go. so. was that people filled swimming go. on fortunately no. fans but we're going to have to mention the barn scored 4 goals. maybe 4 mil after just 8 minutes. of nifty given go with the beautiful defender setting up the charms. shockingly wide open robert lewandowski made it to mail in the 26 minutes. and he struck again to make it. this time after
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a deflection just before half time. and finally. in the 51st minutes all. in the end it was safe for one victory for no wild upsets to report on this time bill of elves just couldn't pull it off despite their best efforts but this match did bless us with the move of the match straight. the best method to lay down behind the defensive wall probably isn't covered most of. which presented a challenge for bahrain's new signings douglas costa who is forced to freeze found his way into finding an optimal horse position during this free.
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politics finding that tuning in to find out. becomes a league wide track. match day 4 is done and dusted but it left a strong impression around the world use of pulse and strike and to make comparison to legend marco from boston all the way from norway down to argentina where they claimed the goal was a natural product of coaching. and fans in england celebrated their victory against often ime while poking fun at. by and fans as far as calendar pointed out often i missed a key player and i'm drinking from our rich. in brazil supporters of the variance reveres the. holy land it's no wonder why in pakistan they know there's
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even more to come. and soon france cannot stop raving about both players as well as in indonesia where the partnership came as no surprise. not winning matches thankfully even the results show at how much they missed full stadiums the conflicts that we saw finally when cooler won all draw on the shelf and cologne each painting their points of the season there were 19 goals scored all to get it this weekend and we've got the best 3 for you right for you. is japan international rizzuto i. want to get. into this. scene is. coming in 2nd gonzalo kustra. this was his
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34th goal in free 187 going to secure games. sorry going through this next goal was even better. if you want to. just. all comes down to. then he gets the ball to pass me through chips and over to the front of them to noodle the ball lands perfectly in the angle that i needs to shoot on the 1st time to my department. with our goal. to speak and play the tables looking a lot more familiar with like fish byron and dortmund rounding out the top 3 newly promoted stuttgart surprisingly fit in fit outspanned have been bumped down to 6 play. some have lifted themselves at
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a last place might take that to his honor and are still searching for their 1st point lead that certainly didn't expect to be in this half of the table but for now think of a change in the league to focus on and they're not alone. next weekend after defeating of les become a druid. byron will return to plunder sleek auction where they expect to keep cruising. over the place frankfurt should put up a decent fine. i'm like 6 very good deeply disappointed perhaps a 1000000000 to contend with. a lot i'm headed mine says way. the real splash will be when facing down shall come and the good old revered dobby . can shout at turn this season around
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against the off rivals. team ready racing towards dobby glory. find out next week's column. comes. going to.
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this amazing. and traumatic. confrontational. and story. of 5 adventures. one goal of. the preservation of our planet. is not is an issue of heart and treason saying fat is a more. sauce that's in danger of surat awesome awesome such starts november 6th on g.w. .
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this is news coming to you live from berlin european states begin reimposing the toughest restrictions to fight the resurgence of code 19 authorities are calling the health situation in some european states worse than during the pandemic 1st wave this spring also coming up another victim of the coronavirus reporting the truth journalists around the world are facing censorship and intimidation. the champions league group stage gets underway tuesday evening but this legal leaders life's a host turkish ship here the.


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